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Michael Kenneth McLendon  was born at Wiregrass Hospital in Geneva, Alabama September 19, 1980, Day 263 at 1:31 PM CDT, where the numbers mean:  9th month - Plagues of Egypt; 19 - Dan, federal judiciary; 80 - strength; and 263 - outcast (63); 31 - evil king.  The location of Alabama corresponds to Pisces and the Levites.  Alabama corresponds to law enforcement of the state police in the Client Nation Model.  Geneva is at 31 N., for an evil king, and 85 W., for an eye or spy.

Michael McLendon went on a shooting rampage in Samson, Alabama on March 10, 2009.  He killed 10 people and then himself in the deadliest mass shooting in Alabama history.  He began by shooting his mother in their home on County Road 474 outside of Kinston, Alabama (map) around 1:00 PM CDT.  Since McLendon was chatting with a neighbor about plowing the garden from 2 to 2:30 PM, he could have killed his mother before or after.  Judging from the length and thoughtfulness of the suicide note, he probably shot her before 2:00 PM.  Kinston is at 31 N., for an evil king, and 86 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  After shooting his mother from ear to ear as she slept, McLendon killed her four dogs.  He placed one at her head and the other three at her feet.  Then he laid some clothes on her body, doused the area with paint thinner, and set the house afire.  The fire was reported at 3:30 PM.

Armed with two assault rifles, two pistols, and a shotgun, McLendon drove his maroon 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse down State Road 52 to Samson.  He went to his aunt and uncle's home at 201 W. Pullum Street where visitors were sitting on the front porch.  He began shooting the White family.  He killed his uncle, his cousin and her son, along with a visiting neighbor and her 18-month-old daughter.  The neighbor was Andrea Dawn Myers, 31, wife of a Deputy Sheriff, who was later called to pursue McLendon.  The woman's infant daughter was also injured but survived.  McLendon walked over to a nearby mobile home where his grandmother lived and killed her.  After leaving, he a killed a pedestrian.  Around the corner on West Main near downtown Samson, he killed a woman at a gas station and a man driving on State Road 52.  He also shot two other men in the vicinity.

As McLendon sped off down State Road 52 toward Geneva, Bruce Maloy, 51, saw what was happening and took chase in his 1985 Isuzu Pickup.  He tried to ram McLendon off the road, but McLendon shot and killed him.  State troopers took up the chase as McLendon raced toward Geneva.  He was met by the local police in Geneva.  Police Lt. Ricky Morgan attempted to stop McLendon with a Police Intervention (PIT) maneuver, but as the two cars began spinning in opposite directions, McLendon opened fire on Morgan with an assault rifle.  Morgan dove as the driver's window was shot out and was saved when one of the bullets was stopped by the electric window motor.  Then Geneva Police Chief Frankie Lindsey pulled in front of McLendon, but McLendon shot up the Chief's car and left him with a minor shoulder wound.

Geneva County Chief Deputy Tony Helms and a state conservation officer engaged McLendon in a gun battle at Reliable Metal Products.  A shot from the conservation officer hit McLendon, who went inside and killed himself about 4:17 PM.

McLendon left a letter behind to explain his actions.  He said that he had planned the shooting for later, but moved up his plans after his mother was suspended from work on March 8.  Papers left on the kitchen table indicted that she had been suspended for for misrepresenting hours, but that she could return to work on March 17.  He further said he thought his mother had lung cancer and he killed her to end her suffering.  He further said, "Some of the people who made us suffer will pay."  And he said, "For me I've been miserable for a long time and can't take it no more."

Birth Chart

Michael McLendon Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Michael McLendon contains a Bowl in which all the planets are grouped within 160 degrees.  The Bowl signifies a bowl of blessing or cursing.  It symbolizes a person with all his eggs in one basket.  The person would appear to be headed on one direction on a mission.  He would pursue offense and not defense.  The person's back side would be empty and vulnerable.  Although the Bowl in McLendon's chart is less than 180 degrees, it, nevertheless,
lacks the concentrated strength of a Bow, which covers only 120 degrees.

The Sun Sign was Virgo, the Virgin.  In a man's chart this can symbolize a bridegroom or a civilian as opposed to a soldier.  The Moon was in Sagittarius, which symbolizes an army group, e. g. a company.  The Ascendant Sign was also Scorpius with the Redeemer Planet, which symbolizes a lover of money, the root of all evil.  Midheaven was in Virgo surrounded by a de facto Stellium of four planets to signify a very strong influence from the sign in the Chart.

