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Battle of Trenton
Battle Trenton
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Battle of Trenton

Battle of TrentonGeorge Washington's crossing of the Delaware and decisive victory over the Hessians in the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776 was one of the highlights of the American Revolutionary War.  The execution of the two column advance on Trenton by the Continental Army to overwhelm an enemy garrison with almost no casualties was a significant tactical achievement.  The American victory at Trenton breathed new life into a struggling army that appeared to be doomed after retreating from New York and across New Jersey.  The rag tag Continental Army, poorly equipped and poorly clothed, many with rags on their feet, leaving trails of blood in the snow, were elated to capture the Hessian storehouses.  They got Hessian shoes, warm coats, and new weapons - all the things Congress should have supplied.  But Congress was more concerned with writing beautiful declarations and carousing with British sympathizers than caring for the lowly foot soldier.

George Washington's plan was to launch coordinated pre-dawn attacks on Trenton with three columns.  His main force of 2400 men with 18 cannon would cross the Delaware River 9 miles north of Trenton.  He would advance to Trenton in two columns.  Major General Nathaniel Greene would enter Trenton from the northwest, and one of his brigades would block the Princeton Road on the northeast.  Major General John Sullivan would attack from the southwest.3  Brigadier General James Ewing would take the third column of 700 militia across the Delaware near Trenton and prevent a retreat to the south by blocking the bridge over the Assunpink Creek.  And Colonel John Cadwalader would lead 2,000 men in a diversionary attack on the Hessian garrison at Bordentown, south of Trenton.

A spy named John Honeyman had been to Trenton and gathered intelligence for Washington.  He had estimated the size of the Hessian force.  And, posing as a Loyalist, he had convinced the Hessians that Washington's army was in no condition to attack.  The Hessian garrison at Trenton of about 1,400 men was under the command of Colonel Johann Rall.

Crossing the Delaware

Washington's main force gathered at McConkey's Ferry about 9 miles north of Trenton at dark on December 25 to cross the Delaware River.  The crossing was to be completed by midnight to allow 5 hours to march to Trenton and attack before dawn.  However, the weather angels brought a storm with rain, then hail, and then snow.  The three elements symbolized the sanctifying Justice of the Holy Spirit.  The temperature was reported to be 29 degrees at midnight.  Due to the storm and ice in the river, the crossing was not completed until 3:00 AM, and Ewing and Cadwalader were unable to cross to support the battle.  The crossing was made in Durham boats, which are large rowboats with V-bows on both ends.  Ferries were used to transport the cannon and horses.

Washington's army finally set out for Trenton at 4:00 AM through sleet, hail, and snow.  At least the wind was at their back.  They first marched to Bear Tavern and then turned south on the main road to Trenton.  Note, the bear is a sign of Baal.  Then they forded Jacob's Creek with difficulty.  This was a sign of Jacob crossing the Jordan.

Near Birmingham, the army split into two columns with Washington and Greene taking the high road (Pennington Road) and Sullivan continuing on the low road (river road) to Trenton.  About 2 miles from town a raiding band of about 50 men, who had skirmished with a Hessian outpost, appeared.  They were American militia.  Washington informed them that they may have ruined his plan of surprise.  Even the attack of the raiding band worked in Washington's favor because Rall thought it was the attack that his informers had said was coming.

By 6:00 AM the snow storm made the men miserable.  Sullivan sent word to Washington that it was so cold the muskets wouldn't fire. Washington told him to use bayonets.  There was no turning back at this time.  They would never be able to get back across the Delaware without being discovered.  Because of the snow storm, the normal Hessian patrols were not sent out, and most of the men, including Rall were still sleeping, since it was the morning after Christmas.
Battle of Trenton
At 8:00 AM Hessians from an outpost about 1/2 mile north of Trenton fired an ineffective folly on some of the American force on Pennington Road.  A few minutes later Sullivan's point men contacted a Hessian outpost on river road.  Both of Washington's columns advanced on Trenton simultaneously.  Sullivan covered the south and west, and Greene came down from the north on both the northwest and northeast sides of Trenton.  Cannon were set up on the north end of town and fired at the Hessian barracks.  Washington took up a position on the high ground on the north side of town to direct the battle.

