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BiographyWally Schirra

Walter ("Wally") Marty Schirra, Jr. was born in Hackensack, New Jersey on March 12, 1923, Day 73, where the numbers mean:  3rd month - justice of the Holy Spirit; 12 - authority; 23 - spiritual uptrend; and 73 - freedom.  New Jersey (ref. Zodiac Map) corresponds to Aries and to Issachar, the donkey.  Hackensack is at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and  74 W., for a spiritual freedom.  Schirra's father learned to fly in Canada with the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War I and later became a barnstormer. Schirra's mother was a wing walker for her husband's barnstorming.   Wally flew his father's airplane by age 15.

Schirra graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1945.  After the end of World War II, he trained as a fighter pilot at Pensacola, Florida and was assigned to an aircraft carrier.  During the Korean war, he flew 90 combat missions and downed, by his account, two MiG's.  In October 1954, he served as an instructor for the F7U-3 Cutlass jet fighter with Composite Squadron Three (Transitional Training Unit, Pacific).

On April 2, 1959, he was chosen as one of the original seven US astronauts. His first space flight was October 3, 1962 on the Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) on a six-orbit mission.
Gemini 6 Launch 12-15-65
In 1964 at the beginning of the Gemini Program, Schirra was responsible for Operations and Training in the Astronaut Office.  During the launch of Gemini 6, the Titan II aborted two seconds after engine firing as Commander Schirra and pilot Thomas P. Stafford sat in the spacecraft.  The mission launched as Gemini 6A on December 15, 1965.  Within six hours, Schirra and Stafford completed a non-docking orbital rendezvous with astronauts Frank Borman and James A. Lovell, Jr. aboard Gemini 7.Schirra, von Braun, KSC, 10-1-68

Apollo 7

Schirra's third and final spaceflight was on October 11, 1968, Day 285 as commander of Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission.  He met Dr. Wernher von Braun at Kennedy Space Center on October 1 prior to the mission.  Schirra (R) was accompanied on the flight by fellow astronauts, Command Module Pilot Walter Cunningham (L) and Lunar Module Pilot Donn F. Eisele (M).Apollo 7 Astronauts

The Apollo 7 mission was a rendezvous with the upper stage of the Saturn 1-B Launch Vehicle.  During the flight, the first television pictures were provided from a US spacecraft.  Schirra became the first astronaut to drink coffee in space, and the first one to catch a head cold in space.  He infected the other astronauts, and all three developed severe head colds.  Although the windows of the spacecraft fogged up due to improper curing of sealant, docking maneuvers were able to be performed successfully.  The launch was on Day 285, where 85 is for an eye, which corresponds to the fogged windows.  The mission ended on October 22, 1968 with splashdown in the Atlantic after 163 orbits over 10 days and 20 hours.
White House, 12-3-68
This mission made Schirra the only astronaut to fly aboard Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft.  On December 3, 1968, he was invited to the White House, where he and the astronauts of Apollo 7 and 8 met President Johnson and his wife and signed a commemorative document to be hung in the White House Tea Room.

Apollo 7 LaunchThe astrological chart of the Apollo 7 Launch from Launch Complex 34 contains a Skull and a Boomerang.  The Boomerang and Skull is symbolic of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, whose Assassination Chart contains a Skull and a Yod in which the Yod piercing the Skull symbolizes the bullet piercing the skull of Kennedy.  The Yod and the Boomerang in the two charts pierce the Skulls along the same trajectory in opposite directions.  This symbolizes the beginning and end of a sequence.  Thus, the Launch of Apollo 7 was a reminder of the goal of going to the Moon and returning set by Kennedy in 1961 and Kennedy's assassination two years later.

The Ascendant Sign was Scorpius, the symbol of Satan.  The Redeemer Planet in Scorpius symbolized a lover of money.  Schirra had announced three weeks before the Launch that he was quitting the Navy and NASA to go into business.  The other two astronauts also resigned within three years and went into the private sector.

The Descendant Sign was the Moon in Taurus, the sign of a prosperous group, which is a good description of the Apollo 7 astronauts, who went on to become prosperous.  As the Saturn 1-B was going up, the Moon was setting.  NASA was taking another step toward the Moon, but the Apollo 7 astronauts were headed out the door.


