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Hawthorne Smoke Shop Raid
Valentine's Day Massacre
Arrest and Trial
Imprisonment and Conversion
Final Years
Birth Chart
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Alphonse ("Al") Gabriel Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 17, 1899, where the numbers mean:  1st month - unity; 17 - lawlessness; 99 - challenger.  New York (ref. Zodiac Map) corresponds to Aries, the Ram, and Issachar, the donkey and pack animal.  Brooklyn is at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and 73 W., for freedom.  He was born to Italian immigrants, who arrived in the US in 1893.  His father was a barber, and his mother a seamstress.

Al did well in grammar school and had a B average up until the sixth grade, which, due to his truancy, he had to repeat.  The next year at age 14 in the sixth grade, he only attended 33 days out of 90.  When his teacher reprimanded him, his temper flared.  She struck him, and he hit her back.  The principal administered a second beating and expelled Al from school.  Al never returned to school.  He found work in a candy store and a bowling alley, and he joined street gangs.

Al continued to live with his parents.  Nearby, in the Italian neighborhood was the main office of Johnny Torrio, a notorious racketeer and leader of the underworld.  Torrio soon became Al's mentor.  Al did not act like a tough guy of the streets, however.  He was described as peaceful, well dressed, and well mannered.  He gained a reputation as a local pool champion.  And he learned to use a pistol at the Broadway Casino, which had a shooting gallery in the basement.  Early after becoming sexually active, Al contracted syphilis - probably from one of the local prostitutes.

When Al Capone was 18, Torrio recommended him for a job as bartender and bouncer at Frankie Yale's Harvard Inn, a popular bar and dance hall on Coney Island.  Capone's jovial nature made him popular with the customers, and he and Yale had good rapport.  One night, however, after making a crude comment to a woman, her brother rose up and started a fight with Capone.  During the altercation, the man sliced Capone's face and neck in three places, which left permanent scars and earned him the nickname, Scarface.  In 1919, Yale sent Al to collect a $150,000 gambling debt from Tony Perotta, an illegal immigrant. When the man refused to pay, Al got into an argument with him and wound up shooting him dead.  The incident further cemented Al's relationship with Yale.

At age 19, Al's girlfriend, Mae Coughlin, an Irish Catholic, became pregnant, but they didn't get married.  When she was seven months pregnant, Al registered with the draft board a year late on September 12, 1918.  World War I was not yet over.  Al realized that he could soon be drafted, but if he had a wife and child, he would probably not be drafted.  This appears to be the logic that led him to decide to get married.  The War ended in November.  The baby, Albert Francis (Sonny) Capone, was born on December 4, 1918, and the couple were married on December 30, 1918.  However, the marriage license application listed the ages of Al and Mae as both 20, when Al was only 19 and Mae was 21.  Since Al was not 21, he had to get his parents' permission to marry.  However, since women only had to be 18, Mae did not require parental consent to get married.  Further, Al listed his occupation as paper cutter rather than bartender.  And to make matters worse, the application form declared that the couple acknowledged that they had not been infected with any venereal disease.  It turned out that the child later became deaf, a sign that Al had infected Mae with syphilis.  They had no more children.

After getting married, Capone moved to Baltimore and worked as a bookkeeper for a construction firm of Peter Aiello.  The job, which was legitimate, enabled Capone to learn accounting skills that he would use later when he entered the business of organized crime.  During this time, Prohibition, which was authorized by the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, set the stage for Capone's rise to power.  The Eighteenth Amendment, which was enforced by the National Prohibition Act, known as the Volstead Act, became effective on January 17, 1920, which was Al Capone's 21st birthday.

Prohibition was the culmination of years of lobbying by Christian activists.  The movement began in the 1840's.  It was led by protestants, like the Methodists and Baptists, who were apostate and under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Woman's Christian Temperance Union, also empowered by the Prostitute of Babylon, took up the banner in 1873.  In 1881, Kansas became the first state to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in its Constitution, and Carrie Nation, who was deceived by a demon and empowered as the Prostitute of Babylon, tried to enforce the prohibition.  The number, 81 from the year 1881, stands for the grace counterattack of Jezebel.  Eventually, 46 of the 48 states ratified the Eighteenth Amendment to require national prohibition.  However, Prohibition proved to be a folly and the Eighteenth Amendment was repealed on December 5, 1933.

