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Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot was born in Paris, France on September 28, 1934, Day 271, where the numbers mean:  9th month - plagues of Egypt; 28 - Cosmic stronghold; 34 - division of the land; and 271 - a strait (71).  France (ref. Zodiac Map) corresponds to Gemini, the Twins, and Ephraim and Manasseh, which symbolize the double blessing.  Paris is at 48 N., for the inheritance of the Levites, and 2 E., for divine division.

Bardot was born into a wealthy family, attended a private school, and vacationed on the Riviera.  She was raised a Roman Catholic but later turned from its dogma.  She began ballet lessons at age 5 and by 13 was an accomplished dancer.  At age 14 she became a model and appeared on the covers of French magazines.  At 15 she fell in love with a movie director, Roger Vadim.  When her parents refused permission for her to marry before 18, she attempted suicide.  There were more suicide attempts during her life due to depression.  She married Vadim at 18.

In 1956 when she was 22, Brigitte starred in the movie, "And God Created Woman," which was directed by Vadim.  As a result, she became world-famous.  She divorced Vadim the next year.  In 1959, she married Jacques Charrier, a French actor with whom she starred in "Babette Goes to War."  She had her only son, Nicholas Charrier, in this marriage.  And her fame brought out the paparazzi, who invaded her privacy and tracked her every move.  By 1962 she divorced Charrier, and the Charrier's raised her son.

Bardot began recording songs in 1961.  She worked as an actress during the day and recorded songs at night.  In addition to her 48 films, she recorded 80 songs.  She was the most popular star in the European movie industry.  She was like the Marilyn Monroe of Europe.  However, she longed for privacy.  She tried suicide, but failed.  Finally, she retired from entertainment at 39 in 1973 and became an animal rights' activist.  She lived as a vegetarian and established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Protection of Distressed Animals in 1976.  And she established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals in 1986.

Birth Chart

Brigitte Bardot Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Brigitte Bardot contains a Mystic Rectangle (Wagon), a Plow, a Stage, and a Yod.  The Mystic Rectangle symbolizes operational stability in balancing two sets of opposition, namely, between a lifestyle of lawlessness and the consequences of suffering.  It is also a Wagon, which symbolizes a wife or Right Woman.  The Plow, which is always a sign of intense suffering, symbolized the conflict and depression in her life.  A Stage signifies Bardot's success as an actress.  And the Yod symbolizes a critical sense of timing to handle a crisis.

The Sun Sign was Virgo, the Virgin, which symbolizes a beautiful young woman.  The Moon was in Taurus, which symbolizes a prosperous group, such as Brigitte's wealthy family.  The Ascendant Sign was Sagittarius, the Archer, which symbolizes a person running through life as if fighting a war.  Brigitte attacked her work with a strong work ethic as if conquering the enemy.


Midheaven was in Libra in conjunction with the Savior Planet, for a famous dancer, and the Almighty God Planet, for notoriety associated with decisive justice, like a rod of iron.  When things were going badly in marriage, she would initiate the divorce.  When she didn't get her way, she would try to commit suicide.  She took powerful decisive action like a judge.  She would demand action from the Prime Minister or seek world support for her animals.

Sun Sign

Brigitte's Sun Sign was Virgo, the Virgin, and symbol of a beautiful, young woman.  In her day, because of the mass media attention, Brigitte Bardot was one of the most popular names in Europe.  The image of the beautiful young woman, a glamor girl, comes from Virgo.

Moon Sign

The Moon Sign was Taurus, which symbolizes a prosperous group.  Brigitte was born into a wealthy family.  And the entertainment industry in which she thrived was another prosperous group.


Bardot's Ascendant Sign was Sagittarius, the Archer, which symbolizes a person who attacks the projects of life as if fighting a war.  The Ascendant Sign reveals how the world sees a person, and how the person sees himself in the world.  Brigitte Bardot was a tireless worker.  She worked as an actress during the day and recorded songs at night.  She made 48 films and recorded 80 songs.  She worked to become the most popular star in Europe.  Not only did she behave like a mounted cavalry, the paparazzi chased her everywhere in order to capitalize on her popularity.

Mystic Rectangle

The Mystic Rectangle is a sign of operational stability from the ability to balance two sets of opposition.  The Mystic Rectangle is also a Wagon, which symbolizes a wife or Right Woman.  Brigitte became a model at age 14 and world famous at age 22 when she starred in the movie, "And God Created Woman."  She was thus the visible symbol of Right Woman.  The Mystic Rectangle Wagon is the centerpiece of Brigitte's chart.  It accounts for her stardom as a symbol of Right Woman and her need to balance opposition and antagonism even in her greatest successes.

The first opposition that had to be brought into balance was the conjunction of the Savior Planet and Almighty God Planet in Libra in opposition to the Mediator Planet in Aries.  The Savior Planet in Libra symbolizes a dancer.  Brigitte began studying ballet at age 5 and became an accomplished dancer before she ever became a glamour girl.  The Almighty God in Libra symbolizes a judge with a strong sense of justice, like using a rod of iron to smash a clay pot.  This accounts for Brigitte's outspoken cries for justice and judgment.  The Almighty God in Libra also symbolizes Brigitte's business success in the entertainment industry.  In opposition, the Mediator Planet in Aries symbolizes a founder.  Brigitte founded animal welfare foundations.  This became her alternative to being the entertainer with the curse of the paparazzi and gossips.  Brigitte's love for animals may very well be marked in her hand by a Ring of John the Baptist under her forefinger.