The Pivot of the Chart and the apex of the Boomerang both point to the God of the Covenants Planet in Pisces, which symbolizes the Mystery Doctrine of the Church.  This means that the major issue in the Chart was related to Church Age Doctrine, and a clue was the assassination of John Kennedy.  Kennedy's assassination was associated with his anti-Semitism.  The Apollo 7 Launch was the first manned Apollo Launch after the Apollo 1 Fire in January 1967, which heralded the coming holocaust of Israel and the Six Day war in June, 1967, five months later.  The Apollo 1 Fire and the Apollo 7 Launch were from Pad 34, which stands for the division of the land and points to the attacks on Israel by the Arabs in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  The Abrahamic Covenant granted Israel and not the Arabs the Promised Land on which it now lives.  Even though the Abrahamic Covenant is not Church Age Doctrine, the Church certainly upholds it.

However, there is more to the symbolism of the God of the Covenants in Pisces.  When John Kennedy set the goal for NASA to go to the Moon and return safely, he did not do it for science, but to win the space race with the Soviets.  In spite of all the arguments, the ultimate question that must be answered is whether Kennedy's strategic objective of the Moon was God's will or Satan's.  It obviously was not God's directive will, but it was His permissive will, or it never would have happened.  Therefore, skipping to the next conclusion, Satan must have put the thoughts in Kennedy's mind to go to the Moon, and Satan sold Congress on the idea.  This would be the greatest engineering feat of human history, surpassing the Tower of Babel, and would give Satan a great propaganda victory.  If man ever established a base on the Moon, it would be out of the geographical will of God, and Satan would rule it and establish his throne there.

Light and Darkness

All of the planets in the Chart are in the upper hemisphere except two.  The upper hemisphere symbolizes Light, while the bottom hemisphere symbolizes Darkness.  The significant issue is that the God of the Covenants Planet as the Pivot of the Chart, was in Darkness.


Leo corresponds to the government, which is symbolically ruled by a king.  There were three planets in Leo, which gives added significance to the power of the sign.  The planets were:

  1. Red Planet - bloody king.  This refers to President Johnson, who was involved in the Vietnam War.
  2. Almighty God - king.  Refers to President Lyndon Johnson.
  3. Last Adam - standing before kings.  This was fulfilled after the Apollo 7 mission when the astronauts were guests of the President and First Lady at the White House.

Virgo signifies the Virgin as well as the feminine and civilian side of creation.  Midheaven was in Virgo in conjunction with the Mediator Planet, which signifies the Lord as Mediator of Marriage disputes.  Midheaven adds the distinction of a famous Marriage.  During the Apollo 7 mission, Jacqueline Kennedy, former wife of John F. Kennedy, married Aristotle Onassis on the Greek island of Skorpios on October 20, 1968.

The Sun was also in Virgo, which symbolizes the brightly shining clothing of the Resurrection body.  The astronauts flying weightless in space apparently are a Satanic symbol of angelic or Resurrection bodies.


The Savior Planet in Libra symbolizes being saved from Judgment.  That was the case with the Apollo 7 crew, who were the backup's for the Apollo 1 crew, who were killed in the Fire.  The Morning Star in Libra symbolizes cataclysmic Judgment, which occurred in the Apollo 1 Fire and in the Israeli Six Day War five months later.


Schirra retired from the Navy as captain on July 1, 1969.  He subsequently become president of Regency Investors Incorporated, a major financial company based in Denver, Colorado.  Schirra later became president, chief executive officer, and served on the board of directors of numerous companies.  In 1979, he formed his own company.  He worked as a consultant and was a public speaker.  And he formed a charitable organization with other Mercury astronauts.  During his lifetime, he received numerous awards and medals.

When asked about his faith in a press conference, Schirra said, "I have followed the Episcopal Church as my faith. I have been an active participant in church activities."4

Wally Schirra died at 84 from a heart attack due to malignant mesothelioma on May 3, 2007 at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, California.


Schirra married  Josephine "Jo" Cook Fraser of Seattle, Washington on February 23, 1946.  Jo was the step-daughter of Admiral James L. Holloway (USN, Ret.), Commander-in-Chief of the Northeastern Atlantic and Mediterranean area.  The Schirra's had two children.

Birth Chart

Wally Schirra Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Wally Schirra contains a Castle and a Yod.  The combination symbolizes a spacecraft atop a booster rocket.  Although the Castle is not quite perfectly formed, it still exhibits the properties of a Castle.  A Castle symbolizes the domain of an established king or noble, who has great power, with support from loyal subjects, citizens and armies.  This describes Schirra, the astronaut and chief executive officer (CEO) of many companies.  The Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing, which is an excellent description of a rocket launch.  The rocket engines must be fired at precisely the right time to reach the desired destination.  Schirra demonstrated mastery over firing his rocket engines for docking and re-entry.

