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Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born in Syracuse, New York on July 3, 1962, Day 184, where the numbers mean:  7th month - categorical punishment, 3 - Justice of the Holy Spirit, 1962 - the end (62), 184 - weakness of the church (84).  New York is in the region of Aries and Issachar, the donkey.  His parents were Thomas Cruise Mapother III, an electrical engineer, and  Mary Lee (née Pfeiffer), a special education teacher.  With three sisters, he was the only boy in the family and was close to his mother.  When he was in the sixth grade, his family moved to Ottawa, Ontario, where Cruise's father began work as a defense consultant with the Canadian Armed Forces.  Cruise attended Henry Munro Middle School, where he was active in athletics and drama.  Cruise's mother founded the Gloucester Players, where Tom and his classmates could act.

Cruise suffered from dyslexia in elementary school, but overcame it with the help of special education in his Canada school. Cruise's father was very harsh with him.  Cruise said that he learned not to trust his father and people like him.  When he was twelve Cruise's mother left his father and took the family with her.  All the family worked, and  Cruise delivered newspapers to help support the family.  Later, his mother married a plastics salesman named Jack South, and they moved around.  Cruise attended eight elementary schools and three high schools. He attended a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati for a year on a scholarship and wanted to be a Catholic priest.  In his senior year, he made the third string in football as a linebacker but was dropped from the team after being caught drinking beer before a game.  He was on the high school wrestling team.  However, while running up and down the stairs at home to lose some weight for wrestling, he slipped and pulled a ligament in his ankle and was unable to wrestle.  While recovering from the injury, he began acting.  After his overwhelming success in playing a lead role in his high school's production of "Guys and Dolls," he decided to become an actor and dropped out of high school.

In 1981, Cruise appeared in his first move when he had a small role in "Endless Love," starring Brooke Shields.   He went on to become a famous movie star in the 1980's.  In 1993, he formed a production company, Cruise/Wagner Productions, with his former talent agent, Paula Wagner.  Cruise's first film as a producer was Mission: Impossible in 1996.  He has since been rated with the top movie directors.


Cruise married Mimi Rogers on May 9, 1987.  He divorced her on February 4, 1990 when she was 34.  She introduced him to Scientology.

Cruise married Nicole Kidman on December 24, 1990.  They adopted two children.  They separated in February 2001 when she was three months pregnant (Age 33), and she later had a miscarriage.  Cruise divorced her on August 8, 2001 when she was 34.

Cruise had a three-year relationship with Penélope Cruz, which ended in January, 2004.

Cruise began dating actress Katie Holmes in April 2005.  They had a child on April 18, 2006 and married in Bracciano, Italy on November 18, 2006.  She filed for a divorce on June 28, 2012 when she was 33.


Although he once aspired to be a Catholic priest, Cruise joined the Church of Scientology in 1986.  His three sisters followed him, and eventually his mother, a Catholic, accepted Scientology in 2003, although she did not give up Catholicism.  Cruise has risen to the highest level in Scientology and has been acclaimed as the antichrist of Scientology.  Scientology is not a science, a church, or a religion.  It is simply a cult of an antichrist, L. Ron Hubbard.

Birth Chart

Tom Cruise Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Tom Cruise contains a Castle, two Plows, a Stage, and a Catwalk.  A Castle is the domain of a king with his loyal subjects, who correspond to Cruise's host of loyal fans.  A Plow symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  With two Plows, Cruise has double suffering.  The Stage indicates Cruise's success as an actor.  A Catwalk is like a narrow bridge which a person tries to build across the chasms of life.

The Sun Sign was Gemini, for a glorious marriage.  Cruise's marriages have all been to celebrities.  The Moon was within two days of New in Cancer, which symbolizes family security.  Cruise was fiercely loyal to his mother and sisters.  As he got older, he threatened to kill boys if they got out of line with his older sisters.  Cruise's interest in family security extends beyond his immediate family to trying to save the world through Scientology.

Since the time of birth is not known, the Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be determined.


