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Hurricane Juan Hits Nova Scotia

Gorilla Escapes Boston Zoo

Hurricane Juan Hits Nova Scotia

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September 29 (Day 272, Internal Gates):  Hurricane Juan made landfall just west of Halifax, Nova Scotia about 0245 GMT with wind estimated at 85 knots.  However, the maximum wind recorded was 62 mph at 12:04 AM AST (0304 GMT) with a gust of 89 mph at 12:14 AM AST at Halifax International Airport.  Two people were killed.  A tree fell on an ambulance that was on standby and killed one person.  Another person was killed when a tree fell on a vehicle in Enfield.  There was heavy damage from fallen trees and power lines.

Gorilla Escapes Boston Zoo

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A 300 pound gorilla named Little Joe escaped from his escape-proof cage at the Franklin Park Zoo south of Boston just before 6:00 PM last evening.  He injured a 300 pound off duty woman employee of the zoo and a 2-year old girl.  The gorilla pulled the little girl from the woman's arms and tried to attack a 22-year old woman in a ticket booth.  He was captured along State Road 28 near Humboldt Avenue and Seaver Street nearly 2 hours later after being shot with tranquilizers.  The ape previously escaped from the same pin on Aug. 13 and was out for about 10 minutes.

The zoo is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 71 W., for a strait.  It escaped on September 28th and was captured along State Road 28, for a cosmic stronghold.  A gorilla is a giant ape.  Apes represent philanderers.  They provide entertainment for monetary reversionists like Solomon (1 Kings 10:22; 2 Chronicles 9:21).  Animal attacks on children represent the Third Cycle of Discipline (Leviticus 26:22).  The number, 300, represents Judgment.

Hurricane KateTropical Storm Kate, 9-29-03, 1645 GMT, Navy

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Tropical Storm Kate was upgraded to a Hurricane.  It is in the Atlantic and moving northeast with 65 knot winds.  Kate appeared as a horse today.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.

Bull Moose in Mating Season

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The image on the weather map resembled a bull moose off the east coast over the Atlantic stretching through Florida.  A moose is a giant deer.  It is the largest member of the deer family and represents an Angelic Power.  Like a deer, it is quite peaceful; but, like a giant, it can be vicious when provoked.  Mating season runs from mid September to mid October.  During mating season the bulls fight over females.  Only male moose have horns.
Moose, 9-30-03, 0115 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There was one severe weather report, hail near Springer, New Mexico.

Today, the image on the weather map resembled a bull moose that stretched through Florida.


Hurricane Juan slammed into Nova Scotia and did extensive damage to trees and power lines.  A hurricane hitting the coast represents an invasion.  Juan is the Spanish name for John.  The Apostle John wrote Revelation in which he described the counterattack of Jezebel on the Church and the Prostitute of Babylon throughout history.  Hurricane Isabel, which is the same as Jezebel, just hit the US east coast 10 days before.  Canada represents the wilderness to the north of Client Nation USA.

A gorilla was loose south of Boston last night.  The gorilla symbolized Baal.  The gorilla was a beast, which completes the picture of Prostitute riding the beast in Revelation.

Hurricane Kate appeared as a horse today in the Atlantic, the region of Political Babylon.  An image that resembled a moose was over Florida.  A moose is a giant deer, the symbol of peace.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians, who have recently formed a new government, which is even more sympathetic to the terrorists than its predecessor.

It was September 29th, for victory over Edom.  And it was Day 272, for the internal gates of the criminal justice system.  This is the issue in fighting terrorism - not the peace process.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Hurricane Juan hit Nova Scotia.  Since Juan means John, this continued the theme of the Jezebel counterattack on the Church, which symbolizes to the attack of the Prostitute of Babylon.


Author:  Larry Wood