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Robert Bunger Thieme, Jr. was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on April 1, 1918, Day 91, where the numbers mean:  4th month - weakness; 1 - unity; 18 - pillar; 91 - coup de grace.  Indiana (ref. Zodiac Map) corresponds to Virgo, the Virgin, and Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  Ft. Wayne is at 35 N., for rest from enemies, and 85 W., for an eye (grace) or a spy.  Thieme's father was a World War I pilot who was stationed at Ellington Field, Texas at the time.  R. B. Thieme, Jr. had an older sister.  His grandfather, owner of Ft. Wayne Hosiery Mills, left a fortune to his son, and the Thieme family moved to Beverly Hills, California.

The Thieme family fit in with the local party crowd of movie stars and socialites.  Young Thieme's mother was a concert pianist.  His grandmother taught him to read when he was three and took him to the Hollywood Presbyterian Church.  However, he was a rambunctious boy, who at times got carried away with playing soldier.  He blew up a well with gunpowder, burned down his sister's doll house, and destroyed the wet stucco in a nearby house under construction.  He soon learned to fight and became a bully.  He learned to box at a local gym and took dancing lessons.  He excelled in football at Beverly Hills High School.

One day when he was walking on the school ground, he started looking up into the sky and talking to God.  He wanted to know God.  Soon, in 1932 a local pastor, Milo Fisher Jamison, led him to the Lord and interested him in Bible instruction.  Jamison, who studied at Princeton University and Seminary, was the first person to be thrown out of the Presbyterian Church over the conflict over orthodoxy in 1933.  Jamison had a ministry on the UCLA campus.  When other denominations formed an interdenominational campus organization, the Los Angeles Presbytery ordered Jamison to join.  This was a Satanic counterattack, and Jamison refused.  Consequently, his name was erased from the presbytery's rolls on January 24, 1933.  Jamison continued his ministry and soon formed an independent local church in Westwood, California.  He taught premillennial dispensationalism per the Scofield Bible, which was in violation of the Westminster Confession of the Presbyterian Church.  Thieme studied under Jamison in high school.

Bob Thieme (R. B. Thieme, Jr.) attended Beverly Hills High School, where he was a star football player.  Years later he was inducted into the school Hall of Fame.  He attended the University of Arizona in Tucson where he played football until his career was ended due to a broken arm.  He began his study of Greek there and attended the First Baptist Church of Tucson, a conservative Baptist Church led by Richard S. Beal.  While in college he married Betty Beal (born April 19, 1918), the pastor's daughter.  Upon graduation, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Horse Calvary in May 1940.  But, since the Army had no money to pay him, he enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary.  He was called up for active duty following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The Horse Calvary was deactivated, and he transferred to the Army Air Corps.  During World War II, he was an instructor of fighter pilots at Luke Field near Phoenix, Arizona.

Later during the War, Thieme transferred to Fort Worth, where he served under General Yount.  While in Ft. Worth, he attended the Rosen Heights Presbyterian Church under Pastor John F. Walvoord, who became President of Dallas Theological Seminary in 1953.  Thieme was assistant pastor in the church and preached when Walvoord was absent.  However, by 1978 Walvoord rejected Thieme's Doctrine of the Blood of Christ.

By 1946 at age 28 Thieme was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and went into the Reserves.  He then returned to Dallas Theological Seminary, where he graduated suma cum laude in 1949.  He entered the doctoral program, but never finished it due to being called as pastor of Berachah Church in Houston.  He was ordained on July 15, 1948 by the First Baptist Church of Tucson, Arizona.  His son and only child, R. B. Thieme, III (Bobby) was born in 1949.  He began his ministry in Houston May 7, 1950.  The congregation met in a quonset hut at 502 Lamar Street from 1950 to 1959.  Then a new, larger church was built west of the city on Sage Road.  Church expansion property sold to the upscale Galleria Shopping Mall when it was built across the street, made it possible to pay off the debt of the new church.

