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Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was born in Tilden, Nebraska on March 13, 1911, Day 72, where the numbers mean:  3rd month - justice of the Holy Spirit; 13 - double blessing; 11 - a witness; and 72 - internal gates of the criminal justice system.  Nebraska (ref. Zodiac Map) corresponds to the Merarites, who are symbolically associated with refining metal.  Tilden is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 97 W., for a reduction in force (RIF).

Since Hubbard's father was in the Navy, the family moved often to different parts of the world.  Hubbard attended Swavely Preparatory School in Manassas, Virginia and graduated from Woodward School for Boys in 1930.  He attended George Washington University for two years, where he was studying civil engineering, but his grades were mostly failing and he dropped out.  He was one of eight assistant editors of the University newspaper and was more interested in extracurricular activities than studying.  He never received a college degree.

Hubbard became a prolific writer and an aviator.  He published stories and novelettes in magazines.  He wrote 138 novels between 1933 and 1938.  Hubbard composed directly at the typewriter about 70 words per minute.

In 1940, Hubbard became a member of The Explorers Club and was licensed by the United States Department of Commerce to operate steam and motor vessels.  He joined the US Navy in 1941 where he initially served in public relations and Naval Intelligence.  On April 20, 1943, he was given command of a 173-foot submarine chaser, PC-815.  On May 19, 1943, on the shakedown cruise, Hubbard thought he detected Japanese submarines off Oregon and proceeded to attack.  Over the course of two days the ship dropped 37 depth charges and was joined in the battle by two blimps, two Coast Guard patrol boats, and two other subchasers.  Afterward, it was concluded that there never were any submarines in the area.  On June 28, 1943, Hubbard anchored his PC-815 in Mexican waters and conducted unauthorized gunnery practice, for which he was relieved of his command on July 7, 1943.

In August 1945 after World War II, Hubbard met Jack Parsons, a Caltech rocket scientist who was an associate of Aleister Crowley, who practiced the occult.  In 1946, Hubbard and Parsons performed sex magic rituals called the Babalon Working, which was intended to produce an incarnation of the Prostitute of Babylon of Revelation (Rev 17:1).  This was tantamount to giving birth to the Antichrist, which Parsons called a moonchild.  A moonchild is like the offspring of the women and gods called the "mighty men of old" of the antediluvian civilization.  During the rituals, Parsons received communication from the Prostitute of Babylon.  In other words, he was a medium who received communication from a demon.  In August 1946, Hubbard married Parsons' girlfriend, Sara Northrup, even though Hubbard was still married to his first wife at the time.

In 1947, Hubbard wrote Scientology: a new science, which was reproduced by mimeograph and circulated by hand.  This aroused interest in Dianetics, but the medical community did not accept it.  The original manuscript was published in 1951 as  Abnormal Dianetics.  In April 1950, the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation was established in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and in May 1950, Hubbard published Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.  Dianetics was a one-on-one system of asking a person questions to get him to divulge painful memories called engrams.  An ohm-meter was later used as a crude lie detector to monitor the answers.  Dianetics was advertised to cure physical illnesses and increase intelligence.  The theory was that most illnesses were psychosomatic, and when a person reached the state of "clear," he would be free from disease.  On a grander scale, the human race was said to be under the power of negative memories in the subconscious (engrams) passed on for billions of years.  So, Scientology was the way to save the world, per Satan's grand design for millennial rule apart from Christ.

As early as 1948, Hubbard spoke of starting a religion to make money.  He recognized certain advantages of a religion over a business, such as tax exempt status.  In March 1952, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona and developed a religious philosophy that he called Scientology.  In 1952, he established a Dianetic training center in London.   On February 10, 1953 he allegedly bought Sequoia University in California, which was known for mail order degrees, and awarded himself an honorary Ph.D.  In December 1953, he founded the Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey.  In 1955, he moved to Washington, D.C. and established the Founding Church of Scientology.  In 1959, he moved to England, where he established the world headquarters of Scientology at Saint Hill Manor near East Grinstead in Sussex.

