Astrology Charts of People and Events

Jesus Christ


This section contains the interpretation of selected astrological charts of people and historical events.  Analysis of the Birth Charts of well-known people is a great learning aid and verification of accuracy of interpretation.  The charts of people and historical events also reveal divine viewpoint of God's Creation.  He not only creates people for a purpose, but also controls human history.  Understanding the meaning of astrological charts reveals divine design in the affairs of mankind and animals.

Of course, divine design can only be understood by those who are Spiritual.  The interpretation of charts by means of Biblical Astrology is for Christians.  Salvation is a prerequisite.  Otherwise, thtis information will be considered foolishness.  And for Christians, the Filling of the Holy Spirit is required (ref. Rebound).


Barbaro (race horse)
Big Brown (race horse)
Duck (Tallahassee, FL 1-15-07)


9-20-331BC Lunar Eclipse
2-20-2008 Lunar Eclipse
8-01-2008 Solar Eclipse
11-3-2013 Solar Eclipse


10-12-539BC  The Fall of Babylon
10-01-331BC  Alexander Victory Over Persian Empire
4-19-1775  Battle of Lexington and Concord
7-04-1776  Declaration of Independence
12-26-1776 Battle of Trenton
4-14-1865  Abraham Lincoln Assassination
9-27-1940  Tripartite Pact
12-07-1941 WW II Pearl Harbor Attack
6-06-1944  WW II D-Day Invasion
8-07-1944  WW II Battle of Mortain
8-06-1945  Atomic Bomb Hiroshima
8-09-1945  Atomic Bomb Nagasaki
11-22-1963 John Kennedy Assassination
3-30-1981  Reagan Assassination Attempt
9-11-2001  September 11 Attacks
4-16-2007  Virginia Tech Shooting
8-01-2007  Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
1-17-2008  Burning Tires Florida
2-26-2008  Florida Power Blackout, Red Planet Rising
3-03-2008  Florida Wendy's Shooting
3-25-2008  Crane Collapse Miami
3-25-2008  Train Wreck Massachusetts
5-30-2008  Crane Collapse Manhattan
7-12-2008  Covenant Signs in the Sky
9-29-2008  World Financial Markets Fall
11-5-2009  Fort Hood Shooting
12-5-2009  Alabama Beats Florida in SEC Championship
01-7-2010  Shooting at St. Louis ABB Power
1-12-2010  Major Earthquake Devastates Haiti
1-22-2010 Viera, Florida Tornado
2-24-2010 Sign of Jonah
2-27-2010 Chile Earthquake
9-22-2010 Almighty God - Mediator Triple Conjunction 2010
10-3-2010 Houston Ship Channel Blocked
10-4-2010 Hungary Spill, Sign of Armageddon
10-4-2010 Gainesville Mass Shooting
12-17-2010 Mohammad Bu Azizi, Spark of the Arab  Revolution 2011
03-11-2011 Massive Earthquake, Tsunami Strikes Japan
03-18-2011 Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Crisis
03-19-2011 Western Coalition Strikes Libya
04-29-2011 The Royal Wedding
01-25-2012 Costa Concordia Shipwreck
02-15-2013 Asteroid Approaches Earth, As Stone Cut Out Without Hands
02-14-2018 Florida School Shooting, Jezebel Judgment

2001-2009 Four Horses of Apocalypse History Timeline


01-27-1967 Apollo 1 Fire
10-11-1968 Apollo 7 Launch
07-16-1969 Apollo 11
04-12-1981 STS-1 Launch
01-28-1986 Challenger Disaster
02-01-2003 Columbia Disaster
Aldrin, Buzz
Armstrong, Neil
Chaffee, Roger
Crippen, Bob
Graham, William R.
Grissom, Gus
Husband, Rick
McAuliffe, Christa
Ramon, Ilan
Schirra, Wally
Scobee, Dick
Tani, Daniel
White, Ed
Young, John


Business People
Celebrities, Movie Stars
Pastors, Church Leaders
World Leaders
All Others
Business People

Ford, Henry
Wolfowitz, Paul

Celebrities, Movie Stars

Arnaz, Desi
Ball, Lucille
Bardot, Brigitte
Boyle, Susan
Curtis, Tony
Cruise, Tom
Day, Doris
Disney, Walt
Evans, Dale
Kidman, Nicole
Holmes, Katie
Nordegren, Elin
Reagan, Ronald and Nancy
Rivers, Joan
Rogers, Mimi
Rogers, Roy
Russert, Tim
Smith, Anna Nicole


ABB Power Shootings
Bin Laden, Osama
Bundy, Ted
Capone, Al
Cho Seung-Hui
Cruz, Nikolas

Dalton, Jason Brian
Fort Hood Shooting
Ivins, Bruce (Anthrax)
Jones, Henry Lee
Lanfray, Jean
Manson, Charles
Martin, Trayvon
McLendon, Michael
Hasan, Nidal
Oswald, Lee Harvey
Santiago, Esteban
Snowden, Edward
Spirit, Don
Zimmerman, George

Pastors, Church Leaders

Moody, Dwight L.
Chafer, Lewis Sperry
Graham, Billy
Thieme, Robert B., Jr.


Libby, Scooter
Wolfowitz, Paul


Kennedy, John F.
Lincoln, Abraham
Reagan, Ronald


Alabama Beats Florida in SEC Championship
Ali, Muhammad(Clay, Cassius Marcellus, Jr.)
Graf, Steffi
Mays, Willie
Woods, Tiger

World Leaders

Alexander the Great
Hitler, Adolf
Hussein, Saddam

All Others

Bu Azizi, Mohammad
Davis, Kimberly
Einstein, Albert
Fitzgerald, Patrick
Hubbard, L. Ron
Newton, Isaac
Plame, Valerie
Ramsey, JonBenet


6-02-2007 Tropical Storm Barry
9-04-2007 Hurricane Felix
8-20-2008 Tropical Storm Fay in Florida
9-01-2008 Hurricane Gustav
9-13-2008 Hurricane Ike
1-22-2010 Viera Tornado
3-31-2022 Gilbert's Mill, Florida Tornado

Released February 5, 2010 - Revised Apr. 12, 2022

Author: Larry Wood
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