Right Man - Right Woman in Prophecy

Prophetic Significance
RM-RW in the Garden
Abraham and Sarah
Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob and Rachel
Ruth and Boaz
RM-RW in Israel
RM-RW in the Church

Prophetic Significance

The Right Man - Right Woman relationship symbolizes the relationship between the Lord and His chosen people.  The man and woman in the Garden of Eden were not just the beginning of mankind.  It was the recurring seed plot of human history.  The relationship of the man and the woman symbolized the relationship between the Lord and His chosen people.  In every dispensation the Lord had a chosen people who were like His Right Woman.

RM-RW in ProphecyIn the Garden Adam and the woman were the Lord's chosen people.  Outside the Garden the Gentile believers like Seth, Enoch, Noah, and Job were the chosen people.  Then the nation of Israel began with the Right Man - Right Woman relationship of Abraham and Sarah and the child of the promise, Isaac.  Right Man - Right Woman relationships continued with Isaac and Rebekah and with Jacob and Rachel.  Later David was descended from the Right Man - Right Woman relationship of Ruth and Boaz.  Then the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world in the family of Joseph and Mary, who were Right Man - Right Woman.  The Church is called the Bride of Christ, which corresponds to His Right Woman.

In the Millennium the Earth will be ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ as Son of David with His Bride, the Church.  And Client Nation Israel will be the symbolic wife of the Lord while the Gentile nations will serve Israel as the Right Woman.

Although Right Man - Right Woman ends with human history, the Love relationship between the Lord and His chosen people is carried into the Eternal State of the New Heaven and New Earth.  In the New Earth, the Church will live with Christ in the Royal Castle in the New (or Heavenly) Jerusalem, and Israel will live outside the gates of the Holy City.  The Gentiles will also live outside the Holy City.  And the Lord will enjoy love relationship with both Israel and the Gentiles.

RM-RW in the Garden

The Right Man and Right Woman in the Garden were more than just two people when viewed from human history.  They symbolized all of mankind because all mankind came from them.  And the Lord's relationship with them symbolized His Love relationship with His chosen people.  The man and woman symbolized His Right Woman.  Furthermore, Adam as the Right Man was a type of Christ, who was to come.
Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned in the likeness of the offense of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come. (Romans 5:14)
Adam was a man as the Jesus Christ would be.  And Adam had a Right Woman to love as Jesus Christ had a symbolic Right Man - Right Woman relationship with His chosen people.

When the woman in the Garden sinned, not only did that destroy her relationship with her Right Man, but her sin also symbolized rejection of the Lord.  She was also the symbolic Right Woman of the Lord, and she had rejected Him.  There was no way for her to have a love relationship with the Lord in sin and no way for her to have a sanctified relationship with Adam in sin.  Sin, darkness, and death could not have fellowship with Light and Life.

Adam's sin also symbolized rejection of the Lord and His Plan.  Adam's sin further symbolized rejection of the Lord by his chosen people (Job 31:33; Hos 6:7).  This would play out over and over throughout human history.  Not only would rejection occur in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship, but the Lord's chosen people (His symbolic Right Woman) would reject Him.  After all, this is what Satan did when he sinned and lured one-third of the angels with him in rebellion against God.

After Adam and the woman sinned, the Lord visited them in the Garden and offered them a solution to their problem.  In the Adamic Covenant He offered them a Savior, who would pay for their sins and provide Salvation if they would believe in Him.  Adam and the woman accepted the solution.  They believed in the Savior who would come and pay for their sins, and they received Salvation.

The Adamic Covenant demonstrated the Lord's Love for his Right Woman and sanctifying solution for her sin (1 Cor 15:22, 45; Eph 5:25-26).

For as in Adam all die, even so by agency of Christ shall all be made alive. (1 Corinthians 15:22)
The original sin of Adam was passed down to all of his descendants.  Consequently, all of his descendants die spiritually and eventually die physically.  God imputes the sin of Adam to the baby at birth and judges the baby with real spiritual death.  This insures that the only solution available to the child is the Grace solution of Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.  Since Jesus Christ had no Earthly father, he did not receive the sin of Adam at birth.  Instead, the sin of Adam along with all the sins of the world were imputed to Him and Judged when He went to the Cross.
So also it is written, �The first man, Adam, became a living soul.�  The Last Adam became a life-giving spirit. (1 Corinthians 15:45)
The first Adam received human soul life at creation.  The Last Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, became the source of Eternal Life, which is Spiritual.
Ephesians 5:25-26
25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the Church and gave Himself as a substitute for her; 26 that having purified her, He might sanctify her by the washing of water by the communicated Word (gospel).
Jesus Christ went to the Cross and paid for the sins of all mankind.  He purified Adam and all his descendants from sin (Heb 1:3; 2 Pet 1:9).  The door is open for all who will believe the communicated Word, the Gospel.  Those who believe n Jesus Christ will be saved.  At the moment of Salvation they will receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, called the washing of water.  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit sets the believers apart and enters them into union with Christ, which is called Positional Sanctification (Jn 3:5; 1 Cor 6:11; 1 Pet 1:2).

The Garden scenario was later played out over and over in human history.  Israel was chosen to be the Lord's Right Woman, but Israel sinned and rejected Him.  Israel in sin followed the devil and rejected its Right Man, the Lord.  When Jesus Christ came into the world, Israel rejected Him and demanded His crucifixion.  God called the Church out as new Royal Family of God and Bride of Christ.  In the Millennium, there will be a return to perfect environment like the Garden.  With Satan incarcerated for a thousand years, mankind will have another chance for Right Man and Right Woman to survive.  However, the people who populate the Earth will still have Old Sin Natures, which will stifle the Spiritual life and love in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham was called from Ur of the Chaldeans to be the father of a great nation (Gen 15:7).  God's promise to Abraham is called the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:1-3).  Abraham left Ur and went to Canaan, the new land the Lord had promised.  His name was originally Abram and his wife and Right Woman, was Sara.

Separation from the World

Leaving Ur and traveling to Canaan was separation from the world.  It was one of the steps in the advance in the Spiritual life to Spiritual Maturity.  Abram left Ur (Gen 11:31) and settled in Haran with his brother, who was apostate.  Then the Lord told him to leave Haran and go to Canaan (Gen 12:1-6).  After Abram settled in Shechem, the Lord confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant to him (Gen 12:7).  Abraham took his nephew Lot with him, but later Abram had to separate from him also (Gen 13).

Spiritual Warfare

There was a famine in the land, and Abram went down to Egypt.  Since Sara was very beautiful, Abram told her to say she was his sister because he feared that he might be killed and his wife taken.  Pharaoh heard about Sara's beauty and took her into his harem and married her.  Pharaoh symbolized the Evil King in spiritual warfare.  Abram was in the Spiritual Warfare stage of the Spiritual life.  The Lord struck Pharaoh and his castle with great plagues because of Sara.  When Pharaoh found out who Sara was, he sent her back to Abram and had them escorted out of Egypt.

Although it wasn't obvious at the time, the trip to Egypt was prophetic.  It symbolized the slavery of the Jews for 430 years in Egypt, followed by the Passover and the birth of the nation of Israel.

Now, Lot was living in the green valley of Sodom and Gomorrah when Chedorlaomer overthrew the cities and took him hostage (Gen 14).  Abram mustered his 300 cowboys and attacked the army of Chedorlaomer in a daring night attack as they were leaving in a column with the spoils.  Abraham defeated the Evil King, Chedorlaomer, and rescued Lot.  This was another example of Spiritual Warfare.

After the battle with Chedorlaomer, the Lord promoted Abram to "Shield," which was a Spiritual reward meaning that the Lord would be a shield of protection around him.  The Lord confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant and promised Abram a son (Gen 15).


