Marriage Intimacy Model


Bathshebah taught Solomon Proverbs 31.  Within it are the keys to the intimate relationship between Right Man and Right Woman.  She laid the issue on the line immediately in Proverbs 31:3.

The word for strength is Hebrew, ly!j^  (chajil), which means strength, ability, efficiency; capacity for life.  It is used for heroes of strength and mighty men of valor (Joshua 1:14; 1 Samuel 16:18).  In Proverbs 31:10 the word means virtue and is used to describe to ultimate wife:  "A virtuous wife."  The word is also used to describe Ruth as a "woman of virtue" in Ruth 3:11.  Bathshebah obviously understood Solomon's inclination toward women.  David had given him several long lectures on the subject, e.g. Proverbs 6; but Bathshebah's teaching is the most profound.

In this verse, Bathshebah is telling Solomon about the price of sex with the wrong woman.  This is not a prohibition against sex with the Right Woman as will be seen later in the chapter.  This verse says that sex with the wrong woman will destroy a man's Capacity for Life.  Capacity for Life is illustrated by the walls of the Integrity Envelope, which is the Old Covenant counterpart of the Edification Complex of the Soul taught by Paul (Ephesians 4:16; 1 Corinthians 13).

Integrity EnvelopeThere are three major parts of the Integrity Envelope:  Faith, Hope, and Love (1 Corinthians 13:13).  Faith is metabolized Bible Doctrine in the soul.  This doctrine is available in the stream of consciousness for application.  Hope is not the English word but the Greek, e*lpiv" (elpis), which means confident expectation.  The Greek is much stronger than the English word, hope, which may express only a wish.  Then, the word, love is the Greek, ajgavph  (agape), which is the general term for divine love.  This is God's love - not something that man conjures up.  It is thought - not emotion, although the emotion may respond to it.

Virtue love is expressed from inside the Integrity Envelope.  When the Integrity Envelope breaks due to loss of the Filling of the Spirit or lack of Capacity for Life, there will be no expression of virtue love.  The Integrity Envelope is the cup in the soul into which God the Father can pour agape love.  If there is no Integrity Envelope, there will be no love.  A person cannot express what he does not have.  If he has no love from God, he cannot express love for Right Woman.

So Bathshebah taught Solomon that illicit sex will destroy the strength of the Integrity Envelope.  Expressions of false love for the wrong woman, in essence, destroy the Capacity for Life, which comes from the Integrity Envelope.  The person without Capacity for Life cannot express virtue love.  Loss of Capacity for Life includes loss of Capacity for sexual life as well as loss of virtue, which comes from the integrity of the soul.

Next, Bathshebah proceeds to describe the "woman of virtue" (Prov 31:10).

Here the word, "strength," is a different Hebrew word, zou (`oz).  "Strength"  refers to the strength of the female response; the strength of the right woman's bond of marriage to her right man.  It refers to Capacity for Life, Capacity for Sexual Life (personal love response to Right Man), and the overall capacity of the Integrity Envelope with capacity to resist arrogance and emotion.

The loins of Right Woman should be girded with strength.  The "loins" refer to the place where the base of the body meets the upper thighs.  The loins include the genital region.  The loins are the place of strength in the body because they are generally the region of the gravitational center as well as the location of the biggest muscles in the body, the thighs.  The loins are used in the Bible in many passages.

Loins in Scripture

So, what does it mean to gird the loins with strength?  Girding the loins is the basic purpose of clothes as a covering for the body.  When Adam and the woman sinned, it was their loins that received the clothing of fig leaves and nothing else.  In addition, clothing the body refers to taking on the basic characteristics of the covering, for example, putting on a robe of righteousness (Job 29:14; Isaiah 61:10).  So, girding the loins with strength, refers to clothing the loins with the strength of the soul.  The strength of the soul is the Integrity Envelope.

Is this like "The Emperor's New Clothes"?  No, this has nothing to do with physical covering for the body.  It refers to the clothing of the soul.  The soul without clothing is naked.  And the clothing for the soul is the strength of the Integrity Envelope.  So the woman of virtue (Prov 31:10) needs to have an Integrity Envelope to clothe her soul to enable her to express virtue-love in response to the virtue-love of the Right Man.  In general, the Right Woman's virtue response to her Right Man will be respect (Ephesians 5:33).

