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Configurations are groupings of planets in a chart that produce basic geometric shapes, like triangles, squares, and stars.  Configurations are symbols that have special meaning in the chart.  So, in addition to the symbolic meanings of the signs of the Zodiac and the planets, configurations also have symbolic meaning.  Some of the configurations are depicted in the illustration of the crop growing cycle.  The Mystic Rectangle symbolizes the field, which is plowed with the Plow.  Crop growth is symbolized by the Kite, which is like a green tree.  Showers of blessing for crop growth come from a Bowl.  And reaping is symbolized by a Boomerang, which represents the crisis of being cut down at the time to reap.

Further insight into configurations can be gleaned from the Lord's confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant when Abraham reached Spiritual Rapport.  Abraham went up to a mountain (later called Moriah) to sacrifice his only son to God, per divine command, but the Angel of the Lord intervened and provided a ram (Aries) to sacrifice instead of the son.  After Abraham offered the ram, the scripture says:

So Abraham called the name of that place, The LORD sees (provides), as it is said to this day, "On the mountain where the LORD appears." (Geneis 22:14)
 "The mountain where the LORD appears" was later called Moriah, from the Niphal, jera'eh, meaning to appear.  Now, a mountain is shaped like a large triangle and corresponds to the Grand Trine.  Mountains are very stable and seldom move.  The knife that Abraham used to slay the ram is symbolized by the Yod or Boomerang.

Then the Lord said:

Indeed, I will greatly bless you, and I will greatly multiply your descendants as the stars of the Heavens and the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. (Genesis 22:17)
"I will greatly bless you" is symbolized by a green tree, which corresponds to a Kite.  And Abraham's descendants would be multiplied "as the stars of the Heavens."  This is an astrological reference that also corresponds to a Kite, which flies into the sky, or the Heavens.  Next, Abraham's descendants will be as numerous as the sand "on the seashore."  Here, the sea is symbolized by a Bowl with its rim as the beach.  Thus, Abraham was promised a Bowl of descendants as big as the sea.  The word for "shore" of the sea in the Hebrew is feminine.  The Bowl corresponds to the female in Marriage Culture.5  Furthermore, Abraham's descendants would "possess the gate of their enemies."  This refers to city gates, which are on land and refer to city gates.  Gate is masculine in the Hebrew and corresponds to the male in Marriage Culture.  The Mystic Rectangle corresponds to the land and moving over land, which is a masculine analogy.

The left and right hemispheres of the astrological chart also correspond to gender.  The left (east) is spiritual and corresponds to the female, and the right (west) is temporal and corresponds to the male.  In the Teeter-Totter configuration, the planets are in two groups on opposite sides of the chart.  The two sides may be the left and right hemispheres.  Such a Teeter-Totter is symbolized by a powerful angel who claims the land and sea with one foot on the land and the other on the sea (Rev. 10:1-2).

In most cases the accepted astrological nomenclature for the configurations will be used.  However, in some cases, such as the Plow and the Bow, where the existing terminology is inadequate, more descriptive names will be used.  And, it is always possible for additional configurations to exist in a chart other than the basic ones defined here.  Care must always be taken to interpret any configuration with divine viewpoint, which requires basing the definition on scripture.

The question of accuracy arises.  How close to a perfect square, rectangle, or triangle must the configuration be?  The technical term for an angle in a configuration is called an Aspect and the allowed variation is called the orb.  The allowed orb is a judgment call.  An orb within 2 degrees is considered accurate and not subject to argument.  However, orbs up to 5 degrees may be acceptable for configuration angles of 60 degrees or over; whereas, only a 3 degree variation might be allowed for configuration angles of 30 degrees.  A configuration may still have influence even when it is not perfectly formed.

Configurations are groupings of actual planets, of which there are ten, including the Sun and the Moon.  Configurations do not include Midheaven, the Ascendant, asteroids, or other heavenly bodies.


BoomerangA Boomerang (sword or sickle) is a variation of the Yod with an extra planet (B) in the middle of the base leg of the isosceles triangle opposite the apex (D).  The reader is advised to learn the Yod first, and then come back to the Boomerang.  Presentation of the configurations in alphabetical order is not always best for learning.  The Boomerang, like the Yod, symbolizes a crisis in timing.  However, the Boomerang affords much better balance and control due to the extra planet (B), which is opposite the apex planet (C).  The extra planet (B) gives the Boomerang something like a handle.  An example would be a key or a sword.  The back end of a key can be grasped firmly to facilitate inserting it into the lock and turning it.

The Boomerang provides much needed balance and control to the Yod.  Since the time for critical action, B, is defined, there is much more opportunity for success.  Whereas, the Yod requires estimating the right time for action, the Boomerang includes that time (B) and leaves less chance of missed opportunity or lack of harmony in response to the crisis.

As with the Yod, the faster planet in the Boomerang must be the apex planet D.

Examples:  Osama bin Laden, Covenant Signs in the Sky, Bruce Ivins, Tim Russert Death.


BowA Bow is a grouping of all the planets within 120 degrees.  The Bow functions like a bow shooting an arrow.  The influence of all the planets is aligned in one direction.  Motion is in one direction only with no reverse.  Thus, the function of the Bow is to shoot an arrow in one direction.  It is offense with no defense.

A person with a Bow configuration in the Birth Chart would go in one direction with great fortitude, strength, and power.  The person would focus his activities in a very narrow band.  The person would be be irresistible.  But the person would have a huge blind spot on the back side of the chart for 240 degrees.  Consequently, the person would be ineffective in integration.  The person would be good with differentials and poor with integrals.  This could mean good at shooting holes in things but poor at putting things together.

Examples:  WW II Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, George W. Bush, Robert Gates, Ehud Olmert, Britney Spears, Mick Jagger.


