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The Fire

Apollo 1 Astronauts, 1-17-67, Pad 34, NASAA fire in the Command Module of the Saturn space vehicle being prepared for the first piloted flight, killed three astronauts on January 27, 1967.  Astronauts Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. White, and Roger B. Chaffee were overcome by toxic fumes within about 30 seconds after the fire erupted and died a few minutes later.  The fire occurred on Launch Complex 34 in Command Module 012 during testing for the Apollo/Saturn AS-204 mission, which was subsequently designated Apollo 1.  The astronauts from left to right, Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee, are shown in the picture taken in front of Launch Complex 34 with the Saturn 1 launch vehicle on January 17, 1967.

Apollo 1 Crew in Simulator, NASADuring a hold in the test, the first report of the fire came from the crew at 6:31/04.7 PM EST (23:31:04.7 GMT).  The Command Module, which was pressurized to 16.7 pounds per square inch with 100-percent pure oxygen, was quickly engulfed in flames from a fire that proceeded from the left to the right side of the Command Module.  Emergency egress procedure required the Command Pilot, Ed White, to open the inner hatch by using a ratchet to individually remove six sockets and then release the thermal shield with a handle.  This procedure required over 60 seconds, and he was likely unconscious in 30 seconds.  He couldn't have opened the hatch anyway due to the pressure of the fire.  Within 15 seconds after the fire was detected, the Command Module ruptured.  Three seconds later at 23:31:22.4 GMT, all electronic transmission of voice and data from the spacecraft had terminated due to burned out equipment and wiring.  The picture shows the astronauts seated in a simulator as they would be in the actual Command Module with Grissom on the right (left from astronaut perspective).

Flames and hot gases spewed from the ruptured Command Module.  The flames coupled with the sound of the rupture caused pad personnel to flee, believing that the Command Module had exploded or was about to explode.  However, they returned about one minute after the fire had started with fire extinguishers to begin rescue.  They ran along the Swing Arm from the umbilical tower to the White Room that surrounded the Command Module.  However, even those who had donned gas masks were unable to cope with the dense smoke, since gas masks are designed for toxic gases and not smoke.  Those who finally succeeded in opening the hatches had to make several trips into the White Room and out for breathable air.

Opening the hatches was completed approximately 5 minutes, 27 seconds after the first report of the fire.  Although the hatches were open, visibility was so poor due to the smoke that the crew could not be located.  Throughout this period, other pad personnel were busy fighting secondary fires on the A-8 level around the Command Module.  Firemen arrived from the Fire Department shortly before 23:40 GMT after the hatches were open.  Three doctors arrived at the White Room approximated 23:45 GMT and verified that the crew were dead.

As a historical note, on the day of the Fire, astronaut Neil Armstrong was with a NASA delegation at the White House in Washington, DC, where the President signed the Space Weapons Treaty to ban weapons of mass destruction in space and insure that the Moon could not be claimed by any nation.8


At the time of the Fire a simulated launch called a Plugs-Out Test was being conducted at Kennedy Space Center.  The Plugs-Out Test was an abbreviated Launch Countdown and flight simulation   At the beginning of the simulated flight, all umbilicals and Ground Support Equipment are disconnected and the spacecraft is on simulated fuel-cell power.  At the conclusion of the test, the astronauts were to verify the emergency egress procedure.  This had been added to the test at the request of the astronauts.  White was going to try to open the hatch in 60 seconds, which he had never been able to accomplish before.

The three astronauts were strapped into the Command Module on the Apollo/Saturn space vehicle.  They were wearing their space suits, and the hatch was closed.  The astronauts were:  Lt. Col. Virgil I. Grissom (Commander), a veteran of Mercury and Gemini missions; Lt. Col. Edward H. White, who had performed the first US space walk during the Gemini program; and Roger B. Chaffee, who was preparing for his first space flight.  The test was not considered hazardous, since there were no active propellants loaded.