Edification Complex of SoulThere is more implied in Proverbs 31:17 than just the strength of the Integrity Envelope.  Girding refers to putting on clothing which is analogous to furnishings for a room.  The Integrity Envelope is indeed the covering for the loins; but more specifically there is a special room in the Integrity Envelope for the Right Man.  It is the Right Man, and only the Right Man, who covers the loins of the Right Woman.  Similarly, the Right Man has an Intimacy Room in his soul for the Right Woman.  Only the Right Woman can cover the loins of the Right Man.  Only the Right Man can get into the Right Woman's Intimacy Room; and only the Right Woman can get into the Right Man's Intimacy Room.

Divine design has an encrypted Intimacy Room in the soul of every believer.  The only one with the key to get into that room in the soul is the Right Man or Right Woman.  No one else has the key.  So the only person that can reside in the soul and cover the loins is the Right Man or Right Woman.  The soul without the Right Man or Right Woman in the Intimacy Room contains a void, an empty room.  This void is a real problem for the single person until it is filled.  It will be filled when the Lord Jesus Christ leads the Right Woman to the Right Man and the proper identification is made.  Only then will the soul begin to function properly.  Only then will decisions be made in light of the Intimacy Room.

The encryption codes of the Intimacy Room are part of the DNA.  They are divine design from birth.  Every one has a Right Man or Right Woman with the matching key to enter the Intimacy Room in the soul of the other.  So when Right Woman and Right Man meet.  Each enters the Intimacy Room of the other.  From then on, nothing in this life, except death can remove them.  They are with you for life.

So, this is a different perspective of Marriage.  Man does not choose a mate.  He simply recognizes what God has already designed.  If he disregards divine design and chooses the wrong woman, he is foolish.  So the parents would probably do just as well or better than the children in choosing the marriage partners for their children.  Abraham sent the trusted manager of his estate to find Isaac's Right Woman, and he succeeded with no problem (Genesis 24).

The souls of Right Man and Right Woman were designed for each other just as the bodies.  They fit only the soul mate by divine design. Right Man and Right Woman are bound by a union of love (Marriage Intimacy Love) that binds the two into one unique whole.  The bond is analogous to the formation of chemical compounds from unlike elements.  Through chemical bonding atoms are joined to form molecules.

The bonding of soulish compatibility between Right Man and Right Woman is unique.  Right Man cannot bond with wrong woman.  The wrong woman can only sap the strength of the Right Man.  Nor can Right Woman bond with wrong man.  Only the Right Man will fit.  And per Song of Solomon 8:6, the Marriage Intimacy Love between Right Man and Right Woman is so strong that nothing will extinguish it except death.  A "signet ring" on the heart refers to the covenant of marriage between Right Man and Right Woman.  The ring is not on the finger, however; but in the soul.  It is the Intimacy Room in the heart, the right lobe of the soul, that forms the covenant between Right Man and Right Woman.

Right Man has a home in Right Woman’s soul, and Right Woman has a home in Right Man’s soul.  The soul compatibility of Right Man - Right Woman is designed to operate whether or not they are together physically.

In Song of Solomon 2:4, even though the Shulammite woman is separated from her Shepherd Lover, she remembers him because he is in the Intimacy Room.  His presence in her Intimacy Room is like a guidon, or standard, that designates an army company.  He has a name, and he is identified in her soul as her protector.  Marriage Intimacy Love from God (Greek, agape love or Hebrew, 'ahab) is the characteristic of his presence in the Intimacy Room.

The souls of Right Man and Right Woman are compatible.  Soul compatibility, which is the coalesce of souls, means that Right Man and Right Woman maintain the love relationship whether married or single.  Right Man and Right Woman are a team, or corporation, with capacity for love.  The Right Man - Right Woman team, through love, can withstand the forces that threaten to undermine it.