BowlA Bowl is a grouping of all the planets on one half of the chart within 180 degrees.  The Bowl symbolizes a bowl or cup full of blessing or cursing.  The sea is symbolized by a large Bowl.  Abraham's descendants are like a Bowl of blessing.  His descendants are like the "sand on the seashore" (Genesis 22:17), which corresponds to the rim of the bowl.  The bowl judgments of Revelation are associated with cursing poured out by Elect Angels (Rev 15:7; 16:1-21).

A Bowl in the Birth Chart could signify having all of one's eggs in one basket and a charmer.  The Bowl like the Bow points in one direction and signifies offense.  However, the Bowl lacks the concentrated strength of the Bow.  The Bowl signifies a person headed in one direction on a mission.  The Bowl, in addition to being an active, driving force, can also be a passive, holding power.  The Bowl turns on the Pivot, which is the first planet encountered moving across the open space counterclockwise.  The Pivot is the most significant planet in the chart.  And, with the Bowl, the other half of the chart is a big blindspot.  A person with a Bowl would be like half a person and would need assistance from others to get things done.

Note, timing can be very important for a Bowl.  Since a Bowl can fit on one side of a chart, the time of the chart can alter the meaning of the Bowl.  A Bowl that is overturned has a different meaning from one that is upright.  And a Bowl on the Spiritual or Temporal or on the Light and Dark sides of the chart can have different meanings.

Examples:  Charles Darwin, Goldie Hawn, Challenger Disaster, Desi Arnaz, Michael McLendon, Katie Holmes.

A Bowl can symbolize a woman, and a Bowl with a Plow in it can symbolize judgment, sex, or rape (Judg 14:18).

Examples:  Christa McAuliffe, Oliver Stone, Kenneth Starr, Tony Snow, Woodrow Wilson, Noah Joakim,


BucketA Bucket, or Eye, is a configuration with all the planets on one side of the chart except one, which is on the other side.  The planet on the other side of the chart becomes the focus, or eye.  It is like the bail of a bucket.  The focus is like a star used for navigation.  It may be a goal that absorbs the attention and concentration.  The person with a Bucket in the Birth Chart would allocate all of his faculties and resources to reaching the goal.  All of the planets on one side of the chart would be brought to bear on the focus.

EyeThe focus of the Bucket corresponds to an eye.  An eye is the symbol of Grace if it is clear, and the sign of cursing if it is darkened or obstructed.

Matthew 6:22  Spiritual Eye
The lamp of the body is the eye.  If, therefore, your eye is in single focus (clear), your whole body will be full of light.
"The lamp of the body is the eye."  The lamp corresponds to the planet at the focus of a Bucket, or Eye Configuration.  One planet at the focus corresponds to an eye with a single focus (a sharp, clear image).  There may also be 2 or 3 planets taken together as the eye, or focus.  Two planets would be a pair, corresponding to a partnership, as the focus.  Three planets would be interpreted in terms of the grouping.

The whole body being full of light corresponds to the light in the spiritual body.  This is analogous to enlightenment in the thinking.  Light is the domain of God.

Matthew 6:23 Evil Eye
But if your eye is unhealthy (bad, evil), your whole body will be dark.  If, therefore, the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.
The focus of the eye could be evil.  For example, the focus of the Moon in Scorpius would symbolize preoccupation with Jezebel.  The reversionist focuses on darkness rather than light and evil rather than good (Jn 3:19).  Darkness is the domain of Satan.  The focus symbolizes preoccupation with darkness in the reversionist.  For example three planets in parallel in the eye could symbolize Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon of Satan's Cosmic System.

Examples:  Alexander Bell, Charles G. Finney, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Albert Einstein, Jacqueline Onassis, Marlyn Monroe, John W. Young, George H. Hodel, Jr., Barbaro


CarafeA Carafe configuration is a group of planets between 45-60 degrees opposite a group between 5-15.  A Carafe is similar to a Coffin but with a shorter end.  A Carafe is a bottle with a stopper for serving wine or water.  A Carafe may also be called a bottle, decanter, or wineskin, and it may symbolize a vessel or clay pot.  A Carafe is used for filling a glass, goblet, chalice, or cup for drinking.  The liquid in the bottle may symbolize blessing or cursing (Job 21:20; Ps 56:8; 75:8; Is 51:17, 22; Jer 25:15; 51:7).  A Carafe may symbolize the human body as a vessel or clay pot (Isa 45:9; Lam 4:2; Rom 9:21, 23; 1 Pet 3:7; Rev 2:27).

Examples:  Absinthe Murders, Transit of Morning Star 2004.


CastleA Castle is formed from two Kites with a common base.  The configuration has great structural stability, like a fortress or a castle.  The Castle symbolizes the domain of an established king or noble, who has great power, with support from loyal subjects, citizens and armies (2 Chronicles 2:12; Esther 1:5).  It could symbolize the lord of a large estate, a tycoon, or powerful government official (Isaiah 39:7).  The most important planet upon which the configuration turns is the one on the right base of the Castle.

Examples:  John Bennet Ramsey, Henry Ford, Doris Day, Roy Rogers, R. B. Thieme, Jr., Walter Schirra, Jr., Richard Scobee, Lucille Ball, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Patrick Fitzgerald, Ft. Hood Shooting.


CatwalkA Catwalk configuration consists of two groups of planets within 30 degrees directly opposite each other.  The narrow strip is like a catwalk.  It is more narrow than the Teeter-Totter.  People with a Catwalk in the Birth Chart may build bridges or use bridges to cross the gaps or chasms in their paths.  Whereas those with a Teeter-Totter might try to balance the groups on the two ends, those with the Catwalk would seek to connect the groups on the ends.  This is similar to the difference between Libra, the Scales, and the Mediator Planet.