Timeline Summary

  1. 23:20 GMT - countdown held at T-10 minutes.  During the hold there is troubleshooting of a communication problem, which sounded like an open mic.
  2. 23:30:54.8 GMT - surge in the AC Bus 2 voltage, followed by a 1.7 second dropout of signal from the C-band decoder and transmitter outputs and a brief dropout of the VHF-FM carrier.  The AC Bus 2 surge and subsequent dropouts were most probably caused by a momentary short or interruption of DC Bus B.1
  3. 23:31:04.7 GMT - crew reports fire verbally.
  4. 23:31:16.8 GMT through 23:31:21.8 GMT - final crew transmission.
  5. 23:31:19 GMT - rupture of the cabin at a pressure of at least 29 psia.
  6. 23:31:21.8 GMT - final crew transmission ends.
  7. 23:31:22.4 GMT - loss of telemetry.
  8. 23:31:30 GMT - estimated time cabin atmosphere became lethal.  This was due primarily to temperature and concentrations of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
Although the precise time of death could not be accurately determined, it was estimated that consciousness was lost between 15 and 30 seconds after the first suit failed.  Thereafter, chances of resuscitation decreased rapidly and were irrevocably lost within 4 minutes.1

The source of the fire could not be identified.  The most likely cause was a failure of equipment or wire insulation.  The Teflon insulation on the wiring has excellent fire resistance but low resistance to coolant from the environmental cooling system, and it can be easily damaged by abrasion.  The Investigating Board found numerous examples in the wiring of poor installation, design, and workmanship.  A wrench socket was found in the spacecraft; however, that had no known connection to the fire.

The spacecraft used RS-89 coolant, which is a mixture of water and ethylene glycol.  Spills of the coolant are fire hazards.  However, there were no indications that this caused the fire.

The Investigating Board concluded:  "The Apollo team failed to give adequate attention to certain mundane but equally vital questions of crew safety.  The Board's investigation revealed many deficiencies in design and engineering, manufacture and quality control."1

While the specific cause of the fire could not be determined, the conditions which led to the disaster were:

  1. A sealed cabin, pressurized with an oxygen atmosphere.
  2. An extensive distribution of combustible materials in the cabin.
  3. Vulnerable wiring carrying spacecraft power.
  4. Vulnerable plumbing carrying a combustible and corrosive coolant.
  5. Inadequate provisions for the crew to escape.
  6. Inadequate provisions for rescue or medical assistance.

Apollo 1 Fire Chart

Apollo 1 Fire ChartThe Chart of the Apollo 1 Fire contains a Pit, a Plow, and a Catwalk.  The bottom of the Pit and the point of the Plow are both aligned and point to IC, which corresponds to Hades or Sheol.  The picture that emerges is that of the Apollo 1 spacecraft belly up, which symbolizes a dead fish.  The Redeemer Planet, which was in conjunction with IC, was in Libra, for Fire Testing.  The Catwalk, which is oriented in an east-west direction, corresponds to the Swing Arm on NASA Launch Complex 34 that provided access to the Apollo 1 Command Module.

The Sun had set and twilight had ended.  The Sun was in Capricornus, for Gentile glory.  Going to the Moon would be the greatest Gentile glory since the Tower of Babel.  The Moon was in Leo, for a politician.  The Apollo 1 mission was due to the Moon race, which was decreed by politicians.  Also the three astronauts in the Command Module represented a political group in Satan's Cosmic System of Ecumenical (L), Political (M), and Cosmic (R) Babylon.

The Ascendant Sign was Cancer.  The Almighty God Planet in Cancer symbolized prisoners.  This also happens to be the Pivot around which the Chart turns.  The Apollo 1 astronauts were prisoners in the burning spacecraft.  The Descendant Sign was Capricornus in which the Savior Planet, for a rescuer, was setting.  The astronaut who was supposed to open the hatch was Ed White, who was born in Texas, which corresponds to Capricornus.  He lost consciousness before he could do the job, and no one else was able to effect a rescue due to the intense fire.

Midheaven was empty in Aries.  This symbolized inglorious leadership.

