What is Interpretation?
Levels of Understanding
Birth Chart Interpretation

What is Interpretation?

Interpretation is the explanation of the meaning of an astrological chart.  Since the Lord created the Heavens, true interpretation of astrological signs can only come from Him.  A created being cannot know the meaning of God's Creation unless He reveals it.  Even if all the true definitions of all the signs and planets are known, the true interpretation of their meaning in their configurations at any given time can only come from the Author.  A created being only knows what he is told or what is revealed to him.  True interpretation is not by the power of man or any other created being.  True interpretation of God's Creation is God's prerogative.  No matter how adept a person becomes in understanding God's Creation, the final revelation at any point in time is God's decision.  Where there is no divine viewpoint, there is no true interpretation.

The methodology of Biblical Astrology is derived from accurate interpretation of scripture.  But even with accurate tools and methods, true interpretation of astrological charts is only possible through the revelation of the Holy Spirit to the Christian.  God reveals Himself in all His Creation, but only those in fellowship with Him will ever recognize it.  Scientists and physicists may study the physics and dynamics of the Heavens, but the interpretation of the Heavens is Spiritual and belongs to the Christian astrologer.  Only the Spirit-filled believer is capable of understanding the pictures that God has painted in the Heavens.

True interpretation in astrology requires divine viewpoint just like true interpretation of history or any other subject.  God reveals Himself in the weather, in history, in sports, and every other aspect of life.  Only the Christian with divine viewpoint, however, will ever be able to recognize what God has done.  So, true interpretation in astrology requires application of Bible Doctrine just as true interpretation of anything else in Creation.  The ultimate truth is Spiritual, and only those who are Spiritual can know it.  Whether it is in the Heavens or on Earth, divine viewpoint is necessary for true interpretation.

Levels of Understanding

There are at least three steps in interpretation of astrological signs.  The first step is recognition of what is seen in terms of the Biblical definition.  The Sun, Moon, and other planets symbolize the Lord Jesus Christ  and His work of Redemption.  So the first step is to recognize the sign in terms of Jesus Christ.  Is it a sign of Salvation, Redemption, the Cross, or something else?  The answer can usually be found in the table of Planets in Signs.  The answer to the question, "What?," will provide a good Bible lesson and appreciation for the divine plan, but it will may not help in understanding a person or historical events.

The second step in interpretation requires application of the Biblical meaning to the issue at hand.  The definition about Jesus Christ must be applied to another person or event.  What happened to Christ must have symbolic or figurative meaning in the life of another person.  The life of Christ is symbolically played out in the life of another.  This is like defining words literally and figuratively.  For example, green is a literal color, but a person who is called green refers to the figurative meaning.  Some of the common applications of astrological signs is given on the second line of each entry in the table of Planets in Signs.  The pertinent application must be selected from a range of possibilities.  The application associated with an astrological sign should be relevant to a person or event.  Application should be practical and down to Earth.  Application is temporal.  Now, the problem with application is that there are a number of possibilities.  True interpretation requires the right answer.

The third step in interpretation is Spiritual.  It seeks to understand astrological signs from divine perspective and to know what God has revealed.  God created the person or event in the chart.  So what is God communicating?  God has a Sovereign purpose in everything.  He does things for a reason.  Although mortal man cannot fathom why God does things, he can recognize what God is willing to reveal.  Of course, this requires Spiritual understanding, which only comes through the Filling of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.  The Spirit-filled believer is capable of receiving divine revelation.  He can see the Light under the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  All of the pieces of the puzzle of the chart will become a Spiritual picture in which God reveals Himself.  The chart will be seen as God's Creation and the individual or event to which it applies will be seen in terms of what God has done.  Only then will there be complete truth.

Thus, the three steps of true interpretation are:

  1. What is it?  Recognition of the Lord Jesus Christ in it.
  2. Application to Earthly people or events.
  3. Spiritual understanding of God's revelation.
Unless these steps are followed, there will be no true interpretation.  The Lord Jesus Christ set the lights in the sky and lived a human life to demonstrate their meaning to the human race.  The lights tell the story of Jesus Christ, but they were given to mankind to be applied to each individual life and all the events of human history.  God creates everyone and everything for a purpose.  The person or event is not the ultimate truth.  There is more.  God is revealing Himself in all of Creation.  The person or even is simply part of a play on the stage of life to reveal God's holy, wise, and eternal plan.  True interpretation cannot come until the Spiritual understanding of God's revelation is attained.  To stop short will only leave an incomplete picture.  God is speaking on level three.  Is anyone listening?


Since the Lord Jesus Christ controls the movement of the planets, the patterns which they form are not random, but deterministic.  Through careful observation the astute astrologer spots these patterns and seeks to understand them.  This is not all that different from the serious Christian trying to understand what God is communicating through the various events in his life.  And the results of analysis of the patterns in the heavens are not all that different.  Since God is communicating with people, whether through the stars or Earthly events, the end results may be the same.  The divine messages from the heavens often corroborate divine revelation from Earthly events.

Astrology is not a language apart from other communication of the Holy Spirit.  On the contrary, the Holy Spirit will reveal the meaning of astrological charts the same way He communicates in other paradigms of life.  The configurations of astrology - triangles, crosses, plows, etc. - also occur in chirology and life on Earth.  The means of the signs in the sky correspond to the meanings about life on Earth. Rams, goats, and water bearers in the sky represent the same things on Earth.  Now, this is the only way it could be, since the human mind can only recognize familiar pictures.  If the pictures were out of this world, they would remain a mystery.

It is also true that God put the signs in the sky to communicate with people on Earth in their language.  The same creatures are in the Bible.  So, the Holy Spirit can reveal divine viewpoint of Heavenly or Earthly events according to the definitions in the Bible.  The secret of understanding God's communication to man, then, is being able to apply Bible Doctrine, and not esoteric analysis or human genius.  God speaks a simple symbolic language in the sky and on Earth.  The definitions required to understand God's communication are in the Bible.  Those who would make an esoteric science out of astrology are false teachers who have drifted off course from Grace as revealed through Bible Doctrine and the revelation of the Holy Spirit in the mind of the ordinary believer.