The Catwalk is a bridge over a chasm or something like Jacob's ladder (Genesis 28:12) that connects Heaven and Earth.  It also symbolizes the path from Heaven to Earth (like a vapor trail) of Christ's return.  Isaiah's description of the pathway across the Red Sea illustrates a Catwalk (Isaiah 51:10).

Examples:  Lucille Ball Wedding, Covenant Signs in the Sky, NASA STS-1 Launch.


CoffinA Coffin configuration consists of a group of planets within 30 degrees opposite a group between 45-60 degrees.  A Coffin is larger than a Catwalk and smaller than a Mystic Rectangle.  A Coffin is a box for burying the dead (Gen. 50:26; Luke 7:14).

Examples:  Shooting at St. Louis ABB Power, Major Earthquake Devastates Haiti.


FamilyA Family configuration consists of a pair of planets with a third planet nearby.  The pair, A and B, in the illustration signifies the parents, and the third planet, C, signifies a child.

Examples: Tripartite Pact, Dale Evans.

Father and Sons

Father and SonsThe configuration with the Sun and first two planets in a sign symbolizes a father and his sons, or children.  The Sun (A) symbolizes the father.  The Savior Planet (B) and Morning Star (C) symbolize the sons, or children.  Other planets in the sign may also symbolize children.  The Father and Sons configuration symbolizes a special or even cult-like relation of a father and his children.  For example, it symbolizes the adage, "like fathers, like sons."  Or, the two planets could symbolize the sons of Light or the sons of the devil.  In keeping with the Bible narrative, the Savior Planet symbolizes the firstborn, but the Morning Star symbolizes the child who will rule and inherit the double portion.  The brighter Morning Star fulfills the promise, "the older shall serve the younger" (Gen 25:23).  Thus, the two planets correspond to Jacob and Esau, Rachel and Leah, and Ephraim and Manasseh.

The precise meaning of the Father and Sons configuration depends upon the Sign in which the three planets appear and the pattern.  The pattern in the illustration with the Sun apart and the two planets in conjunction symbolizes the father with twins or two witnesses.  The Sun in the middle between the two planets symbolizes the father with children.  Refer to the table of The Meaning of the Father and Sons Configuration for details.  This configuration is different from the others in that the meaning of the planets in the configuration may be different from the individual planets considered separately.  The meaning is sequence dependent.

When Joseph dreamed that the Sun, the Moon, and eleven stars were bowing down to him, Jacob interpreted the dream as meaning his father, mother, and eleven brothers would bow down to him (Gen 37:9-11).  Thus, the Sun can symbolize the father.  The word for star in the Hebrew, kokab, is used for both stars and planets (Gen 1:16; Nu 24:17; Judg 5:20; Job 3:9; 38:7; Psa 147:4; 148:3; Isa 47:13).  Therefore, planets can symbolize brothers.

The Sun symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Light of the World and Glory of the Father.  The Savior Planet and Morning Star follow the Sun like children and are never separated over 60 degrees from it.  The Savior Planet symbolizes Jesus Christ as the Firstborn Son of God in Hypostatic Union.  And the Morning Star symbolizes Jesus Christ in Resurrection Body who will inherit the Throne of David in the Millennium.  The Birth Chart of Jesus Christ actually contains the Sun, Savior, Morning Star, and Last Adam in Virgo.

Examples:  Jesus Christ, Adolph Hitler, Albert Einstein, Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Laden, Ellen G. White, Herman Cain, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.


FloodThe Flood is formed by planets grouped two by two in a chart.  Multiple pairs in a chart is the sign of a flood because the animals entered the Ark two by two (Genesis 6:19-20).  The Flood was the worst disaster in history.  The Flood destroyed rampant promiscuity of the female, who married demons and produced giants and other mighty creatures.  Five pairs of planets could be grouped in a chart to form a Pentagram, the symbol of a giant.  However, the Flood configuration does not have to form a Pentagram, and there need only be three pairs (not five) for a Flood configuration.

Examples:  WW II Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki, Willie Mays, Desi Arnaz, Mimi Rogers, Anna Nicole Smith, UF-AL Football.

Grand Cross

Grand CrossA Grand Cross is formed by connecting the diagonals of a square.  The Grand Cross is two pairs of planets in opposition at right angles.  The result is a large cross.  The cross is a symbol of the suffering of death, like going to the cross for execution.  Of all the signs of suffering, the Grand Cross is the most powerful.  The Grand Cross is also unstable like a wheel with four spokes without a rim.  As the person with a Grand Cross jumps from one spoke to the next, he changes from one persona to another like a person on a frantic search for happiness.

The Grand Cross is a reminder of the Cross of Christ.

And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even the Death of the Cross. (Philippians 2:8)

that I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, having become like Him with reference to His death; (Philippians 3:10)

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. (Matthew 16:24)

Examples:  Charles Manson, Woody Allen, Al Capone, Osama bin Laden, JonBenet Ramsey, Hurricane Felix, Valerie Plame, Ft. Hood Shooting.

Grand Trine

Grand TrineA Grand Trine is an equilateral triangle in the chart.  Each side of the triangle covers 120 degrees of the chart, and each angle inside the triangle is 60 degrees.  The Grand Trine is one of the most propitious symbols.  It signifies blessing, stability, productivity, talent, harmony, ease, and momentum.  Just as  the triangle affords great stability in architecture, the Grand Trine (triangle) symbolizes strength, power, and stability to face the most rigorous tests and to do it effortlessly.  The most difficult tests can be handled with ease and comfort.  Momentum tests can be overcome.  The foundation holds like an anchor in rock.  And there is potential for great productivity.

Those with a Grand Trine in the Birth Chart truly operate on a higher plane.  They have the power and stability to handle the pressures of life with ease.  They have blessing and talent and potential for great productivity.  They are the recipients of Grace, and "to whom much has been given, much shall be required" (Luke 12:48).  They are like the house built upon the rock that withstood the flood (Matthew 7:24-25).