The Pit

The Pit symbolizes falling into a trap or going down to Sheol, the grave.  The Pit is a perfectly formed upside down Castle, which symbolizes the Apollo 1 spacecraft.  It is turned bottom up to symbolize a dead fish, which floats belly up.  The bottom tip of the Pit points to the Redeemer Planet in Libra, which symbolizes refining or Fire Testing.  Herein is the key to understanding the Fire.  It was Fire Testing to symbolize the approaching holocaust of Israel, which would occur five months later in the Six Day War.  Border attacks with Syria were already occurring in January, 1967.  After the Apollo 1 Fire the conflict between Israel and the Arabs escalated rapidly and led to war, which began on June 5, 1967.

The Six Day War altered the borders of Israel, and the captured Arab land still remains a point of contention.  The Fire was on Launch Complex 34, which stands for the division of the land.  The Arab violation of the Abrahamic Covenant by attempting to seize Israeli land resulted in their own defeat and loss of land.

The five points of the Pit define main issues of the day.  They were:

  1. Almighty God in Cancer - prisoners.  The Apollo 1 astronauts were prisoners in the burning capsule.
  2. Mediator in Leo - Mediator of the Supreme Court of Heaven.  The Lord decides the time, manner, and place of death.
  3. Redeemer in Libra - Fire Testing.  This predicted the approaching holocaust of Israel.
  4. Sun in Capricornus - Gentile glory.  Going to the Moon represented Gentile glory.
  5. God of the Covenants in Pisces - New Covenant to the Church, or by application the space weapons treaty, which was opened for signature that day in Washington, DC, London, and Moscow.  The treaty banned weapons of mass destruction in space and called for peaceful use of space.  The treaty was master minded by Satan.
The Plow

The Plow resolves the opposition of two planets into a third.  The point of the plow is like being plowed under.  The planets in opposition were the Morning Star in Aquarius, for a Ship's captain, and the Moon in Leo, for a politician.  The Ship's captain corresponds to the Spacecraft Commander, Grissom, who has the same sign in his Birth Chart.  The three astronauts in the spacecraft could be viewed as a political group symbolizing Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  The point of the Plow was the Redeemer Planet in Libra, the sign of Fire Testing.  Since the Redeemer Planet was in conjunction with IC, this also symbolized Sheol and Hades with its fire.  This does not mean that the astronauts went to Hades, since all of them professed to be Christian.  It means that the fire of Hades symbolizes Sheol, the grave, as well as the holocaust of Israel.


Leo contains the Moon, for a politician, and the Last Adam, for a man standing before the footstool of the conquering king and awaiting a life or death sentence.  The man corresponds to the meaning of the number, 6, for the six sockets in the inner hatch which could not be removed in time to free the astronauts from the fire.


Libra contains:

  1. Red Planet - mass execution.
  2. IC - Hades.
  3. Redeemer Planet - Fire Testing.

Astronaut Gus Grissom

Virgil Ivan ("Gus") Grissom was born April 3, 1926, Day 93 in Mitchell, Indiana.  He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue in 1950.  He flew 100 combat missions with the Air Force in Korea with the 334th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron. He usually flew his F- 86 Sabre in wing position in combat to protect the other pilots and watch for MiG's.  After returning home, he became a test pilot.

He was one of the original seven astronauts chosen in 1959.  In 1961, He flew Mercury Liberty Bell 7 on America's second suborbital flight.  The capsule sank after the hatch was blown prematurely.  Grissom denied blowing it.  He was also Command Pilot for Gemini 3 in 1965 when he became the first man to fly in space twice.

In March 1966, Gus Grissom was assigned as Commander of Apollo 1, which was to be the first Apollo manned mission, with Ed White as Senior Pilot and Roger Chaffee as Pilot.  As the three astronauts followed the design and manufacturing reviews of their Spacecraft 012, many deficiencies became apparent.  When Grissom was home in Houston on January 22, 1967, he picked the largest lemon from his backyard tree and took it back with him to the Cape to hang on the Spacecraft.  He died in the Apollo 1 Fire on January 27, 1967 at age 40, for maximum divine discipline.

