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Joan Rivers was born to Russian Jewish immigrants on June 8, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York.  Her father was a penny-pinching doctor, and her mother was an upwardly mobile spendthrift, who had come from a wealthy family that lost its wealth in the Russian Revolution.  Joan was raised in wealth.  After graduating from college, she had various jobs, including fashion consultant for Bond Clothing Stores.  In 1955 she married James Sanger, the son of a store manager, but she had the marriage annulled after six months.

She became a comedian and worked as a screen writer.  Her big break came when she appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on February 17, 1965.  The irony is that the Noahic Flood began on the 17th of the 2nd month, and 1965 stands for going down.  She adopted the name, Rivers, from the last name of her agent, Tony Rivers.

She soon met the man who could help fulfill her ambition of a career in show business.  She married Edgar Rosenberg on July 15, 1965 in New York four days after meeting him.  He had hired her to rewrite a screen play.  Rosenberg eventually became assistant to the Vice President of NBC and ran movie production companies.   However, he spent a year recovering in a hospital from being hit by a truck when he was a passenger in a parked car.  The medical bill bankrupted him, and he lost his job.  In 1984 he had a near fatal heart attack, had quadruple bypass surgery, and never regained his strength.  He had been smoking five packs a day.  He also suffered from gout, a growth in his mouth, a bleeding ulcer, and depression.  He committed suicide August 14, 1987 after he had separated from Joan, who later admitted committing adultery with various men and leaving her husband several times.   He died from a combination of valium and alcohol.

Joan landed her own Late Show with Fox News which debuted October 9, 1986.  Her husband was the producer.  However, it didn't do well, and both of them had trouble with Fox.  Edgar was banned from the studio, and Joan was eventually fired.  Her last show was May 14, 1987.  Edgar committed suicide three months later, to the day.

After Edgar's death, Joan reinvented herself and lived with Orin Lehman from the Lehman Brothers family for eight years.  She was engaged to Lehman, but broke it off when she discovered that another woman was his friend.

Joan was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2002 after a falling down some stairs and breaking some bones.

Joan became a self-proclaimed minister of the Universal Life Monastery in 2013 and performed two homosexual marriages.

On August 28, 2014 Joan Rivers entered the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic on East 93rd Street in Manhattan to have her vocal chords examined due to her raspy voice.  A raspy voice is usually caused by stress or a demon, not something physical.   Joan was placed under anesthetic.  During the endoscopy, the doctor noticed something on River's vocal cords.  According to one account, at that point a doctor that Joan brought with her was allowed to attempt to do a biopsy.  Then Joan choked apparently from a Cosmic System counterattack and went into cardiac arrest.  A 911 call was placed at 9:39 AM EDT, and responders arrived in 6 minutes and transported Rivers to nearby Mount Sinai Hospital where she arrived already on life support at 10:08 AM.  She was placed in a medically induced coma.  She never regained consciousness.  She was disconnected from life support and allowed to die on September 4, 2014.

Birth Chart

Joan Rivers Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Joan Rivers contains a Wing, a Plow, and a Yod.  A Wing is a sign of power.  The Wing pointed to the Full Moon in Scorpius, for Jezebel, or the Prostitute of Babylon.  A Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  And a Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing, like being able to strike while the iron is hot.

The Yod and the Plow pointed to the Red Planet in conjunction with the Almighty God Planet in Leo.  The Red Planet was for the suffering of a lion's den, and the Almighty God was for nobility.  Joan had an air of nobility.  The Redeemer Planet was also in Leo, for a government redeemer.  Rivers said she got help from Nancy Reagan in the White House to release her husband's body from Philadelphia and have it returned to California.  She also claimed to have been invited to the White House by all administrations up to 1983 except that of Lyndon Johnson.

The Sun was in Taurus, for royal majesty and riches.  Rivers was raised in wealth.  Her father was a doctor, and her mother had previously been wealthy in Russia, although her family had lost its wealth in the Revolution.  Taurus corresponds to Great Britain, where her husband Edgar Rosenberg was educated.

Pisces was on the Ascendant, for a person who appears to be a priest or believer.  Although Joan was not a true believer in Christ or even a very devout Jew, she was an English major and a self-proclaimed authority in the fashion police.