The equilateral triangle of the Grand Trine symbolizes the Trinity.  God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three personalities, but one in essence.  They all share the same essence with its Love and Integrity in Holiness.  They are all involved in Divine Production.  By analogy, fire is produced by combining the elements of fuel, air, and heat, which may be illustrated by the Fire Triangle.1  The triangle may symbolize great productivity, or it may symbolize Fire Testing, which is intensive suffering (1 Peter 1:7).  The Grand Trine symbolizes the power to withstand Fire Testing.

Examples:  Battle of Trenton, Declaration of Independence.


Planets may stand apart from the others in a chart.  A single planet may stand alone on one side of a chart opposite the others on the other side of the chart.  The planet may be the focus or center of a Bucket or Sling.  A planet that stands apart from the others may be called a singleton.  A singleton has special significance that sets it apart from others.  At the focus or center of a Bucket or Sling, a singleton is the most important planet in the chart.

Groups of two or more planets may stand apart, regardless of whether they are in conjunction or in the same sign (a Stellium).  Two planets that stand apart are called a pair, which is the sign of a witness or partnership.  Multiple pairs in a chart is the sign of a Flood because the animals entered the Ark two by two (Genesis 6:19-20).

Practically, about the only way three or more planets could stand apart would be in the same sign (see Stellium); otherwise, the planets would be part of one of the other named configurations.  For groups of three or more that stand apart, the planets must be more or less evenly spaced; otherwise, the group would break down into smaller groups.  For example, a pair in conjunction plus one does not constitute a group of three.  A group of three could be called a triplet, which symbolizes the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  A group of four could signify weakness, but more likely would signify strength in weakness (1 Corinthians 1:27; 2 Corinthians 12:10).  A group of five would signify grace or a giant.

Examples:  Walt Disney (pair).

High Place

High PlaceA High Place, or Pedestal, configuration is a group of planets spanning 70 to 90 degrees opposite a group spanning 10 to 30 degrees.  It is narrower at the top than a Stage.  A High Place is a raised altar for offering sacrifices to God or idols (Lev 26:30; Nu 22:41; 33:52; Deut 12:2; Hab 3:19). It corresponds to a plateau at the top of a mountain, a ziggurat, or a pedestal.  Offerings are placed upon altars to present them to God or the gods (idols) of heaven.

The Temple Mount was the high place of Jerusalem, and Mount Olympus was the high place of the gods of Greece.

A champion or trophy may be placed upon a pedestal as a symbol of highest glory.  A Plow or Horn through a High Place configuration symbolizes an iconoclast, who breaks an idol or trophy.

Examples:  Jason B. Dalton, Transit Savior Planet, 2016.


HornThe Horn Configuration contains three planets in the shape of an isosceles triangle.  The planets in the base of the triangle are separated by 90 degrees (+/- 15 degrees).  A horn is a symbol of power (Num 24:8; Deut 33:17; Psa 92:10).  It can bore or gore (1 Ki 22:11; Zech 1:18-21).  It may be a tornado, whirlwind, or vortex.  Or it may be the sign of power, such as the horn of an ox or goat or the power of a king (Dan 7:7).  It may also correspond to the influence of angelic powers.  The Antichrist is called the Little Horn (Dan 7:8).  A Horn may be a sign of blessing (1 Sam 2:1, 10; 2 Sam 22:3) or cursing (Psa 75:10).  A cornucopia is a type of a horn of blessing, while being gored by a horn is a sign of cursing.

Examples:  Muhammad Ali, Robert Crippen, Battle of Issus

Horse's Hoof

Horse's HoofA Horse's Hoof has about 100 degrees of the chart empty.  It is less than the empty space of 120 degrees for a Locomotive.  Thus, the empty space should be less than 110 degrees and greater than 95 degrees.  A Horse's Hoof symbolizes being trampled by horses (Isa 5:28; Ezek 26:11).  In her death, Jezebel was trampled underfoot by the horse of Jehu (2 Ki 9:33).

Examples:  Solar Eclipse of Nov. 3, 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan, Florida Mass Shooting, Don Spirit, Nikolas Cruz.


KiteA Kite represents blessing from the victory of Christ on the Cross.  The Kite symbolizes Christ on the Cross as He was suspended between Heaven and Earth as the Mediator (John 3:14; 12:32).
"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up; (John 3:14)

"And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to Myself." (John 12:32)

The Kite also symbolizes a bird flying between Heaven and Earth bearing the sign of the Cross.  The Kite, however, does not refer to the Judgment of the Cross but to the grace blessing that followed.  The individual with a Kite in the Birth Chart has capacity for life and the ability to soar above the problems of life and fly like a bird while others are stuck on the ground under the circumstances of life.  People with a Kite have more stability, greater flexibility, more happiness and productivity, and an easier walk through life than others.

The Kite is formed from the Grand Trine with a planet (B) on one side.  Planet B is the center of opposition to planet D, which becomes the focus, or most important planet in the configuration.  The opposing planet B is like a reference point which establishes direction pointing to the focus.  Thus, the Kite becomes a Grand Trine with a focus.  The Kite enables all the power of the Grand Trine to be harnessed with direction and focus along the B to D center line of opposition.  The power of the Kite is focused in planet D.  The Kite in the Birth Chart adds a sense of purpose and direction to the Grand Trine.  The person with a Grand Trine only in the Birth Chart would lack the awareness of purpose and direction.  However, as is the case will all configurations, the individual volition must be applied to use them.  Everyone is free to use or reject his potential.

Examples:  Robert E. Lee, Cyrus I. Scofield, Josef Stalin, Covenant Signs in the Sky, Tim Russert.


LocomotiveA Locomotive has 120 degrees of the chart empty.  The name was based upon its resemblance to the wheel of the old steam locomotive.  The wheels were imbalanced to help the locomotive get moving.  The name has no bearing on function in the chart.