A Castle symbolizes the domain of a king and his loyal subjects.  As a movie star, Cruise is like a king with a large empire.  In 1996, he became the first to star in five consecutive films that grossed $100 million.
Tom Cruise at White House, 10-30-85
The planets at the points of the Castle were:

  1. Sun in Gemini - glorious marriage.
  2. Last Adam in Leo - a footstool, standing before the footstool of kings.  Cruise was invited to the White House on October 30, 1985, age 23, for a Lab School fundraiser.  He has been a guest at the White House for other events.
  3. Redeemer in Libra - a seller.  Cruise is partnered with Paula Wagner in a big movie production company.
  4. Almighty God in Aquarius - broadcaster.
  5. Red Planet in Taurus - plagues.

The Plow symbolizes intense suffering.  One Plow in a chart is bad, but Cruise has two Plows.  His suffering is from two sides.  There are many examples of Cruise's suffering in his childhood.  He was small and was bullied.  When he would get beat up, his father would demand that he go back and stand up for himself.  That's an example of being hit from both sides.  As a young child, he tried parachuting with a sheet like GI Joe and knocked himself out.  While being the bull in the ring, his knee was severely injured and an ambulance had to be called.  He jumped off a roof to do a back flip into a snow bank, but missed and broke his foot when he hit the sidewalk.  He was beaten to a pulp by the high school jocks when he tried to comfort the star player's girl friend.  He drove a motorcycle into a brick wall and almost killed himself.

A Plow directs the opposition of two planets into a third.  The planets in opposition in one Plow are the Almighty God in Aquarius, for a broadcaster, and the Last Adam in Cancer, for a footstool.  At the point of the Plow is the Savior Planet in Taurus, for a champion.  Cruise's status as a champion movie star includes suffering from those trying to destroy his reputation.  He has fought some of this in court.

The opposition in the other Plow is the God of the Covenants in Capricornus, for an antichrist, and the Moon in Cancer, for family security.  The point of the Plow is the Redeemer Planet in Libra, for a seller.  Cruise's attempt to convert the world as an antichrist and avoid being destroyed at the footstool has brought suffering to his selling.  This might be construed as throwing a lot of money down the drain in Scientology.


A Stage is for presentation of plays and movies.  Tom Cruise is a very talented actor, who has had great success on stage.


A Catwalk symbolizes a bridge across the chasm of life.  The Catwalk in Cruise's Chart connects the two sides:

  1. God of the Covenants in Capricornus, for an antichrist, and Almighty God in Aquarius, for a broadcaster.
  2. Moon in Cancer, for family security, and the Last Adam in Leo, for a footstool.
This signifies Cruise's message as an antichrist as he tries to save the human race through the doctrine of demons of Scientology.

The other planets in Cruise's Chart include the Morning Star in Cancer, for a herald of alarm.  Cruise is sounding the alarm to save the human race.  And the Mediator Planet in Leo symbolizes the royal priesthood.  The Royal Priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only hope for delivering the world from the power of Satan and the Antichrist, not Cruise and Scientology.

Mimi Rogers - Right Woman Eclipse Testing Match

Mimi Rogers Birth ChartMimi Rogers was Tom Cruise's first wife.  Her Birth Chart contains a Locomotive and a Plow.  The Locomotive turns on the Mediator in Cancer, which symbolizes an envoy.  The Mediator was in conjunction with the bottom of heaven, IC, for going down to the grave or suffering death.  Thus, the envoy was more like a Siren.  Mimi was like an envoy from the Church of Scientology who lured Tom Cruise into the fold.  She was raised in a home where Scientology was practiced.  Her father was a friend of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and she was an auditor.  Her first husband was a Scientologist.

The Plow points to the Redeemer in Libra, which symbolizes a ransom and corresponds to Mimi, the poker player.  Cruise also has the Redeemer in Libra, but for him it means a seller.  There are also pairs of planets in Mimi's Chart, the sign of a flood, which corresponds to Judgment of the female in Marriage Culture for promiscuity.

Mimi's Sun Sign is Capricornus, for Gentile glory, which symbolizes her success as a movie star and as the wife of Tom Cruise.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Savior Planet, which symbolizes a rescuer.

Moon Sign Match

Mimi shares the same Moon Sign as Cruise.  The Moon in Cancer symbolizes family security.  The Moon Sign corresponds to the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  The Moon in Mimi's Chart was Full and in Tom's was New.  This is a prescription for Eclipse Testing of two people who put each other's lights out.  The man can put the woman's light out at Full Moon, and the Woman can put the man's light out at New Moon.  This is the ultimate sign of the Eclipse Testing of Right Man - Right Woman in astrology.  In the Garden of Eden, the woman first put the man's light out when she sinned.  Then when the man sinned, he had no light for the woman.  She was left in the dark and without the glory of the man.