Schirra's Sun Sign was Aquarius, which signifies good news.  As a master of his profession and good communicator, Schirra usually had good news to communicate.  The Moon Sign was Capricornus, which symbolizes a Gentile audience.  Schirra was cheered to new heights by a Gentile audience of space enthusiasts.

The Ascendant Sign was Leo, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, which symbolizes the government.  Schirra rose to fame working for the government both in the Navy and NASA.  He could also be described as a roaring lion as the pilot of jet fighters and as an astronaut who was launched into space by roaring rocket engines.

Midheaven was in Taurus, the symbol of prosperity.  In Midheaven, Taurus signifies public fame accompanying great prosperity and success.  As one of the original seven astronauts, Schirra became world famous.

Sun Sign

Schirra's Sun Sign was Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which symbolizes good news.  Schirra was usually upbeat.  He was a master of his profession, who enjoyed getting the job done.  And because of his position as astronaut, he naturally became the source of good news.

Two other planets in Aquarius added even more significance to the sign in Schirra's Chart.  The Savior Planet in Aquarius symbolizes a news bearer, reporter, or spokesman, all of which signify duties of an astronaut during a mission as well as duties of chief executive officer of a company.  Schirra did both.  The Mediator Planet in Aquarius can signify a boatsman.  Schirra was in the Navy.  It can also signify an astronaut, as one who bridges the gap between the water on the earth and the upper atmosphere and beyond.  Aquarius also corresponds to Florida, where Schirra worked as an astronaut.

Moon Sign

The Moon was in Capricornus, for a Gentile audience.  Schirra was cheered on by a Gentile audience of space enthusiasts.  When he retired from NASA and the Navy and went into business, he served large bases of Gentile customers.


Although the Castle in Schirra's Chart has one Kite out of tolerance, the configuration is close enough to have the properties of a Castle.  Further, the Castle combined with the Yod, signifies a spacecraft atop a booster rocket.  The Castle symbolizes the domain of an established king or noble, who has great power, with support from loyal subjects, citizens and armies.  This describes Schirra, the astronaut and chief executive officer (CEO) of many companies.  As an astronaut, he had support from an army of engineers and myriads of loyal fans.  As a CEO, he was like a noble with many supporting workers and loyal customers.

The Castle symbolizes the spacecraft attached to a booster rocket.  As an astronaut, Schirra flew in the spacecraft.  After the fire which burned up the spacecraft (Command Service Module (CSM)) for the first Apollo mission, Apollo 7, commanded by Schirra, was the first to fly.  The Apollo 7 mission proved the capability of the spacecraft designed for the Lunar missions.

The five points of the Castle define main issues of the person's life.  For Schirra, they were:

  1. Almighty God in Libra - judge of all.  Schirra, as an astronaut atop a rocket, symbolized a judge on his throne, and Schirra as a CEO and director was even more like a judge of all.
  2. Moon in Capricornus - Gentile audience.  Schirra was supported by a Gentile audience.
  3. Mediator in Aquarius - astronaut.  Schirra was one of the original seven US astronauts.
  4. Red Planet in Aries - bloody leader.  Schirra served in the Navy at the end of World War II and in the Korean War.
  5. Last Adam in Gemini - family.  Schirra was a member of the family of original US astronauts.  He also raised a family.  NASA astronauts symbolize a family or tribe.

The Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing.  The Yod in relation to the Castle in Schirra's Chart symbolizes a booster rocket, which must fire at precisely the right time to reach the desired target.  Schirra was skilled at firing the rockets of his spacecraft to accomplish a rendezvous in space or successful re-entry to return to Earth.  He landed Mercury 8 only 4.5 miles (7 km) from the recovery ship, Gemini 6 only 6 miles (10 km) from the planned point, and Apollo 7 only .3 mi. (.6 km) from the planned point.

The timing window in the Yod begins with the first planet on the base of the isosceles triangle and ends with the second planet on the base.  The objective is to take action half way in between when the planet at the apex of the isosceles triangle is in opposition.  In Schirra's chart, the first planet at the base was the Redeemer Planet in Cancer, which signifies a depositary.  This clearly symbolizes Schirra's decision to retire and become president of Regency Investors Incorporated, a major financial company.  He made that decision before he flew the Apollo 7 mission.  During the flight, he got a head cold, which symbolizes divine punishment for arrogance.  He infected the other astronauts.  The astronauts became grumpy and recalcitrant during the mission.  None of the astronauts ever flew again, and all left NASA within three years.

