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Daniel Michio Tani was born in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1961, Day 32, where the numbers mean:  2nd month - division; 1 - unity; 61 - income tax; and 32 - conspiracy.  Pennsylvania (ref. Zodiac Map) corresponds to Aries and to Issachar, the donkey.  Ridley Park is at 35 N., for rest from enemies, and  75 W., for Sovereignty.  Before he was born during World War II, his parents were moved from California to Utah in the Japanese American internment program.  His father died when he was four, and he was raised by his mother, Rose, who was born in California.  They lived in Lombard, Illinois.

Daniel Tani, KSC, 10-9-07After receiving a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1984, Tani worked for Hughes Aircraft Corporation in El Segundo, California in the Space and Communications group.  He returned to MIT in 1986 and received a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1988.  In 1988, Tani worked for Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC) in Dulles, Virginia, where he eventually became launch operations manager on the Pegasus program.  He was selected as an astronaut candidate by NASA in April 1996.  He flew on STS-108 December 5-17, 2001 aboard Endeavour as a Mission Specialist on a trip to the Space Station.  During the mission, he completed a four-hour space walk (Extra-Vehicular Activity, (EVA)).

Expedition 16 Crew , 2-16-2008Tani returned to the Space Station aboard Discovery (STS-120) (launched October 23, 2007) as a member of the Expedition 16 Space Station crew.  During the time Discovery was docked with the Space Station, Tani had two female commanders, STS-120 Commander Pamela Melroy and Expedition 16 Commander Peggy A. Whitson.  Tani performed one EVA with the STS-120 crew, and four more EVA's aboard the space station.  He was originally scheduled to return to Earth aboard STS-122 in December; however, the mission was delayed due to a fuel sensor problem and wasn't launched until February 7, 2008.  While he was on the Space Station, his 90-year old mother was killed when her car was struck by a train on December 19, 2007.4  Tani finally returned to Earth on STS-122 on February 20, 2008, two months later, on his mother's birthday.  The picture of the Expedition 16 crew has Commander Peggy Whitson (top) and L-R:  Daniel Tani, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Leopold Eyharts.

Tani is married to the Jane Egan of Cork, Ireland and has two daughters.

Death of Rose Tani

The mother of Astronaut Daniel Tani, who was aboard the Space Station, was killed in Lombard, Illinois on December 19, 2007 when her car was hit by a freight train.  Rose Tani, 90, was killed about 3:00 PM CST when she drove through the closed gates at a railroad crossing and into the path of a westbound train, which was traveling from Chicago to California.  She was born in California on February 20, 1917, Day 51, for arrogance.  She died on Dec. 19, 2007, Day 353, for a ship.  A ship, which symbolizes salvation, appeared on the STS-122 mission patch.  Her funeral will be at the First Church of Christ in Lombard, which is at 220 South Main St., where 22 is for cursing.

Rose Tani Birth ChartRose Tani died on Dec. 19, which stands for the tribe of Dan (related to her son Daniel) and the federal judiciary.  Kennedy Space Center, where STS-122 was sitting on the launch pad, is Florida County #19.  Rose was born in the sign of Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida.  She had a stellium in Capricornus, which corresponds to Texas, where NASA Mission Control relayed the death message to her son in orbit.  A stellium adds extra power to the influence of the sign.

Lombard, Ill, 12-19-07 ChartThe chart of the planets over Lombard at 3:00 PM at the time of Rose's death contains a Star of David, which is the most propitious sign of blessing in such a chart.  Granted, the Star of David, is a little askew, but it is close enough to see how it relates to the other events of the day.  The Star of David is a reminder of the double blessing of Israel, which came through the Abrahamic Covenant and the birth of Isaac.  Death is God's victory.  He alone decides, the time, manner, and place of death for everyone.  The death of a person carries a message from God.  In this case, the message was the sign of the Star of David and a reminder through a 90-year old woman of the birth of Isaac, which fulfilled God's promise to Abraham.

Rose Tani became famous in her death because her son, Daniel Tani, a NASA astronaut, was aboard the Space Station.  Daniel Tani's birth chart has a five-pointed star (a pentagram), which symbolizes a giant, such as Baal.  A star is also the sign of sudden brilliance that comes in out of the blue.  Daniel became a celebrity of sorts when his mother died.  She was 90, for the new order (race) of Israel.  Sarah was 90 when Isaac, the son of the promise of the Abrahamic Covenant, was born.  Rose gave birth to Daniel at age 44, and his father died when Daniel was 4.  Rose died in Lombard, Illinois, which is at 41 N., for happiness, and 88 W., for blessing.  Isaac, means laughter (happiness).  Rose was driving a 1998 Honda, where 98 means the glory has departed.  A rose symbolizes a prostitute, like the Prostitute of Babylon.

A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  The strategic failure here was the Annapolis Peace Conference of November 27, 2007, in which Israel, the Palestinians and their sponsors committed to achieving a peace deal with a new Palestinian State within a year.  The peace deal was to be concluded before President George W. Bush left office.  The tragic death of Rose Tani in a collision with a train bound for California was God's answer of cursing to those who rejected the Abrahamic Covenant, which deeded the Promised Land to Israel, not the Palestinians.

Birth Chart

Daniel Tani Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Daniel Tani contains a Star and a Kite.  The five-pointed  Star (pentagram) is a sign of a giant, such as Baal.  It is also the sign of sudden brilliance that comes into the life out of the blue.  Those with the Star configuration have powerful impact in the spiritual realm.  In Tani's Chart, three of the points of the Star have planets associated with blood or fire.  A Kite symbolizes the blessings of the Cross.  It symbolizes operational stability, as those who soar above the problems of life, like astronauts.