Many waters are like a flood, which is the worst disaster in human history.  Even a flood will not quench Marriage Intimacy Love, the divine love of Right Man and Right Woman.  Further, it is the most valuable possession in this life.  It is worth more than all the wealth of one's estate.

The soul compatibility of Right Man - Right Woman must pass the love tests of 1 Corinthians 13.  Any sin that trips the soul knocks out love, whether the sin is from Pride, Jealousy, Self-Righteousness, Bitterness, or Worry.  Impersonal love for all mankind is required to keep the wall of the Integrity Envelope intact.  Intimacy comes from personal love.  For stability, personal love must come from the Integrity Envelope.


The soulish compatibility of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship includes a special happiness.  Even the unbeliever can experience this happiness.

There is also a special physical happiness for marriage.  Sex is the exclusive bond of intimacy for Right Man and Right Woman in marriage.  Sex is God's special gift to Right Man and Right Woman in marriage.  Sex is the exclusive privilege of marriage.  It is designed for pleasure and as well as procreation.  Sex outside of marriage in any form is a violation of the divine institution of marriage and is a sin; but no ordinary sin, for this sin will bring the wrath of God immediately from heaven.  Sexual sins are handled personally and immediately from the Supreme Court of Heaven (Hebrews 13:4).  There is no waiting around for the law of volitional responsibility to take effect.


Now, for the believer who develops the Integrity Envelope, there is a special bonus.  God will pour into the cup in the soul a special personal love for Right Man or Right Woman that is beyond any intimacy in this life.  The love that God pours is divine.  It is out of this world.  There is nothing that mankind can do to manufacture, earn, or deserve it.  It is poured on the basis of the grace of God when a cup exists in soul of the mature believer.  This love is the maximum the human soul can stand.  It is beyond any experience in this life.  But the love is only given to those believers with an Integrity Envelope who qualify for Marriage Intimacy Love, the exclusive divine personal love of Right Man or Right Woman in the Intimacy Room of the soul.

The mature believer who passes Compatibility Testing in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship qualifies for Marriage Intimacy Love, the super intimate love from God.  Marriage Intimacy Love is the way it was in the Garden.  The believer who qualifies for it will be able to taste the purity and sweetness of  the love manufactured in Heaven for the perfect marital happiness of the Garden of Eden.  Yet the love is available in the Church Age to everyone who executes the Plan of God through Compatibility Testing.  The love is carried with the believer in the soul.  It is operational whether or not there is direct contact with Right Man or Right Woman.  Even when the soul mate is away, the super intimate love still fills the soul and permeates the thinking of the heart.

The Right Man and Right Woman carry the soul mate in the Intimacy Room with them wherever they go.  If there is ever an hour of the day when Right Man or Right Woman is forgotten, then the believer's soul is disoriented.  The cause may be distraction, stress, sin, or emotion; but the situation needs to be quickly corrected, else the subconscious will fill with garbage.  When Right Man or Right Woman is not at home in the soul, there is a serious problem that will hinder execution of the Plan of God.  The believer cannot be right with God, if he wrong with Right Man or Right Woman.  He cannot walk in the faith and walk in love if the primary love port in this life has been shut down.


For those who believed the doctrine previously taught, the connection  should have been apparent.  The common point in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship is the Lord.  He brings them together.  He provides all tests and pours all blessing.  Marriage Intimacy Love for Right Man or Right Woman can be received only by connecting to the Plan of God server in heaven.  When Right Man and Right Woman both sign on to the Plan of God server, God completes the linkage and pours for each the Marriage Intimacy Love.  The Right Man and Right Woman are both online together.  Since access to their souls are intimately encrypted, only the Right One has access, only the right one can complete the circuit.

The procedure for connecting to Marriage Intimacy Love is as follows:

  1. Rebound - equivalent to signing on.
  2. Execute RMRW Intimacy Application
Rebound connects the believer to the Plan of God server via the Divine Dynasphere.  The Holy Spirit accomplishes the connection when we name our sins to God (1 John 1:9).  This is tantamount to orientation to the authority of God.  Next the RMRW Intimacy Application must be executed.  How is this accomplished?  By applying doctrine to experience - the same way any application is made in the Christian life.  Applications are executed on a computer by clicking a menu item or pressing a function key.  Applications are executed in the spiritual life by faith.  Faith is applied from the viewpoint of the soul.  The believer who got this far surely knows how to apply faith to experience.