In early 1921, Capone decided to leave his job and move to Chicago.  Aiello was sad to see him go and even lent him $500 to make the move.  In Chicago, Capone went to work with Johnny Torrio, who had previously moved there and set up a crime syndicate that thrived from bootlegging, gambling, and prostitution.  In Chicago, Al first worked with Jack Guzik, a Jew who ran brothels.  They became good friends.  Soon Torrio promoted Al to partner and manager of the Four Deuces at 2222 South Wabash Avenue.  The Four Deuces was a saloon, gambling den, and house of prostitution, which was also Torrio's main office in Chicago.  By 1924, it was estimated the annual gross income of the Torrio-Capone syndicate approached $70 million.6

On January 23, 1925, Johnny Torrio was sentenced to 9 months in prison for violating the Prohibition Act.  However, before reporting to prison, Earl "Hymie" Weiss and George Clarence "Bugs" Moran attempted to assassinate him.  They shot him several times, but he survived.  After serving his sentence, Torrio decided it was time to retire; so, he turned his whole operation over to Al Capone and moved back to Italy for three years.  Capone was just 26.

Hawthorne Smoke Shop Raid

On May 16, 1925, Reverend Hoover with members of his West Suburban Citizens' Association and sheriff's deputies raided Al Capone's Hawthorne Smoke Shop, a gambling casino.  Capone, who had spent the night at the Hawthorne Inn next door, came out unshaven, wearing a coat over his pajamas at noon during the raid and demanded that they let him in since he owned the place.  As Capone entered, the raiders were tearing out the roulette wheels and crap tables to haul everything away in three waiting trucks.  Capone shouted at Hoover, "This is the last raid you'll ever pull!"6  One of the raiders who was a magistrate issued warrants for Capone and eight of his employees for violating antigambling laws.

Capone returned to the Inn where he shaved, groomed himself, and decked himself out in a fine suit, complete with white spats.  Then he returned to the site of the raid with a pleasant demeanor.  He called Hoover aside and asked him if they could come to some understanding.  Hoover asked Capone what he meant, and Capone said, "If you'll let up on me in Cicero, I'll withdraw from Stickney."3  Hoover refused.

Capone's men did not stand idly by during the raid, however.  One of Hoover's men had his nose broken with a blackjack, and another was thrown to the ground and kicked in the face.  The latter was shot by gangsters before the trial and spent a month in the hospital.  For fear of more reprisals, the Citizens' Committee did not go on any more raids and none of them testified at the trial.  The judge dismissed the case.  Nor did the Hawthorne Smoke Shop cease to operate.  Within 30 minutes after the raid new gambling equipment was brought in, and it was in full operation again by nightfall.

Hawthorne Smoke Shop RaidThe Star Chart of the raid at noon on May 16, 1925 is in remarkable agreement with the events on the ground.  The chart contains a Kite and a Star (Pentagram).  A Kite symbolizes the operational stability of a person who soars above the problems of life.  The Kite symbolized both the raiding party that swooped in, as well as Capone, who was undeterred by the raid and had the casino open again by nightfall.  The Pivot of the Kite upon which the chart turns was the Last Adam in Gemini, a sign of being put on trial.  Capone was put on trial.  Also in Gemini was the Red Planet, for suffering of witnesses.  Capone's thugs beat and shot witnesses so that they were afraid to testify.

The Star, although imperfectly formed, is the sign of a giant, such as Baal.  Capone, at 250 pounds, symbolized a giant.  Sheriff's deputies usually wear a star.  And both the Citizens' Association and the casino were outside the authority of the establishment and under the power of Baal in the Cosmic System.  The Ascendant Sign of Leo symbolized the government (raiders).  And Midheaven was in Taurus in conjunction with the Sun and Morning Star, which symbolized the notoriety of the raid against the famous Al Capone, who had great riches.

The Redeemer Planet was in Cancer, which symbolized a treasury, or in this case, a casino.  The Savior Planet in Aries symbolized a pastor, which corresponds to Reverend Hoover, who was the ring leader of the raid.  The Mediator Planet in Pisces symbolizes a priest, which indicates a person who believed the antigambling laws of the day.  The Mediator Planet was paired with the Moon in Aquarius.  The Moon in Aquarius signifies a citizens' association.  The Almighty God Planet was in Sagittarius, for a conquering army.  In this case, the army was just a raiding band.  And the God of the Covenants in Libra symbolizes a judge.  A judge was present during the raid, and a trial was later held before a judge.