The Locomotive chart turns on one planet, the pivot, which is at the end of the empty space going counterclockwise.  The pivot is the most important planet in the chart.  It is seen by looking far ahead across the empty space from the planet at the beginning of the empty space.  The person with a Locomotive in the Birth Chart is a  visionary who is looking ahead and aware of the turn off that he must take to arrive at his destination.  He is highly motivated.  The pivot planet motivates him.  He recognizes problems and proceeds to solve them.  He has initiative, industriousness, and perseverance. And he leaves his own special mark on all his accomplishments.

Examples:  Sir Isaac Newton, Lucille Ball Wedding, Mimi Rogers, Jimmy Carter, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, UF-AL Football, Haiti Earthquake.

Mystic Rectangle

Mystic RectangleA Mystic Rectangle consists of four planets that form a rectangle in the chart.  The planets on the ends of the rectangle are 60 degrees apart.  The rectangle has two diagonal crossbars with planets in opposition.  The crossbars are the key to understanding the Mystic Rectangle.  The crossbars are like two teeter-totters that pivot in the middle.  The secret is to achieve balance of the two crossbars simultaneously by dealing with the planets in opposition.  It is like steering with the hands and feet at the same time.

When this configuration in the Birth Chart is mastered, it is a source of great operational stability.  For example, the person might be able to guide a boat through the rapids or drive a race car through an obstacle course.  The person would be adept at managing the conflicts of the two crossbars, where the two ends of each crossbar would have to be played against the middle, or balanced.  This is the kind of configuration that is able to navigate the storms of life with poise and composure.

Examples:  Henry Ford, Ronald Reagan, Brigitte Bardot, Lucille Ball Death, Dale Evans, John McCain.


OppositionTwo planets opposite each other are said to be in Opposition.  The effects of the two planets in Opposition must be brought into balance.  Opposition is like a teeter-totter that requires balancing the two ends.  This is a very simple, yet very powerful, configuration.  It should not be taken lightly.

PoleMultiple planets in opposition strengthen the effect of the configuration.  The result is like a Pole that is thicker and stronger than a single opposition.  Priests carried the Ark of the Covenant in the wilderness with poles (Exodus 25:13-15).  Poles were used for pitching tents and suspending curtains.  Poles were used for suspending animals to be butchered, and poles were used for carrying carcasses.  A shepherd's staff is a Pole.


A pit is an inverted Castle.  A pit symbolizes a physical pit in the ground, Sheol, or the grave.  It can also symbolize a trap or intensified suffering, like being thrown into the dungeon (Gen 37:22; Jer 18:22).  And it can symbolize Hades, or Hell, especially when the midpoint (lowest point) is aligned with IC (the opposite of Midheaven).  It can symbolize fiery judgments, misfortune, destruction, or health problems (Deut 32:22-27; Psa 18:5; 55:23).  It symbolizes the lowest places, darkness, and depths (Psa 88:6).

Examples:  NASA Apollo 1 Fire, L. Ron Hubbard.


PlowA Plow is a right triangle in the chart.  A Plow symbolizes facing the point of a plow or spear.  It is formed when two planets (A and B) in opposition to each other point to a third planet (C) to vent their wrath.  The angle at C is 90 degrees.

The Plow is a sign of suffering in anyone's life.  It is like being plowed under (Psalm 129:3; Micah 3:12).

     For those whom the Lord loves He disciplines,
     And He scourges every son whom He receives.  (Hebrews 12:6)

The suffering can be intense, like the cross, as Paul said, "I have been crucified with Christ" (Gal. 2:20a).  It can symbolize the national devastation (Jeremiah 26:18; Micah 3:2), bondage, and hard labor (Hosea 10:11).

Plowing is a metaphor that applies to life.  Just as plowing is preparation for planting, it symbolizes preparing for a job, project, or activity of life.  Plowing symbolized cultivating Righteousness for the edification of the soul.

Sow for yourselves to Righteousness;
Reap according to Gracious Love;
Plow for yourselves virgin (new) soil;
For it is time to seek the LORD,
Until He comes and rains Righteousness upon you. (Hosea 10:12)
Israel was advised to grow crops of Righteousness so it could reap God's Gracious Love instead of His wrath.  The people were told to plow virgin soil, which means new ground, or land that had not been cultivated (Jeremiah 4:3).  They should begin doing something different, i. e. executing the Spiritual Life.  Instead, they were cultivating (plowing) evil.
You have plowed wickedness;
You have reaped crime;
You have eaten the fruit of lying,
Because you have trusted in your way,
In the multitude of your mighty soldiers. (Hosea 10:13)
So the Plow can symbolize cultivating reversionism, including wickedness, crime, and lying.

The Plow even symbolizes sex. Samson used plowing as a metaphor for sex (Judges 14:18).  When the Plow points to the Moon, it can symbolize suffering from a sexual relationship.

The Plow in geography corresponds to a street corner.  The building on a corner lot is part of a Plow and is a stronghold.

Examples:  Roy Rogers, Albert Einstein, Doris Day, Ronald Reagan, Brigitte Bardot, Muhammad Ali, Tim Russert, John McCain, Nidal Hasan, Tom Cruise.


PodiumA Podium configuration is a group of planets spanning 60 degrees opposite a group spanning 30 degrees.  A Podium is wider than a Coffin.  A Podium may also be called a pulpit, ambo, rostrum, stump, or soapbox.  A Podium is a raised platform to give prominence to person, such as a speaker or preacher (Neh 8:4).  It corresponds to the Evaluation Throne of Christ, which is the Greek bema (Rom 14:10; 2 Cor 5:10).  A ledge halfway to the top of Mount Gerizim from which Jotham addressed the men of Shechem is called "Jotham's Pulpit" (Judg 9:7).  Similar to a raised platform is a raised garden terrace or bed (SOS 5:13; 6:2; Ezek 17:7, 10).  Jesus once used a fishing boat as a Podium for speaking (Luk 5:1-3).