After Mimi married Tom, she introduced him to Scientology, which left him in darkness like a solar eclipse.  Tom became engrossed in Scientology much more than Mimi.  Then Tom divorced Mimi, which left her in the dark and without his light to reflect.  This was like a lunar eclipse.  Of course, whether Tom and Mimi were actually Right Man and Right Woman cannot be determined exclusively with astrology.  However, matching Moon signs and potential for Eclipse Testing are two strong indicators of the Right Man - Right Woman connection.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Birth ChartTom Cruise married Nicole Kidman on December 24, 1990.  The marriage lasted 10 years.  Nicole has a Castle and a Plow in her Birth Chart.  The pinnacle of the Castle points to  Midheaven, which is in conjunction with the Morning Star in Cancer, for a triumphal procession.  Her success as an actress is like a victory procession.  In 2006 she was named a Companion of the Order of Australia, which is Australia's highest civilian honor.  Also in Cancer is the Almighty God Planet, for great booty, or spoils of victory.  The Plow, which is a sign of intense suffering, points to the Savior Planet in Gemini, for a sanctifying spouse.  This symbolizes a spouse who is willing to go to the cross for the mate.  It is a sign of unconditional love.

Nicole's Sun Sign is Gemini, for a glorious marriage.  Cruise has the same Sun Sign.  The wedding wasn't a glorious event.  It was in a private home in Telluride, Colorado with only a few in attendance.  However, the marriage of the two celebrities was highly acclaimed.

Nicole's Moon Sign is Scorpius, for the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Ascendant Sign was the Redeemer Planet in Libra, for a seller.  Cruise had the same sign.  As the highest paid actress in Australia, Nicole literally sold herself.

The Last Adam was in Leo, for standing before kings.  Cruise had the same sign in his Chart.  The Mediator Planet in Leo was also in both Nicole's and Tom's Charts, for the royal priesthood.

The Red Planet was in Virgo, for a bloody son.  Nicole had an ectopic pregnancy early in marriage to Tom as well as a miscarriage near the end.  And the God of the Covenants was in Pisces for mystery doctrine.  In spite of her famous acting, the real Nicole Kidman has remained an elusive mystery.

Katie Holmes - Right Woman Match

Katie Holmes Birth ChartTom Cruise married Katie Holmes in Bracciano, Italy on November 18, 2006.  Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom on June 28, 2012 in Manhattan, NY while Tom was in Iceland shooting the movie, "Oblivion."  Iceland corresponds to Cancer, the Moon sign of both Tom and Katie.  The Moon in Cancer symbolizes family security.  Katie was seeking sole custody of their daughter, and Tom was prepared to fight that.

The Birth Chart of Katie Holmes contains a Bowl, which is small and covers only about 150 degrees.  A Bowl symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing and corresponds to a person who appears to be on a mission.  The person plays offense, heads in one direction, and may be quite charming.

Katie's Sun Sign is Sagittarius, which symbolizes a raider who runs around like mounted cavalry.  The Red Planet was also in Sagittarius, for a plague.

Katie's Moon Sign, which matches Tom's, is Cancer, for family security.  Matching Moon Signs is one of the best indicators of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  Unlike Mimi Rogers, Katie was not born on the Full Moon.  Therefore, she does not have in her Chart the sign of Eclipse Testing, although Tom does.  The Almighty God Planet was also in Cancer, for booty or spoils of victory.  Katie has received many awards and, of course, married one of Hollywood's richest celebrities.  Katie filed for a divorce when Tom was in Iceland, which corresponds to Cancer.  In the divorce Katie sought sole custody of their daughter, corresponding to the Moon in Cancer, for family security.  Tom was prepared to fight for the daughter, another sign of the Moon in Cancer.

The Ascendant Sign was Leo, which also contained the God of the Covenants, for powers of a ruler.  Midheaven was in Aries, for a famous leader.  Cruise fits the bill.  All of the planets were on the dark side of the Chart except two.  Tom only had three planets on the dark side of the Chart.