In the mid-1960's, the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia investigated the Church of Scientology.  A 1965 Report of the Board of Enquiry into Scientology in Victoria, Australia concluded that Hubbard had made false claims of scientific and other credentials and that his sanity was "to be gravely doubted."2  In 1966, Hubbard moved to Rhodesia, where he claimed to be the reincarnation of Cecil Rhodes.  However, he was asked to leave the country.

In 1967, Hubbard resigned as executive director of the Church of Scientology and became Commodore of a small fleet of ships of Scientologists, who cruised the Mediterranean Sea.  The group was named the "Sea Organization" or "Sea Org."  Later, the Sea Org became the highest management group over Scientology.  Hubbard was attended by teenage girls and used drugs extensively.  In March 1969, the Greek government branded Hubbard and his disciples aboard the flagship Apollo as undesirables and ordered them to leave.

In 1976, Hubbard claimed to be divorced from Scientology management.  He moved to a California ranch and began writing science fiction again.  However, Forbes magazine estimated he had received $200 million through 1982.

Hubbard died from a stroke at his ranch on January 24, 1986, at 74, and left a $600 million estate.


Hubbard married his first wife, Margaret "Polly" Grubb, in 1933.  They had two children.  They lived in Los Angeles, California and later in Bremerton, Washington.  On August 10, 1946, Hubbard married Sara Northrup while he was still married to Polly.  He divorced his first wife more than a year after he had remarried.  Sara filed for a divorce on April 23, 1951.  In 1952, Hubbard married his third wife, Mary Sue Whipp.  The marriage lasted until he died.   They had four children

Birth Chart

L. Ron Hubbard Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of L. Ron Hubbard contains a Star (Pentagram), a Grand Trine, and a Pit that resembles the hold of a ship.  The Chart is highly unusual in that every planet except one is bound to a configuration.  The Star (Pentagram) is the sign of sudden brilliance that comes into a person's life to make the person a star in the Angelic Conflict.  The Pentagram as a five-pointed star is a sign of a giant, such as Baal.  Satan appears as Baal and may try to exploit the person with a Star.  Hubbard exposed himself to the occult, the practice of magic, and hypnotism, which opened him to demon influence.

The Grand Trine signifies blessing, stability, productivity, talent, harmony, ease, and momentum. It enables a person to operate on a higher plane with the power and stability to handle the pressures of life with ease.  Hubbard's productivity was at unbelievably high levels.  He wrote 138 novels between 1933 and 1938.  Although his work was full of lies and evil, he was prolific, and when he got in a jam, he simply shook it off and kept moving.

A Pit symbolizes a trap, intensified punishment like being thrown into a dungeon, or Sheol, the grave.  In this case, the sides of the Pit are higher than normal and resemble a Ship's Hold.  The picture of the Ship's Hold appears to symbolize Hubbard's travels at sea.  Although this is not a normally recognized configuration, the picture is quite symmetrical and must be a symbol.  Hubbard named the highest management group over Scientology the Sea Org.  Floating on the sea symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon, who happens to rule ecumenical religion like Scientology.

Hubbard's Sun Sign was Aquarius, which can signify the Antichrist.  Hubbard, who was the prolific communicator of doctrines of demons of Satan, was an antichrist.  The Moon Sign was Leo, which symbolizes government or governing.  Hubbard's Church of Scientology had a form of government that held it together and continued to provide him with profits even after he left.

The Ascendant Sign was Sagittarius on the cusp of Scorpius.  The Ascendant Sign of Sagittarius symbolizes a person who attacks the projects of life as if they are the enemies in war.  This symbolizes Hubbard as the penultimate workaholic, who wrote prolifically.  However, the influence of Scorpius, the evil one, was also apparent.  Hubbard's lies and false teaching were those of Satan.  His mind was wide open to the influence of Satan and his demons.  He was even trying to help Satan save the world through Dianetics and usher in a false millennium without Christ.

