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Lucille Désirée Ball was born in Jamestown, New York on August 6, 1911, Day 157, where the numbers mean:  8th month - new birth, 6 - man, 1911 - a witness (11), and 157 - Zebulun (57).  New York is in the region of Aries and Issachar, the donkey.  Her father, a telephone lineman, died of typhoid fever in February 1915 when she was three.  Her mother then took her family to live with her parents, and Lucille and her younger brother were raised by their mother and grandparents.  Her grandfather was socialist who took the family to vaudeville shows and encouraged young Lucy to participate in school plays.

When Lucille was 14 she fell for 21-year old Johnny DeVita, a gangster's son.  When the relationship persisted, her mother shipped Lucille off to the John Murray Anderson School for the Dramatic Arts in New York the next summer when Lucille was 15.  Within six weeks her teachers sent her home after concluding that she was to shy and reticent to be an actress.  However, she returned to New York in 1929 and got a job as a fashion model.  Then she suddenly developed rheumatoid arthritis that was so bad that she had to use crutches.  She eventually recovered and returned to New York in 1932 to be an actress.  After several failures in New York, she jumped at the opportunity to move to Hollywood.

Lucille was one of the Goldwyn Girls in "Roman Scandals" (1933), and had many small roles.  She became known as Hollywood "Queen of the B's."  After dating many of the Hollywood entertainers, she met Desi Arnaz while filming the Rodgers and Hart "Too Many Girls" in 1940.  She she met him in the commissary at RKO Radio Pictures.  She said that of all the others he was the only one she could truly love and wanted to be the father of her children.  They eloped and were married in Greenwich, Connecticut on November 30, 1940 by a Justice of the Peace at 10:00 AM EST.

Arnaz entered the Army in May 1943 but was classified for limited service due to a knee injury. He was stationed near Van Nuys, California, where he organized and performed USO shows.  After accusing her husband of being unfaithful, Lucille filed for divorce in September 1944.  However, they reconciled.

In 1948, Arnaz and Ball formed Desilu Productions with Desi as President and Lucille as Vice President.  In 1949, Arnaz asked Ball to marry him again in an official Catholic ceremony in hopes that it would help their marital problems.  They renewed their vows in a Catholic ceremony June 19th, 1949.

After an earlier miscarriage, Lucille gave birth to her first child, Lucie Desiree, on July 17, 1951.  The "I Love Lucy" show premiered on television in October 15, 1951 and won Emmy awards in 1952 and 1953 for best situation comedy.

To the cast and crew of the "I  Love Lucy" show, Lucille was "a determined, disciplined perfectionist demanding the very best from herself and her coworkers.  Unpredictable, contradictory, extremely blunt, often abrasive and aloof, she was capable of displaying incredible loyalty or, conversely, dismissing someone instantaneously if she felt betrayed or disobeyed."2  Things had to be done Lucy's way.

In the contract with CBS for the "I Love Lucy" show, Arnaz got CBS to agree to use Desilu as the production company.  The show would be filmed for better quality, and Desilu would control the rights to the film.  That stipulation enabled Arnaz to make millions off the reruns of "I Love Lucy."  A stage set was built at Desilu studio complete with seating for an audience because Lucy could not perform without an audience.  The show ran on CBS until 1957.  "The Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz Show" ran from 1957-1960.  Later, Ball starred in "The Lucy Show" on CBS from 1962 to 1968 and "Here's Lucy" from 1968 to 1974.

Lucille Ball filed for a divorce from Desi Arnaz on March 3, 1960, the day after the last episode of "The Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz Show" was filmed.  They were divorced on May 4, 1960.  They used the same lawyer and after the divorce tried to continue working together at Desilu.  When that didn't work out, Lucille bought Desi out and became the  first woman in Hollywood to head a major studio.  Lucille sold the company in 1966.  She married standup comedian Gary Morton on November 19, 1961.


