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Meaning of 2009 - Plagues of Egypt

The Year 2009

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):   The year 2009 means the Plagues of Egypt, which symbolized the destruction of the world, end of the world, doomsday.  The Lord waged war against the Evil King (Pharaoh) of Egypt in order to free Israel from slavery and fulfill His promise to Abraham that He would give Israel the Promised Land.  Egypt, which had risen to great power and glory under the power of Satan and his Cosmic System, was the symbol of the world just as the Kingdom of Babylon.  Satan had built a great stronghold in Egypt with its idolatry.  The destruction of Egypt by the Lord left Satan and his demons without a home there.  Nothing was left for them to control.  The destruction of Egypt, then, became the great symbol of the Second Advent when the Lord will return and destroy the world empires to deliver Israel and fulfill the unconditional covenants to Israel.  The Lord personally destroyed Egypt to be a testimony to future generations.

After Egypt, Babylon the Great became the first empire to rule the world.  When the Southern Kingdom of Israel became worldly, the Kingdom of Babylon destroyed it in 586 BC.  Subsequently, Babylon, the great world power of Satan, was destroyed by the Medo-Persians, and Satan and his demons were again left without a home (Jeremiah 50:39).  The fall of the Kingdom of Babylon symbolized the final destruction of the world empires at the Second Advent (Revelation 18:2).

The wars of history, in which Evil Kings violate the Divine Institution of Nationalism, symbolize the Second Advent when the Lord will return and destroy the empires of the world and cast out Satan and his demons.  World War II was a graphic symbol of the War of Armageddon.  Adolf Hitler, who conquered Europe, symbolized the Antichrist and King of the West.  The Soviet Union symbolized the King of the North, and Japan symbolized the King of the East.  Satan inspired Hitler, the Evil King, just as he had inspired Pharaoh.  Satan was the murderer who sought to exterminate Israel in the Holocaust, just as he will try to do in the Tribulation.

Plagues of Egypt

The Lord brought the plagues on Egypt to redeem Israel from slavery (Exodus 6:6; Micah 6:4).
"Say, therefore, to the sons of Israel, 'I am the LORD, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will deliver you from their bondage. I will also redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. (Exodus 6:6)
The Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart in order to destroy Egypt and make it an example for human history and a symbol of the Armageddon War at the Second Advent.  The Lord destroyed Egypt (Exodus 10:7).  He brought the plagues with signs and wonders (Exodus 7:3; 11:9; Acts 7:36) to make a complete destruction of Egypt (Deuteronomy 11:3-4; 26:8; 28:59-61).  In the future the Cycles of Cursing of Client Nation Israel would include the plague (pestilence, diseases) of Egypt (Leviticus 26:25; Deuteronomy 28:60).  This contributed to the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 621 BC (Amos 4:10).

After the Lord destroyed Egypt with the plagues and killed the firstborn during the Passover, Israel walked out of Egypt and crossed the Red Sea to symbolize Salvation (Jude 5).  This also symbolized the future deliverance of Israel at the Second Advent.

Egypt, Enemy of Israel

During the decline and fall of the Southern Kingdom of Israel, Egypt was at times an enemy and at times an ally.  Isaiah prophesied the destruction of Egypt, which was broken up in the revolution against Ethiopian rule around 695 BC (Isaiah 19:1-15).  The fall of Egypt became a symbol of the Second Advent (Isaiah 19:16-25).  King Josiah of Judah was killed by the Egyptian army of Pharaoh Necho at Megiddo around 608 BC.  Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of Egypt by Nebuchadnezzar (Jeremiah 46:13-26).  King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed all of Egypt's possessions in Asia (2 Kings 24:7).  After Israel was conquered by Babylon in 586 BC, Egypt subsequently fell to the Persian Empire in 525 BC.

Woe in Going Down to Egypt

Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help (Isaiah 31:1a)
Even when Egypt is an ally, it brings a curse (Isaiah 30:1-3, 7; 31:1; 36:6).  Egypt is a symbol of the world.  Friendship with the world is a curse (James 4:1-4).  The believer must separate from the world, which means separating from Satan's Cosmic System (1 John 2:15-16).  Those who do not separate will be subject to the plagues of Egypt and will be destroyed like those who stayed in Sodom and Gomorrah (2 Peter 2:6-12).  Those left in the world in 2009 will face the plagues of Egypt.

