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Houston Fastow Floods, Tornadoes

Lea Fastow, No Plea Bargain; Bush Visits Great Britain

Houston Fastow Floods, TornadoesElephant, 11-17-03, 1645 GMT, PSC

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November 17 (Day 321, Providential Preventative Suffering):  The city of Houston was flooded and 20 of the 24 tornadoes reported hit in the area.  Churches were destroyed and had their roofs knocked off.  Apartment complexes were without roofs.  Tornadoes damaged homes and property.  Flood waters stalled traffic on the ground and thunderstorms stopped traffic in the air.  Water was 15 feet deep on the Katy Freeway Interstate 10 feeder roads.  And a 17-year old Sharpstown High School senior girl died in the floodwaters.

The tornadoes and severe weather stretched from the Houston, Texas area to Minnesota, which is in the region of Dan, the judge, or federal judiciary.  Two tornadoes were reported around Weeping Water, Nebraska at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and 96 W., for the spoils of victory.  The severe weather was due to a huge weather elephant that stretched from Texas to Minnesota and the Great Lakes.

Lea Fastow Plea Bargain Talks Fail

A federal judge has ruled that the criminal trial of Lea Fastow will go forward in Houston.  Lea is the wife of Enron's indicted former Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Fastow, whose 109-count  indictment has been associated with weather woes and Houston blackouts.  The plea deal would have made it possible for Lea Fastow to serve a 5-month prison term and be out before her husband goes to trial April 20th.

Andrew and Lea Fastow are Jews.  It matters not if they are guilty or innocent.  Those who curse them will be cursed per the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3).  The morning after a Houston judge began freezing Andrew Fastow's assets, transformers began blowing in Houston and left the Police Department Headquarters in the dark on August 23, 2002.   On October 2, 2002, the day Andrew Fastow was arraigned on federal charges, the Washington, DC sniper began his killing spree in Maryland (ref. Oct. 22, 2002).  On May 1, Lea Fastow was charged with 6 counts related to her role in RADR, which involved some California wind farms.  Since then, the California Governor has been recalled and another elected.  The Washington, DC sniper was caught on October 24, 2002.  Andrew Fastow was indicted by a Houston grand jury a week later on October 31, 2002.  Today, a Houston judge publicly released the news that the trial of Lea Fastow would proceed without a plea agreement.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as the new Governor of California today; the Washington, DC sniper was convicted; and Houston was flooded and 20 tornadoes were reported in the area.

President Bush Travels to Great Britain

November 18 (Day 322, Cursing):  President and Mrs. Bush flew to Great Britain where they were met at the airport by Prince Charles.  The Bush's will stay at Buckingham Palace.  President Bush will become the first US President to pay an official state visit to Britain.  The President will express his gratitude for Britain's support in Iraq and for the support of Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose office is at 10 Downing Street, where 10 is for the Laws of Establishment.
Elephant, 11-19-03, 0130 GMT, PSC


Twenty-four tornadoes were reported.  All of the tornadoes except two were in Texas.  All of the Texas tornadoes except two were generally in the Houston area.  There were at least 18 hail and 20 wind damage reports.

Today, the image of a weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest.  Another weather elephant, which sometimes appeared as two elephants, was over the eastern USA.   An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Up to 20 of the 24 reported tornadoes hit the Houston, Texas area.  The severe weather stretched to Minnesota and the Great Lakes.  A weather elephant covered Texas and Louisiana and stretched north.  Minnesota is in the region of Dan, the judge, or federal judiciary.  Yesterday, as the tornadoes and flooding struck Houston, a federal judge in Houston released the news that the trial of Lea Fastow would proceed without a plea deal.  The cursing of the Houston weather was just the latest in a string of curses linked to the federal prosecution of the Fastow's, who are Jews and under the Abrahamic Covenant.  The curses include Houston blackouts, the DC sniper, the California recall election, and hurricanes.

The Houston tornadoes and flooding also heralded President Bush's trip to Great Britain on the first US Presidential state visit to the country.  President Bush is from Texas.  Interstate 10 feeder roads were 15 feet under water in Houston.  President Bush will visit with Tony Blair, whose office is 10 Downing Street.  The number, 10, stands for the Laws of Establishment and corresponds to the judgment announced yesterday against Lea Fastow in Houston.

Today was November 18th, for a pillar, which represents maximum historical impact.  Today began the first US Presidential state visit to Britain.  And it was Day 322, for the Judgment (300) of cursing (22).

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The Houston floods and tornadoes were linked to the decision of a federal judge to prosecute Lea Fastow, a Jew under the protection of the Abrahamic Covenant.


Author:  Larry Wood