The results derived from true interpretation of astrology charts cover a wide range.  There are geometric shapes called Configurations, which have symbolic meaning, but different planets may appear in the Configuration to give a fuller and more personal meaning.  The meanings of the planets in the signs have a range of meanings.  The fulness of the Moon is a factor.  All the components of the chart must eventually be integrated to see the complete picture which God is communicating.  When the Spiritual meaning of the final result emerges, it will be divine revelation that makes perfectly good sense.  Whether doing a Birth Chart or chart of an historical event, there are known facts on Earth that must combine with the Heavenly picture to communicate a coherent Spiritual message.  Until the Spiritual meaning is understood, there will be nagging issue. alternate possibilities, and lingering confusion or unease.

An astrological chart may be prophetic.  The wise men astrologers from the East understood the significance of the birth of Christ through their knowledge of astrology.  And they used their knowledge of astrology to navigate to the birth place and to the home of Christ (Matthew 2:1-12).  And the star of Christ that the magi saw had been prophesied centuries before by Balaam (Numbers 24:17).  Jacob used his knowledge of astrology to interpret the prophetic dream of Joseph (Genesis 37:9-10).  And Jacob prophesied the destinies of the twelve (or thirteen) tribes of Israel related to the signs of the Zodiac (Genesis 49).

Pictures in astrological charts may be a source of divine communication.  The chart of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln contained a picture of the Confederate battle flag.  The chart of Henry Ford contained a Mystic Rectangle in the shape of a car.  The chart of the assassination of John F. Kennedy contained a skull, as did the chart of the invasion of Normandy on D-Day.  The chart of Steffi Graf contains a Teeter-Totter like a tennis court.

Charts may contain signs of Biblical proportions, such as the sign of the Flood, which was the worst disaster in human history.  The chart of Willie Mays contains the sign of a flood.  He was born two months before the worst floods in China's history, and his life symbolized the giants who were destroyed in the Noahic Flood.  The chart of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki also contained the sign of a flood.  That atomic bomb ushered in the era of weapons of mass destruction.  The Birth Chart of Osama bin Laden contains a picture of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center.

In the Birth Chart of Lance Armstrong, the seven-time winner of the Tour de France, most of the planets are grouped in Virgo (the Virgin) and Leo (the Lion).  After winning stages of the Tour de France, he stood on the winner's podium many times where he was showered with kisses by two virgins (young women) and given a stuffed lion souvenir.  In Biblical prophecy the Virgin and Leo symbolize the Bride (Church) and the Lord Jesus Christ as King in the Millennium.  He will rule from Israel, and the location of France in Europe corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.

The Birth Chart of Tony Curtis, a movie star, contains a Star (Pentagram), as does the chart of the famous racehorse, Big Brown.  The Birth Chart of Oprah Winfrey, the richest and most influential (or powerful) woman on Earth, contains the Almighty God planet in Taurus, which is the sign of a world ruler.  The Birth Chart of Lewis Sperry Chafer, the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary and author of Systematic Theology, also contains the same sign.  They were both world class celebrities, but for entirely different reasons.  Oprah has not acknowledged Jesus Christ as her Savior, while Chafer dedicated his life to serving the Lord.


Once the interpretation of an astrological  chart is formulated, the result needs to be validated.  Is it true?  Who says so?  If God gave the Heavenly signs in the first place, then God is really the only One who can validate the interpretation.  A created being only knows what is revealed to him.  So, God must also judge the results of man's interpretation.  This last step is quite similar Verification Testing on the Stage of Life in the Metabolization of Bible Doctrine.1  If God does not approve the result, who is to say that it is true?

Now, God is not going to speak in a voice directly to man.  That was done before the completion of the canon of scripture.  But after the completion of the canon of scripture in the Church Age, God's complete revelation exists in the Bible.  The Bible contains all the answers.  Furthermore, the Holy Spirit is given as a Helper to reveal the answers.  The Holy Spirit never works apart from the Word of God.  The Filling of the Holy Spirit, which comes through Rebound, is a necessary prerequisite for fellowship with God.  The immature believer, however, will have difficulty understanding the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit.

The ways that God validates the results of man's interpretation include:

  1. Validation through God's Sovereign Design2 - this works with astrology, dreams, and even interference by Satan or demons.  Simply put, the Biblical definitions of signs, symbols, numbers, and other details must be used to translate the results into the realm of God's Sovereign Creation.  Even the lies of Satan are unraveled when translated according to God's Sovereign Design.  Note that this method would usually be applied to not just the astrological chart, but also to the person or historical event upon which the chart was based.
  2. The witness of God - God may provide a special sign, wonder, miracle, work of the Holy Spirit as validation (Hebrews 2:3-4).  For example, He may send an evil omen as a clue that something is wrong.
  3. The witness of the Word - God never works apart from the Word.  The results must agree with Bible Doctrine (Mark 7:12; Hebrews 4:12-13).  Being true to the Word requires being faithful to the entire Bible, including Salvation, Christology, Faith, Hope, authority, humility, Love, Grace, spirituality, prophecy, dispensations.  Anything that contradicts Bible Doctrine is invalid.
  4. The witness of the Holy Spirit - the Holy Spirit is the Helper (John 15:26) and Teacher (1 Corinthians 2:12; 1 John 2:27) who bears witness to the human spirit of the believer to validate the issues under consideration (Romans 8:16; Acts 5:31).  The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of truth (John 14:17) will validate the response of man to God's communication.
  5. Sanctification - valid results must be separate from the world and consecrated to God (John 17:17-19; Romans 6:19; 12:2; 1 Thessalonians 4:7).  This means the results must not be compromised by the infiltration of the world, the flesh (Old Sin Nature), or the devil.  Apostasy and false teaching must also be rejected (Philippians 3:2; 2 Corinthians 11:13; Jude 4).  This does not mean that charts of unbelievers or apostates are invalid, but it does mean that the true must be presented as true and the false must be presented as false.
  6. Prayer for wisdom - the believer can pray for wisdom and God will answer the prayer (James 1:5).  However, the person must wait for the answer and be able to understand it when it comes.
If there continues to be confusion about the results, there is a problem.  "God is not confusion" (1 Corinthians 14:33).

