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Saddam Hussein Captured

Israeli-Palestinian Meeting Planned

Saddam Hussein Captured

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December 13 (Day 347, Peace):  Saddam Hussein, 66, was captured by the 1st Brigade Combat Team from the US 4th Infantry Division, at 8:26 PM (1726 GMT).  He was hiding in a hole beside a farmhouse in Ad Dawr near his hometown of Tikrit.  He was captured without firing a shot even though he was armed with a pistol and two AK-47's.  Also seized was a cash box containing $750,000 in US hundred dollar bills.  He had been on the run since the fall of Baghdad on April 9th.

Thus, comes to an end the era of the evil king who ruled from the region of Babylon the Great.  He was captured in Ad Dawr, near the banks of the Tigris River.  Ad Dawr is at 34 N., for the division of the land, and 43 E., for fulfillment.  He supported the Palestinians financially in their attempt to divide the land of Israel, and he was captured by forces of President Bush, who is the 43rd President of the US.  He was anti-Semitic.  He was captured on Day 347, for peace with two AK-47's.  He had $750,000 in hundred dollar bills, where 75 is for Sovereignty and the hundred dollar bill is a sign of maximum divine good production.
Elephant, 12-13-03, 2130 GMT, PSC
On the weather map at the time were two weather elephants over the USA.  One over the Pacific northwest was in the region of Benjamin, for the spoils of victory.  Saddam was captured by the 4th Infantry Division, which was supposed to have invaded Iraq from Turkey, which is in the region of Benjamin in Asia.  The weather elephant over the Pacific northwest stretched over Idaho and Montana in the region of Asher, for royalty.  Saddam was an evil king, who claimed to be royalty.  The other weather elephant stretched over West Virginia (prison system), Tennessee (criminal justice system), Mississippi and Alabama (law enforcement), and Louisiana (Simeon criminality).  The two elephants were the sign of a witness, as in court.  Saddam Hussein will face trial as a criminal.

Spiritual Explanation

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Saddam Hussein was 66, for worldliness and the worldly female.  He was captured at a farm in orange, lemon, and palm groves - all symbols of the female and her sexual response.  He was captured by the 4th Infantry Division, the same division that had been associated with the Prostitute of Babylon the day before in the hearing of Lt. Colonel Allen West.

In operation Red Dawn that captured  Saddam Hussein, two targets were investigated.  The targets were identified as Wolverine 1 and Wolverine 2.  Saddam was found near Wolverine 2.  The wolverine is a member of the weasel and skunk family that stinks and is crafty, strong, and fierce.  Wolverines are loners; hunt at night (but also in the day); and are often on the move.  Saddam Hussein's beard resembled wolverine fur.  And he was often on the move.  Because of delayed gestation, the wolverine can give birth to a litter with multiple fathers.  This is the symbol of an adulteress and a prostitute.

For because of a prostitute one is brought down to a roll (of bread),
But another man's wife lies in wait (stalks) a precious soul. (Proverbs 6:26)
Saddam Hussein represented the evil king.  He was eventually captured.  But it took far too long than a normal operation against an evil king in Spiritual warfare.  Normal Spiritual warfare is usually just a matter of facing off with the demon Managers, followed by the five giants, and then taking on the evil king in hand-to-hand combat.  Saddam didn't come out like that.  He was no genius, but the Spiritual warfare to dislodge him was like fighting a wolverine, which is like Jezebel, the prototypical Prostitute of Babylon, in many ways.

Saddam was hiding in a hole in the ground, or a pit, like a dead person in a grave.  A pit represents a trap, dungeon, grave, or a prostitute.

For the prostitute is a deep pit,
And the foreign prostitute is a narrow well. (Proverbs 23:27)
In verse 27, "prostitute" is the Hebrew hn*z* (zanah), and "foreign prostitute" is the Hebrew yr!k=]n* (nakeri).  "A deep pit" is a trap used to catch animals, and a narrow well is a metaphor for the young female.  Temple prostitutes were usually young females.

Israeli-Palestinian Meeting Planned

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December 14 (Day 348, Inheritance of the Levites):  US Deputy ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) David Satterfield met with Israeli officials today and arranged a three-way meeting tomorrow aimed at breaking the impasse over restarting talks to implement the Road Map for peace.  The meeting would involve Israeli, US, and Palestinian officials, probably lower than the Prime Minister level.  Neither side is currently willing to discuss implementation of the Road Map.

Palestinians fired at least 21 mortar rounds at the Gush Katif settlement block in the last 24 hours.  The Palestinians marked a black day from the capture of Saddam Hussein.  The government made no official response to Saddam's capture.

Elephants, 12-14-03, 1730 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes were reported in the US.  There were at least 3 wind damage reports, all in Louisiana.

Today, the image of a weather elephant over Montana stretched through Nevada and California.  Another one along the east coast stretched from New York through Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Last night, US Army forces captured the evil king, Saddam Hussein, in a pit like a grave.  The pit symbolized capture and imprisonment as well as a prostitute.  His capture in orange, lemon, and palm groves in a pit in the region of Babylon represents the curse of the Prostitute of Babylon.  He was anti-Semitic, and his capture represents the fulfillment of the curse of Abraham (Genesis 12:3).  He supported the Palestinians financially in their terrorist attack on Israel.  His fall came on the same day the European Union constitution convention collapsed.  The EU also supports the evil Palestinians, who engage in terrorism against Israel.  Saddam was captured on December 13th, for the double blessing of Israel.  It was Day 347, for the Judgment (300) of peace (47).  He was captured with 2 AK-47's at Ad Dawr at 34 N., for the division of the land, and 43 E., for fulfillment.  The Palestinians are attempting to divide the land of Israel.  He was captured by forces of President Bush, who is the 43rd President of the US.

Today, a weather elephant from Montana stretched through Nevada and California.  California corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  Another weather elephant along the east coast stretched from New York through Florida.  It was freezing with snow in New York and raining in Florida.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza, who were busily firing mortars at Israel today.  And today, US Deputy ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) David Satterfield arranged a 3-way meeting tomorrow to try to break the impasse against further peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.  The 3-way meeting is a sign of Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon of the Cosmic System.

It was December 14th, for the passover.  Israel received its freedom on the Passover.  And it was Day 348, for the inheritance of the Levites, which is an icon of the Promised Land.  The Promised Land is deeded to Israel in the Abrahamic Covenant.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  God, in His grace, delivered Saddam Hussein, the evil king, into the hands of the US Army in conjunction with Spiritual warfare waged by Christians.  Saddam's power was like that of Babylon the Great under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon, who was symbolized by Jezebel.  Saddam engaged in commerce with the European Union and Russia.  He was anti-Semitic and actively opposed the Abrahamic Covenant.  Just as the Lord kept His promise to Abraham and gave Israel the Promised Land, He will defend the Abrahamic Covenant against all who oppose it.  Those who are opposing it today include the Palestinians, Syria, and the Quartet.


Author:  Larry Wood