Greek a[mbwn (ambron); bh~ma (bema) (Rom 14:10; 2 Cor 5:10)
Hebrew lD*g=m! (migedal), platform (Neh 8:4)

Examples:  Billy Graham, Isaac Newton, Valerie Plame, R. B. Thieme, Jr. Berachah Church.


SkullThe Skull is formed from the extension of one side of a Bowl by 15 to 30 degrees.  This is a very morbid and sinister sign.  The Skull symbolizes Satan as the one with the power of death (Heb 2:14).  Satan has the power (with the Lord's permission) to administer the sin unto death.  The Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on a hill called in the Hebrew Golgotha, meaning the skull (Matt 27:33; Mk 15:22; Lk 23:33; Jn 19:17).  That was a very evil place.  It is where all the sins of the world were imputed to Christ and judged.

The skull of Jezebel was left by the dogs after her violent death (2 Ki 9:35).  And King Abimelech was killed when a woman dropped an upper mill stone on his head and crushed his skull (Judg 9:53).  In a metaphor of Solomon, the skull is symbolized by a "golden bowl," and when it is broken, it means death (Ecclesiastes 12:6).

Remember Him before the silver cord (of soul life) is cut loose, and the golden bowl (skull) is broken, and the water-jar (the heart) by the fountain is broken in pieces, and the windlass (the lungs) in the well is crushed, (Ecclesiastes 12:6)
In death, the soul has left the body, and only the empty shell (or bowl) of the skull remains.  The heart ceases to pump, and the lungs collapse.

Examples:  D-Day, John F. Kennedy Assassination, JonBenet Ramsey, Apollo 11, Sharon Tate Death, Anna Nicole Smith.


SlingA Sling is formed by all the planets grouped within 120 degrees on one side of the chart, except for one planet on the other side of the chart.  This configuration resembles a sling, which is used for slaying giants.  David used a sling to kill Goliath.  Slaying giants is an important function in Spiritual Warfare.2

The Sling symbolically swings around the Center planet, which is opposite all the other planets.  The Center planet then becomes the most significant planet in the chart.  For a person with a Sling in the Birth Chart, the Center planet will be the center of attention in the person's life.  The person will have great power in the spiritual realm because of the Sling.  However, the power will be very concentrated.  Since most of the chart is empty, there are large areas of blindspots.  The person will need trusted helpers to deal with the blindspots.

Examples:  Sigmund Freud, John F. Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Robert Dole, Sunita Williams, Walt Disney (center with two planets), Esteban Santiago, Kinston AL Shootings, Nidal Hasan.


StageA Stage configuration is a group of planets spanning 90 degrees opposite a group spanning 30 to 60 degrees.  The Stage is wider at the base than a Podium.  It symbolizes a plateau, a raised platform, a stage, a deck, or a threshing floor.  When turned upside down, it can symbolize a coliseum or a bridge across a valley.  Whereas a Podium is a raised platform for a single speaker, a Stage is a broader platform for many actors.

Like gladiators in the coliseum condemned to death, the apostles were like actors (stars) in a Greek tragedy on the world stage.
1 Corinthians 4:9
For, I think, that God has exhibited us apostles last of all as men condemned to death; because we have become stars on the World Stage to angels and to mankind.
Here the Greek qevatron (theatron) means an actor in the theater or star on the stage.

Threshing refers to crushing Judgment (Jer 51:33; Mic 4:12-13).  The one doing the threshing has the upper hand in judgment.

Isaiah 21:10 Israel Threshed
O my threshed one, and child of my threshing floor!
What I have heard from the LORD of the Armies, the God of Israel, I have declared to you.
The nation of Israel is the threshed one. It was crushed by Divine Judgment from Babylon to destroy the chaff and redeem the remnant.  Later, Babylon was threshed in its Fall.  The Chart of the Fall of Babylon contains a Threshing Floor.

Examples:  Fall of Babylon, Osama bin Laden, Susan Boyle, Minnesota Bridge Collapse, Battle of Lexington and Concord, Tom Cruise, Brigitte Bardot, Lewis Sperry Chafer

Star of David

Star of DavidA Star of David is a hexagram in the chart.  It is the most propitious sign that is possible in an astrological chart.  The Star of David is formed from two Grand Trines, and it contains six kites and three Mystic Rectangles.  The Star of David indicates a higher level of quality than the norm.  A person with a Star of David in the Birth Chart would demand the highest quality and not settle for anything less.  The person would think with a different paradigm and could be very high minded with many things only making sense in the spiritual realm.

The Star of David has characteristics like the Pentagram Star.  The Star of David configuration, however, is like a superstar, or nova.  It surpasses the Pentagram Star.  The Star of David, like the Pentagram is an unstable configuration.  It is like the spokes of a wheel without a rim, which would give a bumpy ride and be full of contradictions.  Or it could be like a person stepping from piling to piling of a washed out pier.  The person would always be concentrating on the next step and forgetting the previous one.  This could give the appearance of being absent-minded.  Further, those people in the past would easily be forgotten along the way.  Thus, the person might appear to be neglecting relationships or previous commitments.  The six points of the star are in six signs, which further define the main issues of the person's life.

The Star of David is a sign of great blessing.  The person with a Star of David in the Birth Chart would have special blessing from God.  He would be the recipient of special grace.  God would be looking out for him.  And he would have great balance because of God's protection.  It would be a good guess that Solomon had such a sign.  Having said all this, just because a person has the Star of David does not mean the person would use his gifts.  He would have talents and blessing available, but he might not be motivated to take advantage of them.  Many of the blessings, however, would be unconditional and not related to personal volition at all.