When Abram and Sara still did not have a child, Sara decided to give her maid, Hagar, to Abram in order to have a son by her, as was the custom.  Abram agreed and married Hagar, who soon became pregnant and gave birth to Ishmael (Gen 16).  Ishmael was born when Abram was 86, which symbolizes the son of the bondwoman persecuting the son of the free.  Hagar symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon, and Ishmael was a wild  child.  A wild child is one born from wrong man - wrong woman.  Hagar and Ishmael were a big  headache.  After the birth of Isaac, Ishmael began to mock him because Isaac means laughter.  Sarah demanded that Abraham drive Hagar away, and Abraham sent her and her son away.

As they grew older and were still childless, Abraham became sexually dead and Sarah passed the menopause (Rom 4:19).  Then when Abraham was 99, the Lord confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant  to him and commanded Abraham to be circumcised (Gen 17).  At that time, Abram's name was changed to Abraham, father of a nation, and Sara's name was changed to Sarah, princess.

Circumcision would  be required of all Jewish males and their servants.  Circumcision symbolized the dedication of the phallus to one Right Woman.  It also symbolized the circumcision of the heart, the removal of Scar Tissue of the soul, in the Spiritual life (Deut 10:16; 30:6; Jer 4:4; Rom 2:29).  The only way to execute the Right Man - Right Woman relationship is Spiritually.  And only Right Man and Right Woman can have the child of the promise.  The Lord had previously rejected both Abraham's servant, Eliezer, and Ishmael as potential heirs of the promise.

Romans 4:17-21
17 (as it is written, "A father of many nations have I made you" ) in the sight of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist. 18 In hope against hope he (Abraham) believed, in order that he might become a father of many nations, according to that which had been spoken, "So shall your descendants be."  19 And not being weak in faith, he realized his own body, now sexually dead, since he was about one hundred years old and the deadness of Sarah's womb; 20 Yet, in respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief; but became strong in faith, giving glory to God, 21 and being fully persuaded that what He had promised, He was able also to perform.
After Abraham suffered through circumcision, the Lord again appeared to him and promised him a son within a year.  Since Sarah began to laugh when she overheard the promise, the Lord told them to name the son, Isaac, meaning laughter.  Then the Lord and his angels proceeded to rescue Lot and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

However, before Sarah got pregnant, she wound up in another harem.  Abraham again claimed that Sarah was his sister, and Abimelech, king of Gerar, took her into his harem (Gen 20:2).  However, after the Lord threatened Abimelech with death, he returned Sarah.

Spiritual Maturity

Abraham needed a son to be the father of a great nation, but God did not give him a son until he and his wife reached Spiritual Maturity.  The Right Man - Right Woman relationship was necessary for a child of the promise, but Spiritual Maturity was required before the promise could be fulfilled.  Thus, the Right Man - Right Woman relationship can only be executed Spiritually, and Spiritual Maturity is required to have a child of the promise.

A child receives blessing based on the maturity level of the parents.  If the parents are not Right Man - Right Woman, the child will be a wild child like Ishmael.  If the parents have reached Spiritual Maturity, the child will go through life with the blessing of Spiritual Maturity, like Solomon.  But if the parents have not reached Spiritual Maturity, the child will bear the curse of one of the stages of the Four Generation Curse, which is defined in the Mosaic Law.1,2

The Lord had to perform a miracle for Abraham and Sarah to have a child.  Abraham had his Intimacy Room completed, which was like the sexual fountain of youth.  Not only could he have sex with Sarah, but he continued procreating children long after Sarah died 37 years later.  Sarah also revived and became pregnant.  She gave birth to a son when she was 90, for the new order of the Jewish race, and Abraham was 100, for maximum Divine Good production (Gen 21:1-8).  Thus, the Lord's promise to Abraham was fulfilled when Abraham received the blessing of Spiritual Maturity at age 100.

So, God fulfilled His promise to Abraham, when he and Sarah executed the Right Man - Right Woman relationship and the Spiritual life and reached Spiritual Maturity.  All the while, Abraham and Sarah believed the promises of God.  When Abraham reached Spiritual Maturity, he became the first Jew, and God gave him a son to begin the Jewish nation.

Spiritual Rapport

Satan began to persecute Abraham's son, Isaac, through Ishmael (Gen 21:9-21).  When Sarah saw Ishmael mocking Isaac, she demanded that Abraham drive out Hagar and her son.  She was determined not to have an evil influence around her son.  The Lord told Abraham to listen to Sarah; so Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away.  This was all part of Satan's counterattack in the testing of Abraham for Spiritual Rapport.

Then, as the final test for Spiritual Rapport, God commanded Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice (Gen 22:1-14).  In obedience to God's command, Abraham took his son and prepared to sacrifice him.  But the Angel of the Lord stopped Abraham at the last minute and provided a ram instead.  Because Abraham was obedient, the Lord promoted him to Spiritual Rapport and again confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant to him (Gen 22:15-18).

Summary of Spiritual Life of Abraham and Sarah
1.  Abram and Sara were RM-RW and married.
2.  Abraham's Call
     a.  Abraham called out of Ur (Gen 15:7).
     b.  Abrahamic Covenant given (Gen 12:1-3).
3.  Separation from world
     a.  Left Ur (Gen 11:31)
     b.  Left Haran and settled in Canaan (Gen 12:1-6).
     c.  Confirmation of Abrahamic Covenant in Shechem (Gen 12:7)
     d.  Separation from Lot (Gen 13)
4.  Spiritual warfare
     a.  Egypt (Evil King) (Gen 12:10-20)
     b.  Defeat of Chedorlaomer (Evil King) (Gen 14)
     c.  Confirmation of Abrahamic Covenant, Promotion to "Shield" (Gen 15)
5.  Suffering
     a.  Marriage to Hagar (Prostitute of Babylon); birth of Ishmael at age 86 (Gen 16).
     b.  Sexual death (Rom 4:19)
     c.  Confirmation of Abrahamic Covenant (age 99), Circumcision (Gen 17)
     d.  Promise of a Son (Gen 18:1-15)
     e.  Abimelech Evil King of Gerar takes Sarah (Gen 20:2)
6.  Spiritual Maturity
     a.  Intimacy Room, sexual fountain of youth
     b.  Birth of Isaac (Abraham 100, Sarah 90) (Gen 21:1-8)
7.  Spiritual Rapport
     a.  Satan's persecution of Isaac through Ishmael (Gen 21:9-21)
     b.  Offering of Isaac (Gen 22:1-14)
     c.  Confirmation of Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 22:15-18)

Isaac and Rebekah

Isaac was the child of the promise born from Right Man - Right Woman in Spiritual Maturity.  Thus, Isaac had the blessings of Spiritual Maturity throughout his life as a gift of Grace.  The blessings of maturity are passed on to the children.  Isaac was truly born with a golden spoon in his mouth.  He received both Spiritual and temporal blessing.  He was the sole heir of a very rich man.  He lived a sheltered life and enjoyed socializing with his mother.

Identification of Right Woman

After Sarah died at age 127, Abraham decided to find a wife for  Isaac.  So, he called in his trusted servant, probably Eliezer of Damascus, and sent him to Haran to find a wife for Isaac from Abraham's relatives in Haran.  The servant went, as previously explained, and found Isaac's Right Woman, Rebekah (Gen 24).  The Lord brought the Right Woman to Isaac per the Divine Order of Precedent.

Blessing of Maturity

God blessed Isaac as the son born to parents in Spiritual Maturity.  His parents actually reached Spiritual Rapport.  God continued to bless Isaac even after Abraham and Sarah died (Gen 25:11).

Genesis 26:12-14
12 Now Isaac sowed in that land, and reaped in the same year a hundredfold. And the Lord blessed him, 13 and the man became rich, and continued to grow richer until he became very wealthy; 14 for he had possessions of flocks and herds and a great household, so that the Philistines envied him.
A hundredfold symbolizes maximum Divine Good production.