Gus Grissom Birth ChartGus Grissom's Birth Chart contains a Kite and a Plow.  The Kite is a symbol of operational stability.  It is the sign of a person who soars above the problems of life with talent and ease.  This describes Grissom, the test pilot and astronaut.  The Plow resolves the opposition of two planets into a third, the point of the Plow.  The point of the Plow symbolizes intensified suffering, like being plowed under.

The Sun Sign was Pisces, the symbol of a priest.  The significance of the sign was strengthened by two other planets in Pisces.  The Savior Planet symbolized a promoter of team spirit, and the Mediator Planet symbolized an intercessor.  Flying the wing position in Korea was an example of the function of an intercessor.

The Moon Sign was Scorpius, for the Prostitute of Babylon.  Also in Scorpius was the God of the Covenants Planet, which symbolizes a liar.  Although this can have many variations, in general, it can signify a person under the power of the devil, who was a liar from the beginning.  The goal of going to the Moon in a race with the Soviets, who were inspired by Baal, was a lie of Ecumenical Babylon.  As the Apollo 1 Commander, Grissom sat on the left, which signifies Ecumenical Babylon.

The Ascendant Sign was Virgo, which corresponds to a responder and a civilian.  NASA is a civilian, as opposed to a military, agency.  Virgo also corresponds to the location of Indiana, where Grissom was born.

Midheaven was in Gemini in conjunction with the Last Adam, a sign of notoriety from being put on trial.  Grissom was essentially put on trial during the inquiry of the Liberty Bell hatch blowing prematurely, and posthumously, he was investigated in the Apollo 1 Fire.  Gemini also corresponds to California and Israel.  The Apollo Command Module was  manufactured by North American Aviation in California, and the Fire was associated with the holocaust of Israel.


The Kite symbolizes the blessing of operational stability of a person who soars above the problems of life.  That describes Grissom, who was a successful military pilot, test pilot, and astronaut.  The Pivot around which the Kite and the whole Chart turns was the Redeemer in Cancer, a sign of spoils.  Grissom carried two rolls of dimes with him on Liberty 7, which he intended to give away to neighborhood children as souvenirs.  These were examples of spoils.  Furthermore, Grissom's quest to be first in space travel and the first man on the Moon were also examples of seeking the spoils of victory.


The Plow resolved the opposition of the Redeemer in Cancer, for spoils, and the Almighty God in Capricornus, for a Gentile empire, into the God of the Covenants in Scorpius, for a liar.  Grissom sought the spoils of being first in space in the service of the US as the Gentile empire.  For that he received intensive suffering, like being plowed under, for believing and communicating the devil's lie.  The lie corresponds to Ecumenical Babylon, which coincides with the position of the Commander's seat on the left side of the Command Module.


Capricornus contained the Red Planet, for suffering from evil, and the Almighty God, for a Gentile empire.  Grissom's suffering in death was not just about him.  It was related to the US space program, which could be construed as evil, and it was related to the holocaust of Israel from the counterattack of evil.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, where Grissom lived.


The Morning Star in Aquarius symbolizes a ship's captain.  Grissom was Commander of Apollo 1.  And Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where Grissom worked much of the time and died as an astronaut.

Astronaut Ed White

Edward Higgins White, II was born at Sunrise on November 14, 1930 in San Antonio, Texas.  He graduated from West Point, where he set a West Point record in the 400 meter hurdles.  He joined the Air Force and became a fighter jet pilot.  In 1959, he received an MS in aeronautical engineering in 1959 from the University of Michigan.  Then he enrolled in Air Force Test Pilot School and became a test pilot.  He flew cargo planes that astronauts used to experience weightlessness.  In September 1962, he was selected to be a member of NASA's second class of astronauts.