Birth Chart Interpretation

Birth Charts are based on the assumption that the configuration of the heavens at the day, time, and place of birth is an indicator of a person's life and destiny.  This has been found to be true.  However, there are other considerations.  What about twins?  They may not even look alike, and they may turn out very different even though they are born at almost the same time.  Jacob turned out to be the father of the twelve tribes of Israel, whereas his brother Esau became the father of the terrorists of Edom who hated Israel.

The same sign in a chart can have different meanings, and people can make choices to do good or evil.   Matching the meaning of the sign to the individual requires some knowledge of the individual.  Understanding a person by looking back at a birth chart is certainly easier than predicting the person's life at birth.

Some clues of which meanings of signs to pick include:

  1. Whether a person becomes a believer
  2. Whether a person decides to live by faith
  3. The person's relationship to the Four Generation Curse8
  4. The Judgment of Jezebel in the family
  5. The Curse of Ichabod
If a person becomes a believer and lives by faith, blessing can be expected and the good meaning of signs should prevail.  However, if a person is an unbeliever, apostate, or reversionist, cursing can be predicted and the evil meaning of signs would be expected.

Since people are born into families, the family influence is also a major indicator of the meaning of signs.  It is obvious that a child born into a prosperous family in freedom would face different obstacles than a child born into a poor family in slavery.  However, the Birth Chart of an individual is also affected by four generations.  Under the Four Generation Curse, the punishment for the sins of the fathers is passed down to the fourth generation (Ex 20:5; 34:7; Num 14:18; Deut 5:9).   Therefore, interpreting a Birth Chart requires examining the Birth Charts of four generations back to the great grandparents.  The cursing of Joseph by his evil brothers is an example of the Four Generation Curse in a family.

If a child is descended from Jezebel at any point in four generations, the child is subject to the Judgment of Jezebel.  Jezebel is a woman under the influence of a demon which makes her a Prostitute of Babylon.  If the great grandmother is Jezebel, the entire family could be under this curse.  The Judgment of Jezebel is that her children will be executed under Divine punishment usually by middle age (Rev 2:20-23).  The sign of Jezebel in a chart is a Castle with a Grand Cross.  A child can break the curse by using the redemption solution i. e. Salvation, Rebound, and executing the Spiritual life.

In the Curse of Ichabod, a child is designated at birth as a memorial of a battle, war, or historical event.  Ichabod means the glory has departed.  Therefore, his glory will not come about.  However, God will protect him in life.  The Curse of Ichabod is usually apparent from the birth date.  The curse can be removed through living the New Spiritual Life of the Church Age (Rom 6:4; 8:2; Eph 4:24; Col 3:10).

Four Generation Curse

The Four Generation Curse means Divine punishment for sin is passed down four generations.  The punishment is for living in a state of sin, i. e. reversionism.  The curse can be removed through the redemption solution Salvation, Rebound, and reversion recovery.   If the solution is rejected, each generation will receive more intensified punishment.  In the animal analogy the four generations are represented by animals that symbolize the stubbornness and lust of people.

Choosing correct meanings of signs in a Birth Chart thus requires understanding the progressive punishment in a family four generations back.  Correct interpretation of a Birth Chart requires understanding the influence of the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

Judgment of Jezebel

Jezebel, also known as the Prostitute of Babylon, is a woman with a demon.  The Judgment of Jezebel is the death of her children, which usually occurs before the children reach middle age.  However, the children of Jezebel are also her followers.  Jezebel could be a teacher, supervisor, or government official, and her children would correspond to her followers.  In Western Civilization Jezebel has infiltrated most institutions.  She often occupies positions of authority without actually  having any true authority from God.  Examples include women judges, military officers, and pastors.

The sign of the Judgment of Jezebel is a Castle with a Grand Cross.    However, any woman with a demon could be Jezebel, and her children (followers) would be subject to Divine capital punishment.  The Judgment of Jezebel can be removed in the mother or child (follower)  by Rebound and resisting the devil (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:9).


Divine Design
Relationship Basics
Right Man - Right Woman
Ronald and Nancy Reagan
Tom Cruise Right Woman Matches
Compatibility Myth

Divine Design

To paraphrase an old adage, not just marriages are made in Heaven, but all relationships are made in Heaven.  All relationships in this life are part of God's Sovereign Design.2  They are all specified in His Eternal, Holy, and Wise design, which encompasses all things that ever were or will be in all of their relationships, causes, and conditions, and determines their certain fulfillment.  God has designed into His plan good relationships and bad relationships.  Although He does not create evil, He allows it to test people.

God's Sovereign Design factors in man's volition.  Everyone is still free to make his own decisions.  God's design for Creation incorporates man's decisions.  It will be accomplished without compromising personal  volition.  God does not predestinate anyone to do anything, but in His foreknowledge, He took man's decisions into account to insure completion of His Sovereign Plan.  This is very important.  When a person has bad signs in a chart, the person still has a free will.  A person can choose God's solution to the problem over the devil's.  Being born with a Sun sign of Scorpius does not mean a person has to turn out evil.  The choice is available to take the bad and make it good.  To use a card analogy, a person must play the hand he is dealt.