The Last Adam was in Virgo, for a mother's love for the child.  Katie had her first child with Tom before they were married.

There were two planets in Libra.  The Morning Star in Libra symbolizes a lead singer or dancer.  Katie has done both.  And the Mediator Planet in Libra symbolizes a scholar.  Katie was 4.0 student.

There were also two planets in Scorpius.  The Savior in Scorpius symbolizes Satan's attack on a person.  And the Redeemer in Scorpius symbolizes a lover of money.

Divorces of Wives at Ages 33, 34

In all three of Tom's marriages, the separation has come when his wife was 33.  In the first two, the divorces were finalized when the woman was 34.  In the first two, Tom initiated the divorce.  The number, 33, here means to turn away.  It is the number for the purification of the Holy Spirit, which required that a woman who had a male child must keep away from anything holy for 33 days (Lev 12:4).  The number, 34, is for permanent division, e.g. divorce.  The number is for the division of the land, where the land was permanently broken up into countries at the Tower of Babel.  Thus, 33 followed by 34 simply means separation followed by divorce.

Tom's separation from three wives who were each 33 is significant.  And for the first two divorces to be finalized when the women were 34 is even more so.  In the Sovereign Design of God for Creation, things like this occur to emphasize something.  The women of 33 followed by 34, for separation and divorce, correspond to Israel as the divorced wife of the Lord (Isa 50:1).   With Israel divorced, the Church was called out to be the bride of Christ (Rev 19:7).  The Church as Right Woman will rule and reign with Christ in Resurrection Body in the Millennium and Client Nation Israel will again symbolize His wife (Isa 62:4).

Tom Cruise symbolizes an antichrist, who is empowered by Satan.  His Birth Sign is Gemini, corresponding to the location of California and Israel.  He lives in California.  Tom's separation and divorce from his wives at age 33 to 34 symbolizes the Lord's separation and divorce of Israel.  Israel will remain divorced from the Lord during the Church Age (Luk 21:24).  Tom has been deluded into trying to save the world for Satan, but his divorces are a reminder of the truth of God's prophecy about Israel in the Church Age and the Lord's return.


The Birth Chart of Tom Cruise with a Castle, two Plows, a Stage, and a Catwalk is very complex.  The Castle signifies great success, while the two Plows signify suffering from both sides, and the Catwalk signifies a person who is trying to build a bridge across the great chasm of life to save the world from destruction.  The Stage signifies Cruise's success as an actor.  Cruise's great success as a movie star and a producer is revealed in the Castle.  The Plows indicate Cruise's personal suffering associated with his opposition to the true God.  And the Catwalk reveals Cruise as an antichrist and world-wide communicator broadcasting lies and false promises of hope to save the human race from self-destruction by worldly means through Scientology.

Cruise's Sun Sign is Gemini, which symbolizes a glorious marriage.  All of Cruise's marriages have been to celebrities.  Two of his wives, Mimi Rogers and Katie Holmes, had Moon Signs that matched his, which is the ultimate sign of Right Man and Right Woman in astrology.  This is a rarity.  He was born within two days of the New Moon, which symbolizes Eclipse Testing in his relationship with the Right Woman.  And Mimi Rogers was born on the Full Moon.  Thus, she and Tom symbolized Eclipse Testing in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  Katie Holmes was not born on the Full Moon, but her matching Moon Sign with Tom symbolizes a Right Man - Right Woman match.

Right Man and Right Woman cannot be determined exclusively with astrology.  Even if Tom did find his Right Woman in one of his relationships, he didn't have the spiritual capacity to handle it, especially after Scientology clouded his soul.  He was a ladies man from his earliest years after growing up surrounded by sisters and a doting mother.  Yet, his closest girl friends noticed his dark, controlling side.  And in spite of his fierce loyalty, he had many relationships with female celebrities and left them for the next attraction.

Tom Cruise Birth Chart Planets

Sun Gemini Glorious marriage
Moon Cancer Family security
Savior Taurus Champion
Morning Star Cancer Herald of alarm
Red Planet Taurus Plagues
Almighty God Aquarius Broadcaster
Ring Planet Capricornus Antichrist
Mediator Leo Royal priesthood
Redeemer Libra Seller
Last Adam Leo Footstool



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