The second opposition was the God of the Covenants in Capricornus and the Red Planet in Cancer.  The God of the Covenants in Capricornus symbolizes Gentile lawlessness, which Brigitte portrayed on the screen and in her glamour girl photographs.  The Red Planet in Cancer symbolizes suffering.  Thus, the balance of justice required for lawlessness was intense suffering.  Brigitte did not find happiness in her fame, success, and fortune, nor did she find it in her lawless romance.  She longed for true love and happiness, but did not find it in the glory of the world.


The Plow resolves the opposition of two planets into a third at the point of the Plow.  The result is intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The planets in opposition were the Mediator in Aries, for a founder, and the conjunction of the Savior Planet and Almighty God in Libra, for a dancer and rod of iron justice.  The point of the Plow was the Last Adam in Cancer, a sign of the intensified suffering of scourging.

The Plow accounts for Brigitte's dark depression and suicide attempts.  The suffering was so intense that she sought suicide as the only way of escape.  Having rejected God's solution, all she had left was Satan's solution, which was suicide.


The Stage indicates Bardot's great success as an actress and a model.


The Yod symbolizes a critical timing window along with the ability to recognize the crisis and handle it by acting at the right time.  The timing window of the Yod in Brigitte's chart begins with the God of the Covenants Planet in Capricornus, for Gentile lawlessness, and ends with the Mediator Planet in Aries, for a founder.  The point of the Yod is the Morning Star in Leo, a sign of royal glory.  Those who knew Brigitte personally said she was like royalty.  She did meet the Queen once along with other movie stars.  However, the Yod indicates that she was keyed to aim for the glory and fanfare of royalty.

The Yod symbolizes Brigitte's sense of critical timing.  The Yod was aligned with the Mystic Rectangle, which adds a sense of direction.  That sense of direction was illustrated in her decision to leave entertainment behind and begin a new life with her animals.  It was also illustrated in her decisions to divorce her husbands.  When asked why she divorced them, she replied that when something was going to happen anyway, she wanted to be the first to do it.  That is precisely the thinking based upon the Yod.

Also in Leo was the Redeemer Planet, a sign of a king redeemer or government redeemer.  Brigitte, in her activism, is not shy about taking on the leaders of nations.  When she perceives an injustice, she challenges them in the court of public opinion.  However, the government usually overrules the public opinion.


The Birth Chart of Brigitte Bardot has a Mystic Rectangle (Wagon), Plow, Stage, and Yod.  The Yod was aligned with the Wagon, which indicates a strong sense of direction.  The Wagon symbolizes Brigitte's stardom as the symbol of Right Woman.  The Mystic Rectangle indicates Brigitte's operational flexibility with the ability to balance two sets of opposition.  Her life was a balance of contradictions.  She was a talented entertainer, a famous movie star, popular singer, and accomplished dancer; yet, she had conflict with her parents, her husbands and lovers, and even  government leaders, whom she found a way to antagonize.  Her Birth Sign was Virgo, for a beautiful, young woman, which was of great benefit in her career as an entertainer.  Her rapid rise to fame, which began as a dancer, was associated with the conjunction of Midheaven with the Savior Planet in Libra, and her fame in the entertainment industry was associated with the conjunction of Midheaven with the Almighty God Planet and the Savior Planet in Libra, which includes the world of business.

Brigitte was born into a wealthy family, as symbolized by the Moon in Taurus.  She appeared like royalty with its fanfare and glory, as symbolized by the Morning Star in Leo.  She aroused the lawlessness in her audience (God of the Covenants in Capricornus).  However, she appealed to the government for redemption or behaved like a government spokesman (Redeemer in Leo).  She was convicted in French courts for things she said or wrote about groups of people.

With an Ascendant Sign of Sagittarius, she attacked her work like going to war.  She made movies by day and recorded songs by night.  The Stage in her Chart foretold her success as an actress and a model.  Yet, in all her glory and success, she lacked the capacity for life to handle the prosperity she had acquired for herself.  She could not find happiness in the glory of the world.  The suffering in her life was symbolized by the Plow.  She became depressed and sought to end her life with suicide, but she failed in that.  The Last Adam in Cancer was the sign of even more intensified suffering, like being scourged.  So, she retired from entertainment in 1973 and sought peace in animal rights activism, another avenue of Satan, who inspired the women in the Garden to love animals more than people.  She had the world, and now she has animals.  The same fate met the woman in the Garden, who rebelled against her husband through the seductive power of Satan.

Brigitte Bardot Birth Chart Planets

Sun Virgo Beautiful young woman
Moon Taurus Prosperous group
Savior Libra Dancer
Morning Star Leo Royal glory
Red Planet Cancer Suffering
Almighty God Virgo Woman ruler
Ring Planet Libra Rod of iron justice
Mediator Aries Founder
Redeemer Leo Government redeemer
Last Adam Cancer Scourging



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