God designs some people for partnerships, some for happy marriages, and some for great wealth and power.  He designs others to ward off evil, to suffer hardship, and to die as martyrs.  He brings good relationships and bad relationships.  He provides strength and supports weakness.  In all these things, God has a solution for every trial and exigency of life.  The greater the challenge, the greater the potential for Happiness.  The greatest Happiness comes from the greatest suffering.  Taking all this into account, an astrological chart is basically unpredictable.  Two people born on the same day can turn out to be very different.  Hindsight is 20/20, but foresight is near impossible.  Only with the help of the Holy Spirit will the truth ever be discovered.

Since God is the Author of relationships, He determines how they will turn out.  Nothing that man can see can predict how they will grow, evolve, succeed, or fail.  A ruler can be picked up by pressing against the ends with the forefingers.  A string can be held taught (straight) by pulling two ends against the middle.  Similarly, relationships in opposition can find balance and stability, while relationships in conjunction like two peas in a pod, may fail to bear fruit.  God knows how things will turn out.  He knew in Eternity past.  He knows the end from the beginning.

Some will love each other, and some will hate each other.  The Sovereign will of God brought them all together, and He alone can bring about success or failure.  Some relationships are doomed from the beginning, and others will succeed against all odds.  That's what people face.  That's life.  Astrology is man's analysis, and man will never be able to understand why.  The creature cannot understand the Creator.  The pot cannot understand the Potter.  Astrologers are doomed to their human limitations, and they best learn to accept that lest they become arrogant and fall into the snare of the devil.

Relationship Basics

Whereas Birth Charts are all about individuals and separate identify, relationships involve combinations and synergy of two or more people or events.  Relationships involve people working together or in adversarial roles.  There are love relationships, partnerships, marriages, business relationships, good relationships, bad relationships, and even Satanic relationships.  There are symbolic configurations, like Yods and Bowls, for groups just as there are for individuals.  Groups can have purpose and definition just as individuals can have.  So, many of the techniques for analyzing astrological charts of individuals can also be applied to groups.  However, some restrictions must be observed.
Principle:  God makes relationships.
First, God makes relationships.  They are Divine Design.  Therefore, they are deterministic.  They can be understood by divine viewpoint.  Understanding relationships requires recognizing God's Creation on the Spiritual level by means of faith.  Only the Holy Spirit can reveal God's Creation.  Only mature believers can understand relationships whether on the Stage of Life or in an astrology chart.  Those who attempt to interpret what God designed without the Holy Spirit are diviners, false prophets, and frauds.  Further, knowing Bible Doctrine is a prerequisite for understanding spiritual relationships.

Unless what God created is understood, the analysis is incomplete.  An astrology chart is a puzzle with a message.  The puzzle must be fit together to reveal God's message.  Until that message is found, the analysis is not finished.

Regardless of the type of relationship being analyzed, the analysis must begin by producing accurate charts of the individuals or separate identities.  If the relationship of two individuals is to be analyzed, begin by producing separate Birth Charts of the two parties.  Before trying to compare two entities, it is important to understand the two individually.  This will establish the basis for comparison, otherwise, there will be no basis.  Some things are not related at all.  They are separate and distinct.  So, caution is recommended before any attempt at comparison is made.  Necessary conditions do not constitute sufficient conditions.  Some things can be determined by comparing two entities, but many things cannot.  The best relationship analysis will be obtained simply by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the two individual charts taken separately without attempting to combine them in any way.

Analysis of Individual Charts

Here are some guidelines for doing relationship analysis.  First, produce individual charts (such as Birth Charts) for the two entities involved.  Do a thorough, separate analysis of each chart.  Understand the configurations, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven (MC), bottom of the world (IC), turning points, Stelliums, light and dark, spiritual and temporal, and other salient features.  Then attempt to understand how these two entities would affect each other.  Then validate the answers by some means, such as historical facts.  If the answers cannot be validated, they are meaningless.

Combined Analysis
Relationship Chart
Produce a two wheel Relationship Chart.  This is simply a plot of two charts together.  One chart appears along the inner concentric circle, and the other chart is along the outer concentric circle.  In the example, the man's chart is on the inner circle (violet), and the woman's chart is on the outer circle (green).  Next, look for areas of compatibility as in the red circles A, B, and C.  In these areas the two people may work together.  Next look for any strong or unusual groups or Stelliums, as in D, E, and F.  Don't worry about understanding these groups yet.

Sun Signs

Now locate the Sun Signs of the two individuals.  Since the Sun Signs are the best overall indicator of a person,  they are primary considerations for how the two relate to each other.  Here the Sun Sign of the man is Taurus, the Bull, and the Sun Sign of the woman is Capricornus, the Goat.  One possible meaning of the relationship of these two signs is that the bull is a sacrifice which symbolized the death of Christ on the Cross, and the goat is a Gentile believer with sins that need to be expiated.  Further, after Christ was rejected by the Jews, the Gentiles were called out as His royal family, the Church.  So, the bull and goat could symbolize Christ and the Church of Gentiles, His royal family.  Another possibility is that the bull is the Lord who will return as the mighty warrior at the Second Advent, and the goat could symbolize the Gentile enemies at the Second Advent.

Now, this may appear to be too high level, but such is the language of the heavens and Divine Design.  Man and woman in Marriage do symbolize Christ and His Bride, the Church.  And Taurus does symbolize Christ, our sacrifice, as well as the Mighty Warrior who will return at the Second Advent.

Moon Signs

Next, locate the Moon Signs, which are indicative of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  With the Moon of the man in Scorpius and the woman in Capricornus, the Moon Signs do not match.  This is a good clue that this is not a Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  Other potential problems are apparent.  The woman has a New Moon, which means poor response and difficulty identifying the Right Man.  And the Moon of the man is in Scorpius, which symbolizes the Synagogue of Satan, or the Prostitute of Babylon.  Since the woman has the Morning Star in Scorpius in Midheaven, symbolizing Satan's fall, the potential for strong influence from the Cosmic System exists in the area labeled D.
Relationship Chart

Next, locate the major configurations in the chart.  These configurations should contain planets from both the man and the woman - not from individuals.  The configurations in this chart are a Grand Trine, Locomotive, and two Yods.  The Grand Trine signifies a stable relationship.  The Locomotive signifies a relationship with vision that turns on one planet.  And the two Yods signify crises in timing.