Lucille Ball was probably a worldly Christian.  Her family attended protestant churches, like the Baptist church.  For a while she fell for the teachings of Rev. Norman Vincent Peale and she attended his Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, which is Dutch Reformed.  However, she was interested in Peale and not the theology and never joined the church.  However, she did have some private prayer meetings with Peale, and he conducted her wedding ceremony to Gary Morton, who was Jewish.


On April 18, 1989, Lucille Ball was rushed to the hospital with chest pains.  She had a dissecting aortic aneurysm and spent eight hours in surgery.  She began to recover, but while still in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, she awoke with back pain shortly before dawn.  Her aorta had ruptured and she could not be revived.  She died approximately 5 AM PDT (1200 GMT) on April 26, 1989 at age 77.  The numbers mean:  4th month - weakness; 26 - Political Babylon; 1989 - authority counterattack (89), and Day 116 - the witness (11) of sanctification (16).  The number, 77, stands for Reverse Process Reversionism, which is turning away from Right Man or Right Woman to go for a paramour.

Birth Chart

Lucille Ball Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Lucille Ball contains a Castle, a Plow, and a Trumpet.  A Castle is the domain of a king with his loyal subjects.  Lucille Ball ruled over a wide domain of loyal fans as the Queen of Comedy.  A Plow symbolizes intensified punishment, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Sun Sign, which indicates punishment aimed at the life of the individual.  A Trumpet is the sign of a herald, which can also symbolize a broadcaster.  Ball was a movie and television star, whose shows were broadcast nationally for many years.

The Sun Sign was Cancer, which symbolizes an entertainer.  The Moon Sign, which was also the Ascendant Sign, was Sagittarius, for a company.  Ball was Vice President of Desilu Productions Company.  The number of people required to produce Ball's television shows was the same size as a company of soldiers.  A person with the Moon on the Ascendant in Sagittarius would behave like a member of a raiding band, which describes Ball.  The Moon was near enough to Full to symbolize a good response.  Both Ball and her fans were good responders.

Midheaven was in Libra, in conjunction with the Almighty God Planet, which symbolizes a show business tycoon.  Ball was Vice President of Desilu and later bought out her husband and became President and CEO of the company.


A Castle symbolize the domain of a king, who rules over a vast domain of loyal subjects.  Lucille Ball became famous for the "I Love Lucy" show, which attracted a large loyal following of fans through the new medium of television.  She was known as the Queen of Comedy.  Her husband, Desi Arnaz, set her up in the Castle through shrewd business deals and hard work.


A Plow symbolizes intense suffering.  It directs the opposition of two planets into a third.  The planets in opposition in Ball's Chart are the Red Planet in Aries, for dictatorial leader, and the Almighty God in Libra, for a show business tycoon.  The opposition of the two was translated into the Sun in Cancer, for an entertainer.  A Plow pointed at the Sun symbolizes suffering in life.  After being rejected as an actress, Ball suffered an attack of rheumatoid arthritis, which left her on crutches and put her career on hold.  The illness is psychosomatic.


The Trumpet symbolized the broadcasting of Ball's television shows and movies.  The two planets on one end of the Trumpet were the Moon in Sagittarius, for a company, and the Mediator in Capricornus, for the mediator of adultery.  The adultery of her husband led Ball to file for divorce in 1944.  However, she and her husband decided to start a new business venture to help work things out rather than pay lawyers for a divorce.  The two planets on the other side were the Sun in Cancer, for an entertainer, and the Last Adam in Gemini, for family.  Her entertainment value and her family were the top priorities in Ball's life.


Aries contained a pair planets and the bottom of heaven, IC.  The Red Planet in Aries symbolizes a dictatorial leader, or bloody leader.  Lucy was unpredictable, contradictory, blunt, abrasive and aloof.  She would dismiss someone instantaneously if she felt betrayed or disobeyed.  On the other hand, the God of the Covenants in Aries symbolizes loyalty.  Lucy was also capable of displaying incredible loyalty.  Thus, the two extremes of a snob in Lucy's behavior were due to the influence of the pair of planets in Aries.  In addition, Lucy's relationship with Desi was also symbolized by the pair of planets.

