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Uber iPhone Satanic Possession

Uber driver, Jason Dalton, 45, is accused of killing six people and shooting two others around Kalamazoo, Michigan on February 20, 2016.  Dalton's side of the story was finally revealed on March 14, 2016 from a police report.3 Satan possessed him through his Uber cell phone app that drove him to murder the people.  He explained that when he opened the ride service app a star symbol (pentagram) popped up that resembled the devil's head.  "Dalton described the devil figure as a horned cow head or something like that and then it would give you an assignment and it would literally take over your whole body."3

Dalton was describing the horned goat head of a pentagram (star).  He explained that his problems began when the star changed from red to black.  When it was black he was under Satanic power and had to kill people, but when it turned back to red, he regained his faculties.  Black symbolizes death, and red symbolizes suffering and sin.  When he was stopped by police after midnight, the star was black and Dalton was preparing for a shootout when the star turned red, and he surrendered.

Dalton "said that since the minute he logged on tonight, he doesn't remember anything."  He said the app "starts out that you have to follow the navigation, but it gets to the point where you don't have to drive at all, the car just goes."3  He is saying that the devil possesses him, drives the car, and takes him to the destination on the log.  He said when the star turned black, it meant he could go as fast as he wanted.  Passengers in the car described a terrifying ride in which Dalton drove 80 mph, blew through traffic lights, passed into oncoming traffic, cut across the median, and sideswiped other cars.  The black German Shepherd dog riding in the back was so frightened she cowered down in the floor.  One passenger jumped out before reaching his destination in fear.

This means that Satan was aware of the Uber directions and drove the car through Dalton.  Dalton couldn't remember because he was in an hypnotic state.  He was being controlled through his subconscious like people who are dreaming.

"Dalton said he was seeing himself from outside of his body."  This indicates his soul had left his body under the power of Satan.  "Dalton said this thing knows where everything is through your phone.  Dalton said that it knows everything."  When asked what it was, Dalton said, "Whatever Uber is attached to."3  This means Satan was well aware of everything that was happening, and Satan was associated with Uber.

Dalton is convinced that if he had "never ever mentioned the Uber symbol resembling the Eastern Star, he never would've had any problems."3  This indicates that Dalton was charmed, cursed, or hypnotized by looking at the pentagram in the same way that charms or amulets work.

Dalton "said that the Uber App literally took over his mind and body."3  Dalton said the Uber App made him go home, get his gun, put on a bullet proof vest, and switch vehicles earlier.  After damaging his silver equinox, he went back and picked up his parents' black Chevrolet HHR.

"Dalton said that he understands how the other mass shootings take place.  Dalton explained how he has experienced a full body takeover, that is how he can understand the other mass shootings."3  He said he doesn't remember aiming his gun.  The force just took over and did the shooting.  This indicates that Satan not only drove the car, but he also aimed the gun and did the shooting.

Dalton Bio

Jason Brian Dalton was born in Greenfield, Indiana.  He was a running back in high school football, and was a good boy according to his coach.  He moved to Kalamazoo when he was 14.  He graduated from Kalamazoo Valley Community College in 1992 with an associate's degree in law enforcement and criminal justice but did not go to the police academy.  He worked as an insurance adjuster with Progressive and as a mechanic.  He had no criminal record other than traffic tickets and was well qualified for his job with Uber.

Dalton was married with two children.  He owned 16 guns, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols.  He knew how to shoot, use an iPhone, and drive for Uber.  These were qualifications that Satan could use.  He said he had worked for Uber for three days.

Presidential Primaries

The night of the Kalamazoo shootings, there was a Republican Presidential Primary in South Carolina, and a Democratic Caucus in Nevada.  The War Between the States began in Charleston, SC, and the mass murder in Kalamazoo was Satan's way of calling attention to that bloody conflict.  Satan was also taking credit for electing the next president.  Just as Abraham Lincoln was an Evil King, Satan was saying that the next president will be an Evil King or Prostitute of Babylon.

Kalamazoo, Michigan is at 42 N., where 42 is for Baal, who empowers both the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.  Michigan symbolizes the North, and South Carolina the South in the War Between the States.  And Nevada symbolizes an outcast.  Immigration is the issue in the presidential election.  Either illegal immigrants must be cast out or US citizens will be cast out.  Satan is working to destroy the USA through immigration, corresponding to the Tower of Babel.

There was another mass shooting in Newton, Kansas on February 25, the day of a Republican presidential primary debate.  However, the mass shootings did not continue to be associated with presidential primary events after that.