The Yods are the next clue of problems in the relationship.  Each Yod has planets at the base from one party that point to the Sun of the other party.  The man's planets point to the Sun of the woman, and the woman's planets point to the Sun of the man.  This is like Eclipse Testing, which is an attempt to put the other person's lights out.  Furthermore, the Yods are pointed toward each other to simulate an attack.

The explanation of the Yods fits with the meaning of the Sun Signs.  The Gentiles (Romans) sent Jesus Christ to the Cross, even though He willingly died for them.  That is the meaning of Yod-1.  And the Lord will return at the Second Advent to destroy the Gentile enemies of Israel.  That is the meaning of Yod-2.  After the relationship is understood prophetically, getting back down to Earth will not be so difficult.

Right Man - Right Woman

God creates a Right Woman for a Right Man.3  The precedent was set in the Garden of Eden and continues throughout human history.  The Right Man - Right Woman relationship differs from Marriage.  The purpose is for Right Man and Right Woman to be married, but people are free to marry the wrong man or woman.  God still upholds Marriage as a divine institution for the human race regardless of whether a person marries the Right Man or Right Woman.  And Marriage to the wrong man or woman does not stop the true Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  Like husband and wife in Marriage, the  Right Man - Right Woman relationship continues until death.  Marriage is for keeps, and so is Right Man - Right Woman.

In spite of the undeniable scriptural basis for Right Man and Right Woman, the relationship is quite rare in the real world.  Some of the great examples of the faith in the Bible, like Jacob, Moses, and David married the wrong woman and suffered the consequences.  And the Apostle Paul, who acknowledged his right to marry, chose instead to remain single.  Many of the great pastors in history did not marry the Right Woman.  Although Marriage has been revered, the Doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman has apparently never been held in high esteem by the Church.  The obvious reason here is most pastors and parishioners are not Spiritually mature.  A pastor in Spiritual Maturity is rare.  And most marriages occur long before any of the participants reach Spiritual maturity.  However, Abraham and Sarah, who were Right Man and Right Woman, were married long before they reached Spiritual Maturity.  So, being Spiritually mature is not a prerequisite to recognizing Right Man and Right Woman.  Furthermore, even in churches where Right Man - Right Woman is taught and the pastor performs the weddings, marriage of Right Man - Right Woman is still rare.  Even more disconcerting is that Spiritually mature believers marry the wrong man or wrong woman.  They obviously have blind spots.

This is a sad testimony.  Almost all marriages of believers and unbelievers are not Right Man - Right Woman.  The question could be raised, who is to judge?  The answer is the Holy Spirit points out Right Man and Right Woman.  And the Sovereign Design of God determines all relationships without compromising human volition.  So, the conclusion that can be drawn from all this is that God reserves Right Man and Right Woman for special cases and allows all others to make wrong decisions related to wrong man or wrong woman.  This means that almost all marriages are simply in the permissive will of God, but not His direct will.

Identification of Right Man and Right Woman involves recognition of the Sovereign Design of God.  The bone structure of the couple matches (Genesis 2:23).  The Lord leads the Right Woman to the Right Man (Genesis 2:22).  The woman is the reflected glory of the man (1 Corinthians 11:7).  And the Holy Spirit will be the final judge and confirm the relationship to the believer who asks (John 16:13).

Since God's Sovereign Design includes astrology, Birth Charts may help to reveal Right Man and Right Woman.  The Moon sign is the key.  In the man's chart, the Moon reveals the Right Woman, and in the woman's chart the Moon reveals the Right Man.  However, this does not mean that the Moon signs must match, although that would be an excellent clue of a Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  The  Moon signs may be different and only contain clues that lead to identification.

The Moon may be in a sign that reveals the region where the Right Man or Right Woman was born.  However, the phase of the Moon may indicate how other people respond.  A person born on the New Moon will have poor response from people, including Right Man or Right Woman.  Since the Moon is dark on the New Moon, it will probably be no help in identifying the birth place of the person's Right Man or Right Woman.  However, the person's birth place may still relate to the Birth Chart of that person's Right Man or Right Woman.  For example, a person born on the New Moon in a place identified with sovereignty could be related to a Right Man or Right Woman born under the Sun Sign of Libra (which means Sovereignty).

People born on the New Moon or Full Moon have the potential for Eclipse Testing in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  The New Moon is the time of Eclipse Testing of the man, and the Full Moon is the time of Eclipse Testing of the woman.  The Full Moon indicates a good responder.  However, it also is the time of opposition in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship, and it carries the potential for Eclipse Testing of the woman.  Those born in the first and fourth quarters will have judgment in their relationships because the Moon appears like horns.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan

Ronald, Nancy Reagan, Aug. 1964, CaliforniaRonald and Nancy Reagan appear to be an example of Right Man and Right Woman.  There were similarities in facial bone structure, though not a great match, and they claimed to be very much in love.  They came from the same background as movie actors.  Their Birth Charts contain clues, and the times of their meeting and marriage provided additional clues.

Birth Charts

Ronald, Nancy Reagan Birth ChartsThe Birth Charts of Ronald and Nancy are shown together to facilitate comparison.  Any relationship analysis must begin by examination of individual Birth Charts before any attempts are made to understand the relationship.  First, there are some problems with the data used to produce the Birth Charts of Ronald and Nancy.  Neither time of birth was recorded anywhere, which means the Ascendant, Midheaven, or even the Moon Sign may be inaccurate.  Ronald was born early in the morning before dawn.  Those who recorded his time of birth in books and articles based the data on hearsay.  The time for Ronald's birth is therefore, assumed to be 3:45 AM, which comes from his wife's astrologer.  Nancy's time of birth is generally assumed by Nancy and others to be 1:18 PM.  However, since no one recorded it, that could be inaccurate.  This presents the biggest problem, since the Moon moved from Gemini to Cancer during the day before 1:18 PM on the day of her birth.