What faith should be applied?  For the man, the faith is:  Love the Right Woman (Ephesians 5:25-26).  For the Woman, the faith is:  Respect the Right Man (Ephesians 5:33).  Applications are executed in the soul by means of faith-application.  There are no buttons to push.  For the immature believer, who tries this and it doesn't work, the reason is the Integrity Envelope is not operational.  The soul has no Capacity for Life and Love, and, therefore, cannot concentrate unless the Integrity Envelope is intact.  Those without an Integrity Envelope will not be able to establish and maintain the connection of the intimacy link to the POG server.  After the Integrity Envelope has been proven through Compatibility Testing, the Intimacy Link will be fully operational in the Right Man or Right Woman.

The access to the special blessing of Marriage Intimacy Love depends upon the relationship with God - not Right Man or Right Woman.  As goes the spiritual life, so goes the love life.  As goes divine love, so goes the super intimate connection to Right Man or Right Woman.  What the other person does is not the issue.  Whether the other has responded or reacted is not the issue.  It is the relationship with God that counts.  When our relationship is right with God, He provides the relationship.  It does not depend upon the other person.

The common point of the isosceles triangle is the Lord.  The Plan of God server completes the intimacy connection between Right Man and Right Woman.  All the believer has in terms of intimacy and love must be provided from the source of God.  But the believer who is not signed on and running the RMRW Intimacy Application will not receive God's grace blessing of super intimate love.  When either Right Man or Right Woman decide to execute the Plan of God, the marital relationship will be sanctified.  That means that both will be blessed.

Sexual Authority in Marriage

Sex is God's gift for Marriage (1 Corinthians 7:7).  It is for one man and one woman only in Marriage.  The rules for sex are based upon authority - not love.  Although the Christian should always exist in a state of love even during sex, love is in the soul and sex is in the body.  Sex is not an expression of love.  It is a function of authority in Marriage, but it is not the same as the authority of the man over the woman as the leader of Marriage.  Sexual authority liberates the woman and gives her conjugal rights that are equal, if not superior, to the man.


The Corinthians, who were the original holy rollers, were still engaging in fornication and the Phallic Cult after Salvation.  Paul wrote 1 Corinthians to straighten them out point by point based upon the reports of their failures that he had received.  Some of them were even trying to be spiritual by sexual asceticism.  This was the original "just say, no" crowd.

Now concerning the things about which you wrote, it is good for the man himself not to be touching (having intercourse with) the woman. (1 Corinthians 7:1)
In this verse, Paul is beginning another chapter to answer the sexual ascetics just as he previously answered their quarrels in 1 Corinthians 1:11.  Some were saying the way to be spiritual was for a man not to touch a woman.  The word, "touch," is the Greek a{ptw (hapto), which means to touch or lay hold of, i.e. to have intercourse with a woman.  This was obviously not divine design, and Paul will proceed to refute this human viewpoint slogan.


But because of fornication, let each man have his own woman (wife), and let each woman have her own husband. (1 Corinthians 7:2)
Paul begins with a statement of Marriage Culture.  Marriage is the solution to fornication.  Good sex within Marriage should eliminate the desire to fornicate.  The Greek porneiva (porneia) means fornication.  It is much stronger than immoralities.  The principle of Marriage Culture is that each Right Man has a Right Woman and vice versa.  The word for husband is the Greek ajnhvr (aner), which means nobleman, husband, or Right Man.

CONJUGAL RIGHTS - Responsibility to Serve

Let the husband fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband. (1 Corinthians 7:3)
The husband's duty to his wife is to serve her sexually.  In sex, the husband gives up his authority as leader of the Marriage and serves his wife.  His duty is to give her sexual gratification.  Similarly, the wife is obligated to serve her husband sexually.  The person who serves gives up authority.  The husband who serves his wife is certainly not exercising authority over her.  Thus, sexual authority in the bedroom is different from the normal leadership role of the husband.

