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Henry Ford was born on a farm in Greenfield Township, which is now Dearborn, Michigan, on July 30, 1863, Day 211, where the numbers mean:  7th month - Category; 30 - priest; 63 - outcast; and 211 - a witness (11).  The location of Michigan corresponds to Virgo, the Virgin, and Naphtali, which is symbolized by the doe, for peace.  Dearborn is at 42 N., for Baal, and 83 W., for a high priest.

Ford's mother died in 1876 when He was 12.  This left a lasting impression on his life.  Young Henry didn't care for farm work, but he was interested in all things mechanical.  After his father gave him a pocket watch, he learned to disassemble and reassemble it.  And by the age of 15 after fashioning his own tools, he gained a reputation in the community as a clock repairman.  At age 16 he left home to work as a machinist in Detroit.  Three years later he returned to the farm.  He repaired his father's farm equipment and operated and repaired steam engines.

Ford met Clara ("Callie") Bryant in 1885.  She lived on a farm eight miles from him, but he didn't know her previously.  They were engaged in 1886, but her mother thought she was too young to marry at age 20.  They were married on April 11, 1888 on her 22nd birthday when Henry was 24.  Henry ran a sawmill to support the family.  Their only son, Edsel, was born in November 1893.  Clara did not appear to be Ford's Right Woman, but they were compatible.  Henry referred to her as "the believer" because she went along with whims and business decisions.

Ford began working with the Edison Illuminating Company in 1891 and was promoted to Chief Engineer in 1893.  In 1896 he built his first automobile, the Ford Quadricycle, so named because it had wire-spoked wheels that resembled bicycle wheels.  By 1898 he had built another automobile.  He left Edison in 1899 to produce cars with the Detroit Automobile Company, where he was chief engineer.  He started the Henry Ford Company in 1901, but resigned in 1902, and the company became Cadillac Motor Company.  In 1903 he founded the Ford Motor Company.

In order to reduce the selling price of his cars, Ford perfected the assembly line technique in which one worker put on one part.  Conveyer belts delivered the parts to the workers.  In 1908, he delivered the Model T, which sold for $825.  By 1916 he had sold 472,000 Model T's, and the price had dropped to $360.  When production ended in 1927, sales of the Model T had passed 15 million.  Ford was making one third of the world's cars by 1932.

In 1914 Ford began paying his workers $5 a day.  This solved the problem of high turnover of employees and made it possible for the employees to afford one of Ford's cars.  The work week was 48 hours in 1922 and was reduced to 40 hours by 1926.  Ford also tried other incentives of social engineering.  He introduced profit sharing for employees who met the requirements of his Social Department.  The requirements included moral standards that excluded heavy drinking and gambling and deadbeat dads.  However, prying into the private lives of employees by the Social Department proved to be too authoritarian and the program had to be scrapped.

Henry Ford was opposed to labor unions, since he amply provided for his workers.  However the United Auto Workers (UAW) union was determined to be recognized by the Ford Motor Company, which was the last holdout of US automakers.  In April 1941 the UAW organized a strike which closed the River Rouge Plant.  Ford threatened to break up the company rather than comply with their demands.  However, Ford's wife, Clara, told him she would leave him if he destroyed the family business, which she expected her son and his descendants to lead.  Henry Ford, like Adam, listened to his wife, and by June a contract with UAW was signed.  Thus, the Prostitute of Babylon succeeded to in taking over the entire US auto industry.

Ford was an Episcopalian, but whether he was a Christian is not clear from his testimony.  He got mixed up in anti-Semitism and was a peace activist.  In 1915 he sailed to Europe aboard a peace ship to protest World War I.  He was accompanied by this Episcopalian pastor and other peace activists.  However, Ford left the ship as soon as it landed on its first stop in Sweden.  In 1918 Ford's private secretary purchased the Dearborn Independent newspaper for Ford.  The paper published anti-Semitic articles from 1920 to 1927, when Ford was forced to close it down.

Ford gained the admiration of Adolf Hitler, who presented Ford with the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in 1938.  Ford was the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf.  Hitler modeled the Volkswagen after the Model T.

Henry Ford and his wife were philanthropists, who established many hospitals and clinics.  Ford established a hospital in Detroit, staffed it with the best doctors and nurses, and paid for the care of the needy.  Mrs. Ford supported charitable projects in the community.  The Ford Foundation was chartered to leave the Ford family wealth to posterity for the benefit of mankind.

