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Wal-Mart Raided

Madame Chiang Kai-shek Dies; Marlins Win; Tropical Storm Patricia

Wal-Mart Raided

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October 23 (Day 296, Spoils of Victory):  Federal agents raided 61 Wal-Mart businesses, including headquarters, and arrested 245 illegal aliens.  The raids at 4 AM EDT in 21 states targeted mainly employees of cleaning crews who worked for subcontractors.  Illegal workers from 18 nations were arrested with 90 of those from Mexico.

The number, 61, stands for income tax, which is associated with money.  Wal-Mart is the nation's largest retailer.  The name, Wal-Mart, means market ruler.  Under free enterprise, businesses are free to compete; but seeking to rule the market, especially through the coin of the realm in the devil's world, "the love of money," is an evil attack on freedom.

Madame Chiang Kai-shek Dies

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Madame Chiang Kai-shek died in New York at the age of 105.  After battling cancer and other illnesses for years, she caught a cold yesterday and died today.  Soong Mei-ling, her maiden name, was born Feb. 12, 1898, Day 43, where 12 is for authority; 98 means the glory has departed; and 43 is for fulfillment.  She married the highest authority in China and watched the glory depart from the nation.

Madame Chiang Kai-shek was the daughter of Charlie Soong, who came to the USA at age 12 from Hainan Island.  He was taken in by North Carolina Methodists and became a Christian.  He was educated as a Christian missionary at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.   However, he returned to China and made a fortune printing Bibles.  Mei-ling came to the US at age 10 and was educated until age 19.  She began at Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga., but transferred to Wellesley College near Boston and graduated with honors in 1917.

Mei-ling married the famous General Chiang Kai-shek in Shanghai in 1927.  Her husband was the head of the Nationalist government in China, which was ousted by the Communist Revolution of Mao Zedong in 1949, when Chiang Kai-shek fled to Taiwan.  Madame Chiang is credited with her husband's conversion to Methodism.   Since her husband's death in 1975, she spent much of her time in semi-seclusion in her Manhattan apartment.  Although she suffered numerous ailments, including breast cancer, she credited her religious faith for her long life.  She said she rose at dawn for an hour of prayer each day.

Marlins Beat Yankees

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The Florida Marlins beat the New York Yankees 6-4 in Game 5 of the World Series at Miami.  The Marlins now lead the series 3-2.  Yankee pitcher, David Wells, #33, lasted only one inning.  After pitching the first inning, he did not return due to back spasms.  This was the work of the Holy Spirit that broke the back of the Yankees.  The number, 33, stands for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  A broken back symbolizes being knocked down on the field of battle.

The Marlins scored 3 runs in the 2nd inning off the new Yankee pitcher, Jose Contreras.  This was another case of the number, 3, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003, which has been prevalent in other games in the series.  The hero of the game was Marlins' pitcher, Brad Penny, #31, who gave up only 2 runs in the 7 innings he pitched.  Penny also knocked in 2 RBI's in a single in the 2nd inning.


No tornadoes or other severe weather were reported in the USA.

Today, the image of a weather elephant stretched from Montana through California.   An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Depression Nicholas

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Tropical Depression Nicholas in the Atlantic was dissipating.  Nicholas means victory of the people, but the name is associated with the Nikolaitons, an apostate religious sect that infiltrated the church at Pergammon (Revelation 2:15) (reference Fire Testing).

Tropical Storm Patricia

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Tropical Storm Patricia was in the Pacific off the west coast of Mexico.  It is moving west with 35 knot winds.  Patricia is the female name for a patriarch, or nobility.


Retail giant, Wal-Mart, was raided by the feds.  The name, Wal-Mart, for market ruler is not a paragon of free enterprise, but of the quest for market domination through the ruthless marketing strategy of the "love of money" (1 Timothy 6:9-10).  The coordinated raids on the giant this morning by the federal judiciary in 61 businesses was the beginning of divine Judgment on the giant.

Madame Chiang Kai-shek died in New York at the age of 105.  The number, 105, stands for a giant, such as Baal.  Madame Chiang's father studied to be missionary but made a fortune selling Bibles.  Subsequently, Chiang Kai-shek lost to the Communists mainly because of the failure of missionaries to China to train the Chinese to be pastors.

The Florida Marlins defeated the New York Yankees after the Holy Spirit took out Yankee pitcher, David Wells, with back spasms.  This symbolized a broken back, which renders a person hors de combat (out of the combat).  Wells was #33 for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.

Tropical Depression Nicholas began dissipating in the Atlantic.  The name, Nicholas, has been associated with Fire Testing.  Wild fires are now raging in California.  The naming of Nicholas heralded the Palestinian terrorist bombing that killed 3 Americans and the crash of the Staten Island ferry during a playoff game between the Yankees and Boston.  Before Nicholas dissipated, there were tropical storms in the oceans that symbolize Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  This pointed to slavery to the Cosmic System.

Tropical Storm Patricia was off Mexico.  The name, Patricia, is the feminine term for patriarch, or nobility.  Madame Chiang Kai-shek, who died today, was the equivalent of Chinese nobility.

This was October 23rd, for a Spiritual uptrend.  And it was Day 296, for the spoils of victory.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Wal-Mart was raided by the federal judiciary.  The judgment was from God and represented Escrow Blessing for some Christian who has taken the high ground with Bible Doctrine.  Bible Doctrine is the coin of the realm in the Spiritual Life, while the dollar bill is the coin of the realm in the devil's world.  It was the devil who wanted to "be like the Most High,"  and it is the devil who is behind "the love of money" that fuels Wal-Mart's marketing campaign and inordinate ambition.


Author:  Larry Wood