The word, "fulfill," is the Greek ajpodivdwmi (apodidomi), which means to give away, give up, to fulfill one's duty to someone.  It is present, active, imperative.  The active voice means both the husband and the wife are obligated to complete the action.  Either can initiate sex, and both must fulfill the other sexually.  The present tense is an iterative present, which describes that which recurs at successive intervals.  Sex occurs at successive intervals.  This is an imperative of permission, which is used for a command in compliance with an expressed desire, thus involving consent.

The word, "own," is the Greek i[dio" (idios), which means one's own; belonging to an individual; and implies exclusive.  The obligation of the husband and wife are to each other exclusively.

This verse does not say that the husband can demand what he wants the wife to give him or vice versa.  This is the common misconception.  First, sex is not that complicated.  Two people with an IQ of room temperature should be able to figure it out.  The so-called experts should be avoided.  Communication in the bedroom is not needed and is not helpful.  It violates the whole principle of giving and service.  How can one partner give and serve if the other partner is demanding?  The person who gives the gift decides what to serve.  As long as it is reasonable, the recipient should accept it gratefully.

  1.  Both the husband and the wife are obligated to serve the other sexually.
  2.  This establishes the requirement of sexual service in Marriage.
  3.  This is not license to be a user or abuser.

True Love and Happiness (+H) come from occupation with the source and not the gift.  "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35b).  The person who makes demands is occupied with the gift and not the giver.  Sex is the gift; love is for a person.  A person occupied with the gift loses sight of the source and will never have love or happiness.

SEXUAL AUTHORITY LIMITS - Right to Sexually Gratify & Requirement to Sexually Submit

The wife does not have authority over her own private body, but her husband does; but likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own private body, but his wife does. (1 Corinthians 7:4)
Paul lays it on the line.  Sex is ruled by authority.  The verb is the Greek ejxousiavzw (exousiazo), which means to exercise authority.  "Not" is the Greek oujk (ouk), which is the strong, strategic negative that means definitely not.  And the Greek i[dio" (idios) means one's own and refers to private as opposed to public.

"The wife does not have authority over her own private body, but the husband does."  This concept is beyond commonly held beliefs.  It says the wife doesn't have authority over her own body.  Most people think they have authority over their own bodies, but that is not the case in Marriage.  This is the concept of conjugal rights, which is governed by authority - not love.  The word, love, has not been mentioned in this passage.  This is very strong.  It is about sex in Marriage.  It says the husband has the right to sexually gratify himself and the wife is expected to submit to him sexually.  The husband has the authority to actively gratify himself sexually while the wife submits to him.

The second half of the verse gives the woman the same conjugal rights as the man.  The woman has the right to actively gratify herself sexually while the husband submits.  In the day in which this was written, women had no rights.  This is even liberation for women by modern standards.  Since the woman is stronger than the man sexually anyway, this is even more powerful.

Sexual authority means:

  1. Sex is God's gift for Marriage (1 Cor 7:7).
  2. Sex is under authority because it is a gift that belongs to somebody.
  3. Both the husband and the wife must submit sexually to the other.
  4. Both the husband and the wife have the right to sexually gratify themselves with the other.
It will come as an even greater surprise that Right Man and Right Woman's authority over each other's bodies, does not begin in Marriage.  Although it is designed for sex, it begins long before Marriage.  Many physical problems, such as skin and teeth problems, are due to disloyalty to the one who really has authority over the body.  Intimacy with the wrong person is lack of loyalty to the right person in Marriage or before.  Singles do not have a green light to experiment with intimacy.  They can be scarred for life from intimate contact that is fully accepted by society.

FORSAKING ALL OTHERS - Marriage Exclusion Principle

The phrase, "forsaking all others," in the marriage vows is Biblical.  It is an application of 1 Corinthians 7:4 and the commandment not to commit adultery.  Not only is sex designed for Marriage, it is prohibited outside of Marriage.  A married person does not have authority over his own body; it belongs to the partner.   Therefore, a married person should not give his body as an object of intimacy to an outsider; nor engage in sexually intimacy outside of Marriage.  Forsaking all others applies to engaged couples also.  Since sex for singles is prohibited, it could even be said to apply to singles also.