Jacob and Esau

Isaac married Rebekah when he was 40.  However, she was barren until he was 60.  Then Isaac interceded for his wife before the Lord and she conceived and gave birth to twins, Jacob and Esau (Gen 25:20-26).  Jacob was a believer and took after his mother, while Esau was an unbeliever and the favorite of his father.  The Jewish race came through Jacob, whose name was later changed to Israel, while the semitic Edomites were descended from Esau.  Only a believer can be a child of the promise.

Confirmation of the Covenant

When there was a famine in the land, Isaac moved to Gerar, which was ruled by Abimelech, King of the Philistines.  The Lord told Isaac not to go down to Egypt and confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant  to hm (Gen 26:3-5).  Thus, the blessing of Abraham was passed on through Isaac.  Later, the Abrahamic Covenant was confirmed to Isaac a second  time after he had been delivered from worldly counterattacks (Gen 26:24).  This was a sign that Isaac reached Spiritual Rapport.

Worldly Counterattacks

While Isaac was living in Gerar, Abimelech, the Evil King, observed he and Rebekah having sex.  Isaac had said that Rebekah was his sister because he feared for his life (Gen 26:7-8).  Even though Isaac had the blessing of maturity, he still feared for his life from the Evil King and was still hated by the world.  He lived among the Philistines, who stopped up the wells that Abraham had dug (Gen 26:15), And Abimelech hated him and made him leave town because Isaac had become too powerful (Gen 26:16, 27).  Every time Isaac dug a well, the local herdsmen would quarrel over it, and Isaac would turn the other cheek and move on.  He kept moving (separating from the world) until he dug a well and named it Rehoboth, saying, "At last the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land" (Gen 26:22b).

Spiritual Rapport

Then Isaac moved to Beersheba, where he settled and dug a well.  There, the Lord appeared to him a second time and confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 26:24).  This was a sign that Isaac reached Spiritual Rapport.

Jacob and Rachel

Jacob bought his brother's Birthright for a mess of pottage.  And Rebekah conned Isaac into blessing Jacob when he thought it was Esau.  Jacob, thus received the right of the firstborn and the family inheritance even though technically he was the younger.  This, however, was right because only a believer is a true Jew.  As Isaac blessed Jacob, he commanded him to go to Haran and take a wife from the daughters of Laban.  He must not marry a Canaanite (Gen 28:1-2).

Identification of Right Woman

On the trip to Haran, Jacob spent the night at Bethel, where the Lord appeared to him in a dream and confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 28:13-15).  When Jacob arrived at the well outside Haran, he inquired about Laban, and behold, Rachel, his daughter, was coming with the sheep (Gen 29:6-12).  Thus, the Lord brought Jacob's Right Woman to him per the Divine Order of Precedent.

Twelve Tribes of Israel

Jacob worked for Laban and asked for Rachel in marriage.  He agreed to work seven years for Rachel.  However, on the wedding night Laban switched Leah for Rachel.  Laban agreed to give Rachel to Jacob after the week of the wedding feast if Jacob would work seven more years for her.  So, Jacob had two wives, which was the beginning of family strife.  Rachel was beautiful and barren, while Leah was plain and a prolific bearer of children.  She had six.

Jacob loved Rachel, but she was jealous of  her sister over children, since having children was a status symbol.  When Leah's firstborn, Reuben, found mandrakes, Rachel bartered them from Leah by allowing Leah to sleep with Jacob (Gen 30:14-18).  Leah became pregnant and bore her fifth son, Issachar.  Both Leah and Rachel also gave their maids to Jacob and had children by them.  After Jacob had 10 sons and a daughter, Dinah, the Lord opened Rachel's womb, and she bore a son, Joseph.  Joseph turned out to be the child of the promise, unlike his other brothers and sisters, who were wild children.  Later, Rachel would bear another son, Benjamin, to complete the heads of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Spiritual Growth and Prosperity

Jacob worked for Laban, who was a reversionist and practiced idolatry.  Jacob grew Spiritually by using Faith Rest to counter Laban's unjust treatment (Gen 31:11-12).  The Angel of God appeared to him in a dream and taught him that spotted male goats produce spotted kids.  Jacob was, therefore, able to use selective breeding to increase his own flocks and herds.

After Joseph was born, he wanted to return home but agreed to one final business deal with Laban.  Jacob would take as his wages all the speckled and spotted sheep, the black lambs, and the spotted and speckled goats.  Jacob then managed the breeding of his flocks so that his increased and Laban's decreased.  And God added to Jacob's flocks and not Laban's. Thus, Jacob amassed great wealth in flocks and herds through God's Grace and his shrewd business dealings while working for Laban (Gen 30:25-43).

Separation from the World

When Laban finally discovered what had happened to his flocks, he was very upset at Jacob.  Their relationship had soured.  Laban was bitter and carnal.  He was an apostate.  So, the Lord told Jacob to return home to Canaan.

When Laban left to shear his flock, Jacob gathered his flocks, herds, wives, and children and secretly departed for Canaan.  Rachel stole the household idols and carried them with her.  Laban pursued Jacob and caught up with him in the hill country of Gilead (Gen 31:22-54).  They had a bitter argument and Laban accused Jacob of stealing his gods.  Since Jacob did not know that Rachel had stolen the idols, he pronounced a curse on the one who stole them.  That one would be put to death.

�The one with whom you find your gods shall not live; in the presence of our kinsmen, point out what is yours among my belongings and take it for yourself.� For Jacob did not know that Rachel had stolen them. (Genesis 31:32)
Laban searched all the tents for the idols but didn't find them.  Rachel had hidden them in saddle of her camel and said she couldn't get up because she was having her period (Gen 31:35).  So Jacob and Laban made a covenant at Mizpah, and Laban let Jacob go in peace.  Jacob separated from Laban (Gen 31:13, 17-18) after 20 years (Gen 31:38, 41).  This symbolized separation from the world and circumcision of the heart.


As Jacob continued his journey, the angels of God met him.  Jacob saw them and named the place Mahanaim, meaning two camps.

Then Jacob sent messengers to Esau in Edom.  When they returned with news that Esau was coming to meet him with 400 men, Jacob was very afraid.

Then Jacob became greatly afraid and distressed; so he divided the people who were with him, and the flocks, herds, and camels into two companies. (Genesis 32:7)
 Jacob's thinking was that if Esau attacks one company the other can escape. Then Jacob prayed.
Genesis 32:9-10
9 Then Jacob prayed, "O God of my father Abraham, O God of my father Isaac, O LORD, who said to me, 'Return to your land and your relatives, and I will produce Divine Good with you.' 10 I am too insignificant for all the Gracious Love and for all the Faithfulness, which You have performed toward Your servant; for with only my staff I crossed over this Jordan, yet now I have become two companies."
Jacob prayed to the God of Abraham and Isaac and became Grace Oriented as he recalled the Lord's Gracious Love toward him.
"Deliver me, I pray, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau; for I fear him, lest he come and slay me, mother with children." (Genesis 32:11)
He prayed for deliverance from Esau.  He was afraid of being slain as a "mother with children."  This is a proverb for cruelty - killing a bird which covers its chicks to protect them (Deut. 22:6; Hos. 10:14).
But You said, "I will surely perform Divine Good for you, and I will make your descendants as the sand of the sea, which cannot be counted for multitude." (Genesis 32:12)
Jacob used Faith-Rest of the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 22:17).  The Lord must keep Jacob alive in order to fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant.

Then Jacob selected presents for Esau to appease him.  He selected goats, sheep, cows, camels, and donkeys as gifts for Esau and sent them on ahead.  Then he sent his flocks and herds.  He would  be last in hopes of having appeased Esau.  He sent his wives and children along with his belongings across the ford at the Jabbok River.

Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the dawn. (Genesis 32:24)
Jacob was left alone on the North side of the Jabbok.  This was divine division in which God separates in order to bless.  A man wrestled with Jacob.  The Jabbok River was named for the word, "wrestled," which is the Hebrew 'abaq, meaning to wrestle, from original meaning to wind.
When He saw that He did not prevail against him, He touched his hip socket, and Jacob's hip socket was put out of joint as He wrestled with him. (Genesis 32:25)
The man was an angel, who put Jacob's hip socket out of joint.

Spiritual Maturity

Then He said, "Let me go, for the dawn is breaking."  But he said, "I will not let you go unless you bless me." (Genesis 32:26)
Jacob would not turn the angel loose until the angel blessed him.
And He said, "Your name shall no longer be called Jacob but Israel; for you have fought with God and with men and have prevailed." (Genesis 32:27)
The angel turned out to be the Angel of God (i. e. the Lord Jesus Christ).  Jacob's name was changed to Israel.  Jacob means supplanter or usurper (Ge 25:27; 27:36), and Israel is from the root sarah (to fight) + 'El (God) = God's fighter or God fights.  This corresponds to "the battle is the LORD's" (1 Sa 17:47).  The changing of the name represents a new title based upon the promotion to Spiritual Maturity (as with Abraham and Sarah, Gen. 17:5, 15).  Fighting symbolizes the fight of faith of the believer in the Spiritual Warfare (Eph 6:12).  Jacob had fought with God and men and prevailed.  He fought with his brother in the womb and took him by the heel, and he wrestled with the Angel of God (Hos. 12:3-4).
Genesis 32:29-30
29 Then Jacob asked and said, "Tell me your name, I pray; but He said, 'Why is it you ask my name?"  Thus, He blessed him there. 30 Therefore, Jacob called the name of the place, Peniel; "for I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved."
Peniel means the face of God.
The Sun rose upon him as he crossed over Penuel, and he was limping because of his hip. (Genesis 32:31)
The suffering of the night had been replace by the Happiness of the day (Psa 30:5).  Day corresponds to Spiritual Maturity and night to the darkness of the Cosmic System.

Jacob went on to meet Esau and noted that Esau's face was "like seeing the face of God" (Genesis 33:10).  Jacob saw the work of God in Esau's friendliness.  God gave Jacob rest from his enemies. Jacob went on to Succoth (meaning booths), which was East of the Jordan River.  There he built a house and made booths for his livestock (Genesis 33:17).  Later, Jacob settled at Shechem, which was West of the Jordan.

Advance to Spiritual Rapport

Jacob lived in the land for about 10 years.  Then one day, Leah's daughter, Dinah, went to visit the daughters of the land, and she was raped by Shechem, a Hivite whose father was prince of the region.3  Jacob's sons conspired against the Hivites and took revenge.  They convinced the men to be circumcised.  Then while they were still sore, Levi and Simeon  slaughtered the men, captured their wives and children, and plundered their possessions (Gen 34).  They even houghed the cattle (Gen 49:6), which means severing the Achilles tendons so the animals could never walk again.  The attack on the heel symbolized a Satanic attack (Gen 3:14-15).

Since the attack on the Hivites by Jacob's sons would make him odious among the other inhabitants of the land, Jacob was in danger of being destroyed.  He had to move.  God sent him to Bethel as previously explained (ref. Jacob and Rachel).  At Bethel, God appeared to Jacob, and "He blessed him," which was promotion to Spiritual Rapport (Gen 35:9).

After leaving Bethel on the way to Ephrath (Bethlehem), Rachel went into severe labor and gave birth to Benjamin.  She died in the wilderness (Gen 35:16-20).  After Jacob was promoted to Spiritual Rapport, Rachel died the sin unto death because she had rejected the Spiritual life.  She was a reversionist who worshipped idols and was not qualified to go into Spiritual Rapport with Jacob.  Jacob's sanctification resulted in Rachel's death.

Summary of Spiritual Life of Jacob and Rachel

1.  Jacob sent by Isaac to take a wife from Laban's daughters (Gen 28:2)
2.  Abrahamic Covenant Confirmed at Bethel on trip to Haran (Gen 28:13-15)
3.  Identification or RW:  Rachel brought to meet Jacob (Gen 29:6-12)
4.  Rachel's worldliness
     a.  She was barren and jealous (Gen 30:1)
     b.  She used mandrakes (love potion of demonic ritual) (Gen 30:15).
     c.  She gave birth to Joseph, who received the double blessing (Gen 30:24).
     d.  She worshipped idols (Gen 31:19, 34; 35:2, 4).
5.  Jacob's Spiritual Growth
     a.  He lived with Laban, a worldly reversionist who practiced idolatry.
     b.  He became prosperous because God blessed him under Laban.
     c.  He grew Spiritually by using F/R to counter Laban's unjust treatment (Gen 31:11-12).
6.  Separation from the World
     a.  Jacob separated from Laban (Gen 31:13, 17-18) after 20 years (Gen 31:38, 41).
     b.  Jacob left Haran.
7.  Suffering
     a.  Jacob wrestled with the Angel of God at Penuel (Gen 32:24-26).
     b.  Jacob was left cripple for life.
8.  Spiritual Maturity
     a.  Jacob's name was changed to Israel (Gen 32:27-28).
     b.  He entered Spiritual Maturity (Gen 32:28-30).
     c.  He entered the Land.
     d.  God protected him form Esau (Gen 33:1-16).  He had rest from his enemies.
9.  Satanic Counterattack (Testing for Spiritual Rapport)
     a.  Dinah was raped and Jacob's sons took revenge (Gen 34:26-29).
     b.  Levi and Simeon killed the Hivites, looted, and houghed the cattle
     c.  Jacob forced to flee in fear of his life (Gen 34:30; 35:1).
     d.  Household idols left behind in Shechem (Gen 35:2-4).
10. Spiritual Rapport
     a.  Abrahamic Covenant confirmed at Bethel (Gen 35:6-7).
     b.  Jacob received Spiritual Rapport (Gen 35:9-12).
     c.  Rachel died in the wilderness (Gen 35:17-20).
     d.  Jacob was the father of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Ruth and Boaz

Ruth was a Moabitess, who married Mahlon (Ruth 4:10).  Mahlon was the son of a Jew from Bethlehem and his wife Naomi.  There was no prohibition against marrying Moabites (Deut. 7:3) as against the Canaanites.  However, Moabites were prohibited from the Congregation of worship (Deut. 23:4).  Mahlon's father died, and his two sons married Moabite women and died within 10 years (Ruth 1:3-5).  At the time Ruth was probably 16-25 years old.  She was the Right Woman of Boaz, although she did not know it then.  Mahlon means sickly.  Ruth means friendship or companion.  It is translated "my love" in Song of Solomon 1:9, 15; 2:2, 10, 13; 4:1, 7; 5:2; 6:4.  Boaz means with strength.

Separation from World

Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem, and Ruth decided to leave her family and country behind and go to Bethlehem.  Ruth had become a believer and accepted Judaism.  So, Naomi and Ruth returned to Bethlehem in Judah.  Ruth had strong convictions.  She said this to Naomi:

Ruth 1:16-17
16 But Ruth said, "Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. 17 "Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. Thus may the Lord do to me, and worse, if anything but death parts you and me."
In leaving Moab and going to Judah, Ruth was separating from the world.

Identification of Right Woman

At the time of the barley harvest, Ruth went to glean in a field, which happened to belong to Boaz.  Boaz noticed her (Ruth 2:5).  The Lord had brought the Right Woman to the Right Man.  In order to do so, three men of the family of Naomi had to die.  Mahlon was not Ruth's Right Man.  Boaz was an established entrepreneur, who was probably around 45, a generation older than Ruth.