Sun Sign

McLendon's Sun Sign was Virgo, the Virgin, which could signify a bridegroom and a civilian.  Virgo symbolizes the Right Woman and Marriage Culture.  Failure of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship leads to the sin that leads to death, which appears to be the case with Michael McLendon.  The influence of Virgo was also associated with McLendon's ability to work well with others and stay out of trouble - at least until near the end.

Moon Sign

The Moon Sign was Sagittarius, which symbolizes an army group, e. g. a company or a raiding band.  This corresponds to McLendon's preoccupation with shooting.  Investigators found in McLendon's home about 40 DVDs dealing with firing weapons in combat.  He often practiced shooting behind his house.


The Ascendant Sign was Scorpius with the Redeemer Planet, a sign of a lover of money, the root of all evil.  Satan ensnares people with the love of money.  McLendon's preoccupation with problems on the job were related to the love of money.  McLendon had a problem with the love of money, which signifies chains to the Cosmic System like Balaam had.  McLendon was very vindictive over reprimands or accusations on the job, since they related to his livelihood.  The latest incident, which propelled him into the shooting spree, was when his mother was suspended from work.  He vowed, "Some of the people who made us suffer will pay."

The Bowl

The Bowl signifies a bowl of blessing or cursing.  Since the Bowl in McLendon's chart was 160 degrees (less than the 180 degrees of a normal Bowl), this signifies a restriction in interests.  It further indicates that the center of the Bowl would bear more influence than the normal Pivot on which the chart turns.  The center of the Bowl is in Libra between the Red Planet for mass murder and the Last Adam in Virgo for a mortal body.  There was a clear indication of the potential for mass murder in McLendon's Birth Chart.  Of course, he had volition and could have rejected the temptation.  The Last Adam in Virgo is also the sign of strong family love.  McLendon had a strong love relationship with his mother.

The Bowl indicates a person on a mission, who pursues offense but has a blind back side, where he is vulnerable.  McLendon did, indeed, act like a person on a mission.  His last mission was acting out his rage in mass murder and then bringing the roof down on himself like Samson.  However, his missions often ended suddenly.  He would quit a job for no obvious reason.  This trait is characteristic of people with a marking on the hand called the Mosaic Condition.4  Such people have inner frustrations, which they blame on missions such as a job, project, or marriage.  In order to alleviate the conflict they feel that they must end the mission.


The Morning Star in Cancer symbolizes a guard or a reaper.  McLendon was armed like a guard and brought out the guards of law enforcement, but he also acted like a reaper cutting down the opposition.


The Almighty God Planet in Leo symbolizes a king or an evil king.  In McLendon's case, it was an evil king.  McLendon was born at 1:31 PM CDT at 31 N., where 31 stands for an evil king.  McLendon, like Nimrod, was an evil king who hunted his enemies and shot them.


Four planets and Midheaven were in Virgo, which adds great significance to influence of the sign.  The planets were:

  1. Sun - bridegroom.
  2. God of the Covenants - caretaker. After divorces, McLendon's mother was his caretaker.  When he grew up, he saw himself as the caretaker of his mother.
  3. Savior - mother and child.  The Savior was in conjunction with Midheaven, which adds public notoriety.  The special mother-child relationship gained public notoriety after the Samson shootings.
  4. Last Adam - mortal body, family love.  McLendon had a strong love relationship with his mother.
The powerful influence of Virgo in McLendon's life meant that the influence of the woman permeated his life.  Rather than orient to authority with masculinity, he would have the tendency to respond with love like a woman.  The proximity of the Savior to Midheaven in Virgo meant that he was a mother's boy.  He didn't think like a Marine or Policeman and, consequently, failed in attempts to enter those two professions.  And unfortunately, being under the influence of Virgo, meant that rather than face the world with objectivity, he would tend to react like a frustrated female.  When Satan took over his life, he took out his frustrations on innocent civilians, women, and children.  That was domestic terrorism whether or not he was politically motivated.

McLendon's fellow workers called him doughboy, after the fantasy character, the Pillsbury dough boy.  They saw McLendon's weakness and vulnerability from the influence of Virgo.  Although they may have thought they were just joking, people with a Loop of Vanity between their third and little fingers, are vain and cannot always take a joke.  Most people have a Loop of Good Humor, which enables them to roll with the punches.  However, McLendon did not see their jokes as good-natured.


Libra contained two planets.  The Red Planet in Libra symbolizes mass murder.  This is exactly how the influence of the planet played out in McLendon's life.  The other planet in Libra was the Mediator, which symbolizes an arbitrator.  McLendon saw himself as arbitrator of his mother and other family members.  When he decided, under the influence of Satan, that they should die, he killed them.