Valentine's Day Massacre

The Valentine's Day Massacre was the most notorious gangland killing.  On February 14, 1929, four Capone men met five members of George "Bugs" Moran's gang in a garage that was Moran's liquor distribution headquarters.  Two other men in the garage were friends of the Moran group.  When two of Capone's men dressed as police entered, the Moran men, thinking it was a police raid, dropped their weapons and put their hands against the wall.  Capone's men massacred the seven men lined up against the wall with shotguns and submachine guns.  Moran, who was probably the main target, never arrived.

Valentine's Day Massacre ChartThe Chart of the Valentine's Day Massacre on February 14, 1929 contains a Castle.  A Castle symbolizes the domain of an established king or noble.  Both Al Capone and George "Bugs" Moran where like the Evil Kings of large criminal organizations who had great power, with support from an army of gunmen, public officials, and informers.  The Castle also signifies the garage, which was the liquor distribution headquarters of Moran.

The Sun Sign was Aquarius, which symbolizes good news.  This was the silver lining of the cloud.  The good news was that the massacre backfired and sealed the doom of the gangster era.  The other good news was that Al Capone had an alibi.  He was in Florida, which is symbolized by Aquarius.  Capone's home in Florida was at 93 Palm Isle in Miami's Biscayne Bay, where 93 stands for guilt.  Capone was never charged with the massacre.  Although his men were involved, it is possible that he was not directly involved because he knew the potential for backlash against such a vile mass murder.

The Moon Sign was Aries, for a usurper of authority.  This points to the gunmen who posed as police officers.  They were usurping the authority of the police.  Also, the Moon was paired with the Almighty God Planet in the Ascendant Sign of Aries.  The Almighty God Planet in Aries symbolizes a captain.  The leaders of the attack were Capone's lieutenants, and the obvious target was "Bugs" Moran, who was like a captain or commander of his crime syndicate.  This was an underworld war.

Midheaven was in Capricornus, which also contained the Savior Planet.  The Savior Planet in Capricornus symbolizes a rescuer from Gentile sin and lawlessness.  Although none of the seven victims survived, Moran and Capone were not among the victims.  The only survivor of the massacre was the barking dog of a mechanic who was killed.  Capricornus symbolizes Gentile lawlessness, and a dog symbolizes a lawless Gentile.  Midheaven adds notoriety.  The Valentine's Day Massacre was the most notorious gangster killing.  It was so notorious that local and national law enforcement personnel turned out in force to prosecute the guilty and bring the gangster era to an end.  This was also symbolized by the Redeemer Planet in Leo, which symbolizes redeeming the king (or government) from enemies.  Both Evil Kings, Capone and Moran, were redeemed in the sense of delivered.  However, the government was also redeemed from its enemies, the gangsters.  The gangsters brought down the curtain on themselves in the massacre.

The Red Planet in Taurus symbolizes a massacre, plagues, or the destruction of an army.  This obviously pointed to the Valentine's Day Massacre, but it also indicated something much bigger.  The Valentine's Day Massacre turned the tide in public opposition to the gangster era.  Public outrage made the gangsters public enemies.

The Last Adam in Gemini symbolizes being put on trial.  Capone's gunmen, Jack McGurn and John Scalise were charged with the massacre.  However, Scalise was murdered before he went to trial and the charges against McGurn were reduced to violation of the Mann Act.

The Pivot about which the whole chart turns was the God of the Covenants in Sagittarius, which symbolizes a battle plan.  The Valentine's Day Massacre was as carefully planned and executed as a military operation.

The Mediator Planet and Morning Star were in Pisces.  The Mediator in Pisces symbolizes a reversionist like Balaam, who tried to curse Israel for money.  The love of money of the gangsters was the root of all evil.  The Morning Star in Pisces symbolizes a paradigm.  The massacre was made possible because of the fake police officers.  Also the massacre backfired and led to the end of both Moran and Capone, as well as the other gangsters of the day.  The paradigm changed.  The lawlessness of the gangsters was replaced by the rule of law of the government.

Arrest and Trial

In 1929, Bureau of Prohibition agent Eliot Ness began investigating Capone.  Ness had limited success in shutting down some of Capone's businesses and breweries, but he was never able to prosecute him.