Berachah Church was already comfortable with teaching from Dallas Theological Seminary, since other pastors from the seminary preceded Thieme.  However, Thieme, who had been an excellent student, opened the flood gates and flooded the church and the city with Bible Doctrine.  He taught at Rice University for a while and spoke at Bible conferences and other places.  Once he spoke at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  By 1968 he was teaching every day except Saturday.  He taught from the original languages with a command of history and developed a vocabulary to reach the members of the congregation with the great doctrines of Christian theology.  He tried making records of his teaching but quickly switched to tape recordings, which were distributed freely in grace.  Distribution centers were opened in other cities, such as Tucson, and a franchise was granted in England.  His tapes where shipped all over the world freely.

Thieme taught a Basic Bible Doctrine Series in 1961.  He taught Isaiah in 1962, the Five Cycles of Discipline in 1964, a Teens Special in 1965,  and the Doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman in 1970.  He started teaching Jeremiah in 1970.  In 1972, during the teaching of the Jeremiah series, God pruned the church, which is common (Jn 15:2; Rom 11:20-21).  About 200 left Berachah to form Grace Bible Church.  Those who left reportedly complained about Thieme teaching too much sex and war, which indeed fills the book of Jeremiah.  The pruning was God's work, for He provides the teaching and the hearing; but Satan was quick to counterattack.  Thieme, who had begun his ministry in the worldly mold of his predecessors, had broken apart from the world and was pressing toward the doctrines of maturity when the lazy teachers whom he had passed by were filled with sour grapes by Satan.  Thieme, who had initially taught the doctrines of Lewis Sperry Chafer, advanced those doctrines by leaps and bounds and taught them to the people in the pew.  Members of the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary were incensed along with leading fundamentalists.

In 1982 Berachah Tapes and Publications was removed from Berachah Church to became R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries.  A Marriage and Divorce series was taught in 1983.  In 1985 the Ephesians Series was begun.  After about 60 lessons, Thieme started it all over again.  Ephesians included Divorce and Remarriage in 1989.  In 1992, he began his last major project, which was teaching Spiritual Dynamics.

In addition to teaching in Berachah Church, Thieme held about one Bible Conference per month around the country.  Bible classes at Berachah were also monitored by telephone conference calls in groups around the country.  There were also video and audio tape groups along with radio broadcasts and publications for the extended congregation.  Thieme's ministry was world wide.

On about May 14, 2003 Thieme got sick with flu symptoms.  After failing to make a complete recovery, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and he retired.  He died on August 16, 2009 at 91.

Birth Chart

Thieme Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Robert Thieme, Jr. contains a Bucket, a Castle, and a Star (Pentagram).  A Bucket symbolizes a focus on achieving goals.  The Focus of the Bucket was the Moon in Scorpius, a sign of the Prostitute of Babylon.  A Castle symbolizes the domain of an established king or noble, who has great power, with support from loyal subjects.  It could also symbolize the pastor of a large congregation of believers.  And a Star (Pentagram) is a sign of the sudden brilliance of a person who is a star in the Angelic Conflict.

Thieme's Sun Sign was Pisces, for a believer-priest in the Church Age.  Since the time of birth was not known, the Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be determined.

Sun Sign

Thieme's Sun Sign was Pisces, which signifies a believer-priest in the Church Age.   The function of the priesthood is to render Spiritual service to God.  Thieme dedicated his life to the ministry of the priesthood as a pastor-teacher.

Moon Sign

The Moon was between Full and Last Quarter in Scorpius, which symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon or Synagogue of Satan.  The Moon was also the Focus of the Bucket and Pivot of the Castle in Thieme's chart.  This does not mean that Thieme served the Prostitute of Babylon or that he ever got completely free from her.  When he started teaching, the Prostitute of Babylon under Satan's counterfeit religion controlled the church.  When Thieme finished preaching, she still controlled the church, but her power had been greatly diminished from the truth that was disseminated by Thieme and believed by Christian disciples.

