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Virginia's Incurable Wounds

NASA Safety Panel Resigns; Bush Addresses UN

Elephant, 9-23-03, 2115 GMT, PSC

Virginia's Incurable Wounds

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September 23 (Day 266, Worldliness):  No sooner had power been restored to some areas of Virginia after Hurricane Isabel than 5 tornadoes reopened the old wounds and knocked out power to at least 40,000.  Trees were knocked down, property damaged, and power knocked out.  Two tornadoes were also reported in New Jersey.  And storms under a huge weather elephant blacked out 20,000 customers in New Jersey and 34,000 in Pennsylvania.

The first tornado struck one mile east of Crewe, Virginia at 4:45 AM EDT (0845 GMT) at 37 N., for a warrior, and 78 W., for sexual abuse.  Two trees fell on houses.  The second tornado struck 4 miles south of Amelia at 9:30 AM EDT (1330 GMT) at 37 N. and 77 W., for reverse process reversionism.  Two people were injured, and a mobile home was destroyed.  Other tornadoes struck Chesterfield, Richmond, and Studley, all at 37 N. and 77 W.

NASA Safety Panel Resigns

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All 11 members of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel resigned.  The panel was chartered after the fatal 1967 Apollo 1 fire.  It came under criticism for failing to have the clout to prevent the Columbia disaster.

Bush Appeals to UN

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President Bush appealed to the United Nations for help in rebuilding Iraq.  However, France and Germany appear to be determined to oppose everything Bush proposes.  The President did, however, firmly refuse to turn over the spoils of victory to the UN.  The President also appealed for UN support in fighting the human and sexual slave trades.


Five tornadoes were reported in the USA.  The tornadoes were all in Virginia.  There were at least 10 wind damage reports.

Today, the image of a weather elephant on the weather map stretched along the east coast of the US with trunk through Florida.  Another weather elephant stretched from Arizona across the southern US.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Tornadoes reopened the wounds of Hurricane Isabel in Virginia.  The tornadoes struck at 37 N., for a warrior, and 78 W., for sexual abuse and 77 W., for reverse process reversionism.  The warrior represented the US Army in Iraq while sexual abuse and reverse process reversionism represented the sexual sins of Jezebel, the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon.  After the Iraq War, as has been the case in most wars, prostitution has thrived.  Prostitutes were not usually on the street under Saddam Hussein, but under President Bush, they are thriving.  Moreover, the President's appeal to the United Nations to help rebuild Iraq amounted to an appeal of worldliness to the Prostitute of Babylon.  Today was Day 266, for worldliness.

The tornadoes reopened the wounds of Hurricane Isabel in Virginia.  President Bush reopened old wounds in his speech at the UN.  The UN refused to support him before the Iraq War, and it appeared in no mood to do so again today.  The reopening of an old wound was also one of the themes of Jeremiah, who described the fall of Judah in the Fifth Cycle of Discipline from an incurable wound (Jeremiah 15:18; 30:12, 15).  The incurable, malignant wound is rejection of the divine solution, which is Bible Doctrine.  The people of Virginia were crying out in agony over their power problems and property damage happening all over again.  They wanted to know why.  However, they didn't really want to know why because they weren't returning to Bible Doctrine.

A large weather elephant stretched through New York along the eastern seaboard and through Florida as President Bush addressed the UN in New York.  A weather elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Baal is the enemy of Marriage who has caused the problems with Jezebel, the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon.  President Bush went to the UN for help on September 23rd, which stands for a Spiritual uptrend.  The only way to have a Spiritual uptrend was to have the UN reject Bush's request.

The NASA Safety Advisory Panel resigned, which was another insult to injury after the Columbia disaster.  The panel has functioned like soothsayers to an agency that wasn't listening.  This, however, was a new low:  To blame the soothsayers for the disaster.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Old wounds were opened by the Virginia tornadoes.  This represents rejection of the grace solution by a nation that is headed for destruction.  The reopening of the wounds in Virginia, the region of the virgin, represented the reopening of wounds in Marriage Culture between Right Man and Right Woman.  When Right Man and Right Woman reject each other, it symbolizes rejection of grace by the nation and the approaching Fifth Cycle of Discipline.


Author:  Larry Wood