Capone was forced to appear before a Federal Grand Jury in Chicago March 20-27, 1929.  Upon completion of his testimony the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested him for Contempt of Court.  On May 17, 1929, he was arrested in Philadelphia for carrying a concealed weapon.  He was sentenced to one year, of which he served nine months and was released for good behavior on March 17, 1930.  On February 28, 1931, Capone was found guilty on the Contempt of Court charge and sentenced to six months in the Cook County Jail.

Capone paid no income tax because he claimed he had no income.  However, IRS agent Frank Wilson discovered a ledger seized in the raid on a the Hawthorne Smoke Shop that contained payments made to Capone and led to a Capone bookkeeper, Leslie Shumway, who later testified against Capone.  Capone was eventually charged with income tax evasion and violation of the Volstead Act.

Capone's trial began on October 6, 1931, where the 10th month is for the Laws of Establishment; 6 is for a man stripped of his power standing before the footstool of the conquering king; and 31 is for an Evil King.  On October 17, 1931, the case was sent to the jury.  The number, 17, is for lawlessness.  After deliberating 9 hours, the jury reached its verdict, which was announced at 11:10 PM on the night of October 17.  Capone was convicted of tax evasion for 1925, 1926 and 1927 and for failure to file for 1928 and 1929.  On October 24, he was sentenced to 11 years in Federal prison, fined $50,000 and charged $30,000 for court costs and $215,000 plus interest for back taxes. His Contempt of Court sentence of 6 months was to be served concurrently.

Imprisonment and Conversion

After his conviction, Capone was sent to the Cook County Jail, where he stayed until his appeal was rejected.  Then in May 1932, he was transferred to the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta.  After he was able to obtain special privileges in Atlanta, Capone was sent to Alcatraz in August 1934.  His cell was B-181, where 81 stands for the grace counterattack of Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  According to prison records, by February 5, 1938, Capone's mental health had deteriorated due to the effects of syphilis.  He had a seizure and was sent to the prison hospital.  He was under medical care the rest of his time at Alcatraz.

Because of his syphilis, rather than sending him back to Chicago to serve the last year of his sentence for failing to file income tax returns, Capone was released from Alcatraz on January 6, 1939 and sent to the Federal Correctional Institute at Terminal Island near Los Angeles.  There, one Sunday Reverend Silas A. Thweatt, pastor of the First Baptist Church of San Pedro, California, held a church service.  When he asked if any needed prayer, Capone raised his hand.  They prayed.  When Thweatt gave the invitation, according to his account in Time Magazine, "'At the close of the talk, Capone's face seemed to radiate, and when I asked those prisoners to stand who felt the need and will to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, he was the first to rise.' That this "conversion" had taken place, no one doubted."2  Al Capone was the first of 16 men to stand up.3,4,5

Judging from newspaper accounts, Capone's conversion took place on or before March 19, 1939.  By September 1939, his mental health had deteriorated to the extent that he had intermittent confusion, mental limitations (mind of a child), and had potential for violence and needed to be isolated from others.7  The year, 1939, stands for the sin unto death.

Final Years

Capone was paroled on November 16, 1939.  He was treated in a Baltimore hospital until he returned to his home in Florida in March 1940.  However, due to dementia from syphilis, he was never able to return to his life of crime.  He suffered an apoplectic stroke on January 21, 1947.  Although he began to recover, he contracted pneumonia on January 24 and died of cardiac arrest the next day, January 25, 1947.

Birth Chart

Al Capone Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Al Capone contains a Grand Cross, a Teeter-Totter, two Wings, and two bars of opposition.  A Grand Cross is the sign of the suffering of death, like going to the cross.  It is the most intensive sign of suffering.  Capone suffered through the gang wars of the 1920's.  He was sentenced to prison in 1931, and by 1938 he was mentally ill from syphilis.  The two Wings pointed at each other with a Grand Cross through the center is the ultimate sign of suffering from conflict.

The planets of the Grand Cross are divided on two sides of the Chart to form a Teeter-Totter.  The Teeter-Totter has two Wings pointed at each other to symbolize powerful conflict.  As a gangster, Capone had a life of conflict.  Through the center of the Wings and Teeter-Totter were two bars of opposition, which signify the balance of a tight wire walker.  This is the sign of a masterful politician who walks a thin line while playing two sides against the middle.