The second planet on the base of the Yod was the God of the Covenants Planet in Virgo, a sign of a teacher or instructor.  Schirra served as teacher at various times in his career.  He was both a fighter pilot instructor and responsible for Operations and Training in the Astronaut Office in the Gemini Program.

The planet in opposition at the apex of the Yod was the Sun in Aquarius, which was Schirra's Birth Sign and symbol of good news.  This symbolism actually occurred when Schirra as a test pilot fired a heat seeking missile.  The missile turned around and came back at Schirra's jet.  He had to perform a quick flanking maneuver to get back behind the missile to save himself.  The other symbolism of the Sun in Aquarius is that it corresponds to the launch of a rocket, in which a huge fireball, like the Sun, appears.


The Morning Star in Capricornus symbolizes a military leader.  Schirra served in the Korean War as a flight leader with the 136th Bomb Wing.  He also became a Captain in the Navy.


Wally Schirra's Birth Chart consists of two carefully crafted configurations, a Castle and a Yod.  The two configurations double as a symbol of a spacecraft atop a booster rocket to symbolize Schirra as a famous astronaut.  Only two planets in the Chart are not on the points of the two configurations.  The Castle symbolizes the domain of Schirra, the astronaut and later, the CEO, who was served by an army of engineers and a host of loyal citizens.  The Yod symbolizes the critical timing of rockets to reach the desired target.  Schirra's sense of timing was key to his success as an astronaut in control of rocket engines.  The Yod also symbolizes Schirra's sense of timing for his own career.  He gave up his astronaut wings for a business suit.

Schirra's Sun Sign was Aquarius, which corresponds to good news and to Florida, where Schirra became famous as an astronaut.  Two other planets in Aquarius add great significance to the sign in Schirra's Chart.  The Mediator Planet signifies an astronaut, and the Savior Planet signifies a bearer of good news.  Schirra was upbeat and brought good reports as he performed successful missions as an astronaut.  After leaving NASA, he helped Walter Cronkite of CBS cover the Moon landings.

Schirra caught a head cold 15 hours into the Apollo 7 mission and infected his fellow astronauts.  The cold was typical of divine punishment for an authority problem.  The authority problem was most likely due to being under the power of Satan in opposition to God in pursuit of travel to the Moon and back.  Although the crew did argue with Mission Control later, that was, at best, a result and not the cause of the divine punishment.

The Apollo 7 mission, which Schirra commanded, paved the way for resumption of the quest of the Moon after the Apollo Fire.  Yet, there were signs during the mission of divine cursing.  In addition to the crew's head colds, the windows fogged up.  This corresponded to the Launch on Day 285, for an eye, the symbol of grace.  And the mission ended with the capsule landing on its head on October 22, which stands for cursing.  The mission that was called a success had the signs of divine displeasure.

The astrological chart of the Launch of Apollo 7 continued a Skull pierced by a Boomerang which was nearly identical to the Skull and Yod in the Assassination Chart of President Kennedy, who committed NASA to go to the Moon.  The reason for going to the Moon was not for science or education, but to win the race with the Russians.  The Apollo 7 mission followed the Apollo 1 Fire and was a reminder of the assassination of President Kennedy.  The implication is that Satan was the inspiration for going to the Moon, just as he was for the Tower of Babel.  The greatest engineering feat of human history led to an inhospitable land of barren nothingness.  Other than inflated ego, there was nothing gained from going where no man in his right mind would go in the first place.  Schirra all but concluded in his biography that going to the Moon was a publicity stunt.

Like Willie Mays in baseball, Wally Schirra may have been the best of the best of astronauts.  He certainly seemed to be well suited for all that he did in life.  He didn't arrive at the greatness of doing the impossible or conquering the world, but he always got the job done with poise and skill.  He caught the needed boosts at the right time in life to take him to the heights of worldly success.  He was like a bird catching the next updraft to propel him to a higher level.  Granted, he had a Castle and a Yod in his Birth Chart, but these could not predict his success in mastering their application.  Furthermore, he had the blessing of God, but there is nothing to indicate that he ever understood anything more about the Spiritual life than the empty practices of worldly protestants.

Walter Schirra Birth Chart Planets

Sun Aquarius Good news
Moon Capricornus Gentile audience
Savior Aquarius News bearer
Morning Star Capricornus Military leader
Red Planet Aires Bloody leader
Almighty God Libra Judge of all (CEO)
Ring Planet Virgo Teacher
Mediator Aquarius Astronaut
Redeemer Cancer Depositary
Last Adam Gemini Family



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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