Since the planetary configurations in the Birth Charts of Ronald and Nancy are not affected by the possible discrepancies in the times of birth, the astrological analysis of the two may proceed.  Ronald's Birth Chart contains a perfectly shaped Mystic Rectangle and a Plow.  The Mystic Rectangle indicates great operational stability of a person who could navigate the problems of life and manage conflicts.  The Mystic Rectangle with protruding Plow also symbolizes the open rear door of Reagan's limousine where he was shot on March 30, 1981.  Ronald's Sun Sign is Capricornus at the point of the Plow.  This indicates intense suffering associated with Gentile glory.  His Moon Sign was Aries.  And seven of the ten planets in his chart were on the dark side of the Chart.

Nancy's Chart contains a Sling with characteristics like a Bowl.  A Sling is used for slaying giants.  The Center of the Sling was the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, which symbolizes an actor or actress.  Nancy was a famous actress.  Her husband was a famous actor.  And they will always be remembered as such.  Nancy's Sun Sign was Gemini, for a glorious marriage.  Three other planets were in conjunction with the Sun, which adds great power to the influence of Gemini, for Marriage, in her life.  Her Moon Sign was Cancer, which symbolizes family security.  After Ronald was nearly assassinated, she became obsessive about his safety.  The Moon was in conjunction with Midheaven, assuming the birth time is correct, which indicates notoriety of her Right Man.  That was obviously the case.  All of the planets except one in Nancy's Chart were on the Light side of the Chart.

Looking at Ronald's Chart in relation to Nancy's Chart indicates that Nancy completed Ronald spiritually by covering the parts of his Chart that were largely empty.  Ronald's planets were on the dark side of the Chart, and Nancy's planets were on the Light side of the Chart.  Furthermore, she had a pair of powerful planets in Leo, which symbolized a king and powers of rulers, which were fulfilled when Ronald became President.  It was as if Nancy needed to marry a king.

Ronald's Moon Sign is Aries, and Nancy's Moon Sign is Cancer after it moved from Gemini during the day.  Nancy was born in Manhattan, New York, the region of Aries (ref. Zodiac map).  And Ronald met Nancy in California, the region of Gemini, when she came to him about a security problem (symbolized by Cancer).  The security problem was that her name was on on a Hollywood blacklist of communist sympathizers.  Ronald, who was President of the Screen Actors Guild, resolved the matter.  Ronald was born with the Moon at the end of the first quarter, which symbolizes fulfillment and response.  And Nancy was born on the New Moon, which symbolizes a hidden relationship that does not reflect the glory of Right Man.


The ReagansThe combined, Compatibility Chart of Ronald and Nancy contained a Star of David and a Grand Cross.  The Star of David symbolizes great blessing, and the Grand Cross symbolizes great suffering.  Ronald was nearly killed in an assassination attempt on March 30, 1981, and he died after years of suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Assassination AttemptReagan Shooting

The assassination attempt on Reagan was a fulfillment of the sign of a bloody bridegroom in Nancy Reagan's Chart.  When the shooting occurred, Reagan had been in office for 69 days, where 69 stands for running the course of life.  It was on Day 89, for an authority counterattack, which is the nature of a labor union, to whom Reagan had spoken prior to the shooting.  It was March 30, for a priest.  The Sun was in Pisces, for a priest.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Red Planet, for a bloody martyr, and the Morning Star, which could symbolize the leader of a labor union (or the President leading the labor union in his speech).  It was 1981, for the grace counterattack of the Prostitute of Babylon.  This was tied to the shooter's infatuation with actress Jodie Foster, as the motivation for the shooting.
Reagan Shot
As President Reagan was leaving the Hilton Hotel after speaking to labor union activists, John Hinckley Jr. called out to him and then Hinckley began firing.  Reagan was hit under the arm from the sixth bullet fired, which ricocheted off the window of his limousine and entered through his left armpit as he was entering the open rear door (shown in photo).  This scene matched Reagan's Birth Chart, where the Mystic Rectangle symbolized the limousine, and the Plow symbolized the open rear door.6  Reagan was hit by the sixth shot fired from a six-shot revolver.  His wife, Nancy, was born on July 6, where 6 symbolizes a man stripped of power standing before the throne of a conquering king and awaiting a life or death sentence.

Other signs in the shooting Chart included:

  1. Last Adam in Libra - for a mortal human body.
  2. Bottom of heaven, IC, in Libra - for the Judgment of death.
  3. Ringed Planet in Virgo - for a caretaker.  Reagan would require hospital treatment.
  4. Mediator in Scorpius - for a deceiver.  Hinckley was a deceiver in the crowd.
  5. Midheaven in Aries - for a famous leader.
  6. Savior Planet in Aquarius - for a spokesman.  Reagan gave a speech prior to the shooting.
Combined Relationship

Identification of Right Man and Right Woman is one thing, but the combined relationship of a couple is another.  A relationship is not the I or you, but the we.  The whole may be different than the sum of the parts.  For example, two opposites can push apart or work together.  Combined charts may reveal some aspects of a relationship, but they also tend to be confusing.  The Right Man - Right Woman relationship is Spiritual.  The soulish or physical compatibility of the couple is not the issue.  The Spiritual compatibility is an issue, but the relationship of the combined couple in the Plan of God supersedes individual differences.  So, the question arises, how can a chart be made of a relationship?  The combined birth charts of two individuals is not the answer.  The same problem exists with biorhythms.  Individual biorhythm charts of Right Man and Right Woman can be compared and critical compatibility issues can be seen, but combined charts do not represent the relationship.

In conclusion, the Right Man - Right Woman relationship is real and Spiritual.  It is not based upon compatibility.  Although compatibility issues may be recognized from Astrological charts and Biorhythms, the formula for divine design of a relationship is not known.  Care must be taken to recognize the limitations of attempting to chart relationships by any means.  Finally, a chart is for the day and time of the chart.  It is not for the past or future.  From the moment of their birth or marriage, individuals must face each new day and deal with the issues that confront them.