Colonel Rall in his headquarters on the west side of town awoke and rode toward the Hessian soldiers who were coming out of their barracks, but as he tried to rally his men waving his sword, he was shot and fell from his horse.  When some Hessians tried to fire a cannon, it was knocked out by a blast from the American artillery.  The Americans led by Lt. James Monroe charged with swords.  The Hessians fled and the Americans captured two cannons, but James Monroe, the future President, was shot in the left shoulder.  A surgeon saved him by clamping a severed artery.

Some Hessians were able to escape, but most of them fled to an apple orchard on the east side of town where they were captured.  Colonel Rall was shot again and died the next day.  The battle was over in an hour.  Only 2 Americans were killed and 5 wounded, while 22 Hessians were killed, 83 wounded, and 896 captured.  The American booty included 6 cannon, a thousand muskets, 40 hogheads of rum, and other supplies and clothing.  Henry Knox, who wrote to his wife Lucy about how well the raid had gone, said,  "Providence seemed to have smiled upon every part of this enterprise."

Astrological Signs

The astrological signs from the Zodiac Compass are shown on the map of the Battle of Trenton.  The detailed map of Trenton is the most accurate for determining direction from the compass.  Washington was on the north side of town in the region of Libra, the Scales and symbol of Justice, Judgment, and business.  The Hessian mercenaries were from Germany, the region of Libra on the Zodiac Map.  Washington, who was in the vortex formed from the main roads into and out of Trenton, was in a position of Judgment, which he was imposing upon the Hessians.  The American cannon were also on the north side.  Since the region corresponds to the federal judiciary, this was also symbolic of Washington as the future head of state as first President of the United States.  The three elements, rain, hail, and snow, symbolized the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  Washington's army suffered in the cold, but victory belongs to the Lord.  The weather angels were announcing God's Justice and Judgment.  It was December 26, for Political Babylon.  The British Government with Hessian mercenaries was in Political Babylon, and God was judging it.  It was Day 361, for the Judgment (300) of income tax (61).  Income tax is money, which is symbolically weighed on the scales of Libra.  One of the issues in the war was taxation without representation.

The Hessian barracks were on the east side of Trenton in the direction of Leo, the Lion, which can symbolize both the Hessians and the American attackers.  Leo can be a symbol of Satan, the roaring lion seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).  The British from Boston who fought at Lexington and Concord also came from the direction of Leo.  Leo can also be a sign of a warrior like Jesus Christ, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Green's troops came down the Pennington Road from the direction of Taurus, the Bull and symbol of power and prosperity, as per the Second Advent and Millennial reign of Christ.  Greene's troops also came down from the north on the west side of Trenton in the region of Cancer, the Crab and symbol of the spoils of victory.  The Americans captured the Hessian storehouses.  One of Greene's brigades also blocked the Princeton Road in the direction of Virgo and came down from the north on the east side of Trenton in the region of Aries, the Ram and symbol of a leader.

Colonel Rall's Headquarters was on the west side of Trenton in the region of Gemini, the Twins and symbol of the double blessing of Israel.  The west side is the place of blessing.

Sullivan attacked Trenton from the southwest and covered the southern exit point at the bridge over the Assunpink Creek.  The south corresponds to Capricornus, the Goat and symbol of the Gentiles.  Gentile armies were fighting at Trenton.  The southwest corresponds to the direction of Sagittarius, the raiding band.  Washington's army was a raiding band.  Some Hessians escaped across the Assunpink bridge before Sullivan arrived.  The road over the bridge was in the direction of Scorpius, the Scorpion and symbol of the evil one and criminality.  This symbolized the Hessian fugitives.

East of the Assunpink bridge was a mill pond, which was in the region of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.  The sign of Aquarius played a significant role in the Battle.  First, there was the crossing of the Delaware, where the river is associated with Aquarius.  The rain, hail, and snow were also associated with Aquarius.  The snowstorm (produced by the weather angels) contributed to Washington's victory.

