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Miss Conde Trims Israel's Money

Chinese Double Agent Pleads Guilty; Bush Visits Nevada

Miss Conde Trims Israel's Money

Links:  Ha'aretz | AFP | CNN | Public Law No. 108-11 Apr. 16, 2003 |
November 25 (Day 329, Victory Over Edom):  National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, decided to deduct $289.5 million dollars this year from loan guarantees for Israel.  President Bush was no sooner out of town for national turkey day, than his House keepers penalized Israel for now bowing to bullying from the Bush Administration.  Condoleezza Rice in consultation Dov Weisglass, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Chief of Staff, arrived at the figure tonight.  In spite of Miss Rice's help, the Law passed by Congress April 16, 2003 holds the President responsible for administering the loan guarantees to Israel.

Regardless of the spin from the pro-Arab State Department, the deduction of $289.5 million from this year's $ 3 million in loan guarantees was not Israel's idea.  The deduction was a penalty for Israel's settlement activity and security fence construction.  The original loan guarantee was $9 billion ($3 billion per year for 3 years), but the Bush administration chose to deduct the cost of construction in the Israeli territories, which were seized in 1967.  The number, 289, stands for an authority counterattack (89), and 3 is for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.

It should be noted for the lawyers that the law as approved by Congress does not allow Israel to used the money from the loan guarantees in the territories seized in 1967.  This means that Congress should share some of the blame for violating the Abrahamic Covenant and giving with strings attached.  However, the law does not authorized the President to penalize Israel's loan guarantees just because Israel is supporting construction in the territories with its own money.

Bush Visits Nevada

November 26 (Day 330, Judgment of Holy Spirit):  President Bush traveled to Las Vegas and Phoenix, Nevada for fund-raising and appearances at senior citizen centers to tout the legislation overhauling Medicare.  Democrats, including the Governor, tried to raise a stink about the President's decision July 23, 2002 to make Yucca Mountain the dump for the nation's deadly nuclear waste.  Yucca Mountain is about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Chinese Double Agent Pleads Guilty

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A Chinese double agent pleaded guilty in Alexandria, Virginia to helping to export sensitive US technology to China for use in it military.  Gao Zhan, 43, a human rights activist and faculty research fellow at American University in Washington, also pleaded guilty to tax fraud.  In a plea agreement, she could face up to 10 years in prison.  Her husband is expected to plead guilty to a misdemeanor tax violation.  In July 2001, Gao was convicted by China of spying for Taiwan, but was subsequently released after intervention by President Bush and Colin Powell.  She came to the US in 1989 after a crackdown on student dissidents in China.  The number, 89, stands for an authority counterattack.


No tornadoes or other severe weather was reported in the US.

Today, the image of a weather elephant stretched from the northeastern USA through Texas.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Condoleezza Rice decided to deduct 289.5 million dollars this year from the $3 billion in Israeli loan guarantees.  First the US offered Israel the loan guarantees, then the Bush Administration decided to make good on previous threats after the President left town for Thanksgiving.  This is typical of how Bush handles controversy by going to Crawford and leaving Miss Conde in charge.  The number, 289, stands for an authority counterattack (89).  The deduction was to cover Israeli construction in the territories and the security fence.  The Bush Administration and Congress is taking the position that Israel does not own the land it took in the Six Day War, even though the Palestinians have never been part of any government with a claim to the land.  Bush is also opposed to Israel building a fence around the land.  Crawford means crows ford.  A crow represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Israel is supposed to live on the land as promised by the Abrahamic Covenant.  Those who oppose this covenant will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).  It is the Lord, who will Sovereignly decide who gets the blame.

President Bush traveled to Nevada today.  Nevada is in the region of the outcast, which represents the Fifth Cycle of Discipline and the garbage dump.  The President was criticized for signing legislation last year to make Yucca Mountain a nuclear dump for the nation.  The purpose of the $289.5 million penalty against Israel's loan guarantees the night before was aligned with the powers that seek to cast Israel out of the land, but today the President himself went to the region of the outcast.  This could represent the President being kicked out, or dumped.  The Lord decides when to dump the President.  Bush is the 43rd President, which represents fulfillment.  The next one will be number, 44, for suffering.

Gao Zhan, 43, a Chinese double agent pleaded guilty to exporting sensitive technology to China.  She came to the US in 1989 following China's crackdown on dissidents.  The number, 89, stands for an authority counterattack.  In a bit of angelic irony on the Stage of Life, the name, Gao, corresponds to the acronym, GAO (General Accounting Office), of the US Government.

It was November 26th, for Political Babylon.  And it was Day 330, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Under the Abrahamic Covenant, Israel is supposed to live on the land deeded to Abraham - not the Palestinians.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).  Agreeing to loan guarantees and then reneging on part of the amount, is giving with strings attached, which is anti-grace.  However, the reason for welshing on an obligation was US government support of Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  Satan was the real force behind the US Government bullying.


Author:  Larry Wood