Some examples of the relationship of Ronald and Nancy Reagan provide good illustrations of what to expect from charts of a Right Man - Right Woman relationship.

Ronald Reagan Met Nancy

Reagan Met NancyRonald Reagan met Nancy Davis on November 15, 1949 when she contacted him about a problem with potential confusion over the name of another Hollywood actress with the same name appearing on the Hollywood Blacklist.  The Blacklist contained names of Hollywood entertainers who were sympathetic toward the Communist Party.  Ronald was President of the Screen Actors Guild.  She contacted him to ensure that her name was removed from the list.  She described the meeting as pretty close to love at first sight.  This was a good start because the Lord brings the woman to the man.

The chart of the first meeting reveals things that pertain to the actual meeting and some things that appear to be more prophetic.  The main configuration in the chart was a Bowl or a Skull.  The center of the Bowl was the Redeemer Planet in Virgo, the Virgin.  Virgo symbolized the Right Woman, and the Redeemer Planet symbolized the Husband Redeemer (or Right Man).  The Bowl also symbolized blessing.  However, the Bowl could also be viewed as a Skull, which could symbolize death, or the end of a career, associated with the Blacklist.  The Skull could also foretell Ronald's eventual death from Alzheimer's Disease.  And the Skull along with the other signs of suffering in the chart could also symbolize Nancy's breast cancer.

A poorly formed Catwalk in the chart could also be a large Trumpet.  As a Trumpet, it would symbolize Ronald as "the great communicator."  As a Catwalk it could symbolize bridging the gap between personal problems in Marriage and Laws of Establishment leadership of an army.  Ronald Reagan's dealings with communist sympathizers in Hollywood would lead to negotiations with the Soviet Union as President of the USA.  The Sun had just entered Libra to symbolize Sovereign power.  Ronald was President of the Screen Actors Guild and would later become the President of the USA.  The Savior Planet in Libra symbolized being delivered, which accurately describes Nancy being delivered from the problem with the Blacklist.  The three planets in Leo add great significance to the sign.  Leo is associated with government, and Ronald would continue to become heavily involved in politics and government.  The Red Planet in Leo symbolizes a bloody king, which foretold Ronald being shot on March 30, 1981.  The Last Adam in Cancer was a sign of severe punishment, like scourging.  And the Mediator Planet in Gemini was a sign of the Lord as the Mediator of Marriage disputes.  Ronald was divorced from Jane Wyman.  So, the Lord would have to sort out the punishment associated with divorce and remarriage (ref. Scar Tissue of the Soul).5

Ronald and Nancy Wedding

Ronald & Nancy WeddingThe wedding of Ronald and Nancy Reagan was March 4, 1952 in Los Angeles.  The chart at the time contains a Grand Trine, a Plow, and a Yod.  The Grand Trine is a sign of strong stability.  The Reagan Marriage was solid.  The Plow pointing to the Red Planet in Libra foretold bloody judgment.  Ronald was shot in an assassination attempt and Nancy had breast cancer.  There were three pairs of planets in the chart, which symbolizes the Flood.  The Flood was the worst Judgment in history.  It was punishment for female promiscuity.

There were two planets in Gemini, the Moon and Mediator.  The Moon symbolized the Marriage of Right Man and Right Woman.  The Mediator symbolized the Lord as the Mediator of Marriage disputes (Hebrews 13:4).  Since Ronald was divorced, he didn't have a clear, absolute right to marry Nancy per the Bible.  The Lord would have to sort out the punishment.  There were also two planets in Virgo, the Virgin.  They were the God of the Covenants, a symbol of a caretaker, and the Redeemer, a sign of the husband redeemer.  Nancy became the caretaker of Ronald's children.  She became a stepmother and had children with Ronald.  There were two planets in Pisces, the Almighty God, a sign of blessing, and the Savior, a sign of an evangelist.  Ronald became a secular evangelist for the Republican Party.   The Sun in Aquarius symbolized the glorious gospel, which foretold Ronald as the great communicator.

So, the chart of the wedding of Ronald and Nancy Reagan was largely associated with the wedding day itself and not the making of a President or First Lady.

Tom Cruise Right Woman Matches

Tom Cruise Matching Moon Signs

Tom Cruise Birth Chart
Tom Cruise
Mimi Rogers Birth Chart
Mimi Rogers
Katie Holmes Birth Chart
Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise had matching Moon Signs with two of his wives, Mimi Rogers and Katie Holmes.  Matching Moon Signs is the ultimate astrological indicator of Right Man and Right Woman.  However, Right Man and Right Woman cannot be determined exclusively with astrology.  Whether either of Tom's wives was his Right Woman may never be determined, since Tom lacked capacity for the Spiritual life due to his involvement with Scientology.

Mimi Rogers Marriage

Mimi Rogers was Tom Cruise's first wife.  She shares the same Moon Sign as Cruise.  The Moon in Cancer symbolizes family security.  The Moon Sign corresponds to the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  The Moon in Mimi's Chart was Full and in Tom's was New.  This is a prescription for Eclipse Testing of two people who put each other's lights out.  The man can put the woman's light out at Full Moon, and the Woman can put the man's light out at New Moon.  This is the ultimate sign of the Eclipse Testing of Right Man - Right Woman in astrology.  In the Garden of Eden, the woman first put the man's light out when she sinned.  Then when the man sinned, he had no light for the woman.  She was left in the dark and without the glory of the man.

After Mimi married Tom, she introduced him to Scientology, which left him in darkness like a solar eclipse.  Tom became engrossed in Scientology much more than Mimi.  Then Tom divorced Mimi, which left her in the dark and without his light to reflect.  This was like a lunar eclipse.  Of course, whether Tom and Mimi were actually Right Man and Right Woman cannot be determined exclusively with astrology.  However, matching Moon signs and potential for Eclipse Testing are two strong indicators of the Right Man - Right Woman connection.