Star Chart

Battle of TrentonThe Star Chart for the Battle of Trenton, which began at 8:00 AM on December 26, 1776, contains a Grand Trine, a Plow, and a Yod.  In addition, there is a Catwalk that symbolizes a ferry and a narrow Yod called a Spike.  The chart also contains pairs of planets, the sign of a flood, which point to the crossing of the Delaware.

The Ascendant sign corresponded to the Sun Sign in Sagittarius, the Archer and symbol of a raiding band. Washington's army was a raiding band.

The Moon Sign was Cancer, the Crab and symbol of security over a group.  Almost 900 Hessian prisoners were captured, over which the Americans maintained security.

Midheaven was Libra, the scales and symbol of Justice, Judgment, and business.  During the Battle of Trenton, Washington was stationed on the north side of Trenton, which corresponds to the direction of Libra.

Grand Trine

The the Grand Trine symbolizes strength, power, and stability to face the most rigorous tests and to do it effortlessly.  The most difficult tests can be handled with ease and comfort.  Momentum tests can be overcome.  Washington's army certainly faced a rigorous test after retreating from New York and marching to Trenton in a snow storm.  However, the battle plan was executed with precision and power.

At one corner of the Grand Trine was the Morning Star in Capricornus, the sign of a Gentile military leader.  George Washington fit the description.  At another corner was the Mediator Planet in Taurus, the sign of success through a mediator.  Taurus corresponds to Great Britain on the Zodiac Map.  Washington's success was made possible by his spy, John Honeyman, as well as the weather angels, who gave him the cover of the snow storm.  At the top of the Grand Trine was the Red Planet in Virgo, the Virgin.  The Red Planet in Virgo symbolizes a bloody son.  The Red Planet was paired with the Redeemer Planet, the sign of the redeemer of the virgin land.  Thus, the bloody son symbolized the suffering army of Washington, who were fighting for their homeland.

The Plow

The Plow is the sign of suffering like being plowed under.  The point of the Plow was the God of the Covenants Planet in Libra.  The God of the Covenants Planet in Libra symbolizes Justice.  Libra symbolized the Hessians from Germany, the region of Libra in Europe.  The Hessians were plowed by Washington's army.  His army came down from the north, and he stood in the north, the location of Libra.

The Plow resolves the opposition of two planets into a third.  The Last Adam Planet in Capricornus (an outcast) was in opposition to the Moon in Cancer (security over a group).  The Hessians were cast out of Trenton and the Americans provided security over them and thus protected the citizens of Philadelphia from a future Hessian raid.  The opposition was resolved into the God of the Covenants Planet in Libra, as just explained.

The Yod

The Yod signifies a crisis in timing that requires precise action to resolve the crisis.  The Yod was formed from the two planets at the base of the isosceles triangle, the Moon in Cancer and the Redeemer Planet in Virgo, pointed at the Morning Star in Capricornus.  Since Capricornus corresponds to the south on the Zodiac Compass, the Yod symbolizes General Greene's attack from the north toward the south.  In this case, the Gentile military leader symbolized by the Morning Star in Capricornus was Colonel Rall.  The critical timing window at the base of the Yod was centered in Leo, which also symbolized Rall with his Hessian soldiers on the east side of Trenton.

The Spike

The small Yod with a base of only 30 degrees as opposed to 60 degrees for a true Yod, will be called a Spike.  Although a Spike is not a commonly defined configuration, it is just a variation of a wedge, which some define as a 30-60 right triangle.  The Spike as used here is like a Yod, but with reduced power.  The base of the Spike is centered very near the Ascendant in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius corresponds to the direction from which General Sullivan attacked.  At the base of the Spike was the Savior Planet in Sagittarius, symbolizing a deliverer, and the Morning Star in Capricornus, symbolizing a Gentile military leader.  Sullivan was a Gentile military leader.  However, Capricornus also corresponds to the south on the Zodiac Compass.  Thus, the Spike corresponds to Sullivan's attack from the southwest and south.  The point of the Spike was the Moon in Cancer, the sign of security over a group.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Almighty God Planet in Cancer, which is the sign of a garrison, booty, and captives, all of which apply in the Battle of Trenton.  Washington attacked the Hessian garrison and took booty and captives.

