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Mad Cow Disease in USA

Paris to LA Flights Canceled; US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Mad Cow Disease in USA

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December 23 (Day 357, Zebulun):  The first known case of mad cow disease was reported in a four-year-old Holstein from the Sunny Dene Ranch in Mabton, Washington.  Ranch owner, veterinarian Bill Wavrin, purchased the cow in October 2001.  The 4,000 head of cattle on his dairy farm are now likely to be destroyed.  The diseased cow was slaughtered on December 9th, Day 43 at Vern's Moses Lake Meat Co., in Moses Lake, Washington, where it was a "downer" because it was unable to walk after complications from an earlier pregnancy.  The number, 9, stands for the Plagues of Egypt, which were announced by Moses.  Mabton is ar 46 N., for pregnancy, and 120 W., for authority.  Moses Lake is at 47 N., for peace, and 119 W., for the witness of the federal judiciary.  US Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman broke the news of the mad cow disease.  The meat of the cow was processed at three plants in Centralia, Washington and in Portland and Clackamas, Oregon. Elephant, 12-23-03, 2230 GMT, PSC

Weather elephants were over the area in the region of Benjamin, for the spoils of victory.  Mad cow disease was first found in England in 1986, which represents the Arab persecution of the Jew.  About 150 people have died from the disease worldwide.  Only one case has been reported in the US - a British woman living in Florida.  She apparently contracted the disease in England.  Today was Day 357, for Zebulun, corresponding to the region of Florida and the Palestinians.  Thus, the mad cow disease is related to the Middle East peace process.

Paris to LA Flights Canceled

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December 24 (Day 358, Levite):  Air France Paris to Los Angeles flights were canceled due to credible threats that al-Qa'eda had infiltrated the flights.  Three round-trip flights, a total of six flights, were canceled today and tomorrow.  The Flight numbers were AF068, AF069, AF070, and AF071.

A Sun dog in the southwest at Sunset over central Florida resembled the design on the tail of Air France planes.  A Sun dog is like a fair weather rainbow 22 degrees from the Sun.  Sun dogs represent suffering.

Sundog, Florida, 12-24-03, 1752 GMT Sundog, Florida, 12-24-03, 1753 GMT

Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

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Three US soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad.  And a mortar shell hit an upper floor of the 19-story Ishtar Sheraton Hotel, but no one was injured.  Ishtar was the goddess represented by the Prostitute of Babylon.  Hours later, a rocket shattered windows in the hotel.
Horse, 12-24-03, 2130 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes or other severe weather was reported in the US.

Today, the image of a horse was over the Pacific northwest in Canada.  And weather elephants were over Texas and the northeastern USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.


A weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest yesterday when the case of mad cow disease in Washington state was announced.  Since then the bottom has dropped out of the US beef market.  The cow with the disease was slaughtered on December 9th, Day 343, where 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt and 43 is for fulfillment.  The cattle were judged in the fifth plague of egypt.  The address of the farm from which the mad cow came is 501 Sklow Rd., where 5 corresponds to the fifth plague as well as a giant, such as Baal.  Other signs on December 9th pointed to sudden judgment like a coup de grace.  For example, a tree fell on a Florida jogger.  The case of mad cow disease spelled sudden disaster to the US beef industry.  Today, the major beef importing countries banned US beef, and the bottom fell out of the beef futures market.  Mad cow disease was discovered in Great Britain in 1986, which stands for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  Thus, the mad cow disease was a curse upon the US economy specifically tied to the stupid foreign policy toward Israel.  But the stupid foreign policy was due to rejection of Bible Doctrine in the Church.

The mad cow disease was in Washington state as a reminder that the cursing was tied to Washington, DC.  The day the cow with the disease was slaughtered, Day 343, corresponds to President Bush, who is the 43rd President of the US.  Washington state is in the region of Benjamin, which represents the spoils of victory.

Air France canceled flights to Los Angeles today.  The design on the tail of Air France planes resembles a Sun dog, the symbol of suffering.  Today a Sun dog appeared over central Florida.  Florida is related to the air and sea.  France and California each correspond to the location of Israel in Asia.  Today, the Palestinians canceled peace talks with the Israelis due to Israel's attack on Palestinian terrorists that were guarding the illegal tunnels on the Egyptian border.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Today was December 24th, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  And it was Day 358, for a Levite, a priest of Israel.

Three US soldiers were killed in Baghdad.  The image of a horse, the symbol of war, was over the Pacific northwest in the region of the spoils of victory.  A mortar round hit the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel.  Ishtar was the goddess that empowered the high priestess who represented the Prostitute of Babylon.  Spiritual Warfare related to the Iraq War has been against the Prostitute of Babylon (Revelation 17:1-6).

and upon her forehead the name had been written, MYSTERY, "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." (Revelation 17:5)

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The mad cow disease in the US corresponds to the Plagues of Egypt, and the curse of the Arab toward the Jew.  This is further cursing due to the Road Map for peace.  The Air France flights that were canceled corresponded to a Sun dog over central Florida.  A Sun dog symbolizes suffering.  The terrorist attack on the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel represented Spiritual Warfare against the Prostitute of Babylon.


Author:  Larry Wood