The Sun Sign was Capricornus, the Goat, and symbol of the sins of the Gentiles.  Capricornus also corresponds to Italy.  Capone was born in 1899 to Italian immigrants, who arrived in the US in 1893.  The Moon Sign was Aries.  The Moon in Aries signifies Jezebel and corresponds to New York, where Capone was born and grew up.

The Ascendant Sign was Aquarius, the Water Bearer and symbol of the bearer of good news.  Capone did not appear to be a thug.  He was peaceful, well dressed, and well mannered.  Aquarius can also symbolize a cosmic evangelist, who is duped by the devil.  And Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where Capone bought a home in 1928.  The Descendant Sign was Leo, for the government, which was Capone's downfall.

Midheaven was in Scorpius in conjunction with the God of the Covenants Planet, which signifies a famous liar.  Capone lived a lie.  His business was a lie.  Yet, he was a very popular celebrity.  He was the world's most famous gangster.

Sun Sign

Capone's Sun Sign was Capricornus, the Goat, and symbol of the sins of the Gentiles.  Capone was a heavy drinker and a compulsive gambler, who visited prostitutes and had a violent temper.  Capricornus also corresponds to the location of Italy.  Capone's parents immigrated to the US from Italy in 1893.  His family continued to speak Italian.  They lived in an Italian neighborhood in New York, and Capone's mob was Italian.  When Capone mopped the floor in prison, the other inmates called him the "wop with the mop."

Moon Sign

The Moon was in Aries, which signifies Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  This is the spiritual key to understanding Capone.  He was the Evil King of a large gang, but he was only the Evil King because of the Prostitute of Babylon who was both the backer of Prohibition and the market for Capone's bootleg booze.  Capone could not have been the Evil King of his gang if selling alcohol were legal.  The evil influence of the Prostitute of Babylon was balanced by the Evil King.  Under the Justice of God, the evil of apostate protestants and Prohibition activists was just as bad as the evil of the gangs, bootleggers, and prostitutes.

Aries corresponds to New York, where Capone was born and grew up.  It is also were he contracted syphilis from a prostitute.  And it is where his wife was born and where he met her.

Grand Cross

The Grand Cross is a sign of the suffering of death.  It is always the sign of intensive suffering, like going to the cross.  In the gang wars, Capone faced death every day.  He had to be constantly on guard.  He became head of his mob at age 26, spent 9 months in jail at age 30, and was sent to prison at age 32, where he went crazy due to syphilis.  His soul was saved at age 40, but his body and mental health never recovered.  He was released from prison at age 40 and died at age 48.

The Grand Cross is unstable like a wheel with four spokes without a rim.  As the person with a Grand Cross jumps from one spoke to the next, he changes from one form to another like a person on a frantic search for happiness.  Capone could be violent one minute and a personable politician the next.

The points of the Grand Cross indicate points of influence in Capone's life.

  1. Sun in Capricornus - sins of the Gentiles.  Capone was a heavy drinker, a compulsive gambler, and promiscuous.
  2. Moon in Aries - Jezebel.  Capone's rise to power as an Evil King could be attributed to the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon on Prohibition.
  3. Red Planet in Cancer - a captive, prisoner, and sickness or weakened health.  Capone went to prison and succumbed to the ravages of syphilis.
  4. Almighty God Planet in Libra - judge.  Capone's lawless activities left him subject to the judge.

A Wing is a sign of power.  The two Wings pointed at each other in Capone's Chart symbolize powerful conflict with deadly enemies in Capone's life as a gangster.  This is the sign of a shootout.  Capone was born for conflict.


The Teeter-Totter is formed when the planets are divided in two halves of the chart.  Teeter-Totters should normally cover 60 to 70 degrees.  Thus, the Teeter-Totter in Capone's chart is wider than normal, but the two poles of opposition through its center combine to form a finely balanced Teeter-Totter.  The two poles of opposition are like the bar carried by a high-wire walker.  This is the sign of a person who walks a very thin line and is able to balance opposing forces as an expert politician.  This type person walks the wire and holds the two poles to balance the opposing forces at the ends of the poles.  The person can walk the wire without falling.  That was the secret of Capone's success.  His keen sense of balance kept him from falling in the midst of the gang wars.

The first pole of opposition was between the Last Adam in Taurus, for hidden wealth, and the Morning Star in Scorpius, for Satan's fall leading to his doom.  As a racketeer, Capone's wealth was hidden.  He was a money launderer.  It took the IRS years to catch up with him.  He was filthy rich, but as a cosmic evangelist of Satan, he was subject to fall like Satan and face his doom.