Midheaven was in Sagittarius, for a famous raiding band, corresponding to the stage crews assembled to do shows, such as the Joan Rivers Show.  And the Bottom of Heaven was in Gemini for death of a spouse.  Her husband Edgar did die and leave her a widow, even though technically she had already walked out on him.  Also in Gemini was the conjunction of the first two planets in addition to the Last Adam.  The meaning of these planets was:

  1. Savior Marriage Joan's early career was enabled by her Marriage to her manager and producer.
  2. Morning Star a star Joan was a star.
  3. Last Adam family.  Note, the conjunction of the first two planets in association with the Sun is also the sign of a family.  Joan worked closely with her only daughter, Melissa, all her life.
Gemini corresponds to California, where Joan and Edgar lived.

The Mediator Planet was in Aries for an author.  Joan was an author of screen plays and books.

The God of the Covenants in Capricornus symbolizes a satyr, antichrist, or lawlessness.  Joan with her long fingers had an open door into the Cosmic System and easily fell under the spell of demons, which empowered her as the Prostitute of Babylon.

Rivers Stops Breathing Chart

Joan Rivers Stops Breathing ChartThe Chart at the time Joan Rivers stopped breathing during endoscopy contains a Wing, a Plow, a Yod, and a rectangle corresponding to a  Gurney.  A Wing is a sign of power.  The Wing pointed to the Morning Star in Cancer for a herald of alarm.  When Rivers stopped breathing, an emergency call was place to 911.  A Yod for a crisis in timing pointed to the Almighty God in Cancer for a hospital.  Rivers was transported to the Mount Sinai Hospital.  Mount Sinai is where Moses received the Law (Ex 31:18).  A Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  The enemy attack was likely a Cosmic System counterattack which caused a gag response from pressure to the throat and chest.  And the Gurney was used for carrying Rivers from the clinic to the ambulance and hospital.  The Plow across the gurney was a sign of intense suffering.

The Sun was in Leo for the King of glory, corresponding to the Lord Jesus Christ as ruler over his enemies or to the symbolic glory of the President of the United States whom Joan had maligned two months before.  In any case, Joan was dying under Divine punishment.  Her death glorified the Lord because she was His enemy.

The Moon was in Virgo for attending nurses and emergency service technicians.  The Moon was on the Ascendant to emphasize the scene of nurses and medical personnel in handling the emergency when Rivers stopped breathing.

The Mediator Planet in Pisces was on the Descendant for a priest going down as if to the grave.  And the Redeemer had already set in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol or the grave.  However, Joan will not be redeemed because she rejected the Redemption Solution.  She chose Hell.

Midheaven was in Gemini for a famous witness.  Joan was famous.  She chose to be a witness for Satan in his Appeal Trial rather than for the Lord.  The Bottom of Heaven was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius for the victim of an army or gang.  The army or gang could be construed as the health care providers who were blinded by their arrogance.  They were under the arrogant illusion of western medicine.  They were oblivious to the spiritual issues of the case and presumed that the problem was physical.  To put an 81 year old suffering from the influence of demons (Cosmic System counterattacks) under anesthesia with a tube down her throat is totally asinine.  A person must be awake to cough during a Cosmic System counterattack.  A tube in the throat and anesthesia are prescriptions for disaster.

The Red Planet was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants in Libra for bloody judgment and law corresponding to the Judgment of Joan Rivers as well as the problems with conflict on the World Stage.  She claimed to be a Jew but was not (Rev 2:9; 3:9).  She rejected the Mosaic Law given on Mt. Sinai and died in Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Rivers Death Chart

Joan Rivers Death ChartThe Death Chart of Joan Rivers seven days after she stopped breathing was quite similar to the previous Chart.  The Chart contained a Wing, a Plow, a Yod, and a Coffin.  The Wing, for power, pointed to the Morning Star in Leo for royal fanfare.  The death of Joan River brought out stars of Hollywood who treated Joan as royalty.  The Plow pointed to the Red Planet in Libra on the cusp of Scorpius for bloody Judgment.  The Yod pointed to the Almighty God in Cancer for a hospital where Joan died after life support was disconnected.  And the Coffin was for burying the dead.

Scorpius was on the Ascendant with the Red Planet on the cusp of Libra, which had just risen.  This means the bloody Judgment of Jezebel.  The death of Joan Rivers was reminiscent of the bloody death of Jezebel, who was eaten by dogs (2 Ki 9:30-37).  Note, Joan was born on June 8, Day 159, where 59 is for Simeon criminality, corrresponding to Scorpius.  The Descendant was Taurus, the Birth Sign of Rivers.  The meaning of the Ascendant Sign of Scorpius and Descendant Sign of Taurus corresponds to womb to tomb in the life of Joan Rivers.