Edsel Ford became president of Ford Motor Company in December 1918, but Henry retained final authority even after he had a stroke in 1938.  When Edsel died in 1943, Henry again took over the company. Because of his health, he turned the presidency over to his grandson, Henry Ford II, in September 1945.  Henry Ford died April 7,  1947 at 83 at his Fair Lane estate in Dearborn of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Birth Chart

Henry Ford Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Henry Ford contains a Castle and a Mystic Rectangle.  The Mystic Rectangle is in the shape of the automobiles which Henry produced, and the Castle corresponds to his Fair Lane estate and his large factories, like the River Rouge Plant.  Henry Ford was like a king who ruled a vast empire.

The Sun was in Cancer, a symbol of skilled labor on an assembly line.  The Moon was Full in Capricornus, for the Gentile audience whom Ford served.  The Ascendant Sign was Leo, for the power and authority of a ruler.  Ford was a ruler in the automobile industry.  And Midheaven was in Taurus, a sign of prosperity.  Ford became one of the ten richest men in world history.

Sun Sign

Ford's Sun Sign was Cancer, which can symbolize skilled labor on an assembly line.  Ford used the assembly line technique to mass produce cars.  Also in Cancer was the Savior Planet, which symbolizes a repairman.  Ford was adept in all things mechanical.  He became a clock repairman at age 15.  He built his own automobile and said he was happiest as a mechanic.

Moon Sign

The Moon Sign was Capricornus, the Goat.  The Moon in Capricornus symbolizes a Gentile audience or customers, to whom Ford sold his cars.  The Moon was Full, which symbolizes full responsiveness of Ford and others in his life.  Ford's workers and customers were strong responders.  The Moon in Capricornus is the most import planet in the chart, and the one upon which the chart turns.  Ford's physical build corresponded to the goat type, which is like a satyr.


Ford's Ascendant Sign was Leo, which symbolizes the power and authority of a ruler.  Ford was a ruler in the automobile industry.  Also in Leo were the Red Planet and the Morning Star.  The Red Planet in Leo symbolizes a bloody king.  Ford was born in the middle of the War Between the States and suffered through World Wars I and II, as well as the Great Depression.  The Morning Star in Leo symbolizes royal glory.  Ford secured a place in history through the empire which he built.  He also became one of the ten richest men who ever lived.

The Castle

Ford's chart contained a Castle, which symbolizes a powerful person like a king in a castle.  Ford's Fair Lane estate was like a castle, and his huge factories corresponded to castles.  The Castle has a strong foundation and great stability.  The empire that Ford built was based upon sound principles and continues to endure long after his parting.  Of course, it was all in his Birth Chart.  The Lord established Henry Ford and gave him his destiny to produce automobiles for the masses.

The planets that formed the Castle were:

  1. Moon in Capricornus - Gentile audience
  2. Redeemer in Pisces - Giving, philanthropy
  3. Mediator in Gemini - Mediator of Marriage disputes.  This included Ford's foray into social engineering, and his disputes with labor unions.
  4. Red Planet in Leo - Bloody king - Ford's life under leaders who engaged in world wars.
  5. Almighty God in Virgo - World peace and woman power - Ford, the peace activist and his attachment to his mother, whose death greatly influenced his life.
The Mystic Rectangle

A Mystic Rectangle is the sign of great operational stability through balancing two sets of planets in opposition.  The Mystic Rectangle also happens to be in the shape of the cars that Ford built.  In Ford's chart, the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricornus are in opposition.  Ford was able to harness the power of the assembly line to mass produce cars for his Gentile customers at a price they could afford.  The other opposition was the God of the Covenants in Virgo and the Redeemer in Pisces.  This demands the balance of a caretaker and giving.  This was the human side of Ford in taking care of his workers both on and off the job.  It included founding hospitals and philanthropy.


The Last Adam in Aries symbolizes the integrity of a leader.  Ford operated with moral standards of integrity in his business dealings.

Henry Ford Birth Chart Planets

Sun Cancer Skilled labor on an assembly line
Moon Capricornus Gentile audience
Savior Cancer Repairman
Morning Star Leo Royal glory
Red Planet Leo Bloody king
Almighty God Virgo World peace, woman power
Ring Planet Virgo Caretaker
Mediator Gemini Mediator of Marriage disputes
Redeemer Pisces Giving
Last Adam Aries Integrity of a leader



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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