Compatibility Testing

Boaz invited Ruth to lunch, and they had a heart-to-heart conversation based upon application of Bible Doctrine.

Then she (Ruth) said, �I have found favor in your sight, my lord, for you have comforted me and indeed have communicated to the heart of your maidservant, though I am not like one of your maidservants.� (Ruth 2:13)
Ruth respected the authority of Boaz and called him, "my lord."  She appreciated his doctrinal communication to her heart.

Boaz gave Ruth a job in his fields until the end of the harvest, and he set up personnel policy to protect her.  Ruth continued to glean in the fields of Boaz until the end of the barley and wheat harvest (Ruth 2:23).  Ruth worked to support herself and Naomi.  In doing her job, she established her integrity.

Harmonious Rapport

At the end of the harvest, Naomi sent Ruth to meet Boaz on the threshing room floor.  When Boaz had finished eating and drinking and he was high from wine, he went to sleep on the threshing room floor.  Ruth slept with him (Ruth 3:7-15).

When Boaz had eaten and drunk and his heart was high, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of grain.  Then she came secretly (with intrigue), and she uncovered the place of his feet. (Ruth 3:7)
Uncovering the feet is a euphemism for getting naked to have sex.
"At midnight, the man was startled and twisted and bent forward.  Behold, a woman was lying with him (in the place of his feet). (Ruth 3:8)
Boaz awoke at midnight to find Ruth sleeping with him.
He said, "Who are you?" And she answered, "I am Ruth your maid.  Spread your wing (of your robe) over your maid because you are a redeemer." (Ruth 3:9)
Ruth said she was sleeping with Boaz because he was a widow's redeemer.  When a husband died, it was the duty of the next of kin to acquire his widow and raise up an offspring.  She was sleeping with him because he was a widow's redeemer.  She was attractive and could have gone for the young or rich men, but instead, she chose her Right Man.  Boaz understood this.
"Now, my daughter, do not fear. For all that you ask I will do to you, for all my people in the city know that you are a Right Woman of virtue." (Ruth 3:11)
Boaz was willing to marry Ruth legitimately.  Everyone in the city knew that Ruth was a woman of virtue and values.

Boaz told Ruth that there was a closer redeemer than he, but in the morning he would handle the matter.  He sent Ruth away before daylight.  That day he took the closer relative to court and through some astute legal maneuvers, he bought the property of Naomi and acquired Ruth for his wife (Ruth 4:9-10).

Marriage and Historical Impact

Boaz married Ruth (Ruth 4:13).  Ruth gave birth to a son, Obed, who became the father of Jesse, the father of David (Ruth 4:17-22).  David became the greatest King in the history of Israel  The line of Christ came from David.


Ruth and Boaz were Right Man and Right Woman.  Ruth married the wrong man, who died along with his father and brother.  Marrying someone else's Right Woman can lead to an early death.

The Lord brought the Right Woman to Boaz from Moab.  Boaz was a generation older than Ruth.  Age was not a problem.  When Boaz met Ruth, he was well established and ready for Marriage.

Ruth recognized Boaz as her Right Man and redeemer.  As a widow, she needed a widow's redeemer.

The son of Ruth and Boaz had historical impact.  He was Obed, the grandfather of  David.

RM-RW in Israel

The Hebrew race began with the Right Man - Right Woman relationship of Abraham and Sarah in Spiritual Maturity.  The child of the promise, Isaac, also married his Right Woman, Rebekah, who bore Jacob, the father of the 12 Tribes of Israel.


The 12 Tribes of Israel went down to Egypt, where they spent 430 years per the prophecy of the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen. 15:13; Ex 12:40).  Israel was brought forth from the womb of Egypt by the Lord (Ex 6:6; 12:51; Isa 46:3).  After great plagues, the nation of Israel was born in a day and brought out of Egypt on the Passover.


Israel grew up like a young child in the wilderness wanderings (Deut 1:31; 32:10�12; Is 46:3, 4; 63:9; Hos 11:3).

and in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, just as a man carries his son, in all the way which you have walked, until you came to this place.� (Deuteronomy 1:31)
The Lord carried Israel like a son in the wilderness.
"Listen to Me, O house of Jacob,
And all the remnant of the house of Israel,
You who have been hauled around by Me out from the womb,
And have been lifted up out from the uterus; (Isaiah 46:3)
Israel came forth from the womb of Egypt, and the Lord cared for it and nourished it as a mother her child.

Right Woman

The Lord chose Israel to be His symbolic Right Woman (Ex 19:5-6; Deut 7:6; 10:15; 14:2; Isa 62:4-5; Ezek 16:8).

Exodus 19:5-6
5 �Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, you shall be to Me a valued possession (special treasure) out from all the nations, for all the Earth is Mine; 6 and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.� These are the words that you shall speak to the sons of Israel.�
The LORD offered Israel the opportunity to enter into a Gracious union with Him.  Belonging to the LORD would mean special blessing above all other nations (Deut. 7:6; 14:2; 26:18).  Israel would be a Client Nation to God.  It would be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.  Under the Mosaic Law (Old Covenant), Israel would symbolize the Lord's Right Woman.  Israel was like a virgin that became the youthful bride of Jehovah with the giving of the Law at Sinai (Jer. 2:2; Ezek. 16:60).
�Go and proclaim in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, �Thus says the Lord,
�I remember concerning you the devotion of your youth,
The love of your betrothals,
Your following after Me in the wilderness,
Through a land not sown. (Jeremiah 2:2)
However, the Exodus generation rejected the offer and died in the wilderness.  Later, the Northern and Southern Kingdoms also rejected the offer and suffered holocausts.  Israel rejected the Law and the Lord (Jer 11:7-8; 31:32; Ezek 16:15, 32).
not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant (Mosaic Law) which they broke, although I was a husband to them,� declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 31:32)

The Lord will be the Right Man and husband of Client Nation Israel in the Millennium (Isa 54:5; 62:4-5; Jer 3:14; Hos 2:19).

"For your Husband is your Creator.
The LORD of the Army is His title,
And your Redeemer the Holy One of Israel.
He is called the God of the whole Earth." (Isaiah 54:5)
Although the Church in Resurrection bodies will rule and reign with Christ, Israel will be His Client Nation in the face of all the Gentile nations on the Earth.
"For the LORD calls you as a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit,
Even as the wife of youth when she is rejected," says your God. (Isaiah 54:6)
Israel will be like a wife to the Lord.  Similar language has been applied to the Church as the Lord's wife (2 Cor 11:2; Rev 21:9).  Israel was "forsaken" only after it had already rejected the Lord.  The Lord symbolically divorced Israel by delivering it over for destruction (Isa 49:14; 50:1-2).  Therefore, Israel was full of grief.  But Israel will be restored to the Lord in the Millennium.
Men will no longer call you 'Forsaken One' (`Azubah),
And your land they will no longer call, 'Desolation' (Shemamah);
But men will name you, 'My Delight in Her' (Chephetsi-bah),
And your land, 'Married One' (Be`ulah),
Because the LORD delights in you,
And your land is married. (Isaiah 62:4)
The relationship between the Lord and Israel will be a delightful one in the Millennium.  Israel will no longer be called "Forsaken" as it was after its destruction.  The land of Israel will be called "Married One."  It will be like a woman who is married.
For as the young man marries a virgin,
Your children will marry you;
And as the groom rejoices over the bride,
Your God will rejoice over you. (Isaiah 62:5)
The children of the land of Israel will symbolically marry the land.  The connection of the children to the fatherland will be restored.  Previously, she was at the mercy of lords or possessors of the land.  In the Millennium they will again call the land their own by right of marriage.

In the Millennium, the New Covenant to Israel will replace the Old Covenant (Mosaic Law) (Jer 31:31-34; 32:40; Heb 8:8-12; 10:16).  Israel will have a Spiritual relationship with the Lord.  It will be a time of great Happiness like a Right Man - Right Woman relationship in Harmonious Rapport.