New US President

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The new President of the US, Barack Obama, was elected November 4, 2008, Day 309, for the plagues of Egypt.  The weather angels portrayed the event with a shepherd's staff over Washington, DC as a reminder of the staff of Moses, which brought the plagues of Egypt.  The Star Chart overhead portrayed Satan's fall and doom, which happened in the destruction of Egypt.  The Obama Presidential campaign occurred during the world economic crisis that froze the global economy from the fall of the Prostitute of Babylon, through whom Satan rules the world financial system.  The fall of the Prostitute of Babylon in Spiritual Warfare caused a world wide economic crisis.  Just as Jehu trampled Jezebel to death and the dogs ate her, the victories on the world stage during the 2008 Presidential campaign trampled the Prostitute of Babylon and shook the foundations of Satan's world financial system.

After the fall of the Prostitute of Babylon in 2008 (Revelation 17:1-6), the Evil King can be expected to fall in 2009 (Revelation 17:7-18).  The fall of the Evil King will leave Satan and his demons homeless and breakup their evil stronghold (Revelation 18:2).  Plagues will destroy Satan's world system of Babylon (Revelation 18:3-8).  World War will bring the final doom of the Evil Kings and their armies (Revelation 19:11-21).

The foreign policy of the United States in calling for a Palestinian state is in defiance of the Abrahamic Covenant.  This has set the stage for severe Judgment of the USA next year.  The new President of the US will be the 44th President, where 44 is for suffering.  He will begin his term in 2009 during the doomsday scenario of what may be some of the worst judgments in history.  However, the real war will be spiritual, although there may be significant temporal fallout.  Christians in 2009 will participate in some of the greatest Spiritual Warfare in human history.


Baseball is played with nine players on a team for nine innings.  And a game of golf is sometimes played for only nine holes.  So, the year 2009 may have some signs and wonders in baseball or golf.


The year, 2009, stands for the plagues of Egypt.  Since Egypt symbolizes the world, this means the destruction of the world, end of the world, or doomsday.  The Lord promised Abraham the land of Canaan.  When the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, the Lord redeemed them from their slavery by destroying Egypt.  The Lord performed miraculous signs and wonders to destroy Egypt and make it a living testimony of the Lord's destruction of the world at the Second Advent in the Armageddon War.  The destruction of Egypt, a symbol of the world, also destroys the home of Satan and his demons.  The ultimate objective of the destruction of Egypt is Satan's fall and the destruction of his Cosmic System.

The destruction of Egypt through the plagues also symbolizes the fall of Babylon when all the armies of the Evil Kings will be defeated by the Lord at the Second Advent.  The fall of the Prostitute of Babylon, who rules the world economy will precede the fall of the Evil Kings and their armies.  The Prostitute of Babylon and the world economy were judged in 2008.  The year 2009 will bring the destruction of the Evil Kings and their armies.  This can only be accomplished through Spiritual Warfare, although there is likely to be temporal fallout.  Only Christians can defeat Evil Kings, who are empowered by Satan.  The year 2008 was a paradigm shift that symbolized the New Birth.  Those who failed to make the paradigm shift in the Spiritual Life will be the casualties in 2009.  They will be destroyed with the world.  The year, 2009, will be a year of severe punishment for those in the world.

For those who have been called to live in this period of human history, it is a rare opportunity to utilize Bible Doctrine.  The single digit numbers will come true each year.  Each year bears special significance in the Spiritual Life and in Spiritual Warfare.  The single-digit years of a millennium have only occurred once before in the Church Age.

  1. 2001 - the unity of God
  2. 2002 - divine division
  3. 2003 - the Justice of the Holy Spirit
  4. 2004 - weakness
  5. 2005 - grace or a giant
  6. 2006 - man
  7. 2007 - categorical blessing or punishment
  8. 2008 - new birth
  9. 2009 - Plagues of Egypt - Doomsday
  10. 2010 - Laws of Establishment
This sequence means that God is evangelizing the world and testing believers in the Spiritual Life.  The issue is not worldly success or prosperity.  It is response to the Love of God.  Those who defy God will be judged, and those who obey him will be tested and promoted on the battlefield.

In 2001, the color for unity was white.  In 2002, the color for God's separation was orange.  In 2003, the color for the Justice of God the Holy Spirit was violet.  In 2004, the color for weakness in capacity for life was yellow.  In 2005, the color for Grace will be white/yellow.  In 2006, the color for man is red, for sin.  In 2007, the color depends on the category.  A category of blessing would be a different color from a category of punishment.  But after the punishment, there should be a rainbow.  Many colors apply to 2008, since the various aspects of the New Birth are symbolized by different colors.  For example:  Redemption - red; Justification - Purple; Sanctification - White, Righteousness - blue.  These were the colors in the gate of the Tabernacle, which represented Christ, the way of Salvation.  Various colors may also apply to 2009, since there will be many plagues.  Colors to be expected include Red, for suffering, Violet, for Justice, and the plaid (mesh, net) pattern, for Judgment or a trap.

Author:  Larry Wood