Tom Cruise, Mimi Rogers Wedding ChartTom Cruise and Mimi Rogers were married on May 9, 1987 in Bedford, New York.  The Wedding Chart contains a Mystic Rectangle, a Catwalk, and a Plow.  The Plow points to the Moon in Virgo, which symbolizes the woman's glory, which comes from her Right Man, or husband.  The Sun Sign was Aries, for a husband.  The Plow symbolizes intensive suffering pointed at the woman's glory.  The marriage brought suffering to the woman's glory, which is like the Eclipse Testing associated with Mimi Rogers' Birth Chart.

Since the time of the wedding is not known, the Ascendant Sign and Midheaven cannot be determined.  The Chart assumes 8 PM.

The Mystic Rectangle symbolizes balancing two pairs of opposition, which certainly corresponds to two movie stars balancing their careers in marriage.  The Catwalk bridged the chasm between the signs of doctrines of demons and cursing by the law on one side and the Good Shepherd and Plagues of Egypt on the other side.  This implies the attempt to use Scientology to solve the problems of marriage.

Katie Holmes Marriage

Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes in Bracciano, Italy on November 18, 2006, Day 322, where the numbers mean:  11th month - a witness, 18 - a pillar, 6 - man, 322 - cursing (22).  Katie's Moon Sign, which matches Tom's, is Cancer, for family security.  Matching Moon Signs is one of the best indicators of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  Unlike Mimi Rogers, Katie was not born on the Full Moon.  Therefore, she does not have in her Chart the sign of Eclipse Testing, although Tom does.

Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes Wedding ChartThe Wedding Chart of Tom and Katie contains a number of sinister signs of Satan and suffering.  The Chart contained a Skull, a Plow, and a Stellium in Scorpius.  The Skull is a morbid sign of death at the hand of Satan.  The Plow pointed to the Red Planet in Libra, for bloody judgment, which can symbolize the judgment of the husband in marriage.  And the Stellium in Scorpius adds great power to the influence of Scorpius and Satan in the Chart.

The Sun Sign was Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light, which corresponds to false teachers, like those in the Scientology cult.  Also in Scorpius were the Almighty God, for Satan as the world ruler, and the Morning Star, for Satan's attempt to rule the world.  The Scientology cult is one of Satan's attempts to rule the world.  And the Last Adam, which was on the cusp of Sagittarius, symbolizes a Satanic attack.

Since the time of the wedding is not known, the Ascendant Sign and Midheaven cannot be determined.  The Chart assumes 8 PM.

The Mediator Planet was in Aquarius, for an actor.  And the Redeemer Planet was in Capricornus, for the wealth of the Gentiles.  Capricornus also corresponds to Italy, where the wedding occurred.

Cruise Marriage Relationships Conclusion

Tom Cruise's marriages to Mimi Rogers and Katie Holmes both had matching Moon Signs, which is the indicator of Right Man - Right Woman.  After considering all things, Mimi appeared to be the best candidate for a Right Woman match.  However, this is not a known fact.  The Holy Spirit would have to reveal the truth to the individuals concerned.  It is possible that Tom Cruise will never know his Right Woman due to his lack of capacity for Spiritual life.  Tom and Mimi did not appear to have the Spiritual maturity for a successful marriage.

Katie Holmes does not appear to be Tom's Right Woman even though their Moon Signs match.  When she brought the darkness of her Birth Chart to bear on Tom in marriage, the result was strong attacks from Satan, who is the enemy of marriage.

Two conclusions come from the analysis of Tom Cruise's marriages.  First, the Birth Charts of Tom and Mimi symbolized Right Man - Right Woman Eclipse Testing, which is the worst suffering in the relationship.  Second, matching Moon Signs are not sufficient to reveal a Right Man - Right Woman relationship.

Compatibility Myth

The Right Man - Right Woman relationship is based upon Divine Design, and not the compatibility of two people.  Compatibility is not the criterion for good relationships.  It is not the issue in Spiritual relationships.  When two people have rough edges, the Problem Solving Devices of the Spiritual Life should take up the slack.4  The husband is commanded to love his wife, and the wife is commanded to respect and obey her husband.  The Christian is commanded to love his neighbor.  Where there is love and respect, there is no problem with incompatibility.

People born under different signs may have different perspectives and purposes.  That does not mean they are incompatible.  Opposites can choose to work together just as they can choose to differ.  The world is full of examples.  The front and back of a ship are quite different, but the differences are necessary for the common good.  Thus, the issues of compatibility, like common interests, getting along well, and having common backgrounds are not criteria for a good relationship.   Lack of friction does not guarantee a strong relationship.  Often diversity is beneficial.  People who see eye-to-eye may both be wrong.  When a person is about to make a bad decision, it is good to have someone who will disagree.

Two compatible people may get along very well in Marriage or any other relationship, but that does not make the relationship right.  God determines right and wrong in His Divine Design.  And a right thing must be done in a right way.  The purpose of relationships is to produce Divine Good in Grace.  God has a purpose, a plan, and a method.  It is necessary to obey God, not to get along with people.  People who have their sights on God will be bound together in love (Colossians 2:2).  Compatibility is determined by the Sovereign Design of God, and man must learn to accept it.  God designs Right Man and Right Woman to fulfill His purpose, not to bring compatible couples together.  A couple may be very much alike or very different.  Different types are needed to fulfill different purposes.

Those who make an issue out of compatibility are missing the point.  The Spiritual Life is far different from soulish compatibility.  Two Old Sin Natures may be very compatible and make the relationship much worse - not better.
Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf
Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

The Birth Charts of Andre Agassi and his wife, Steffi Graf, are very compatible.  Both are Teeter-Totters, and both are pointed in the same directions.  Both were great tennis players.  However, there is nothing obvious about the Moon signs that hints of Right Man - Right Woman.



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Author: Larry Wood
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