RM-RW in the Church

It has ever been the desire of Almighty God to dwell among his people.  God is Love.  He loves His Creation.  He loves the angels.  And He loves the world.  To love people and be with them, it became necessary for God to be incarnate in the form of a man.  Although he dwelled in the camp of Israel in the Tabernacle as the Angel of Jehovah, to show His great love for mankind, He needed to become a human being.  In order to be the Mediator between God and man, He would need to be a man.  To bear sins and die, He would have to become a man because God cannot die.

The greatest act of God's love was the gift of His Son to die for the sins of the world (Jn 3:16; 15:13; Eph 2:4-5).

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)
The payment for the sins of the world by the Lord Jesus Christ sanctified believers for a love relationship with a pure and Holy God.  It also opened the way for the Church to have the ultimate love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The love begins in human bodies and will be glorified in Resurrection bodies.

The first Right Man � Right Woman relationship in the Garden demonstrated the love that is possible between two humans.  Sin destroyed that love, but the purification for sins at the Cross made it possible to recover.  Since the Garden, man has constantly sought to attain the highest love relationship with Right Man � Right Woman and with God.  Israel began with the Right Man � Right Woman marriages of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The Lord Jesus Christ was descended from David, the grandson of Obed, the son of Ruth and Boaz.

Yet, Israel was weak through the flesh.  The Old Sin Nature wrought havoc with the Spiritual life and true love.  Israel never had a love relationship with the Lord in human body.  They only knew Him as the Angel of Jehovah.  When they finally got the chance during the incarnation, they rejected Him and demanded His crucifixion.  The Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to love mankind, and He was rejected.

The Lord Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union was created for a Spiritual Right Man � Right Woman relationship, but He had no Right Woman.  He died and was buried without His Right Woman.  After His Resurrection, God the Father called out the Church to be His Right Woman.  The Church would fulfill the ultimate Right Man � Right Woman relationship of Spiritual Rapport that had been sought through all of human history.  The Lord Jesus Christ in Resurrection body would be the Right Man and the Church would be the Right Woman (2 Cor 11:2; Eph 1:4; Rev 19:7).

For I am devoted to you with a devotion from God; for I have betrothed you to one Right Man, that I might present you as a pure virgin (Right Woman) to Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:2)
In order to fulfill the ultimate RM-RW relationship, the Church would be given the Holy Spirit.  The gift of the Holy Spirit is a demonstration of God's Gracious Love.  With the Holy Spirit the Church Age Believer can enter into the ultimate Spiritual Love relationship with God and be the Right Woman of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The power of the Spirit also has the potential for human RM-RW relationships entering Harmonious Rapport.  So, the Church Age Believer has the potential for Spiritual Rapport with God and Harmonious Rapport with Right Man or Right Woman.

The highest love relationship for a human with God is the love relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church.  The love relationship between Christ and the Church follows the Right Man � Right Woman pattern of all of human history, but it reaches new heights of Spiritual Rapport.  The love relationship with Christ that begins in this life will reach new heights in the ages to come.  In the Millennium the Church will be in Resurrection bodies and enjoy the Marriage Feast for a thousand years.  In the Eternal State the Church will live with the Lord in the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Sanctification of the RW

God is pure and holy and can have nothing to do with sin.  In order to have a relationship with God, sin must be removed.  The Lord Jesus Christ went to the Cross and was judged for the sins of the world.  Having been purified from sins, the Church is sanctified and able to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 5:25-26
25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the Church and gave Himself as a substitute for her; 26 that having purified her, He might sanctify her by the washing of water by the communicated Word (gospel).
The sins of the world were paid for on the Cross.  Purification for sins occurred at the Cross.  However, people have a choice of whether they will accept it.  Accepting it requires believing in Jesus Christ through the communicated Word, the Gospel.  At the moment of faith in Jesus Christ, the believer is Baptized with the Holy Spirit, which is called the "washing of water."  In the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit sanctifies the new believer.  This is Positional Sanctification, which is the Holy Spirit entering the believer into union with Christ.  The status of the believer after Salvation is in union with Christ, and that will never change.  Once saved; always saved.
Hebrews 10:10, 14
10 By which will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all.
14 For by one offering He has brought to completion for all time those (CAB's) who are being sanctified.
In order to have a relationship with a pure and holy God, a person must be pure from sins.  Jesus Christ purified everyone from their sins at the Cross.  With sins paid for, there is nothing to prevent a person from entering into a permanent love relationship with the Lord.  To live with God forever requires Eternal Life.  Those who wish to receive it can do so by believing in Jesus Christ.  There is Salvation in none other.  At the moment of faith in Christ the love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ becomes permanent.  The one who believes will be with the Lord Jesus Christ forever.

When a believer sins after Salvation, he does not lose his Salvation, but he does lose the Filling of the Holy Spirit and fellowship with God.  In order to restore fellowship, the recovery procedure requires Rebound.  Through Rebound the believer's sins are forgiven, and he is purified from all wrongdoing.  Thus, fellowship with God is restored, and the believer can continue to respond as a Right Woman to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Resurrection (Rapture)

The Lord Jesus Christ is in Heaven now in a Resurrection body.  But He will return for His Right Woman, the Church.  This corresponds to the ancient wedding tradition in which the groom went to pick up his bride.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
16 For the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first. 17 Then we who are living, who remain (on Earth) will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.
The Lord Jesus Christ will return from Heaven and shout a command.  And the voice of the archangel, Gabriel, will be heard.  Gabriel will lead an army of angels to control the mass gathering of resurrected believers.  The trumpet of God is used for signaling an army.  At the trumpet sound, those Christians who are dead will rise first and assemble in formation.  It doesn't matter if they were cremated or dumped into the sea.  They will receive new Resurrection bodies made of something new and heavenly.  Then those Christians who are alive on the Earth at the time will receive their Resurrection bodies.  And all will be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

Resurrection Bodies

At the Rapture, the Church will receive Resurrection bodies like the Resurrection body of Christ.  He is currently the first, and only, person with a Resurrection body.  The next to receive Resurrection bodies will be His Right Woman, the Church (1 Cor 15:22-23).  No one knows when the Rapture will be, not even the Son (Matt 24:36; Mk 13:32).  So those who predict it are way off base.

A preview of Christ in Resurrection body was seen on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matt 17:2; Mk 9:2-3).  His Resurrection body was glorious.  And the Resurrection clothing of the body is whiter than snow.  The Resurrection body is made of a new kind of heavenly material that is different from the matter and energy of the universe.  The Resurrection body doesn't get dirty and is not constrained by time.  It is Eternal.  The Resurrection body is also capable of appearing like a current human body because Jesus Christ in Resurrection body appeared to people, and they did not notice any differences from bodies of flesh and bones.

1 Corinthians 15:51-53
51 Behold, I communicate to you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, 52 in a moment, in the winking of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.
The human soul is immortal, but the body is mortal.  The Resurrection body will be immortal.  The new Resurrection body of the Church will make it possible to have a glorious love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The human body of flesh has limitations, such as emotion, that keep it from experiencing the fulness of Happiness and Love.  The new Resurrection body will be able to respond to Christ without such limitations.  The Christian in Resurrection body will be able to respond to Christ in Spiritual Rapport and in Harmonious Rapport in the ultimate Right Man � Right Woman relationship.

Presentation to the Lord

The Resurrection (Rapture) of the Church marks the beginning of the Tribulation on Earth.  After the Rapture, the Church in Resurrection bodies will be taken to Heaven and presented to the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Father will raise the dead (Jn 5:21; Rom 8:11) and present them to the Lord (2 Cor 4:14).  The Holy Spirit will transform the living (1 Cor 15:51-52), and the Lord will present the Church to Himself through His Evaluation (Eph 5:27).  The pastor will also present his congregation (2 Cor 11:2; Col 1:28).  This corresponds to the wedding tradition in the ancient world when the father of the bride presented her to the groom when he came for her.