The Redeemer Planet in Scorpius symbolizes a lover of money, e. g. Balaam.  The love of money is the sign of a connection to the devil's world.  It links jealous, vindictive desires to the Cosmic System, which can destroy a person.  The love of money is a sign of Satan's control of a person.  McLendon was driven by revenge motivation from the love of money.

Chart of the Shootings

McLendon Shootings, 3-10-09Michael McLendon began his shooting spree at his home near Kinston, Alabama by killing his mother at the estimated time of 1:00 PM CDT on March 10, 2009, Day 69, where 10 is for the Laws of Establishment and 69 is for running the course of life.  The chart of the shooting, which began his rampage, contains a Sling.  A Sling is used for slaying giants.  A Sling revolves around the planet opposite all the others.  This center planet symbolizes the center of attention.  In this chart two planets were at the center in Leo in conjunction with IC, the bottom of heaven, which symbolizes Hades and Sheol (the grave).  The two planets in Leo were the Moon, for a ruling group, and the God of the Covenants, for the powers of rulers.  The center of attention would, therefore, symbolize dragging the rulers down into Sheol, or the grave.  This is the Samson Complex.  Furthermore, these two planets were in opposition to the conjunction of the Sun and Mediator Planet in Aquarius.

The Sun Sign was Aquarius, which can symbolize an antichrist.  The Moon was full in Leo, for a ruling group.  The Ascendant Sign was Gemini (assuming the time was accurate), which symbolizes a witness.  The first shooting occurred as the Last Adam Planet was setting in Sagittarius.  The Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes an enemy attack.  There were also three pairs of planets (circled in green) in the chart.  Pairs symbolizes a flood, which is severe Judgment associated with the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the female.  There were also groups of two planets in conjunction near a third, which symbolizes a family.  The red circles are the family groups.  Most of the victims of McLendon's shooting were from his own family.

Sun Sign

The Sun Sign was Aquarius, which can symbolize an antichrist.  McLendon's lawless behavior was certainly like an antichrist, and the shooting occurred on Bin Laden's birthday.

Moon Sign

The Moon was full in Leo.  The precise time of Full Moon ws 7:38 PM CDT, which was only three hours after the shootings ended.  The Moon in Leo can symbolize a ruling group or politicians.  The result of the shootings was that due to its extent and intensity, it brought out government leaders from many different groups.  It affected various law enforcement agencies.  The US Army sent some MP's to assist at one point.  And even the state governor had to deal with some decisions.

The tension in this Chart if exacerbated by the Full Moon, which requires balance between the Sun and Moon in precise opposition.  The Full Moon symbolizes a perfect responder, like a perfect Right Woman, which the Sun in opposition symbolizes a person's life, which is like Right Man.  Thus, the Full Moon is like the perfect Right Man - Right Woman match.  This occurred in the Garden, and Abraham and Sarah eventually achieved this.  However, it extremely rare in this world.  Thus, McLendon's shooting rampage symbolized the breakdown of Marriage Culture when he couldn't find the perfect Right Woman.  Of course, in his immaturity he would have been no match for her if he had found her.


The Sling is used for slaying giants.  The Center of the sling was the Moon and God of the Covenants Planet, which were in conjunction with IC in Leo.  IC symbolizes Hades and Sheol.  The Moon in Leo symbolizes a ruling group and the God of the Covenants in Leo symbolizes powers of rulers.  Although McLendon was not politically motivated, he was under the influence of Satan with God's permission, and the end result was that the shooting brought out a political response.  McLendon engaged in domestic terrorism, which corresponded to the Samson Complex whereby an individual attacks civilian targets along with government leaders and tries to take as many down with him as possible.

The Center of the Sling was in opposition to another pair, the Sun and Mediator Planet in conjunction with Midheaven in Aquarius.  The Sun in Aquarius can symbolize an antichrist, and the Mediator in Aquarius can symbolize an ambassador or representative.  Midheaven adds notoriety.  Thus, the government rulers and their powers were opposed by an antichrist and ambassador of Satan.  McLendon was the antichrist and ambassador under the power of Satan.  His suicide letter indicates that he saw himself as acting on his mother's behalf.  This was Satan's argument that the end justifies the means.


There were five planets in Aquarius, which adds great significance to the influence of the sign.  The planets were:

  1. Redeemer - hospitality.  McLendon killed five people who were gathered for a visit on the front porch of the White family in Samson.
  2. Red Planet - a martyr.  The Red Planet was in conjunction with the Redeemer Planet to indicate that the hospitality led to martyrs.  One way this could have happened is "friendship with the world" (James 4:4).
  3. Savior - reporter.  News reporters covered the story all over the world.
  4. Sun - antichrist.
  5. Mediator - ambassador or representative.
The five planets in Aquarius also signify a giant, who is slain by a sling.  Baal is such a giant.

Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where NASA was trying to launch STS-119.


The Morning Star in Pisces symbolizes a high priest.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the only true High Priest in the Church Age.  However, others may imitate Him symbolically.  When McLendon laid the dogs with the mother and tried to set them afire, that symbolized a sacrifice offered by a priest of Satan.  Dogs symbolize Gentile reversionists, and dogs with the woman could symbolize Jezebel, whose corpse was eaten by dogs.


The Samson shootings, which began in Kinston, where Michael McLendon killed his mother, his next of kin, portrayed the Samson Complex.  The Samson Complex describes an attack like Samson bringing down the roof on himself.  It is an attempt to take as many of the enemy out as possible before killing yourself.  In the Chart of the Alabama Shooting, the Center of the Sling in Leo in conjunction with IC, for Hades or Sheol, is the sign of the Samson Complex.  It symbolizes taking government leaders and their citizens down to Sheol.  The Samson Complex describes most mass murders.  There was a mass murder in a school in Germany the very next morning after the Samson shootings.  The Samson shootings, which were the worst mass murder in Alabama history, gave a name (Samson Complex) to similar acts of violence.

Michael McLendon had the two contradictory sides of Satan as the god of war and goddess of love.  He  was born under the sign of Virgo in Midheaven with four planets in the sign, which meant a powerful and notorious influence  of Virgo.  Rather than the pure influence of Virgo, the Virgin, however, he came under the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon.  On the other hand, McLendon had the Almighty God Planet in Leo, which can symbolize an evil king.  McLendon was born at 1:31 AM at 31 N., where 31 stands for an evil king.  The evil king is the sign of Satan as the god of war.  The two contradictory sides of love and war or love and hate are characteristic of Satan.  It is impossible for a person to love and hate at the same time as Satan reveals himself.  Thus, McLendon was a person out of control in the Cosmic System (ref. Scar Tissue in Reversionism).5

Michael McLendon had the sign of mass murder in his Birth Chart.  Satan was the murderer from the beginning.  McLendon's preoccupation with shooting revealed the influence of Satan from paramilitary doctrine outside the authority of the Laws of Establishment.  The love for his mother was without integrity.  A person does not murder someone he loves.  And men, especially, don't murder their mother.  That was the influence of Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon.  It was symbolized by the dogs that were killed with the mother and the attempted sacrifice by burning.

McLendon killed three generations of his family, his mother, grandmother, and himself.  He also killed his uncle and cousin.  This is a sign of the Four Generation Curse as well as the destruction of our Client Nation (Hos 4:5).

Therefore, you will stumble by day,
And the prophet among you will moreover stumble by night;
And I will destroy your mother. (Hosea 4:5)
Destroying the mother is a sign of destruction of the whole nation (Hos 2:2, 4-5).

The Samson shootings were on March 10, 2009, Day 69, for running the course of life.  It was Bin Laden's birthday.  McLendon was born on September 19, 1980, Day 263, for an outcast.  NASA was trying to launch STS-119, where 19 stands for the Tribe of Dan and the federal judiciary.  The next morning, another mass murder occurred at a school in Germany.  Germany is in the region that corresponds to Dan in the Client Nation Model (map).  Dan corresponds to Libra.  McLendon had the Red Planet in Libra, the sign of mass murder.

The chart of the Samson shootings contains a Sling, for slaying giants.  As the first shooting began in Kinston, the Sun was in Aquarius, the sign of an antichrist, a man of lawlessness like McLendon.  The Last Adam planet was setting in Sagittarius.  This was the sign of an enemy attack from a raiding band.  McLendon, who drove around shooting symbolized the raiding band of the mounted cavalry of Sagittarius, and the police who pursued him were a raiding band raiding at his heels (Gen 49:19).  The group on the world stage that symbolizes the raiding band is the Palestinians, who are from Gaza in the region that corresponds to Florida and Aquarius.  Kinston is at 86 W., for the Arab persecution of Israel.  So, the Samson shootings were also cursing in 2009 associated with the involvement of the US in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  Such cursing comes from violation of the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:3).

Thus, the Samson shootings of Michael McLendon were the work of Satan and a sign from God of the destruction of the USA for rejection of Bible Doctrine and the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:3; Hos 4:5).

Michael McLendon Birth Chart Planets

Sun Virgo Bridegroom
Moon Sagittarius Army group
Savior Virgo Mother and child
Morning Star Cancer Guard, reaper
Red Planet Libra Mass murder
Almighty God Leo Evil king
Ring Planet Virgo Caretaker
Mediator Libra Arbitrator
Redeemer Scorpius Lover of money
Last Adam Virgo Mortal body, family love



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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