The Moon also indicates the Right Woman in a man's chart.  Thieme's wife, Betty, who was born on April 19, 1918 with the Moon in Cancer, was quite compatible with Thieme due to their birthdays being only 18 days apart, but their Moon Signs do not indicate a Right Man - Right Woman match.  If they were Right Man - Right Woman, someone else will have to be the judge.


A Bucket signifies a person who works to fulfill goals.  The person would allocate all of his faculties and resources to reaching the goal.  All of the planets on one side of the chart would be brought to bear on the Focus.  Thieme dedicated himself to studying and teaching Bible Doctrine.  The Focus of the Bucket in his chart was the Moon in Scorpius, which symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon, who controls the church through religion.  Thieme struggled to teach believers the truth and free them from slavery to the Prostitute of Babylon.


A Castle symbolizes the domain of an established king or noble, who has great power, with support from loyal subjects.  In Thieme's case, it symbolized the pastor of a large congregation of believers.  Thieme had a world-wide ministry.  The Almighty God Planet in Taurus in his chart symbolizes a world ruler.  Thieme was not a world ruler, but he was a pastor to people in different parts of the world.  It should also be noted that believers in the Church Age are the Royal Family of God.

The planets that formed the Castle were:

  1. Conjunction of Morning Star and Mediator in Aquarius - the Morning Star symbolizes a prophet (or pastor) and the Mediator symbolizes a teacher - i. e. a pastor-teacher.
  2. Sun in Pisces - a priest.
  3. Almighty God in Taurus - a world ruler.  Thieme had a world-wide ministry.
  4. God of the Covenants in Cancer - an inheritance.  Thieme's life was influenced by his family's inheritance and his Spiritual life included an inheritance from God.
  5. Moon in Scorpius - Prostitute of Babylon, who controlled the church and opposed Thieme's ministry.
Star (Pentagram)

A Star (Pentagram) is a sign of the sudden brilliance of a person who is a star in the Angelic Conflict.  The Star is Thieme's chart is not perfectly formed, but it is close enough to function as a Star.  Thieme was a star performer.  He was a star football player, who is in the Beverly Hills High School Hall of Fame.  He was an accomplished scholar, a rising star in the military, and a visible star as a pastor with a large following.

A Star is an unstable configuration.  The person with a Star bounces from point to point while forgetting the point left behind.  The Star can also symbolize a giant, such as Baal.  The planets at the points of the Star were:

  1. Conjunction of Morning Star and Mediator in Aquarius - the Morning Star symbolizes a prophet (or pastor) and the Mediator symbolizes a teacher - i. e. a pastor-teacher.
  2. Morning Star in Aries - a pastor.
  3. Last Adam in Gemini - Christian family.
  4. Red Planet in Leo - a bloody king, or war.  Thieme served in World War II.
  5. Moon in Scorpius - Prostitute of Babylon, who controlled the church and opposed Thieme's ministry.

Pastor of Berachah Church

Bob Thieme Berachah ChartR. B. Thieme, Jr. became pastor of Berachah Church in Houston, Texas on May 7, 1950.  The Chart for the beginning of his ministry as pastor of Berachah Church contains a Kite, a Trumpet, and a Pulpit.  A Kite corresponds to the blessing of the Cross.  A Trumpet symbolizes a herald and corresponds to the Morning Star in Pisces, for the herald of assembly, and the Almighty God in Aquarius, for a broadcaster.  Thieme became famous for his tape ministry.  The Pulpit configuration symbolizes the pulpits, which he occupied in Berachah Church for 53 years.

The Sun Sign was Aries, for a pastor's glory, and the Savior Planet was nearby in Taurus, for a hero.  Thieme became a visible hero of the Bible Doctrine movement.  The Moon was in Capricornus, for a Gentile congregation in Texas.