Gus Grissom was the supervisor of the new astronauts.  White was the most physically fit of all the astronauts.  He was named as pilot of the Gemini 4 mission, which was commanded by Jim McDivitt.  The launch was June 3, 1965 at 10:16 AM EST from Pad 19.  On the mission, Ed became the first American to walk in space.  A devout Methodist, he carried with him on the space walk a St. Christopher's medal (Catholic patron saint of travel), a gold cross (for Christians), and a Star of David (for Jews).  He said, "I had great faith in myself and especially in Jim, and also I think I had great faith in my God. So the reason I took those symbols was that I think this was the most important thing I had going for me, and I felt that while I couldn't take one for every religion in the country, I could take the three I was most familiar with."5  Gemini 4 made 62 orbits around the Earth, where 62 symbolizes the end.

Upon returning to Earth, White and McDivitt were promoted lieutenant colonel by President Johnson.  Chicago gave them a ticker tape parade, and both received an honorary doctorate degree of astronautical science from the University of Michigan.  In addition, they were asked to represent the United States at the Paris Air Show, which was also attended by Yuri Gagarin.

Due to the success of the Gemini 4 Mission, Ed White was selected to be Command Pilot for Apollo 1.  Seated in the center seat, which symbolized Political Babylon, he was responsible for opening the hatch for emergency egress.  An emergency egress test had been planned for the conclusion of the Plugs Out Test on January 27, 1967 when White died in the Fire shortly after Sunset and twilight.  He was 36, for Ai.

Ed White Birth ChartEd White's Birth Chart contains a Grand Trine and a Plow which share a common point and symbolize the Apollo Command Module with the attached Launch Escape System.  The Grand Trine signifies blessing, stability, productivity, talent, harmony, ease, and momentum.  Those with a Grand Trine operate on a higher plane.  This describes Ed White, the track star, military pilot, and astronaut.  The Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.

The Sun Sign was Libra, for balance and justice.  White's sense of balance was exhibited in his athletic ability, which included rope climbing.  The Sun was rising to combine with the Ascendant at White's birth.  Therefore, the Sun Sign and the Ascendant, the two best indicators of a person combine in White's Chart.  White carried three coins as souvenirs during his space walk.  The balance was used for weighing gold and silver for business before coins were invented.

The Moon Sign was Leo, which symbolizes a politician and corresponds to the middle seat where White was assigned as Command Pilot of Apollo 1.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Redeemer Planet, which symbolizes a government redeemer.  White came from a military family, graduated from West Point, served in the Air Force, and worked for NASA, all of which were government agencies.  The Moon was also near Midheaven in Leo, which adds glory and fame.  White was an astronaut in a space program that was going to the Moon.

Grand Trine

The Grand Trine was the stabilizer in White's Chart.  It was also symbolic of the conical Apollo Command Module.  The planets of the Grand Trine were:

  1. Red Planet in Cancer - suffering from a safety breach.  White died in the Fire in the Apollo 1 capsule.
  2. Morning Star in Scorpius - Satan's fall leading to his doom.  This symbolizes the Tribulation and holocaust leading to the Second Advent.  The Apollo 1 Fire symbolized all this and the approaching holocaust of Israel in the Six Day War.
  3. Mediator in Pisces - a priest.  White as a Christian was a priest, which includes every Church Age believer.  He was acting as a priest when he carried the three medals on his space walk to symbolize three religions, Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish.  That, however, was wrong since God only recognizes Christianity.

The Plow resolved the opposition of the God of the Covenants in Sagittarius, for a battle plan, and the conjunction of the Almighty God and Last Adam in Gemini into the Mediator in Pisces.  The Almighty God in Gemini symbolizes feasting.  White could eat two full course dinners at one sitting along with dessert.  He had a hardy appetite.  The Last Adam in Gemini symbolizes the Church family.  So, the opposition was between the battle plan of the military against the feasting (blessing) of the Church.  This opposition was resolved into the Mediator in Pisces for the suffering of a priest.  White's suffering of death as a Christian believer-priest to God amounted to Providential Preventative Suffering in relation to the approaching holocaust (military invasion) of Israel in the Six Day War.


Scorpius contained the Morning Star and Savior Planets.  The Morning Star signifies Satan's fall from heaven leading to his final doom and Judgment in the Lake of Fire.  The Savior Planet symbolizes a Satanic attack upon the believer.  White wanted to be an astronaut as Satan wanted to be like the Most High.  The three astronauts in the Command Module symbolized Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon, which means they were enslaved to Satan's Cosmic System.