Throughout the Biblical times of history, marriages were arranged by the parents, who signed a contract for their children to marry.  When the man was established and could provide for his wife, he went to the home of the bride and announced to the father that he had come for his bride.  The Father presented the bride to the groom, and the groom took her in a wedding procession back to his home where they had a week long marriage celebration and feast.

In Biblical prophecy, picking up the bride corresponds to the Rapture, and the wedding celebration corresponds to the Marriage feast of the Lamb, which occurs during the Millennium, which is a thousand years of celebration and feasting.

When the Church is presented to the Lord in Heaven during the Tribulation, each person will be evaluated by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Divine Good production will be rewarded, and dead works will be burned (1 Cor 3:12-13).

For we must all appear before the Evaluation Throne of Christ that every one may be rewarded for the things which were done through the body, whether good or worthless. (2 Corinthians 5:10)
"Evaluation Throne" is the Greek bema, which is based on the Latin.  Following battle, the Roman commander would set up a table from which he would deliver a speech and evaluate the troops.  Those who excelled received decorations, and those who failed were executed (Rom 14:10).

Rewards received at the Evaluation Throne of Christ will be incorporated in the clothing of the Resurrection body, the uniform of glory.  For example, crowns will be worn on the head, and some will wear dress whites (Rev 3:4).  At the Evaluation Throne of Christ, each Christian will receive his rank and uniform of glory for all eternity based upon execution of his own personal Spiritual life.  There will be no promotion or demotion of the Christian after that.

that He (Christ) might cause her (Church) to be presented to Himself as a glorious Church (in Resurrection body), having no spot or wrinkle or any such things; but that she should be holy and blameless. (Ephesians 5:27)
The Church must be purified to have the perfect love relationship with the Lord, the Right Man.  To accomplish this, the Church will receive a Resurrection body that does not have the Old Sin Nature.  There will be no spot, which means no sin because all sins were paid for on the Cross. No wrinkle means no human good.  All human good was rejected at the Cross, and it will be burned at the Evaluation Throne of Christ.  "Any such things" refers to evil, wrongdoing (like quenching and grieving the Holy Spirit), lust, or any category associated with sin or human good.

The Christian in Resurrection body must be holy and blameless.  Holy refers to Ultimate Sanctification for a relationship with God.  And blameless refers to absence of the OSN, personal sin, human good, guilt, and evil.  Such things would destroy the love relationship with Christ.  So, without the enemies of love, it will be possible to have a pure love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Right Man of the Church.

Revelation 19:7-8
7 Let us be Happy and exult,
And let us give glory to Him
Because the Marriage Feast of the Lamb has come,
And His Bride has prepared herself.
8 And she had been given fine linen,
Bright shining and pure in order to clothe herself,
For you see, the fine linen is the righteous production of the saints.
After the Church has been evaluated at the Evaluation Throne of Christ, it will be in Resurrection bodies clothed in fine linen.  The Church is the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The "Bride has prepared herself" means that she has now received clothing for the Resurrection body for the "Marriage Feast of the Lamb," which will occur in the Millennium.  Her clothing is "fine linen, bright shining and pure."  Fine linen is white.  This linen is whiter than snow (Mk 9:3).  The color white symbolizes sanctification.  The clothing matches the production of the saints (the sanctified ones).

Marriage Feast of the Lamb

The Marriage Feast of the Lamb will occur during the Millennium.  The term is derived from the ancient custom of a week long celebration of a marriage.  The guests celebrated while the bride and groom slipped away at some point for the honeymoon.

And he said to me, "Write, 'Happy are those who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.'" And he said to me, "These are the true words (Bible Doctrine) of God." (Revelation 19:9)
The Marriage Feast of the Lamb is also called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  It is a Happy occasion, like a wedding feast (Matt 22:2-14).
The LORD of the Armies will prepare for all nations upon this mountain a feast of fat things, a feast of wine on the lees, fat pieces full of marrow, wine on the lees thoroughly strained. (Isaiah 25:6)
The LORD of the Armies is the Lord Jesus Christ.  The mountain refers to Mount Zion (symbolizing Israel) in the Millennium.  Israel will be the friends of the Groom.  "A feast of fat things" is a Spiritual feast (Psa 22:26) that symbolizes the great blessing of the Millennium.

"Lees" are dregs in the bottom of the wine bottle.  "Wine on the lees" refers to wine matured by resting undisturbed on the lees.  The wine has been left to stand upon its lees after the first fermentation is over.  It has been thoroughly fermented, kept a long time, and then filtered before drinking.  Therefore, the wine is both strong and clear.4

"Fat pieces full of marrow" refers to fat pieces of meat mixed with marrow.  Both fat and marrow are rich and considered a delicacy.

Eternal State

New Heaven and New
          EarthAfter the Lord Jesus Christ returns for His Bride, the Church, and brings Her back for the thousand-year Marriage Feast, He will take her to her Eternal home in glory on the New Earth.  She will live in mansions of glory in the New (Heavenly) Jerusalem with Him forever.  She will have perfect Love and great Happiness in Spiritual Rapport with the Lord.  It will be a life beyond dreams.

There will be no night and no need of the Sun or Moon, for the glory of God will illumine it and its lamp will be the Lamb (Rev 21:23).  There will be no more tears or death and no more mourning.  There will be no more sorrow or pain.  The old things will have passed away (Rev 21:4), and all things will be new (Rev 21:5).  There will be no more persecution or oppression or enemies.  Criminals, liars, idolaters, and evil people will not be there.  All unbelievers will be in the Lake of Fire with the devil and his demons.

The New Earth will be laid out according to the Client Nation Model.  The New Jerusalem, will be in the center, like the Tabernacle in the camp of Israel.  God will be there and fulfill His desire to live among His people.  The Heavenly Control Room will be there with the angels serving God (Rev 21:3; 22:5).  The nation of Israel will surround the New Jerusalem, and the Gentile nations will lie outside the borders of Israel.

The Lord Jesus Christ will reign over all from His throne in the New Jerusalem.  The Church will be His Royal Family.  The New Jerusalem symbolizes the Church Bride of Christ (Rev 21:2).  Israel will be the Client Nation, and the Gentile nations will serve Israel.

Holy City

          JerusalemThe relationship with God in the Eternal State will be holy.  Because God is holy, those who have a relationship with him must be holy.  The dwelling place of God is holy.  He will live in the New Jerusalem, which will also be holy.  Of course God is not localized.  He is everywhere.  He is imminent and transcendent.  However, He will reveal His presence in the New Jerusalem along with the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from the source of God, having been prepared as the bride who has been adorned for her husband. (Revelation 21:2)
The "New Jerusalem" will be prefabricated in Heaven by God.  The word, "New," is the Greek kainov" (kainos), which means new in kind.  This is a new kind of Jerusalem, unlike the earthly Jerusalem of human history or the Millennial Jerusalem.  "New Jerusalem" (Rev 3:12; 21:10) refers to the Heavenly Jerusalem (Galatians 4:26; 2 Tim 4:18; Heb 12:22; 13:10-14).  It is the glorious city, which is the Eternal home of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Church.  It is analogous to a bride adorned for her husband.  The Church is the bride and the Lord Jesus Christ is the husband.  The bride is the Church (Royal Family of God) (John 3:29; Rev 19:7) - not Israel (Isa 61:10; Jer 2:32).  The Royal Family of God is separate from Israel (Heb 13:10).  Israel will be the Client Nation and live outside the Holy City.
And I heard a loud voice out from the Throne saying, "Behold, the Tabernacle of God is among mankind, and He shall dwell among them. They themselves shall be His people, and God Himself shall be among them." (Revelation 21:3)
The loud voice from the Throne was probably a Throne Angel, one of the 24 elders.  "The Tabernacle of God" refers to the Lord Jesus Christ in His Resurrection Body (Jn 1:14).  The Tabernacle of Israel was a model and symbol of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The word, "Tabernacle," is also an important key to understanding the layout of the New Earth.  It will be based upon the same Client Nation model as the nation of Israel camped around the Tabernacle (Camp of Israel).6  The twelve tribes of the nation of Israel will surround the New Jerusalem, also called the Heavenly Jerusalem.  The Gentile nations will live outside the boundary of Israel.  They will be led by kings and will serve Israel.

