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Blizzard Blankets Eastern US

Russian Train Bombed; Washington Peace Planning; James Baker Back

Blizzard Blankets Eastern US

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December 5 (Day 339, Sin Unto Death):  A major winter storm with snow, sleet, and strong wind belted the eastern US.  Air traffic was slowed from Chicago to Washington, DC.  Up to 8 inches of snow fell in western Virginia and 5 inches in the mountains of western North Carolina.  Snow in Maryland grounded President Bush's Marine One helicopter and forced him to travel to Baltimore via motorcade for a fund raiser.  A second storm that is right behind the current one is predicted to dump heavy snow from Washington, DC to Maine.  Boston is expected to get 10-16 inches of snow from the second storm.

Russian Commuter Train Bombed

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Terrorists bombed a Russian commuter train near the Chechen border and killed about 41 and injured around 150.  The second car of the train was blown up near Yessentuki as the train traveled from Kislovodsk to Mineralnye Vody in the Stavropol region northwest of the Chechen border.  The bombing occurred at 7:30 AM (0430 GMT).  Yessentuki is at 44 N., for suffering, and 42 E., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.

Washington Peace Planning

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King Abdullah II of Jordan met with President Bush yesterday and US Secretary of State Colin Powell today.  Today, Powell met with Israeli and Palestinian authors of the alternative Geneva Accord for 20-25 minutes.  Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin and Yasser Abed Rabbo, his Palestinian negotiating partner, later met for an hour with US ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) William Burns and Elliott Abrams.  Jordan held the West Bank, which the Palestinians are now claiming, before it was lost to Israel.

James Baker III Appointed Iraq Envoy

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Former Secretary of State and big gun, James Baker III of Houston, Texas, was appointed special envoy to Iraq.  He will serve as the personal envoy of President Bush to handle $100 billion in Iraqi debt to foreign nations.
Tropical Storm Odette, 12-6-03, 0030 GMT


No tornadoes were reported in the US.  Strong winds up to 80 mph pounded Washington State.  There were power outages and injuries from falling trees.  The severe weather was associated with a weather elephant.

Today, the images of two weather elephants were over the Pacific northwest, Montana, and California.  And the shadow of an elephant's trunk stretched through Florida and brought rain.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Storm Odette

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Tropical Storm Odette is the first December tropical storm in the Caribbean.  With winds estimated at 43 knots, Odette is headed for Hispaniola where heavy rains are expected to produce mudslides.  Odette is French for Odo, which means wealth or fortune.  The image of Odette continued to resemble a horse today.


Blizzards blanketed the eastern USA where President Bush's helicopter was grounded, while strong winds pounded Washington State.  The severe weather in Washington State was associated with a two large weather elephants, one of which stretched through California.  Washington State is in the region of Benjamin, the ravenous wolf who ate the spoils of victory.  The elephant, which stretched through California, was also over Montana in the region of Asher, for royalty.  Yesterday, King Abdullah II of Jordan met with President Bush to support the Middle East peace process in which the Palestinians are trying to steal the spoils of victory from Israel.  There was rain in Florida as the shadow of an elephant's trunk passed through.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  And the Washington, DC storm occurred on the day of the meeting between Colin Powell and the authors of the Geneva Accord.  Powell gave them lip service, and President Bush applauded their efforts.  However, the weather angels kicked up storms.

Back-to-back snow storms are headed through Washington, DC and the east.  The back-to-back storms represent double discipline.  The double discipline was directly associated with the evil foreign policy of the Bush Administration in which Bush reaffirmed yesterday his commitment to a Palestinian state.  Bush's meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II yesterday was a reminder that Jordan lost the West Bank to Israel in the Six Day War of 1967.  The Palestinians have never had any sovereign claim to the West Bank.

Terrorists bombed a Russian train near Yessentuki is at 44 N., for suffering, and 42 E., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  The bombed train represents a strategic failure associated with Baal.  The train was likely bombed by Chechen Muslim terrorists.  Train wrecks have often represented President Bush's flawed foreign policy.  The Russian train bombing was just the latest symbol of a strategic failure on the World Stage.

President Bush called James Baker back to be his personal envoy to Iraq to handle the problem of Iraq's huge foreign debt.  The appointment was announced on December 5th, for a giant.  Baker is a big gun for handling a big problem.  And it was Day 339, for the purifying Judgment (33) of the Holy Spirit in the sin unto death.

Tropical Storm Odette, which means wealth or fortune, was named today in the Caribbean.  News of the revival of the US economy has been in the news.  A tropical storm represents the rejection of the grace message of the pastor by the local congregation like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  Odette was shaped like a horse, which symbolizes a male phallic reversionist and war.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The President's helicopter was grounded the day he let Colin Powell hold a symbolic meeting with the authors of the Geneva Accord.  The Geneva Accord is straight from Hell.  It is not from any legitimate government.  Another blizzard is on the way.


Author:  Larry Wood