The second pole of opposition was between the Redeemer in Taurus, for power and prosperity, and the God of the Covenants in Scorpius, for a liar.  Capone had great power as leader of a thousand gunmen, and he had great prosperity.  However, he was a liar and his whole life was a lie, since his business was criminal.  Capone was able to balance these extremes to maximum effect.


Scorpius contained Midheaven and three planets, which indicate a strong influence from Satan and even celebrity status.  Two of the planets, the God of the Covenants, for a liar, and the Morning Star, for Satan's fall, have already been discussed.  The third planet was the Mediator, which symbolizes a swindler, a cheat, or a fraud.  These were the characteristics of Capone and his criminal syndicate, which circumvented the laws of prohibition.


The Savior Planet was in Sagittarius, which signifies a deliverer.  Sagittarius is a raiding band, like Capone's gang, and Capone was a deliverer who destroyed his rivals.


Al Capone was the most famous gangster of the Prohibition era.  He was the Evil King counterpart of the Prostitute of Babylon in the US.  Prohibition, which was the work of the Prostitute of Babylon, became effective on Capone's 21st birthday.  Capone was born with the evil inclinations to seize the illegal market for alcohol through bootlegging in defiance of Prohibition.  He organized his gang like a business, operated it like a criminal, and made war with rival gangs like an Evil King.

Capone quit school after being expelled in the sixth grade at age 14.  He got married just prior to his 20th birthday and worked as a bookkeeper for a couple of years.  Then he moved to Chicago at 22 and began working for the gang leader, Johnny Torrio.  By age 26, Capone took his place.  He was a rich and powerful gang leader with celebrity status.  He wore a $50,000 ring on his little finger, the sign of preoccupation with the love of money.  Estimates of his gross yearly income were upwards of $100 million.

Capone's Birth Chart contained a Grand Cross with the planets divided into a Teeter-Totter with Wings on the two ends with two poles of opposition through the middle.  The Wings and Grand Cross were the sign of deadly conflict and suffering in Capone's life.  He lived by the sword (hand gun).  The Teeter-Totter with the two poles of opposition between Taurus and Scorpius was the sign of a person with the keen sense of balance of a high-wire walker.  This type could walk a thin line.  Capone mastered the art of staying a step ahead of the law and his enemies in rival gangs.  The planets in Taurus represented Capone's riches and prosperity while the planets in Scorpius represented Capone's unscrupulous dealings after the pattern of Satan, the liar and murderer.

Capone's suffering began to catch up with him when he spent 9 months in jail at age 30.  In 1931, he was convicted of income tax evasion and sentenced to prison for 11 years.  The year, 1931, stands for the Evil King (31).  Capone was sent to prison at age 32.  He wound up in Alcatraz, the Rock, on an island in San Francisco Bay.  He was placed in cell B-181, where 81 is for the grace counterattack of the Prostitute of Babylon.  This symbolized Jezebel trying to take Capone's life.  The island symbolized a place of isolation.  The bay symbolized the female.  And the Rock symbolized Jesus Christ.  In 1938, for dying in the wilderness, when he was 39, for the sin unto death, Capone began to have serious symptoms of mental illness, which resulted from syphilis.  He was hospitalized and his mind degenerated to that of a child.

However, in March 1939, Capone responded to the invitation of a visiting Baptist preacher and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.  This was to fulfill Mark 10:15, "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will definitely not enter it."  God had to strip Capone of all Earthly power and bring him down to the point of a child before he would recognize the need for a Savior and believe in Jesus Christ.

Capone's soul was saved at age 40, but his body and mental health never recovered.  He was released from prison at age 40 and died at age 48 in Florida, which corresponds to Aquarius, the Ascendant Sign on Capone's Birth Chart.

Al Capone Birth Chart Planets

Sun Capricornus Sins of the Gentiles
Moon Aries Jezebel
Savior Sagittarius Deliverer
Morning Star Scorpius Satan's fall leading to his doom
Red Planet Cancer Captive, prisoner, sickness, weakened health
Almighty God Libra Judge
Ring Planet Scorpius Liar
Mediator Scorpius Swindler
Redeemer Taurus Power, prosperity
Last Adam Taurus Hidden wealth



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