Midheaven was in Virgo, the Virgin.  In a man's chart, Virgo corresponds to domestic activity, such as business.  In Midheaven, it signifies public notoriety in such domestic activity as opposed to the warlike activities of the military.  Hubbard was famous for his work on the domestic front, such as the Church of Scientology.

Sun Sign

Hubbard's Sun Sign was Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which can symbolize the antichrist.  This is the best overall description of Hubbard.  He was an antichrist, who did the devil's bidding.  He told Satan's lies to itching ears, and led the naive around like the Pied Piper.  Hubbard's magic ritual with Parsons was an attempt to incarnate the Prostitute of Babylon, which would be tantamount to the birth of the Antichrist.  And the doctrines of demons about the origin of life and death were the same as those communicated by Hubbard in Scientology.  To be even more blunt, Satan was the force behind Hubbard.  Satan empowered him and promoted him.

Also in Aquarius was the Savior Planet, which symbolizes a reporter, news bearer, or spokesman.  Hubbard always had something to say.  However, he reported both verbally and in writing, the lies of Satan and his Cosmic System.  The truth was not the objective.  Lies and deception were the order of the day.

Moon Sign

The Moon was in Leo, for government or governing.  The Church of Scientology was governed by an organization with Hubbard's policy that held together and continued to provide Hubbard with profits throughout his life.  The Church of Scientology had a high level management group called the Sea Org that ruled over the organization.  The Sea Org symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon, "who sits on many waters" (Rev 17:1).

Star (Pentagram)

The Star (Pentagram) is a sign of sudden brilliance that comes into the life.  Miraculous and out of this world may be used to describe a person with a Star in the Birth Chart.  The person will be known in Angelic Conflict in the spiritual realm.  The five-pointed star symbolizes a giant, such as Baal.  Satan is worshipped as Baal.  As an antichrist with Virgo in Midheaven, Hubbard became famous as the inventor of the Church of Scientology, which, like the Synagogue of Satan, teaches the apostasy of Ecumenical Babylon.  Scientology is based on doctrines of demons.

The Star (Pentagram) is also an unstable configuration.  It is like the spokes of a wheel without a rim, which makes for a bumpy ride.  The person with the Star jumps from one task to the next, forgetting the previous one, as if on a frantic search for happiness.  This describes Hubbard's actions as he moved rapidly from one project to the next without looking back.  He even married his second wife before he had divorced his first one.

The five points of the Star define main issues of the person's life.  For Hubbard, they were:

  1. Moon in Leo - government or governing.  Hubbard's Church of Scientology was very strictly governed by rigid policy.
  2. Almighty God in Libra - judge of all from the Supreme Court of Heaven.  Satan sought to rule from the Throne of God (Isa 14:14).  Hubbard believed the philosophy, "Do as you will"; therefore, he was a law unto himself and the judge.  This also signifies the Antichrist ruling the world as the judge.  He ruled the Church of Scientology like an authoritarian judge.  And Hubbard's deceitful activities brought him under jurisdiction of judges, who restricted his fraudulent activities throughout his life.
  3. Mediator and Red Planet in Capricornus - spiritual adultery and enemy of God.  Spiritual adultery is rejecting the relationship with Christ and living under the power of Satan in the Cosmic System (Ja 4:4).  This makes a person the enemy of God, which describes Hubbard as an antichrist.
  4. Morning Star in Pisces - a high priest.  Hubbard was a high priest of Satan, or Babylon, and not associated with Christ, the High Priest of the Church.
  5. Last Adam in Gemini - Church family.  Hubbard's church family was the Church of Scientology, which is outside the Church of Jesus Christ.
Grand Trine

The Grand Trine is a sign of operational stability with blessing and productivity as well as talent, harmony, and ease.  All these describe Hubbard, who was a prolific writer.  He was described as writing about a million words a year.  He holds three Guinness records for :  (1) the most translated author (71 languages) (2) the most published author, with 1084 works, and (3) the most audio books, with  185 books as of April 21, 2009.