Forsaking all other goes beyond sex and sets other behavioral limits.  Married couples belong to each other in other ways than sex.  Married couples are not free to exploit personal love relationships with those outside of marriage.  Personal love relationships must be restricted for relationships outside of marriage for people of either gender.

Whereas, "forsaking all others," applies to Marriage, it really applies long before when God creates one body for another.  It certainly applies by puberty.  Since most people don't have the gift of celibacy, they don't have authority over their own bodies.  It is not theirs to give.  To engage in certain types of intimacy with the wrong partner is being disloyal to the future Marriage partner.  How far is too far?  That's a question for the Holy Spirit to answer, but fornication and adultery are definite violations that will bring swift punishment of intensified discipline (Hebrews 13:4).

Marriage Spiritual Dynamics

The Right Man and Right Woman are inseparably united in the Plan of God whether they know it or not. This verse is a very strong, dogmatic assertion in Paul's oratory.  There are no verbs in the original, which emphasizes the points.  There are three points, the Lord, Right Man, and Right Woman, just like the tree points of a triangle.  Two of the points are clearly bound; for it says that neither Right Man or Right Woman can be separate from each other.  The bond of Right Man and Right Woman, then, forms the base leg of an isosceles triangle.  The other two sides come to a point in relation to the Lord.


Teeter Totter ModelRight Man and Right Woman are illustrated on the base leg of the isosceles triangle.  They are inseparably bound from birth.  Even before they identify each other, God in His grace is molding each life to bring them together.  No matter what happens in this life, as long as Right Man and Right Woman are alive, they are joined on the base leg of the Teeter Totter.  They may love each other or react violently, but they are still inseparably united.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the personnel director for marriage just as for everything else in life.  He decides the measure of justice to allocate to the relationship.  For example, when there are sexual sins that violate the principle of Right Man - Right Woman, He personally handles the discipline. On the other hand, when one of the partners advances in grace, He sanctifies the marriage relationship and both reap the blessing.  Through execution of the Plan of God, it is possible to receive grace promotion and thereby climb the ladder back to the Garden of Eden.  Right Man and Right Woman were created for the marital happiness of the Garden of Eden, which they can achieve in this life if they are conscientious in executing the Plan of God.

The Teeter Totter illustration is useful in understanding the stability of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  When the Teeter Totter is level, the Right Man and Right Woman are in a state of rapport, or harmony, (like the relaxed mental attitude) in relation to each other.  In this state, there is no injustice in the relationship.  In real life a teeter totter may be designed to move up and down three or four feet.  However, when it moves eight to ten feet, the velocity near the top and bottom may be too great for stability and one end may fly up or down rapidly.  Thus, there are safe control limits of approximately three feet in which the teeter totter can be safely operated.  Should the height of the fulcrum above ground allow greater excursions, the velocity may be too great for safe operation.  Under these conditions, the teeter totter is unstable.

Control Limits
If the control limits of the teeter totter are three feet up and three feet down, then safe operation will be possible within these limits.  When one of the individuals pushes the teeter totter beyond three feet, however, the limits of safety and stability are violated, and the velocity may be too great for the other person to control.  The analogy to Right Man - Right Woman is that when one of them creates an injustice, the control limits of the Teeter Totter may be exceeded.  When this happens the other person on the Teeter Totter will receive the consequences.  He or she may be crashed to the ground or banged into the tree branch above.  To take the analogy to the soul, when the limits of soul stability are exceeded, stress begins to infiltrate the soul and the soul will break in its area of weakness.  When the soul breaks in its area of weakness, the individual will use his volition to sin because his capacity for life and love have been exceeded.