The Star of David with its six points corresponds to the Seraph with its six wings.  Seraphs are throne angels like Michael, Gabriel, and Satan.  Because the person with the Star of David configuration is associated with such high-level company, he could be subject to more sophisticated attacks from Satan.  Brilliant minds would likely have more problems with Satan than the inept.  To be blunt, those with a Star of David would tend to be smart asses, while others would be like dumb asses.  Smart asses would generally have many more problems than dumb asses.

NASA has found the Star of David on the God of the Covenants Planet.3

Examples:  Saddam Hussein, Robert Crippen, Graham, William R., Tiger Woods

Star (Pentagram)

PentagramA Star (Pentagram) is a five-pointed star formed from five planets separated by 72 degrees.  A star in general is a symbol of sudden brilliance that comes in out of the blue.  It is always unexpected and undeserved.  The five-pointed star is a pentagram, which is the sign of a giant, such as Baal, who is worshipped as the god of war and love and is the same as Satan.  The Star in the Birth Chart means the person is known as a star in the Angelic Conflict, even though it might not be apparent to others.  And it means Satan will try to use the person for his own purposes.  Everyone, however, is free to choose God's Grace and reject Satan.

Miraculous and out of this world may be used to describe a person with a Star in the Birth Chart.  The person will have influence over events like the Super Bowl, World Series, national championships, or wars.  Look for correlations between the person and major events.  However, the person with the Star may appear on the surface to be somewhat normal and not have any special talents.  The relationships of the person with the Star to world events is spiritual.  They can be recognized by divine viewpoint.

The Star is an unstable configuration.  Think of it as the spokes of a wheel without a rim.  The person with a Star will have a bumpy ride and be full of contradictions.  The only hope of stability for the person appears to be in Marriage to Right Man or Right Woman.  Until that happens, the Lord Jesus Christ must be the symbolic husband.  The five points of the star are in five signs, which further define the main issues of the person's life.

Perfectly formed Stars are quite rare, but even imperfect Stars still have all the characteristics of a Star.  Orbs of 7 or 8 degrees should be allowed.  Even when one of the angles is off by up to 15 degrees, it is still a Star.  When the Star is skewed, however, its power is diminished.  So, as a rule of thumb, don't discount a Star too quickly just because some of the angles deviate from the allowed orb.

Examples:  L. Ron Hubbard, Tony Curtis, Daniel Tani, Big Brown (race horse), Watson Marriage.


A Stellium is a grouping of three or more planets in conjunction in a single sign.  Planets within 2 degrees of each other are in conjunction.  However, any grouping of three or more planets in a sign adds strong power to the influence of the sign.  Thus, any grouping of three or more planets in a sign may be called a Stellium, regardless of whether the planets are within 2 degrees of each other.

Examples:  Sigmund Freud, Louis Pasteur, Ted Bundy, Dwight L. Moody, Robert Dole, Dean Martin, Mick Jagger, Lucille Ball Marriage, Death, Lance Armstrong.


Teeter-TotterA Teeter-Totter has two groups of planets on opposite sides of the chart.  The two groups don't have to be directly opposite each other or form a perfect rectangle.  The two groups can be offset from the center line and the effects will still ring true.  Each group should cover about 60 to 70 degrees.  And each group must have at least two planets in it.

When planets appear opposite each other, both ends must be brought into balance by the individual.  Otherwise, the person would be fighting himself.  So, the person with a Teeter-Totter in the Birth Chart could be pictured as the fulcrum in the center of the Teeter-Totter.  The person would be symbolically standing straddle of the fulcrum with one foot on each side of the teeter-totter and trying to balance it.

The Birth Chart with the sign of the teeter-totter corresponds to the meaning of Revelation 10:1-2.

Revelation 10:1-2
1 And I saw another angel, powerful one, coming down out of heaven, clothed with a cloud; and the rainbow was upon his head, and his face was like the Sun, and his feet like pillars of fire; 2 and he had in his hand a little book which was open. And he placed his right foot on the sea and his left on the land;
This angel is also described in Revelation 5:2.  He is one of the 24 Kings of Arms who sit around the Throne of God in Heaven.  These Kings are leaders of the angelic armies of God.  The angel stood with one foot on the sea and the other foot on land.  This is the sign of a fulcrum and a balancing act.  The foot on the land represents authority over those believing Jews who live in the land of Israel, the Client Nation.  The foot on the sea represents authority over those people in the world, since the sea is a symbol of the world.  So, the angel has conquered both during the Tribulation.  This is a powerful angel, and the Teeter-Totter configuration is a powerful symbol.

The person with a Teeter-Totter sees the issues of life from two sides.  This is like the Double Loop fingerprint in handreading.4  While others conform to one group or another, the person with a Teeter-Totter will usually not take sides, except temporarily.  The person will try to sit on the fence above the fray and play two sides against the middle.  The person may try to balance the demands of each group or go back and forth.  The Teeter-Totter may operate like Libra, the Scales, which serves to differentiate (judge) between two things or balance (integrate or mediate) them.  Thus, the person may try to act as judge or referee on the one hand or mediator or facilitator on the other hand.  However, even when judging, the person will still be seeking balance to overcome the injustice.  The person may also just be a spectator of the two sides.

The person with a Teeter-Totter is prone to problems.  In the first place, dividing life into two camps is not always good.  It may create conflict.  Of course, the person with the Teeter-Totter is all too ready to deal with the the conflict.  Since a house divided against itself cannot stand (Matthew 12:25), the person with the Teeter-Totter will expend enormous amounts of energy trying to keep the house from falling.  On the other hand, the person may be very good at a jobs that require dealing with two sides of issues.  For example, Stefi Graf, who has a Teeter-Totter, was one of the world's greatest tennis players.