Hubbard also maintained the momentum in the face of problems, which he often created for himself.  However, his allegiance to Satan was not without a price.  He admitted to depression and suicidal tendencies.

Ship's Hold

Although the picture of the Ship's Hold is not a standard configuration, it describes the symmetrical figure in Hubbard's chart.  The figure (an irregular pentagon) falls short of a true Pit (upside down Castle) because there are no Kites.  The Ship's Hold fits the rest of Hubbard's chart.  It symbolizes the Prostitute, "who sits on many waters" (Rev 17:1).  Hubbard traveled in ships at sea and even established his Sea Org.  The Ship's Hold corresponds to the Ark of Noah, which was used for saving the human race.  Hubbard tried to save the human race through Scientology under the power of Satan.  The ultimate goal of Scientology is to save mankind in Satan's millennium apart from Jesus Christ.

The points of the Ship's Hold bear perhaps a more powerful description of Hubbard than the Star (Pentagram).  The points were:

  1. Almighty God in Libra - the judge of all.  The Antichrist ruling the world as judge.
  2. Mediator and Red Planet Conjunction in Capricornus - Spiritual adultery and enemy of God.
  3. Savior Planet in Aquarius - a reporter.
  4. God of the Covenants in Aries - policy, bylaws.  Hubbard's policy governed the Church of Scientology.  This policy was a counterfeit of Bible Doctrine, which governs the Church of Jesus Christ.
  5. Redeemer Planet in Gemini - riches.  Hubbard's stated goal was to found a religion to make money.  He soon founded the Church of Scientology to fulfill that goal.  Money is the coin of the realm in Satan's kingdom.  "The love of money is the root of all evil" (1 Tim 6:10a).


L. Ron Hubbard's Birth Chart is one of the rare gems of astrology.  It contains three configurations, with one of those inscribed in another.  The Grand Trine is inscribed in the Ship's Hold.  All of the planets except the Sun form the points of the two configurations.  Even the Sun is close to one of the points.  The result is that everything is in order.  Everything is in its place.  Everything fits.  His Chart is like a perfectly formed creation.

The Star (Pentagram) rises above to symbolize Satan as Baal attempting to ascend to the Throne of God and rule the world.  The Grand Trine is a symbol of operational stability and productivity.  Hubbard was a prolific writer, with 1084 works to his credit, most of which were science fiction.  The Ascendant Sign of Sagittarius also symbolizes his drive to produce.  The Ship's Hold symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon, "who sits on many waters" (Rev 17:1) and corresponds to the Sea Org in Scientology.  The Ship, which corresponds to Noah's Ark, symbolizes the goal of Scientology and Satan to save the world for himself apart from Jesus Christ.

The Sun in Aquarius at the bottom of the Pit of the Ship's Hold symbolizes the Antichrist.  Hubbard's involvement in the occult, drugs, and magic opened him up to Satan's control.  Hubbard was an antichrist, who was seized by Satan to obey his will.  Satan used Hubbard to spout his lies and lead the masses like the Pied Piper.  Hubbard was created with talent, which Satan harnessed to do his bidding.  Hubbard's great lies were actually doctrines of demons that were poured directly into his willing and open mind.  Scientology may fall short of scientific truth, but it is perfectly in tune with Satan's goal to save the world for himself and defeat the Plan of God.

L. Ron Hubbard Birth Chart Planets

Sun Aquarius Antichrist
Moon Leo Government
Savior Aquarius Reporter
Morning Star Pisces High priest
Red Planet Capricornus Enemy of God
Almighty God Leo Judge
Ring Planet Aries Policy, bylaws
Mediator Capricornus Spiritual adultery
Redeemer Gemini Riches
Last Adam Gemini Church family



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Author: Larry Wood
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