Transit of the Savior Planet

Transit of Savior ChartOn the 53rd Anniversary of Thieme coming to Berachah Church on May 7, 2003, there was a transit of the Savior Planet across the Sun.  A transit of the Savior Planet symbolizes the First Advent of Jesus Christ ending in His glorification, going to Heaven.  The Chart at the time contained an overturned Castle, a Plow, and a Yod.  The overturned Castle, which corresponded to Berachah Church, symbolized the undermining of Thieme's ministry in Berachah Church.  This amounted to a Reduction in Force (RIF) from God.  The Plow, which signifies intense suffering, like being plowed under, also corresponds to a RIF.  The Plow pointed to the transit of the Savior Planet across the Sun in Aries, where the Sun symbolized a pastor and the Savior Planet symbolized sheep.  The Sun further symbolized a father and the Savior Planet his son, or sons.  The combination symbolized Thieme and his sons, i. e. his sheep (congregation).  And the Yod, for critical timing, pointed to the Moon in Gemini, for family.  Within a week Thieme would require family care after he fell sick.

The Chart turns on the Last Adam in Scorpius, for the victim of Satan.   The Last Adam was in conjunction with Midheaven, for a notorious victim of Satan.  This indicates that Satan counterattacked Thieme and Berachah Church, as well as other churches.  The transit not only applied to Berachah Church, where the head was removed and the flock scattered, but it applied to churches all over the world.  This was a world-wide Satanic counterattack on the Church.

In Capricornus, corresponding to Texas, were the Red Planet, for sickness, and the Redeemer, for Massah, meaning testing.  The Hebrew, Massah, refers to the testing of Israel in the wilderness when they grumbled about whether the Lord was with them because they had no water to drink under Moses' leadership (Ex 17:1-7).  Berachah was going through similar testing as Thieme got stuck on the same scripture for about six months, perhaps due to his problem with Alzheimer's or other things.

Rising on the Ascendant was the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, for a transition teacher.  Berachah would require the services of a temporary pastor until they could find a replacement for R. B. Thieme, Jr.


Bob Thieme Sickness ChartThe chart of May 14, 2003 when Robert Thieme, Jr. fell into the sickness that ended his ministry contains a Grand Cross and a Mystic Rectangle.  The Grand Cross is the most intense sign of suffering.  It is like going to the cross.  The Mystic Rectangle, although not perfectly formed, balances two sets of oppositions.  It could also portray a bed, a wagon, a plot of ground, or a grave yard.  Since the exact time of the onset of Thieme's sickness, which consisted of flu-like symptoms, is not known, the Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be determined.

The Sun was in Aries, for a leader, and the Moon was in Libra, for Marriage justice, such as the judgment for a violation of Marriage Culture (Ex 20:14; Heb 13:4).

Grand Cross

The Grand Cross is the most intense sign of suffering.  It is like going to the cross.  The planets in the Grand Cross were:

  1. Morning Star in Aries - Good shepherd, who gives his life for the sheep.
  2. Moon in Libra - Marriage justice from Supreme Court of Heaven.
  3. Almighty God in Cancer - captives.
  4. Conjunction of Red Planet and Redeemer in Capricornus - Red Planet symbolizes suffering in the flesh, and the Redeemer symbolizes an oasis, water in the desert, or redeemed by blood.
Mystic Rectangle

A Mystic Rectangle balances two pairs of oppositions.  It also portrays a sick bed, a wagon, plot of ground, or a grave yard.  One opposition was the Almighty God in Cancer and the conjunction of the Red Planet and Redeemer in Capricornus.  This was one of the arms of the Grand Cross, which was just discussed.  This sets in opposition captives over against suffering in the flesh and an oasis in the desert (relief).  The other opposition of the Mystic Rectangle is the God of the Covenants in Gemini, for Marriage vows and rules, and the Last Adam in Scorpius, for a victim of Satan, the murderer.  This could include suffering administered by Satan, even the sin unto death, for violating Marriage vows and rules.  Violating Marriage vows and rules could include rejection of Right Man - Right Woman or the rules of Marriage.