The other big problem with the Teeter-Totter is the sides that are bare.  In the illustration that would be toward the top and bottom of the chart.  The person with the Teeter-Totter would be geared for left-right action and would recognize the boundaries of legalism (left) and lawlessness (right) or temporal (left) and spiritual (right).  However, the front to back orientation would be a blind spot, and the person would have problems there.  Front symbolizes the public side, and back symbolizes the private side.  Front symbolizes personal love, and back symbolizes impersonal love.  The person could have some strange aberrations dealing with personal and impersonal relationships.  The person wouldn't know where the assumed fulcrum was for front/back relationships. The presumption of using the same Teeter-Totter for relationships on other sides of the chart, would lead to some strange quirks, like illusions about privacy.

Examples:  Boris Yeltsin, Stefi Graf.


TrumpetThe shape of a Trumpet is a variation of a Catwalk with one end within 30 degrees and the other end about 15 degrees.  A Trumpet is the symbol of a musical instrument and a herald (Psa 98:6).  As a musical instrument, this configuration could symbolize a trumpet or other brass instrument, a flute or other woodwind, or even a stringed instrument, such as a harp, lute, violin, or guitar.  The figurative meaning could extent to symbolize a megaphone, loud speaker, or even broadcasting, announcing, or music of priase (Psa 150:3-4).

The trumpets in Israel were made of silver, a symbol of judgment, and of rams' horns.  As musical instruments, trumpets were used in the orchestra or band for celebration (1 Chron 13:8).  As a herald, trumpets were used as a signaling device in the camp and on the battlefield.  A pair of two silver trumpets (blown by two priests) were used by the Levites to signal the congregation of Israel for holy convocations, general assembly, war deployment, and armies in battle (Nu 10:1-10).  The Trumpets were blown for the Feast of Trumpets to symbolize the ingathering of Israel from the four corners of the Earth at the Second Advent (Lev. 23:23-25; Isa 27:13; Matt 24:31).  Trumpets of rams' horns were blown to herald the judgment of Jericho (Josh 6:4-20).  The army of Gideon blew 300 trumpets to herald the judgment of the army of the Midianites and the Amalekites (Judges 7:22).  In the Tribulation, Trumpets will herald seven judgments upon mankind (Rev 8:1, 6).  The trumpet heralded the New Moon and Full Moon (Psa 81:3).  The trumpet was used to signal alarm (Nu 10:5-6; Neh 4:18-20; Jer 4:5; Ezek 33:3; Joel 2:1).  A long blast of the trumpet was also used to herald the year of Jubilee (Lev 25:9).6

A human herald with a voice like a trumpet may also signal alarm by broadcasting a message (Isa 58:1).  Thus, a Trumpet may also symbolize a human herald and broadcasting or announcing.  A herald may announce the birth of a child (Jer 20:15; Luk 1:13) or conception (Job 3:3; Matt 1:20; Luk 1:31).

Examples:  Lucille Ball, Bruce Ivins, Tim Russert, Valerie Plame.


WagonA Wagon, or Trailer, Configuration is a variation of a Mystic Rectangle with a hitch at one end.  The ends of the Wagon are separated by 60 degrees (or 40 to 70 degrees).  The Wagon is used for hauling (Gen 45:19, 21, 27).  The Wagon is pulled by a horse, which symbolizes the husband or Right Man.  The Wagon symbolizes the wife or Right Woman (Gen 46:5).  The significance of the Wagon is not just the balance of two oppositions but the wife, who follows behind her husband in Marriage (Eph 5:22-23).

The Wagon is also a symbol of capacity, including capacity for blessing or suffering.  It may symbolize capacity for life of a woman, or it may symbolize carrying a heavy burden (Amos 2:13).  It may also symbolize a battle wagon or chariot (Ezek 23:24; 26:10).

Examples:  Brigitte Bardot, Dale Evans


WingA Wing is a Horn with a handle, like a large Boomerang.  However it is not associated with timing.  A wing is a sign of power like a horn (Isa 40:31).  However, a Wing affords better control and precision.  It may be used as a tool or a weapon (Jer 48:40).  A Wing may correspond to the wing of a bird or an airplane.  It may be a rudder or the nose of a missile or rocket (Eph 6:16).  It may even be a javelin, a hammer, an ax, or a rudder (2 Sam 12:31; Psa 74:6; Jer 50:23).  The power of a wing includes dexterity and extended reach (Josh 8:18).  It includes the power to dive like an eagle or hawk (Jer 49:22).  Thus, it may be associated with Throne Angels (Ex 25:20).

Examples:  Al Capone, Buzz Aldrin, Joan Rivers, Bizarre South Carolina Earthquake, Nikolas Cruz.


YodA Yod is a Hebrew letter, y, that symbolizes the right hand with the index finger pointing.  It symbolizes the Finger of God and represents a crisis or brief time of opportunity, like striking when the iron is hot or taking decisive action.  A Yod is in the shape of an isosceles triangle with the base formed by planets, A and B, separated by 60 degrees in opposition to the apex planet, C.  When planet A arises, it signals a crisis and the beginning of a window of opportunity to oppose planet C before planet B arrives.  To use a baseball analogy, point A would represent the pitcher releasing the ball.  The batter would then have to assess the pitch and begin swinging the bat to hit the ball precisely half way between points A and B, which would be directly opposite point C.  The difference is that in real life a Yod corresponds to a crisis that must be recognized and handled in the critical timing window.  Those who master the function of the Yod, learn to recognize the arrival of the crisis, rise to the challenge, and handle it at the right time.  When the crisis arrives, they have a sense of urgency and the poise to deal with it.

A true Yod requires that planet C be faster moving than planets A or B.  Thus, the Moon, which is the fastest moving planet could planet A or B, and the Last Adam could never be planet C.

Examples:  Walter Schirra, Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bigitte Bardot, Lucille Ball Death.



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