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Houston Tornadoes and Floods

Prostitute of Babylon; Bush Defends Policy

Houston Tornadoes and Floods

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October 9 (Day 282, Historical Breakpoint):  Six tornadoes and flooding hit the Houston area.  A tornado ripped off part of the roof and knocked out some windows at the Fort Bend Baptist Middle School in Sugar Land at 13300 Southwest Freeway at the intersection of US Highways 59 and 90 about 10:20 AM CDT (1520 GMT).  Another tornado knocked down power lines across US Highway 90 in Raywood.  A tornado damaged the roof of an apartment complex in Friendswood.  And a tornado uprooted two gas pumps in Wharton.  Heavy thunderstorms from the remnants of  tropical storms Nora and Olaf dumped 3.35 inches of rain in Sugar Land, 3.58 inches at Houston Intercontinental Airport and 2.38 inches at Hobby Airport.

President Bush Defends Policy

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President Bush led a media blitz in defense of his handling of postwar Iraq and the economy in a visit to New Hampshire, the nation's first presidential primary state.  This week he appointed Condoleezza Rice to head a new Iraq Stabilization Group to coordinate interagency efforts related to Iraq.  President Bush also traveled to Lexington, Ky. for fund raising and support of Rep. Ernie Fletcher, who is running in the Nov. 4 election for Kentucky governor.

President Bush Unveils Ani-Castro Policy

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October 10 (Day 283, High Priest):  President stepped up the pressure on Fidel Castro of Cuba.  He vowed to enforce existing embargo laws and he appointed a commission to be headed by Secretary of State Colin Powell and Cuban-born Housing Secretary Mel Martinez to plan for Cuba's transition from one-party rule when Castro is gone.

Cubs Beat Marlins in Game 3

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The Chicago Cubs beat the Florida Marlins 5-4 in game 3 of the series after 11 innings.  Chicago's Doug Glanville, #4, became the hero of the night when he came off the bench to hit a triple that scored Kenny Lofton, #7, from first.  In the bottom of the 11th, Marlins' Luis Castillo reached first when the ball slipped between the catcher's legs after strike 3.  He made it to second on a ground out.  Then Derrek Lee hit a grounder that 3rd baseman Aramis Ramirez fumbled.  Castillo got caught in a rundown as he chickened out on going for 3rd.  He was tagged for the 3rd out, which ended the game.

According to the numbers, Doug Glanville, wearing jersey #4, for weakness, was the last person on the 25-man roster.  He was born on August 25th, where 25 stands for Sovereignty.  He hit a triple to win game 3, where 3 stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.  Glanville came to the Cubs from the Texas Rangers.  Kenny Lofton, #7, scored the winning run, where 7 is for the completion of a category.  It was after midnight, which was Saturday, the 7th day of the week.  The final score was 5-4, where 5 is for a giant, such as Baal, and 4 is for weakness.  Glanville, #4, was the hero of the night.  But it was the Sovereignty of God that had decreed the final score.

Just as the number, 3, was associated with the Cubs' winning run, the number was associated with the Marlins' final out.  Luis Castillo got to first after strike 3 on a wild pitch.  Castillo was born September 12, 1975, Day 255, where 75 is another number for Sovereignty, and 55 is for grace blessing in suffering.  He overextended himself before he decided to retreat.  After the game the Marlins' manager said he probably could have made it if he had kept running.  Regardless, he was caught in a rundown between 2nd and 3rd for the 3rd out, which ended the game.

Beast, 10-10-03, 1245 GMT, NOAA Beast, 10-10-03, 1245 GMT, NOAA


Six tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All of the tornadoes were in the Houston area.  There were no other severe weather reports.

Today, the image of what appeared to be the scarlet beast of Revelation covered the eastern USA.  A weather elephant was over Arizona.   An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal


The Houston tornadoes represented the cursing of Marriage Culture from the uncircumcised male, while the floods represented the promiscuous female.  These two combine to represent the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters and rides the scarlet beast (Revelation 17:1-5).  The worst hit area was Sugar Land, which is southwest of Houston in the region of Gad, the raiding band or terrorists.  The Houston tornadoes were unusual in that there were no other severe weather reports in the USA.

The Houston tornadoes and floods coincided with President Bush's media blitz in defense of his Iraq policy and the Kobe Bryant preliminary hearing in Colorado.  President Bush is from Texas, the state that represents the adultery of Reuben.  Colorado represents the region of the summits and corresponds to US summits related to the Middle East peace process.

The worst of the Houston tornadoes was in Sugar Land at the intersection of US Highway's 59 and 90.  Today President Bush announced new foreign policy toward Cuba, which became communist in the Revolution of 1959.  The number, 59, stands for Simeon criminality.  Another tornado struck Raywood on US Highway 90, where 90 is for the new order of Israel.  Kobe Bryant plays for the Lakers in California, which symbolizes Israel.

The Chicago Cubs beat the Florida Marlins in game 3 to demonstrate the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.  The victory was associated with the Sovereignty of God and the number 3.  And the loss was also associated with the Sovereignty of God and the number, 3.  The final out in the rundown between 2nd and 3rd demonstrated the Kobe Bean Bryant rape case.  Kobe is accused of not stopping.  Castillo did stop and was tagged out.  Castillo means castle, or fortress, and can refer to a prison.

The tornadoes struck on October 9th, for the Plagues of Egypt, and Day 282, for an historical breakpoint.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The Houston tornadoes and floods represented the counterattack of the Prostitute of Babylon.


Author:  Larry Wood