Aries contained three planets.  They were:

  1. Sun - a leader.
  2. Savior - Good shepherd, who gives his life for the sheep, or a Right Man, who goes to the cross for his Right Woman.
  3. Morning Star - reward of the Order of the Morning Star (Rev 2:28).

The Mediator Planet in Aquarius can symbolize a bridge.  A bridge symbolizes the Right Man.  It is also used for crossing over and could be viewed as a symbol of crossing over into eternity.

TimelineTimeline 2001-2009

What was really happening with Thieme's sickness and death over a six-year period involved his relationship to God's Plan for the decade and his spiritual association with others in the country.  Even when Thieme was sick with Alzheimer's Disease, God still sustained him until the story was told.  The top level view of what God was doing in human history reveals that Thieme was related to Robert Novak, Scooter Libby, and Valerie Plame.  The simplified historical timeline of what really was going on (ref. chart) is based upon the outline of the four horses of the Apocalypse.  The detailed chronology along with an explanation of how the four horses related to 2001-2009 is found under Four Horses of Apocalypse History Timeline.

According to the outline of the four horses of the Apocalypse, the first horse, a White Horse, was an antichrist who starts war.  The White Horse corresponded to Osama bin Laden.  After bin Laden's attack on the US on September 11, 2001, the US retaliated by going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  After Iraq fell, no weapons of mass destruction were found, which was the reason given for going to war.  Scooter Libby and Vice President Cheney were caught up in the war of words that followed as the press tried to destroy the credibility of the Bush Administration.

In the process of arguing over weapons of mass destruction, Valerie Plame's name came out.  That was related to the Red Horse of suffering and loss of peace in the civilian population.  However, before Plame's name came out, Thieme fell sick and had to resign.  That was 2003, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, which sent Thieme to his sick bed.  He was 85, for an eye or a spy.  Then the Black Horse of the Economic Recession of 2007-2009 occurred.  Later, the Pale Horse of death arrived and R. B. Thieme, Jr. and Robert Novak, who outed Valerie Plame, died of head diseases within two days of each other in 2009.  A year before, Novak hit a pedestrian, whom he did not see because he had a brain tumor.  So, his eyesight related back to when the Libby-Plame saga began in 2003 when R. B. Thieme, Jr. was 85, for an eye or spy.


R. B. Thieme, Jr. died on August 16, 2009, Day 228 at 8:45 PM CDT (0145 GMT), where the numbers mean:  16 - sanctification; 2009 - Plagues of Egypt (9), and 228 - cursing (22) of a cosmic stronghold (28).  He died as Tropical Storm Claudette was making landfall in Destin, Florida.  The eye of the storm began coming ashore at 11:30 PM CDT.  A tropical storm symbolizes rejection of the grace message of the pastor as the Right Woman rebels against the authority of her Right Man.

Tropical Storm Claudette
Tropical Storm Claudette Landfall 8-17-09, 0429 UTC
Tropical Storm Claudette formed as a tropical depression on August 15th off the southwestern peninsula of Florida while weather forecasters were preoccupied with Tropical Storms Ana and Bill on the other side of the Atlantic.  Claudette made landfall with 45 knot winds at 30 N., for a priest, and 86 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.

Hurricane Bill, 8-16-09, 2030 GMTAs Tropical Storm Claudette was bearing down on Florida, Hurricane Bill appeared as the Prostitute of Babylon in the Atlantic, which is the region corresponding to Political Babylon.  The prostitute was sitting on many waters.  She wore a pigtail, like a squaw.  A pigtail symbolizes human good.  And she was looking at her right hand as someone was grasping her little finger.