Tani's Sun Sign was Capricornus, for Gentile glory.  Tani represented the US, a Gentile nation, as an astronaut.  The Moon Sign was Cancer, for the security, or safety, of a group.  The Moon Sign can also apply to the Right Woman.  Tani's wife is from Cork, Ireland, which corresponds to Cancer on the Zodiac Map.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Mediator Planet, which was barely in Leo on the cusp of Cancer, for a ruler-integrator.  Tani exhibited his ability as a ruler-integrator as launch operations manager on the Pegasus program.

The Ascendant Sign and Midheaven cannot be determined since the time of birth is not known.


A Star (pentagram) symbolizes a giant, such as Baal.  Baal can inspire the Evil King or Prostitute of Babylon.  Whereas Baal influences the lives of almost everyone regularly, he is especially powerful in the life of a person with a Star in the Birth Chart.  Baal is the enemy of Marriage, children, and Israel.  Tani was raised by his mother, who was named Rose, a name that symbolizes a prostitute, like the Prostitute of Babylon.  She went to an apostate church, which would have been subject to the Prostitute of Babylon.  Her death symbolized the attack of Baal through the Palestinians upon Israel.  During the STS-120 mission, Daniel Tani served under two female commanders, who could also symbolize the Prostitute of Babylon.

Tani was also associated with the Columbia disaster, which occurred on his birthday in 2003.  He had been designated by Columbia astronaut William McCool to take care of his family if anything happened.  There were many powerful signs of the Prostitute of Babylon associated with the disaster.  And Tani had signs in his Birth Chart corresponding to such a disaster.  These signs included the three signs at points of the Star that involved bloody witnesses, Fire Testing, and the Baptism of Fire.

The five points of the Star define main issues of the person's life.  For Tani, they were:

  1. Red Planet in Gemini - bloody witnesses.  This points to Tani's spiritual association with the Columbia disaster.
  2. Last Adam in Leo - footstool, standing before a king for praise or condemnation.  Tani was recognized by city government leaders in Lombard and Ireland after the Expedition 16 mission.
  3. Redeemer in Libra - Fire Testing.  Tani was associated spiritually with the Columbia disaster, which was Fire Testing.
  4. Almighty God in Sagittarius - conquering army.  The Almighty God was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants, for the Baptism of Fire.  The conjunction symbolizes Christ's return at the Second Advent with His conquering army followed by the Baptism of Fire (Matt 3:11; 2 Thess 1:7).
  5. Morning Star in Pisces - choir director.  This is a function of the priesthood.

The Kite symbolizes operational stability, as a person who soars above the problems of life like an astronaut.  Tani exhibited this in the work he performed during EVA's as well as in his composure after his mother's death while he was aboard the Space Station.

Three of the points of the Kite correspond to points of the Star which have already been discussed.  The fourth point was the Savior Planet in Aquarius, which symbolizes a spokesman.  Tani was a spokesman for NASA on orbit as he participated in interviews and read a poem that he had composed as well as in presentations after he returned to Earth.  The tip phalanges of Tani's fingers are longer than normal, which is the sign of an exhibitionist, like an entertainer or musician who performs for an audience.  As Tani was perched high above the Earth during EVA's, he was performing for a world-wide audience.

Tani Hand Tani


Daniel Tani's Birth Chart is unusual in that it contains a Star (pentagram), which although not perfectly formed, gives him a mystic, or spiritual, quality.  The Star is inscribed as nearly as possible within a Kite, which combines to portray the ultimate astronaut who soars above into the stars.  Tani was an accomplished space walker with six EVA's.  The longer tip phalanges of his fingers symbolize a strong exhibitionist, like an astronaut perched on the robot arm high above the Earth playing for a world-wide audience.  His Sun Sign was Capricornus, for Gentile glory, which he certainly achieved as an astronaut.

The Star (pentagram) symbolizes Baal, who is revealed through the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.  The Star symbolizes sudden brilliance in the life, especially in the spiritual realm.  The Columbia disaster was on Tani's birthday.  He had been designated by Columbia astronaut William McCool to take care of his family if anything happened.  There were many evidences of the Prostitute of Babylon ruling NASA in the Columbia disaster.  Tani was under two female commanders, who symbolized the function of the Prostitute of Babylon, during the overlap of the STS-120 and Expedition 16 missions.

Tani's mother was killed at age 90 while he was on the International Space Station.  The circumstances of her death symbolized the strategic failure of the Annapolis peace conference, which established the goal of the conclusion of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process with a Palestinian State within a year.  Tani returned to Earth after a two-month delay on his mother's birthday.  He and his mother gained notoriety because of her tragic death while he was in space.  Baal is the enemy of Israel and the god of the Palestinians.  And the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is the work of the Prostitute of Babylon.

Tani had three signs in his Chart of the judgments of blood and fire.  The Red Planet in Gemini symbolized bloody witnesses.  The Redeemer Planet in Libra symbolized Fire Testing, and the God of the Covenants in Sagittarius symbolized the Baptism of Fire.  All these signs combined in the Columbia disaster, which symbolized the Second Advent, Fire Testing, and bloody judgment.  Tani didn't have a direct hand in this, but he had a spiritual connection per the Star in his Birth Chart.  Thus, the far reaching spiritual relationships of a person with a Star in his Birth Chart can be seen in the life of Daniel Tani, the ultimate astronaut.

Daniel Tani Birth Chart Planets

Sun Capricornus Gentile glory
Moon Cancer Group security
Savior Aquarius Spokesman
Morning Star Pisces Choir director
Red Planet Gemini Bloody witnesses
Almighty God Sagittarius Conquering army
Ring Planet Sagittarius Baptism of Fire
Mediator Leo Ruler-integrator
Redeemer Libra Fire Testing
Last Adam Leo Footstool



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Released June 2008

Author: Larry Wood
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