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Massive Italy Blackout

Weather Angels Blackout Vatican

Massive Italy Blackout

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September 28 (Day 271, Strait):  Almost all of Italy was blacked out in the worst power outage in Italy since World War II.  The blackout at 3:25 AM, which struck all of Italy except Sardinia, affected 58 million people.  The blackout resulted from a storm-tossed tree branch that hit a Swiss transmission line.  This caused another transmission line to overload and knock out French energy transmission to Italy.

Two women, ages 81 and 72, died when they fell down darkened stairways.  A 92-year old woman died after her clothes caught fire from a candle.  And the Vatican was in the dark.  Backup generators were used to support the Pope's announcement of the installation of 31 new Cardinals as he stood in a window overlooking St. Peter's Square.  Journalists wrote by candles and flashlights in the Holy See press office.

Electrical power blackouts represent the Judgment of Political Babylon.  The Vatican represents Ecumenical Babylon.  The number, 31, stands for an evil king.  A Cardinal is the name of a Catholic priest who wears a red cap and sash and sometimes a red robe.  The red on the priest symbolizes Baal-peor, the god of fire.

Hurricane Juan

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Hurricane Juan is heading north toward landfall near Halifax, Nova Scotia with 85 knot winds.

Tropical Storm Kate

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Tropical Storm Kate, which was named yesterday, is in the Atlantic and moving northeast with 60 knot winds.


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 4 wind damage and 13 hail reports.

Today, the image of a weather elephant stretched through Florida, and a huge whirlwind was over the Great Lakes.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A whirlwind represents reaping what was sown under the Law of Volitional Responsibility (Hosea 8:7a).


The weather angels blacked out Italy in the worst blackout since World War II on the day of the Pope's announcement of the appointment of 31 new Cardinals.  The Vatican was blacked out, and generators had to be used for the Pope's announcement.  The blackout was started by a tree branch that fell on a transmission line in a storm.  This caused the shut down of electrical power from France.  The location of France corresponds to Israel, and Italy corresponds to Texas.  President Bush is from Texas, and France is his arch enemy.  Bush's foreign policy is destructive to Israel; consequently, he has inherited France as his arch rival.

A power blackout represents the Judgment of Political Babylon.  The Vatican and Roman Catholic Church represent Ecumenical Babylon.  Today was September 28th, for a cosmic stronghold of Cosmic Babylon or a storm.   Satan's Cosmic System is represented by Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  Cardinals wear red in honor of Baal-peor, the god of fire and war.  The number, 31, stands for an evil king.  The pope called the Cardinals princes, which would imply that he is the king - the king of a city-state like Babel (Genesis 11:9) or Babylon the Great (Daniel 4:30; Revelation 17:5) and one of the chief contenders for the Dictator of the Revived Roman Empire, the beast from the sea (Daniel 7:7; Revelation 13:1).

BeastA power blackout that is the largest since World War II is significant.  The power of the pope is significant.  The Roman Catholic Church is the most evil force in the world today.  It is not only the representative of the Prostitute of Babylon but the enslaver of millions of children all over the world.  The pope's miter represents Dagon, the fish god.  His gold key represents the key of Babylon in honor of the god of the key or god of the hinge - e.g. Janus, or Bel the confounder.  His gold cup represents Bacchus and the Prostitute of Babylon (Revelation 17:1-5).  And his scepter represents the imperial ruler of the world.

It was Day 271, for a strait.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The weather angels blacked out Rome and Italy on the day of the Pope's announcement of the appointment of 31 new Cardinals.  The worst blackout in Italy since World War II was significant because the Roman Catholic Church represents Mystery Babylon the Great.  This not mean that the Dictator of the Revived Roman Empire will be the Pope, however.


Author:  Larry Wood