Tropical Storm Claudette, Prostitute of BabylonAs Tropical Storm Claudette was making landfall, the image of another Prostitute of Babylon appeared in the Pacific with head that stretched into Mexico and with a line of sight that went right by Houston, where Thieme died less than three hours earlier.

Death Chart

R. B. Thieme, Jr. Death ChartThe Death Chart of R. B. Thieme, Jr. contains a Grand Cross, a Mystic Rectangle, and a Catwalk.  A Grand Cross is the most intensive sign of suffering in a Chart.  It symbolizes the suffering of death, like going to the cross.  The Mystic Rectangle also symbolizes a coffin.  And the Catwalk symbolizes a bridge across a chasm, which corresponds to a bridge between Earth and Heaven at death.

The Sun was in Cancer on the cusp of Leo, which symbolizes the Lord as the keeper or guardian of the soul of the believer.  The Moon was in Gemini to symbolize a family.  It was paired with the Morning Star in Gemini, which symbolizes the husband of the wife and family.  Thieme left a family behind.  The Ascendant Sign was Aquarius, which contained the Redeemer Planet, for Heavenly rest, which means no more sorrow or tears, and the old things passed away (Rev. 21:4).  Aquarius also corresponds to Florida, where Tropical Storm Claudette was making landfall in Destin, a name that symbolizes destiny.  Heaven is the destiny of the believer.

The Descendant Sign was Leo, which contained another pair of planets, the Savior, for a Royal son, and the God of the Covenants, for the Royal Law.  The Church Age Believer is a member of the Royal Family of God, and Church Age doctrine includes the Royal Law (James 2:8) of impersonal love for all mankind, which is the second great commandment and summarizes the meaning of the Mosaic Law.  Thieme taught the doctrine of the Royal Law in August 1998 less than five years before he fell into the sickness that led to his death.  The Royal Law is a general designation for the Mystery Doctrine of the Church that Thieme taught.

Midheaven was in Scorpius paired with the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for a Satanic attack on the believer.  Midheaven in Scorpius symbolizes a Christian rescued from Satan.  So, Thieme's terminal illness was apparently the dementia of Alzheimer's Disease as ordered by Satan with God's permission, but God rescued him in death from Satan.  Death is God's victory.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Taurus, for death of royalty.  IC was in conjunction with the Red Planet in Taurus on the cusp of Gemini, for the Plagues of Egypt, or destruction of the world, which is the meaning of the year, 2009.

The five pairs of planets (or conjunctions) symbolized a flood.  The Noahic Flood was the most intense Judgment of human history.  A flood symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to female promiscuity associated with the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Prostitute of Babylon was symbolized by the the images of the Prostitute sitting on many waters of the Atlantic and Pacific on the satellite weather pictures near the time of Thieme's death.  The Prostitutes were not just associated with Thieme's death, but also the battle scene of history at the time.  For example, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was in the US for talks with President Obama over the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Other planets on the Chart included the Mediator in Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius, for a pastor, and the Almighty God in Capricornus, for the Victory of the Cross.  Capricornus also corresponds to the location of Texas.


Robert Thieme, Jr. was a faithful pastor-teacher for 55 years.  During that time he left a legacy of Bible teaching behind that was aimed at helping his flock grow in Grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He packaged theology for the disciples in the pew, and developed a new vocabulary to communicate Bible truths.  His doctrine was sound, and the highest standard of accuracy was maintained in his teaching.  He advanced the best Bible teaching available by orders of magnitude.  He stands out among the best Bible teachers of the modern era.

Thieme stood in the face of the religious hypocrisy and inept Bible teachers of the twentieth century.  He left the frauds in the dust and presented a roadmap for serious students to advance to Spiritual Maturity.  The Lord provided Thieme to make Bible Doctrine available to serious students.  The Holy Spirit honored the Word, and those who listened advanced in the Spiritual life.  Thieme followed Moody and Chafer.  This was also revealed in their birth charts with Birth Signs advancing counterclockwise in step.

