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Blessing and Curse

US to Leave Iraq in June; Turkey Synagogue Bombings; Black Hawks Down

Snake, 11-15-03, 0415 GMT, PSC
Camel, 11-15-03
Angelic Art

US to Leave Iraq in June

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November 15 (Day 319, Dan):  The Iraqi Governing Council announced that a new transitional government with full sovereignty will be in place by the end of June and US occupation will end.  There will be a constitution and democratically elected government by the end of 2005.  This was the big announcement that L. Paul Bremer, the top US administrator in Iraq, discussed with President Bush on November 12th.

On the weather map last night in the Atlantic, was a dragon, or large snake, the symbol of Satan.  The Atlantic is the region of Political Babylon, which has characterized US foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, and toward the Palestinians.  Large weather elephants streteched from Texas to Washington, DC.  They were joined like a caravan as they were on November 12th when Bremer was in Washington, DC to discuss the handover of Iraq.  During the night in Florida, a new hatching of 7 slugs with angelic guidance drew a picture of a camel.  Camels are used for caravans in the desert.  Caravans represent travel, and that's what President Bush decided to do:  Get out of Iraq.  The first camel beauty contest was held today in the Inner Mongolia town of Alxa League, which is the main habitat for the double-humped Bactrian camel.  A camel is a desert creature that represents the legalistic female, who was symbolized in Jeremiah by the fiddle footed filly camel that tangled up the caravan in the desert as she snooped for a male (Jeremiah 2:23).

Twin Turkey Synagogue Bombings

Two stationwagons loaded with explosives blew up outside two synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey almost simultateously this morning about 9:30 AM.  At least 23 were killed and 303 injured.  The synagogues bombed were the Neve Shalom, the city's largest, and the Beth Israel in the affluent district of Sisli, 3 miles (5 kilometers) away.  The blast at Neve Shalom occurred as hundreds of people inside were celebrating a 13-year old boy's bar mitzvah.  He survived.  The blast at Beth Israel occurred while some 300 people were marking the completion of a remodeled religious school.  Six Jews were killed at Beth Israel.  At least 14 Muslims were killed, including two security guards at Beth Israel and one at Neve Shalom.  Eighty of those injured were Jews.

Tag numbers of cars outside had the prefix for Istanbul, which is 34, for the division of the land.  Turkish Islamic terrorists, the Great Eastern Islamic Raiders' Front, claimed responsibility for the attacks.  Turkey is in the region that corresponds to Benjamin, the ravenous wolf that ate the spoils of victory.

Black Hawks Down

Two US Black Hawk (UH-60) helicopters crashed in Borsa, a residential neighborhood in Mosul, Iraq.  The death toll is now 17 with 1 missing and 5 injured.  Witnesses reported that the helicopters collided in mid-air at 6:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. ET).  The two helicopters represented a witness, as in court.  The 5 who survived represent grace deliverance, or mercy.

Crocodile Loose in Hong Kong

A 4-foot long crocodile is loose in Hong Kong.  Australian crocodile hunter, John Lever, missed an attempt to harpoon the reptile today.  The crocodile has eluded Hong Kong officials for almost two weeks.  A crocodile represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Queen Mary 2 Gangway Collapse

The gangway of the Queen Mary II collapsed at a shipyard at Saint-Nazaire, France and people plunged 50 feet to the ground below.  Fifteen were killed today, November 15th, and 26 injured.  The ship was being viewed by relatives of workers.  The original Queen Mary was launched in 1934 and is now a hotel in Long Beach, California.  The maiden voyage of the Queen Mary II is scheduled to be named in a ceremony on January 8th and make its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 12th.  The number, 1934, stands for Dan (19) and the division of the land (34).  Today was Day 319, which means the Judgment (300) of Dan, or the federal judiciary (19).  France in Europe and California in the USA correspond to the location of Israel in Asia.

A gangway is a bridge for crossing over.  At death believers cross over from Earth to Heaven, from Time to Eternity (1 Corinthians 15:53-54).  When a bridge collapses, people crash into the abyss, or pit, below, which symbolizes going to Hell (Romans 10:7; Revelation 9:11).  Ships represent salvation (1 Peter 3:18-21).  If the people had reached the ship, they would have been saved, but they fell into the abyss (Hell) before reaching their salvation, or deliverance.

Elephants, 11-15-03, 1730 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes or other severe weather were reported.

Today, the image of a weather elephant was over California and the Pacific northwest.  Another weather elephant stretched from Texas to Washington, DC.   An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


As the Iraqi Governing Council delivered the message of blessing of a deadline for US withdrawal from Iraq, the cursing of two terrorist bombings echoed through Istanbul, Turkey and two Black Hawk helicopters fell from the sky.  This was a reminder of the blessing and the curse upon entering the land of Israel.  When Joshua entered the land, two memorials were set up, one on Mt. Gerizim for blessing and one on Mt. Ebal for cursing (Deuteronomy 11:29; Joshua 8:30-34).  Blessing was available to all who would obey Bible Doctrine, and cursing was for those who rejected it.

Today's great announcement of the end of the occupation of Iraq was designed to receive cheers, but the Islamic terrorists, who are the scum of the earth, seized the stage with a cry for war.  This is typical of terrorists who are after headlines.  But it also tells the truth.  We were for peace, but they were for war.  "I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war" (Psalm 120:7).  The terrorists don't just want Iraq back and a Palestinian state.  They want to kill all the Christians and Jews.

Car bombs blew up the synagogues in Istanbul where car licence plate prefixes begin with 34, for the division of the land, which points to the Road Map for peace.  The largest synagogue in Istanbul, Neve Shalom, which could be translated oasis of peace, was bombed.  Turkey is not known for anti-Semitism.  Jews and Muslims usually live together there in peace.  Turkey represents the spoils of victory.  Today's announcement of the end US occupation in Iraq meant turning the spoils of victory of the Iraq War back over to Iraq.  An elephant was over California and the Pacific northwest.  California represents Israel, and the Pacific northwest corresponds to the location of Turkey and represents Benjamin and the spoils of victory.

The two Black Hawk helicopters that crashed represented a witness, as in court.

A gangway of the Queen Mary II, which is being built in France, collapsed and sent relatives of workers to their deaths.  The collapse of the gangway symbolizes falling into the abyss, or going to Hell, before reaching the ship of salvation.  France in Europe corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  And France was the main opponent of the Iraq War.  France is also full of anti-Semitism.  However, the Queen Mary II is for England, which supported the US in the realm of Political Babylon in the Iraq War.  The original Queen Mary was launched in 1934 and is now a hotel in Long Beach, California.  California in the USA corresponds to the location of France in Europe.  The number, 1934, represents Dan, the federal judiciary (19), and the division of the land (34), which points to the Road Map for peace.  This was Day 319, for the Judgment (300) of Dan (19).  The announcement of the assumption of authority by an Iraqi government dealt with the federal judiciary.

Today was November 15th, for a covering.  God's covering solves all problems.  Fifteen people died in the collapse of the gangway of the Queen Mary II.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The announcement of the end of US occupation of Iraq was countered by curses.  The blessing or the curse is available today as it was in Joshua's day.  Blessing is available for those who will obey Bible Doctrine, and cursing is the alternative.  Christian warriors were involved in the Spiritual Warfare associated with today's Bible Doctrine News.  The collapse of the gangway of the Queen Mary II represents going to Hell.  Those who die without receiving the free gift of Salvation will spend Eternity in the Lake of Fire.


Author:  Larry Wood