Also, regarding the Spike, Washington's army carried spikes to drive into the fuse holes of the enemy cannon in case they could not be carried away.  That would put the cannon out of service for a while because only a metal worker could remove a spike, and the removal would be with great difficulty.

The Ferry

The Ferry is the name given to the configuration that is similar to a Catwalk, except a Catwalk has two groups of planets within 30 degrees directly opposite each other.  In this chart, one group of planets is separated by more than 30 degrees, and the planets are not directly opposite each other through the center of the chart.  However, since the configuration is close to a Catwalk and perfectly horizontal, it obviously symbolizes the ferries used for transporting Washington's horses and cannon across the Delaware.


The Battle of Trenton was a significant military victory in the American Revolutionary War.  With the Continental Army facing defeat, it breathed new life into the American fight for freedom and proved that Washington's Army was a professional fighting force "to  be reckoned with."  Something changed at Trenton.  It wasn't just the victory, but the circumstances surrounding it.  The brilliant and daring plan came to Washington, and his dauntless soldiers executed a double column advance with perfect precision and captured almost the entire Hessian garrison.  Washington's Army marched to Trenton in a snow storm, but the wind was at their back and the snow was in the faces of the enemy.  Even though word of the secret attack had leaked, the enemy didn't believe it.  The enemy was caught flatfooted, and Washington's Army was in perfect form.  The Americans received blessing and the Hessians cursing.  Blessing and cursing are in the hands of the Lord.  "The battle is the Lord's."

The stars overhead matched the events on the ground.  The propitious signs above were evidence of the "riches of glory" factored into human history by Divine Design.  The Americans won because God designed it.  He appointed Washington, and gave him the plan.  He provided the soldiers and let them march, each to his own beat.  He brought the Hessians with the love of money, and placed Washington on the north side of Trenton in the sign of Libra, the Scales used to weigh money.  It was Day 361, for income tax, which is money.  Congress didn't provide very well for the Continental Army, but God gave them food and clothing in Logistical Grace from the victory over the Hessians.

The Star Chart of the Battle of Trenton contains a Grand Trine to symbolize the momentum test that was passed by the Continental Army and God's blessing which followed.  The Ascendant Sign and Sun Sign was Sagittarius, the sign of a raiding band.  Washington's Army was a raiding band.  The crossed Yod and Spike in the chart symbolized the attacks of Generals Greene and Sullivan on opposite sides of Trenton.  The Plow was pointed at Libra to symbolize the Hessians being plowed under.  And the sign of the Ferry symbolized the transport of horses and cannon across the Delaware River for battle.  The planets grouped in pairs symbolized a flood, which also corresponded to crossing the Delaware.

The Battle was on December 26, for Political Babylon.  The British with their Hessian mercenaries were in a political union of Political Babylon in Satan's Cosmic System.  The Hessians on the east side of Trenton were in the region of Leo, the symbol of Satan as the "roaring lion seeking someone to devour" (1 Pet 5:8).  Washington, who was stationed in the north, was given true authority by the Grace of God, while the heart of Colonel Rall was hardened, and he was given the death sentence.

The weather angels were the heralds of the cursing of hail turned to the sanctification of snow.  At the Battle of Trenton, cursing for the Americans was turned to blessing.  At Trenton the American rebels against the duly appointed British authorities became freedom fighters.  At Trenton the Client Nation of Great Britain was waning, and the first glimmers of a new Client Nation to God began to rise.  God chose to give birth to the new nation through war.  He set the two sides against each other, and He chose the winner.  "Victory belongs to the Lord" (Proverbs 21:31).  "The battle is the Lord's" (1 Samuel 17:47).

Battle of Trenton Star Chart Planets

Sun Sagittarius Raiding band
Moon Cancer Prostitute of Babylon
Savior Sagittarius Deliverer
Morning Star Capricornus Gentile military leader
Red Planet Virgo Bloody son
Almighty God Cancer Garrison, booty, captives
Ring Planet Libra Justice
Mediator Taurus Success through a mediator, mediator of the Client Nation
Redeemer Virgo Redeemer of the virgin land
Last Adam Capricornus Outcast



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