  1. Dwight Moody - Birth Sign Capricornus
  2. Lewis Sperry Chafer - Birth Sign Aquarius
  3. Robert B. Thieme, Jr. - Birth Sign Pisces
The irony is that all of these men, who were respected leaders of the Church, died under intensified divine punishment and apparently without reaching Spiritual Rapport.  Thieme, who studied harder and taught more aggressively, died of dementia of Alzheimer's.  However, the manner of death is God's decision.  After reaching Spiritual Rapport, Moses died the sin leading to death, and the Lord Jesus Christ had the greatest suffering of all in His death on the Cross.  Thieme died with a Grand Cross overhead to symbolize intensive suffering like going to the cross in death.  The Morning Star and Moon in Gemini symbolized a husband and family, which was certainly true for Thieme.  However, it also symbolizes the relationship of Right Man and Right Woman.  Failure in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship leads to the cross.  Thieme's sickness and death were associated in the spiritual conflict with Valerie Plame, who symbolized the pervasive attack of the Prostitute of Babylon upon the Divine Institutions.

Furthermore, Midheaven in Scorpius at the time of Thieme's death was a sign of a Christian rescued from Satan.  Thus, Satan was allowed to cross examine and punish Thieme before death.  However, death was God's victory, and Thieme was taken home to Heaven as a member of the Royal Family of God.  Thieme died as Tropical Storm Claudette was making landfall in Destin, Florida.  This symbolized the ultimate rejection of the Grace message of the pastor from the congregation like the rejection of the authority of the Right Man by the rebellious female.  This was further emphasized by the image of the Prostitute of Babylon sitting on many waters of the Atlantic and Pacific.  Thieme's congregation, like the others in the nation, was under the power of Satan's counterattack of the Prostitute of Babylon.  If Thieme had died a hero, Satan would have probably tried to deify him to detract his congregation from the message.

Thieme fell sick in 2003, a year that stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, which is strong suffering in which the believer suffers along with others in the world.  Thieme was 85, for an eye or spy.  When he resigned June 21, 2003, Scooter Libby was busy trying to protect the credibility of President Bush, who was from Texas.  On July 14, 2003, Robert Novak inadvertently leaked the name of CIA spy, Valerie Plame.  She had a Grand Cross in her Birth Chart, and Thieme had a Grand Cross overhead when he fell sick and later when he died.  She started working for the CIA in 1985.

The investigation of the leak of Plame's identify was associated with the counterattack of Satan through the Prostitute of Babylon.  The hurricanes and storms of 2004 and 2005 were further evidence of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Then, after Scooter Libby was convicted of perjury in 2007, Tim Russert died of a heart attack the next year.  In 2007-2009, the Black Horse brought economic recession associated with the judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Then on August 23, 2008, Robert Novak hit an 86-year old pedestrian with his car without seeing him.  Novak was diagnosed with a brain tumor that affected his vision.  After Thieme died on August 16, 2009, Novak died two days later.  Both died of head problems.  Their deaths were signs of the Pale Horse of death.

It is not the man but the message.  If Thieme's teachings are learned, a person can advance to Spiritual Maturity.  That's because the Holy Spirit honors the Word.  Thieme was only human.  His strengths and weaknesses are not the issue.  God provides the pastor and the congregation to accomplish His purpose.  The glory for what we receive in Grace belongs to God.  Teachers may rise and fall, "but the word of the Lord abides forever" (1 Pet 1:25).

Robert B. Thieme Birth Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Priest
Moon Scorpius Prostitute of Babylon
Savior Aries Pastor
Morning Star Aquarius Prophet
Red Planet Leo War
Almighty God Taurus World leader
Ring Planet Cancer Inheritance
Mediator Aquarius Teacher
Redeemer Cancer Redemption
Last Adam Gemini Christian Family



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Author: Larry Wood
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