The Sun was in conjunction with Midheaven in Leo for a notorious king of glory.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC.  The Lord in Heaven and the President of the US were glorified in the death of Joan Rivers, who was the enemy of the Cross and the President.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Aquarius for an obituary, which the news media could not wait to publish.

The Moon was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius corresponding to a company or army detachment and symbolizing all those standing watch over Rivers when she died.

Edgar Rosenberg Birth Chart

Edgar Rosenberg Birth ChartEdgar Rosenberg, husband of Joan Rivers, was born in Bremerhaven, Germany on September 25, 1925.  His Birth Chart contains a Castle, the domain of a noble with great power and support of loyal citizens.  The Castle corresponds to Edgar's business empire.  He was a movie and television producer and manager of Joan Rivers.  Before his death he was in Philadelphia working on a $19 million real estate deal.

The Sun Sign was Virgo for a bridegroom.  Edgar was Joan's husband.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Red Planet, however, for tribulation.  Edgar had tribulation throughout his life.  His family fled Nazi Germany during World War II.  When he worked his way to assistant to the Vice President of NBC, he was hit by a truck and spent a year in the hospital.  He lost his job and worked back up.  Then he had heart failure in 1984 and a quadruple bypass.  Heart attacks are judgments of darkness that can be caused by the Prostitute of Babylon.  His wife Joan, who was committing adultery, was likely the cause of the problem.  She was in the Cosmic System and was sending him to his grave.

The Lord had given him intensive punishment.  He needed to accept Salvation and reject his Jewish religion.  However, he rejected the Redemption Solution.  After the heart attack, he never regained his strength.  In January 1987 he had another heart attack.  Then he and Joan were fired by Fox News.  Her last show was May 14, 1987.  He suffered from depression and was hospitalized in Ireland with a bleeding ulcer a week before his death on August 14, 1987.  His wife Joan would die later in 2014.  The recurrence of the number, 14, stands for the Passover.

Three planets were in conjunction in Libra:

  1. Morning Star cataclysmic judgment.  He was hit by a truck and suffered heart attacks.
  2. Moon Judgment of a nation the Holocaust in Germany
  3. God of the Covenants - business
The Redeemer Planet was in Cancer on the cusp of Leo for a treasury, corresponding to Rosenberg's wealth in the millions.

The Last Adam was in Gemini for family.  Gemini corresponds to California.  Rosenberg lived with his family in Beverly Hills, California.

The Mediator Planet was in Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces for an entertainment producer.  Rosenberg was a movie and television producer.


Joan Rivers and Edgar Rosenberg were like Jezebel and Ahab.  Joan was born with the sign of Jezebel (Full Moon in Scorpius) on Day 159 for Simeon criminality and Scorpius.  The Castle in Edgar's Birth Chart was like the domain of the Evil King.  Like Jezebel, Joan sent Edgar to his grave first.  She had the power of a Wing in her Birth Chart as well as in the Charts when she quit breathing and when she later died.  She had demon power in her life.  That power put her husband's light out, and he suffered heart attacks.  The darkness left him depressed and weak.  Even when his house of cards came crashing down, he still rejected Salvation and chose to end his life with suicide.

Joan Rivers stopped breathing on August 28, 2014, Day 240, where the numbers mean:  28 cosmic stronghold, 2014 Passover, 240 strategy, e.g. Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  She died from a botched medical procedure.  During examination of her vocal cords at an endoscopy clinic, the physician she brought along allegedly tried to perform an unauthorized biopsy.  Her spiritual relationship with him apparently caused her to choke due to a Cosmic System counterattack.   Because she was under anesthesia and had a tube down her throat, she was unable to gag and cough to losen the evil spiritual power over her.  She consequently choked to death and went into cardiac arrest.  She was 81, which stands for a Grace counterattack from Jezebel.

Joan Rivers Chart Planets

Sun Taurus Royal majesty
Moon Scorpius Jezebel
Savior Gemini Marriage
Morning Star Gemini Star
Red Planet Libra Lion's den
Almighty God Libra Nobility
Ring Planet Capricornus Satyr
Mediator Aries Author
Redeemer Leo Government redeemer
Last Adam Gemini Family



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Released September 12, 2014 - Revised Sept. 27, 2014

Author: Larry Wood
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