Astronaut Roger Chaffee

Roger Bruce Chaffee was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 15, 1935.  He joined the Boy Scouts at age 13 and advanced to Eagle Scout and earned additional badges beyond that level in high school.  As a high school senior, he wanted to have his name in the history books.  He also dreamed of being the first man on the Moon.  These were indications of the arrogant ambition of Satan.

Upon graduation from high school, Chaffee enrolled in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps.  After a year at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, he transferred to Purdue.  Prior to his summer cruise in 1954, he initially failed his eye exam due to a weak eye.  However, the physician let him take the exam again the next day, since it was important for him to be able to fly.  He walked the shores of Lake Michigan that night and offered numerous prayers before going to sleep.  The next day he passed the eye test.

Chaffee graduated from Purdue in 1957 with a BS in aeronautical engineering.  He was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy and began flight training.  He received his wings in 1959.  He became a safety and quality control officer in the Heavy Photographic Squadron 62 at Jacksonville, Florida Naval Air Station.  On October 18, 1963, Chaffee became one of NASA's third group of astronauts.  He soon had a house built in Nassau Bay, Texas.  He attended the nearby Webster Presbyterian Church, which was also attended by Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn.  Soon after landing on the Moon and before stepping outside, Aldrin took communion privately from a kit prepared by the pastor of the church.

On March 21, 1966, Chaffee was named as Pilot to fly on the first manned Apollo flight, Apollo 1, with Commander Gus Grissom, and Command Pilot, Ed White.  Three days later he flew to the North American Aviation plant in Downey, California to become aquatinted with production of the Apollo spacecraft.  Chaffee soon established himself as the de facto secretary of the three-man team.  He also earned Gus's respect as a very good engineer who was able tear systems engineers apart in discussions about their systems.  The astronauts learned every inch of their new spacecraft along with its problems and design deficiencies.

When Chaffee went home to Nassau Bay, Texas for Christmas, he decorated his home with Santa and his reindeer, complete with carefully timed flashing lights to simulate movement.  He won first place for the best decorated home from the Nassau Bay Garden Club.  Chaffee returned to the Cape in January.  He was killed in the Apollo 1 Fire on January 27, 1967.  He was 31, for an evil king.

Roger Chaffee Birth ChartRoger Chaffee's Birth Chart contains a Kite and a Catwalk.  A Kite symbolizes a person with operational stability who flies over the problems of life with talent and ease.  Those with a Catwalk build bridges to cross the chasms of life to connect two different groups of people.  Both configurations are good descriptions of an astronaut, where the Kite is for flying in space, and the Catwalk is for going to the Moon.

Chaffee's Sun Sign was Aquarius, which symbolizes good news.  To add even more power to the significance of the sign, the Sun was in conjunction with two other planets to form a Stellium.  The Morning Star was also in Aquarius as the Pivot of the Kite and the Chart.  The Morning Star in Aquarius symbolizes an agent or a prophet.  As an astronaut, Chaffee was not bashful.  He represented NASA and could be quite prophetic.  The Savior Planet in Aquarius symbolizes a spokesman or reporter.  While he was an Apollo 1 astronaut, Chaffee assumed the role of de facto spokesman in meetings with the press and others when Grissom and White didn't feel like talking.  The God of the Covenants in Aquarius symbolizes design specifications.  Chaffee was good at understanding design specifications and their implementation in his meetings with engineers who worked on the Apollo spacecraft.

Chaffee's Moon Sign was Gemini, which symbolizes a family.  This could apply to Chaffee's immediate family, the astronaut family, or even NASA.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Cancer, a sign of scourging, or severe punishment.  The implication was that Chaffee's family was tied to suffering.  This, of course, came true with his death in the Fire that symbolized the holocaust of the family of Israel.  Gemini corresponds to California, where the Apollo spacecraft was manufactured, and to Israel.

The Ascendant Sign was Scorpius, the evil one.  Those under the influence of Scorpius are usually like angels of light and full of human good as opposed to the grizzly type.  This was Chaffee, the Eagle Scout, tireless worker, and winner of best decorated house for Christmas.