"He shall dwell among them." God will fulfill His promise to dwell among His people (Lev 26:11f; Ezek 37:27; 48:35; Heb 8:2; Rev 7:15; 21:3).  The pattern of the New Heaven and New Earth will be the same as Client Nation Israel with the LORD dwelling in the Tabernacle as the Shekinah Glory.  God the Father and God the Son will dwell in the New Jerusalem, which will be in the center of the New Earth.

Inheritance of Believers

"He who overcomes will inherit these things.  Furthermore, I will be his God, and he himself will be My son." (Revelation 21:7)
"He who overcomes" is the Greek nikavw (nikao), which means to be victor, prevail, conquer (Jn 16:33; 1 Jn 4:4; 5:4).  Believers have prevailed over the Cosmic System.  Believers from all dispensations will inherit the riches of the Eternal State and will be sons of God (Jn 1:12; 11:52).

The Bride

And one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues, came and spoke with me, saying, �Come here, I shall show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb.� (Revelation 21:9)
"The Bride" is the Church.  The relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church is analogous to the Marriage relationship between Right Man and Right Woman.  In the Eternal State there will be Spiritual Rapport between all Christians and the Lord Jesus Christ.  "The Lamb" is the name for the Lord Jesus Christ as the sin offering.
Revelation 21:10-11a
10 And he carried me away in the spiritual realm to a great, high mountain and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from the presence of God, 11 having the glory of God.
"In the spiritual realm" is the Greek preposition en (in) plus pneuma (spirit).   This refers to spirit travel, or clairvoyance.  The Holy City is the  New Jerusalem.  The New Jerusalem will be prefabricated, as will all the other cities on the New Earth (John 14:2).  It will come down from Heaven and settle on the New Earth.  It won't be in orbit above the Earth.  The city will have "the glory of God" because God will dwell in it and His Light will light the Earth.

Splenor of New Jerusalem

having the glory of God.  Its splendor was like a precious stone, as a diamond stone glittering like a crystal. (Revelation 21:11)
The splendor of the New Jerusalem will be like a diamond.  Diamond is the Greek i[aspi" (iaspis), which is the diamond and should not be transliterated as jasper.  The city will be like a diamond, "glittering like a crystal," which is the Greek krustallivzw (krustangizo),  meaning to shine like crystal; be transparent like crystal.  Diamond is a crystal as are the other building materials of the New Jerusalem.

No Temple

I did not see a temple in it; for you see, the Lord God, the Almighty, and the Lamb are it's sanctuary. (Revelation 21:22)
There will be no temple in the Heavenly Jerusalem because God and the Lamb (the Lord Jesus Christ) will be there.  They will take the place of a sanctuary.  The reality will replace the symbols in the earthly Temple.

Light of God

And the city has no need of the Sun nor of the Moon to shine upon it; for you see, the glory of God illuminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb. (Revelation 21:23)
Light in the New Heaven and New Earth will come from the glory of God and the Lamb (the Lord Jesus Christ).  God is Light (1 Jn 1:5, 7; James 1:17).  The Golden Lampstand in the Tabernacle symbolized the Lord Jesus Christ (Jn 8:12; 9:5; 1 Tim 6:16).
Revelation 21:24-26, NAS
24 And the nations shall walk by its light, and the kings of the earth shall bring their glory into it. 25 And in the daytime (for there shall be no night there) its gates shall never be closed; 26 and they shall bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it;
God and the Lord Jesus Christ will dwell in the Heavenly Jerusalem, and their Light will illumine the entire New Earth.  With such bright Light, there will be no stars or planets in the sky.  The gates of the city will remain open.  An open gate symbolizes maximum historical impact.  Kings of nations on the New Earth will enter the Heavenly Jerusalem.  Kings and other people in Resurrection bodies have glory because the Resurrection body radiates light.

Tree of Life

In the middle of its main street and on each side of the river was the Tree of Life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, according to every month yielding its fruit.  And the leaves of the tree were for the health of the nations. (Revelation 22:2)
The Tree of Life bears twelve kinds of fruit, one for each month.  Winner believers will be allowed to eat from the Tree of Life (Revelation 2:7).  The The Tree of Life with the leaves for the health of the nations symbolizes the preservation of Eternal Life.

Throne of God

Revelation 22:3-4
3 No longer shall there be any curse.  The Throne of God and the Lamb shall be in it.  And His bond-servants shall serve Him.  4 They shall see His face, and His Royal Title shall be upon their foreheads.
In the Millennium the curse upon nature was ended but mankind was left with an Old Sin Nature.  In the Eternal State there will no longer be Old Sin Natures or curses of any kind.  God and the Lord Jesus Christ will live in the Heavenly Jerusalem along with the resurrected Church, the Royal Family of God.

"And His bond-servants shall serve Him."  The "bond-servants" are the most humble believers in the Lord Jesus Christ from all dispensations.  So, the Church will serve the Lord.  This will include worship, homage, adoration, and praise in the Spirit.  The Lord's bond-servants will serve Him because they love Him.  Thus, the service of the priesthood in this life will be magnified in new dimensions in the Eternal State.

He who is a winner:  I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he will never go out any more; and I will inscribe upon him:  (1) the Title of My God, and (2) the name of the city of My God, which comes down out from Heaven from the source of My God, and (3) My new Title. (Revelation 3:12)
In the Eternal State, Christian winner believers will have special recognition and rank and  enjoy a unique relationship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  A pillar in the temple is a memorial for maximum historical impact.  However, the temple refers to the Heavenly (New) Jerusalem.  There is no temple in it because God and the Lord Jesus Christ are its temple (Rev 21:22).  Winners will be remembered forever in the New Jerusalem.
There shall no longer be night.  And they do not have need of the light of a lamp nor the light of the Sun because the Lord God will shine upon them.  And they shall reign forever and ever. (Revelation 22:5)
There will be no night in the Eternal State and no need of lamps because the Lord God will shine upon it.  The top of the city will be 1378 miles high, and with the right kind of atmosphere, light will surround the New Earth.  The Royal Family of God will be exalted and reign with Christ forever and ever (Eph 2:19; Heb 12:22, 28; Rev 22:5) in the New Jerusalem (Rev 3:12).

Love and Light for Eternity

The Holy City will magnify the glory of God, which will illuminate the entire Earth.  It will preserve the glory of the Church Bride of Christ, His Right Woman, in the Eternal State.  It will be the Eternal home of God and His Holy angels, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Church.  It's mansions of glory will extend high into the New Heaven and be visible to the end of the Earth.  It will be set apart from the rest of the Earth by walls to preserve the security and protect the most intimate Love relationship between the Lord and the Church, corresponding to Right Man and Right Woman.

God will dwell among His people, and He will love all the people on the Earth as a Father.  The Lord Jesus Christ will enjoy a love relationship with Client Nation Israel that will symbolize a marriage.  And the Lord will have a love relationship with the Gentile nations.  And the Gentile Nations will serve Israel.  The Lord will love all the people, but His relationship with the Church will be special as symbolized by her glorious home in the Holy City.  The Right Man - Right Woman relationship, which is reflected throughout history from the Garden to the Millennium, will be glorified in the Eternal State.



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Author: Larry Wood
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