Uber is a ride sharing company in which independent contractors use their own vehicles to transport customers.  Rides are scheduled directly with Uber and bills are paid via cell phone.  This eliminates the need to carry cash.  The overhead of maintaining a fleet of taxis is also eliminated.

However, there is an authority problem.  Since the drivers are independent contractors, they don't answer directly to Uber management.  They can do as they please.  Freedom only exists under authority.  Being outside of establishment authority leaves a person in  the Cosmic System in lawlessness.

The prostitutes in a house of prostitution are also independent contractors.  However, prostitution is illegal, and what Uber is doing is generally legal.  The legality, however, is not the problem.  Authority is the problem.  The lack of authority over the drivers opens the door for Satan to run the business, and it appears that has happened.  Uber has a history of criminality, although most customers report pleasant experiences.

Based on what happened to Dalton, it appears that Uber software was also produced by Satan.  Thus, Satan has access to exploit it to his advantage.

Birth Chart

Jason Dalton Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Jason Dalton contains a Kite, a Plow, two High Places, and a Horn.  A Kite indicates the ability of a person to rise above the problems of life.  It indicates stability and flexibility.  Thus, Dalton could fly around in his car with ease.  A Plow signifies intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the God of the Covenants in Aries, for an authority relationship.  Uber drivers are independent contractors which breaks the chain of command in the company.

A High Place is an elevated place for offering sacrifices to God or idols.  Satan wanted to be like the Most High (Isa 14:14).  The High Places were orthogonal with a Plow through the middle.  This corresponds to an iconoclast, who smashes images, or idols, offered on the High Place.

Associated with the High Places is the Almighty God Planet in Libra, for a judge with a rod of iron, corresponding to cataclysmic judgment with a gun or an antichrist judge.  This is the side of Dalton who reportedly had a tendency to suddenly explode with anger.  A person with iconoclastic arrogance makes an idol out of a person and places him on a pedestal.  Then when the feet of clay are discovered, he smashes the idol that he created.

A Horn is a symbol of power.  In the mass murder Satan bestowed great power on Dalton.  The horns that Dalton saw on the pentagram are signs of demon powers.  The Horn pointed to the Mediator Planet in Virgo, for a matchmaker.  Also in Virgo was the Last Adam, for family love.  Dalton was close to his parents, and after the shootings he asked to hear his wife's voice and expressed concern that he might have hurt his family in the shooting.  Before his interrogation he was heard muttering to himself, something like "Sorry to you, my love."3

The Sun was in Virgo, for a glorious marriage.  Dalton appeared to be happily married.  The Red Planet was also in Virgo, for a bloody bridegroom, corresponding to the bloodshed in the murders.

The Moon was in Capricornus, for a Gentile audience, corresponding to customers in the world.

The Savior Planet was in Taurus, for a champion, corresponding to a person placed on a pedestal or an offering on a High Place.

The Morning Star was in Cancer, for a guard, a taker of spoils, or herald of alarm.  Dalton was armed, killed people, and afterward was a herald of alarm about being possessed by Satan through his iPhone.

The Redeemer Planet was in Scorpius, for a tip or lover of money.  Uber advertises a no tipping policy.  However, this has led to conflict since drivers and customers under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon believe in tipping.  Prostitutes are tipped not paid a salary, which would be subject to taxes.


The Kalamazoo mass shooting was the work of Satan associated with the Republican presidential primary that night in South Carolina.  Satan was boasting of his power over the US presidential election.  Satan gave a graphic demonstration of how he carries out mass murder by possessing unbelievers.  He also demonstrated how he runs businesses, writes software, and drives cars madly through traffic lights and into oncoming traffic without wrecking.  Satan can operate at gigahertz frequencies far beyond anything in the human realm.  He can take a bullet to its destination.

Uber is a company that Satan can easily exploit, since the authority of management over employees has been usurped.  The business model of a house of prostitution thumbs its nose at authority, defies regulation, and leads to racketeering.

Satan rules the world.  He attacks the business establishment, government, and the other Divine Institutions.  He empowers criminals, and makes criminals out of ordinary people like Jason Dalton.  Dalton understood what happened to him, but who will listen to him?  The only hope for stopping Satan is Christians who are equipped to fight him.

Jason Dalton Chart Planets

Sun Gemini Glorious marriage
Moon Capricornus Gentile audience, or customers
Savior Taurus Champion
Morning Star Cancer Guard, taker of spoils, herald of alarm
Red Planet Gemini Bloody bridegroom
Almighty God Libra Judge with iron rod (gun), antichrist
Ring Planet Aries Authority relationship
Mediator Virgo Match maker
Redeemer Scorpius Tip
Last Adam Virgo Family love



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Released March 17, 2016

Author: Larry Wood
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