Midheaven was in Virgo, which corresponds to Chaffee's home state of Michigan in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  Chaffee was a famous son from the state.  Midheaven was paired with the Red Planet, which was barely in Virgo on the cusp of Libra.  This symbolized a famous bloody son, which portrayed Chaffee's death in the Apollo 1 Fire.


The Catwalk in Chaffee's Chart is almost wide enough to be a Mystic Rectangle.  It is unusual in that it connects Midheaven to IC, the bottom of heaven, or Hades.  It connects heavenly glory to Sheol, the grave.  Midheaven was in Virgo, for the mother of a famous son, and IC, the bottom of heaven, was in Pisces, for a priest in Sheol, or the grave.  The pattern is, of course, Jesus Christ, who was the son of a Virgin and a Priest, who went to Sheol.  Then on the third day He rose from the grave, and 40 days later He followed the Catwalk to Heaven.  Similarly, Chaffee was a famous son, who died in the Apollo 1 Fire and was buried in a grave as a believer-priest to symbolize the approaching holocaust of Israel.  His soul was delivered from the fire that symbolized Hades and was taken up via the Catwalk to Heaven.  And when Christ returns via the Catwalk, his body will be Resurrected from the grave.

Two of the planets in the Catwalk have not yet been discussed.  Opposite the Red Planet in Virgo was the Mediator in Aries, for an initiator.  Chaffee was proactive.  During high school and college, he worked many part-time jobs.  He was always active, both on and off the job.  Opposite the Morning Star in Aquarius was the Redeemer in Leo, for a government redeemer.  Chaffee was employed by the government.


The Apollo 1 Fire, which took the lives of three of NASA's finest astronauts, was one of the major tragedies in the history of manned space flight.  However, when viewed from the perspective of the heavens with astrology, it was one of most significant events of the Twentieth Century.  Through understanding the astrology charts of the Fire and those who died, the truth of history can be wrestled back from Satan, the master of deceit.  The story from the stars is not the story from the press or the historians.  In this case, divine viewpoint is quite different from the human perspective.

The Chart of the Fire contains a Pit and a Plow pointed down at Sheol and Hades.  The Pit, which also symbolizes the Apollo spacecraft, and the Plow both point to the Redeemer Planet in conjunction with IC, the bottom of heaven.  The Redeemer Planet in Libra symbolizes Fire Testing, which corresponds to the approaching holocaust of Israel when Israel would be attacked by its Arab neighbors in the Six Day War that began on June 5, 1967.  The Apollo 1 Fire was Providential Preventative Suffering upon Client Nation USA to warn Israel of the approaching holocaust.

In the Fire Chart, all of the planets except three were on the dark half of the Chart.  The three astronauts who died were all professing Christians.  Grissom was a member of the Church of Christ; White was a Methodist; and Chaffee was a Presbyterian.  Thus, they all had the Light of Life.  The Lord determines the time, manner, and place of death.  So, death is God's victory.  The deaths of the three astronauts symbolized the Justice of the Holy Spirit, per the meaning of the number, 3.  They died in a fire to symbolize the approaching holocaust of Israel.  The Redeemer Planet in Libra at the point of the Pit and Plow in the Fire Chart symbolized Fire Testing.

Midheaven in Grissom's Birth Chart was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Gemini, which signifies a notorious trial associated with Israel.  That trial was originally, the trial of Jesus Christ, but in 1967 it was the attack on Israel in the Six Day War.  Ed White's Chart contained symbols of the conical Apollo Command Module and the Launch Escape System as formed from a Grand Trine and a Plow that both pointed to the Mediator Planet in Pisces.  The Plow pointing to the Mediator Planet in Pisces symbolized the judgment of a priest.  Grissom's Birth Chart contained the Sun setting in Pisces to symbolize a Priest going to sleep, or dying.  And Chaffee's Birth Chart contained a Catwalk that connected Midheaven in Virgo to IC (Sheol) in Pisces.  His Birth Chart also contained the conjunction of the Moon in Gemini and the Last Adam in Cancer to symbolize the scourging of the family (Jews) of Israel.  The priests in the Birth Charts of the astronauts symbolized the Christian believer-priest, Client Nation USA (Priest Nation), and Israel (the former Priest Nation now headed for the holocaust).