Right Man and Right Woman each have the power to cause the other grief by exceeding the control limits of their Teeter Totter.  Wherever one goes, the other receives the fallout.  Each has the power to inflict soul suffering on the other, since they are inseparably bound on the Teeter Totter.  When one of them enters intensified discipline, the other receives it also; although he may be able to ride it out in the Filling of the Spirit and have cursing converted to blessing.  When one suffers, both suffer; and when one is blessed, both are blessed.  Right Man and Right Woman are not separate.  They are one unit.


Male DominanceThe Lord may allow the man to have power over the woman.  This situation is called Male Dominance, and is nothing more than a Test from God.  In Male Dominance, the man suddenly receives undeserved power.  He enters a period of false prosperity.  He may be temporarily freed from his discipline so that he can be powerful.  Under his newly acquired power, the desires of his heart appear within his grasp just as a mirage in the desert.  Under male dominance, he will be socially acceptable especially to women; his male ego will be inflated; and he will have quick wits and increased power and ability.

This, of course, is nothing but a test.  If the Lord doesn't promote us, we are not promoted. In this test, the man thinks that he is rising when his end of the Teeter Totter rises above his Right Woman.  He may think to himself that he is finally a winner.  The poor woman will suffer greatly under these conditions.  Because as his reflected glory, all she is receiving is hot air and pseudo light (darkness in disguise).  She will be miserable while he wonders around on Cloud 9.

When the man rears back in his self-righteous bombastic arrogance and expounds his virtue to all who will listen, the problem is male dominance in the marriage relationship.  The male who is arrogant does not love his Right Woman.  The Teeter Totter rises to the male side, and the woman drops into the mud.  She suffers when the man is out of fellowship with God.  When her man is under the control of the Old Sin Nature, she is cursed.  He drives high in arrogance; and she becomes the victim of stress and suffers from garbage in the subconscious.   His fantasy land becomes her demise. FEMALE DOMINANCE

Female DominanceUnder the justice of God, the woman will eventually rise to power over the male.  Female Dominance is the test that is the opposite of Male Dominance.  In Female Dominance, the woman suddenly encounters power over men.  Since the woman is supposed to be under the authority of her Right Man, this should be a clear sign that something is topsy turvy.  However, due to the nature of the woman as a natural responder, she will readily assume this role without giving it a second thought.  The woman in Female Dominance will find both men and women ready to serve her.  She will have things going her way.  She will receive the illusion of prosperity, power, and opportunity.

However, this too is only a test.  Until the test is passed by use of the Problem Solving Devices, Female Dominance will cause the Right Man much suffering and grief.  The woman in arrogance tends to be hardened whereas the man becomes a wimp.  Women in arrogance often discover that their mentality still works in spite of hardness of the heart; whereas, the male often sinks into worry confusion and weakness.  When the roles are reversed, the woman becomes more powerful and the man becomes weaker.  The woman under these conditions may attempt to assume the man's role, and try to do her job and his also.  When she starts acting like a male, she has crossed the soul control limits.  She is no longer normal; and she is no longer stable.  She has exceeded the capacity of her integrity envelope.

In Female Dominance, the woman may give her attention and eventually transfer her affection to the wrong man.  In order to maintain a relationship with the wrong man, however; she must constantly stiff-arm the Right Man.  The only way to do this is to be bitter toward the Right Man.  Bitterness in the soul will backfire into every relationship in her life.  When the soul is bitter toward anyone, it is bitter toward all.  There is no way to maintain a relationship with the wrong man without constantly rejecting the Right Man, which is a sin.

Both the Attraction Phase and the Compatibility Phase have paramours to test the faithfulness of the Right Man and Right Woman.  When the woman is in Female Dominance, she may find the cosmic evangelists from political Babylon are interested in having a relationship with her.  These are users who are pursuing their own sensuality (Jude 12-16).  Just as the woman in the Garden did the devil's bidding after she sinned, the victims of the Cosmic System try to take others down with them.  They are forever bragging about what they have, when they have nothing.  They are full of lies as their father the devil who was a liar from the beginning.

When outside pressures attempt to destroy, the stability of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship, the believer must examine himself to determine if he is in the faith.  The following tests for Right Man and Right Woman may be used as a reality check:



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AUTHOR  Larry Wood
Revised May 28, 2014