The bottom of heaven, IC, in Aries symbolizes the death or grave of a leader.  So, Lucy's abrasive management style was also associated with the dead works at the bottom of the dark side of the Chart.  The implication is that Lucy was full of dead works both on and off the screen.

Aries corresponds to New York, which symbolized the market for television shows in the eastern US in contrast to California, where the "I Love Lucy" show was filmed.


There were two planets in Gemini.  The Last Adam symbolizes family, which was one of the priorities of Lucille and Desi.  The Redeemer in Gemini symbolizes Marriage prosperity.  Lucy's marriage to Desi was her ticket to financial prosperity and stardom.  Desi's business acumen opened the door for Lucy's success.  However, the marriage was neither blessed or happy.

Gemini also corresponds to California, where Ball lived most of her life.

Other Planets

The Savior Planet in Leo symbolizes a royal son, or child.  Although Lucille wasn't true royalty, she symbolized royalty as one with a Castle in her Birth Chart and as a celebrity.

The Morning Star was in Virgo on the cusp of Leo.  In Virgo it could symbolize a star, as sudden brilliance coming in out out of the blue.  Her success as a movie and television star began when she traveled to California on a fluke to be an extra in one film.

Desi Arnaz Birth Chart

Desi Arnaz Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Desi Arnaz contains a Bowl, which symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing.  With all the planets on one side of the chart, it symbolizes a person on a mission who goes in one direction as if playing offense.  Since the other side of the chart is empty, the person needs a helper.  Without Lucy, Desi would not have had his star.  The Bowl in Desi's Chart was centered in Aries, which contained the Almighty God Planet, for a CEO.  Desi was President and CEO of Desilu Productions.

There are three pairs of planets in Desi's Chart, where the pairs symbolize a flood.  The Noahic Flood was judgment that symbolized the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to female promiscuity.  Desi's womanizing was the major cause of his marital problems with Lucy.

Desi's Sun Sign was Aquarius, which can symbolize an antichrist, which is a false teacher empowered by a demon.  Desi was a cosmic evangelist.  As a flamboyant band leader, CEO, and actor, he was not representing God but Satan.  The Red Planet was in conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius, for a martyr.  His father was mayor of Santiago, Cuba.  He was thrown in jail and the family home was burned during the 1933 Batista revolution.  Desi was forced to flee to Miami with his family and they lost all their possessions.  This was a type of martyrdom.

The Moon Sign is Gemini, which symbolizes a wife.  Gemini corresponds to California, where Desi met his wife, Lucille Ball.  Lucille's Moon Sign was Sagittarius, which (though farfetched) could be associated with Cuba, since Cuba is shaped like a horse's neck.  It does not appear that Desi and Lucy were Right Man - Right Woman, but they were very much in love.  Also in Gemini in conjunction with the Moon, is the Last Adam, for a family.

The Mediator Planet is in Capricornus, for travel.  Desi traveled extensively with his orchestra.  Being on the road all the time contributed to the problems in his marriage to Lucille.  And the Morning Star was in Aquarius, for a herald.  The Desi Arnaz Orchestra symbolized a herald.

Desi and Lucy Marriage Chart

Desi - Lucille Arnaz Wedding ChartThe Marriage Chart of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz contains a Locomotive, a Plow, and a Catwalk.  A Locomotive symbolizes strategic advance that turns on the planet at the Pivot.  The Pivot was the Almighty God in Aries, for a CEO.  Lucy and Desi were very different, and Lucy didn't think the marriage would last.  The Pivot symbolizing a CEO indicates that the marriage was a business deal, and the is exactly how it turned out.  Desi started Desilu Productions and Lucy became his Vice President.  In conjunction with the Almighty God in Aries was the God of the Covenants, for an authority relationship.  This further emphasizes the marriage as a business partnership.  The Pivot at the end of the Catwalk near the bottom of heaven, IC, also symbolizes Lucy's trip to from California to New York and Connecticut to marry Desi.  The marriage was doomed to be a strategic failure.

The Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Cancer, for scourging.  The marriage brought intense suffering for both Desi and Lucy.  After their vicious arguments, Desi drank excessively and suffered from diverticulitis.

The Catwalk symbolizes a narrow bridge across a chasm.  The narrow Catwalk stretched between three planets in Midheaven in Libra on one side of the Chart to three planets at the bottom of heaven, IC, in Aries on the other side other side of the Chart.  Thus, the Catwalk could symbolize rising straight up or going straight down.  It symbolized both.  Lucy and Ricky rose quickly in the entertainment industry, but their marriage quickly disintegrated.

The Sun Sign was Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light.  Desi and Lucy did not have a Christian marriage but a worldly one under the power of the Cosmic System of Satan.  The Moon Sign was Sagittarius, for a company.  The Moon Sign coincided with Lucy's Moon Sign.  The Marriage was the first step toward running a company (with a company of people) to produce television shows and movies.

Lucille Ball Death Chart

Lucille Ball Death ChartLucille Ball died of a heart attack about 5 AM PDT on April 26, 1989 at age 77 in Los Angeles.  Her death chart contains a Mystic Rectangle, a Yod, and a Stellium in Sagittarius.  A Mystic Rectangle balances two pairs of opposition and also symbolizes a coffin or burial plot.  A Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing, which corresponds to the timing of the heart attack that killed Lucille Ball.  There was a  Stellium of four planets along with Midheaven in Sagittarius, which is a powerful sign of a raiding band or army.  Ball's death heralded the Chinese student occupation of Tiananmen Square the next day on April 27, 1989.

The Sun Sign was Aries, for a leader.  The Morning Star was nearby, for a military leader.  The Moon was in Sagittarius, for an army.

Midheaven was in Sagittarius, for a notorious raiding band, which points to the Chinese student protesters and the Army that was waiting to attack them.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Gemini in conjunction with the Red Planet, for suffering death in marriage.  The implication is that death is divine punishment for violating the sanctity of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  Gemini symbolizes Marriage and corresponds to California, where Lucille Ball died.

The Ascendant Sign was Pisces, for a priest, and the Descendant Sign was Virgo, the Virgin.


The Stellium of four planets and Midheaven in Sagittarius symbolized the Chinese student protests in Tiananmen Square.  After former China Party General Secretary Hu Yaobang died of a heart attack on April 15, 1989, mourners and protesters began to gather in Tiananmen Square.  On April 18, the day of Ball's first heart attack, Chinese student protesters descended on Tiananmen Square from the universities.  After many of the students were dispersed and after the official memorial service for Hu Yaobang was held on April 22, the Communist Party newspaper published an editorial on April 26 accusing students of stirring up unrest and trying to overthrow the Communist Party.  On April 27, students from over 40 universities marched to Tiananmen Square in protest of editorial and refused to leave.

Thus, Lucille Ball's death on April 26 (16 hours behind Beijing time) coincided with the Tiananmen Square uprising.  The meaning of the Stellium in Sagittarius is:

  1. Midheaven - notorious raid.
  2. Mediator - mediator ending plague - there were various attempts at mediation to end the Chinese student protests and occupation of Tiananmen Square.  In the end Deng Xiaoping sent the Army to disperse them.
  3. Moon - army - the Chinese Army.
  4. Redeemer - redeemed from war.
  5. God of the Covenants - battle plan - the plan of the Chinese Army troops that surrounded Tiananmen Square.
Why would Lucille Ball be associated with Chinese student protests against Communist policy?  It turns out that Lucille Ball has a long history of association with Communism.  In 1936, she registered to vote in the Communist Party primary election at her socialist grandfather's insistence.  Then in 1953, she was subpoenaed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities because of her 1936 registration.