The inspiration for going to the Moon was not Russian, German, or American.  It was Satan's idea.  He put the thoughts in men's minds, and they accepted them.  If any of the men had bothered to ask the will of God, the Holy Spirit would have revealed the truth.  Unfortunately, Satan is so far ahead of man, that it could take man a long time to understand the truth.  The Moon is outside the geographical will of God.  There is nothing there for man, and only a fool would go there.  However, going to the Moon was the greatest engineering feat of human history.  It surpassed the Tower of Babel, which Satan also inspired.

The terrible tragedy of the Apollo 1 Fire was a wake up call for both the US and Israel.  The US was two years away from its peak commitment in the Vietnam War and Israel was headed for the holocaust.  NASA was headed for the Moon to give Satan a publicity bonanza.  Satan wasn't just after the destruction of Israel.  He was also after the destruction of the USA.  He was the force behind the anti-war protests and civil rights riots of the 60's.  During this time, the teaching of Bible Doctrine in this country was pitiful.  There was great evangelism, but very little Spiritual growth.  Christianity had been overcome by the world.

When the Soviets embarked on a plan to go to the Moon, President John Kennedy took the bait and called for a space race to beat them there.  The objective wasn't science or education, but a race, a challenge of fat-headed arrogance.  On May 21, 1961, he asked Congress for $7 billion to $9 billion over the next five years for the space program to go to the Moon and return in that decade.  In 1861, Lincoln asked for establishment of an income tax to fight the war.  In 1961, Kennedy asked for tax money to go to the Moon.  The number, 61, is for income tax.  But this nation had no strategic interests on the Moon.  It is a dead place, where life never existed.  The journey to the Moon was a brilliant distraction.  It was Satan's idea, but the President, Congress, and the American people bought it.

Even though the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion had just failed a month before on April 19, 1961, the brilliant distraction was not Kennedy's alone, it was part of a much bigger Satanic plan to destroy Israel and the USA.  A year later in October of 1962, the Cuban missile crisis brought the US and USSR to the brink of war.  Satan was backing the Soviets, the King of the North.  Then, Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, which was the work of Satan, the murderer from the beginning.  The Apollo 1 Fire on January 27,  1967 was a wake up call to stop the launch of the first Apollo space vehicle.  On that day the Satan-inspired Space Weapons Treaty was opened for signature in Washington, DC, London, and Moscow.  Neil Armstrong was in Washington, DC with a NASA delegation for the President's signing of the Treaty, which would also preclude nations staking a claim to the Moon.  The Six Day War in June, 1967 was Satan's attempt to destroy Israel.  The anti-war protests and civil rights riots of the 60's were inspired by Satan.  The US commitment in Vietnam peaked in 1969, and then Satan prevailed to bring US defeat.  The first landing on the Moon was July 20, 1969, where 20 is for going out and coming in, and 69 is for running the course (the race to the Moon).

History speaks the truth, even though Satan tries to spin the interpretation.  The numbers don't lie.  The stars don't lie.  And the divine viewpoint of God's strategic design is always true.  When viewed with divine viewpoint, the Apollo 1 Fire becomes more than a NASA tragedy.  It becomes a major event in Satan's attempt to destroy Israel and the USA in order to conquer the world and rule it before the Lord can return to establish His Millennial Kingdom.

Fire Chart Planets

Sun Capricornus Gentile glory
Moon Leo Politician
Savior Capricornus Rescuer
Morning Star Aquarius Ship's captain
Red Planet Libra Mass execution
Almighty God Cancer Prisoners
Ring Planet Pisces New Covenant (Space weapons treaty)
Mediator Leo Mediator of the Supreme Court of Heaven
Redeemer Libra Fire Testing
Last Adam Leo Footstool



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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