Mystic Rectangle

A Mystic Rectangle balances two pairs of opposition.  It also symbolizes a coffin and a burial plot as well as the rectangular shape of Tiananmen Square.  One pair of opposition was the Stellium in Sagittarius in opposition to the bottom of heaven, IC, in conjunction with the Red Planet in Gemini. This symbolized Ball's death in conjunction with the Chinese student rebellion against Communist Party policy.  The other pair of opposition was the Morning Star in Aries, for a military leader, in opposition to the Last Adam in Libra, for being cursed by the law.  This also symbolized the military crackdown on the Chinese students.


A Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing.  It symbolizes the heart attack that killed Lucille Ball.  The point of the Yod was the Almighty God in Taurus, which symbolizes worldly riches.  The crisis window is symbolized by the planets on the other side of the Chart.  The window opened with the Last Adam in Libra, for being cursed by the law, which corresponded to China's crackdown on the Tiananmen Square protesters.  And the window closed with the Stellium in Sagittarius, for the China Tiananmen Square uprising.  Also in Taurus was the Savior Planet, for a champion, which corresponds to the many awards won by Lucille Ball.


With a Castle and a Trumpet in her Birth Chart, Lucille Ball became the Queen of Comedy in her generation.  She became a television celebrity with a loyal fan base and made millions.  However, the Plow pointed at the Sun in hr Birth Chart signified intense suffering aimed at her life.  She came down with rheumatoid arthritis, which is a psychosomatic illness associated with dejection and self-pity.  After overcoming that illness, she went on to marry Desi Arnaz, which left her in intensified suffering throughout her marriage.  She was a bitter, reacting female, and he was a philandering alcoholic.  Although they loved each other, their conflict was like the divine punishment for worldliness and pleasure-lust.
What is the cause of strife and what is the source of quarrels among you?  Are they not caused by your own pleasure-lusts that wage war in your members? (James 4:1)
Desi Arnaz as President of Desilu Productions, made it possible for Lucy to become a star.  She went to Hollywood on a fluke, met Desi, and became a television celebrity.  She became rich and famous in the eyes of the world.  However, her life when viewed from the divine perspective was neither entertaining, nor enlightening.  What the world called comedy was little more than playing the fool for laughs.  Good humor carries a meaningful message, but foolish comedy dies on the vine.  Lucy's comedy routines played for the laughs of fools as a worldly distraction without edifying value.

The Marriage Chart of Desi and Lucy contained a Plow pointed at the Last Adam in Cancer, for scourging.  This foretold the intense suffering in the Marriage.  The Chart also contained a narrow Catwalk that connected Aries to Libra and was full of symbolism about the business partnership of Desi and Lucy.  The Chart also contained a Locomotive, for strategic advance.  The Chart turned on the Pivot, which was the Almighty God in Aries, for a CEO.  The objective of the Marriage was the business (Desilu Productions) that Desi would run with Lucy's help.

Lucille Ball's death of a heart attack on April 26, 1989 was associated with the Chinese student takeover of Tiananmen Square.  The Mystic Rectangle in Ball's Death Chart corresponded to the shape of Tiananmen Square.  The number, 89, is for an authority counterattack, which describes an authority who acts outside the bounds of true authority, like the Communist Party.  Lucy had been duped into registering for the Communist Party primary election in 1936.  She was subsequently investigated by the FBI and subpoenaed to testify about her Communist ties before Congress.  God brought out the issue of Lucy as a Communist dupe in her death hours before the Chinese students converged on Tiananmen Square in an attempt to stand up to the authority counterattack of the Chinese Communist leaders.  However, the Chinese students, who were trying to reform Communism rather than overthrow it, were themselves overthrown.

Lucille Ball Birth Chart Planets

Sun Cancer Entertainer
Moon Sagittarius Company
Savior Leo Royal son
Morning Star Virgo Star
Red Planet Aries Dictatorial, bloody leader
Almighty God Libra Business tycoon
Ring Planet Aries Loyalty
Mediator Capricornus Mediator of adultery
Redeemer Gemini Marriage prosperity
Last Adam Gemini Family



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Author: Larry Wood
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