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Big Brown was born April 10, 2005 at Dr. Gary B. Knapp's Monticule Farms in Lexington, Kentucky at 38 N., for dying in the wilderness, and 84 W., for the weakness of the Church.  Big Brown was named for United Parcel Service (UPS).  He was purchased by Brooklyn, Paul Pompa, Jr. a New York trucking company owner in 2007.  He ran his first race as a two-year-old on September 3, 2007 at Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York, where he won by 11 1/4 lengths.  Pompa then sold an interest in Big Brown to International Equine Acquisitions Holdings, Inc. (IEAH) Stables to form a partnership.  Big Brown was then sent to the Palm Meadows Thoroughbred Training Center in Florida.

As a three-year old in 2008 Big Brown won the Florida Derby, the Kentucky Derby, and the Preakness.  He won the 134th Kentucky Derby on May 3, 2008 by 4 3/4 lengths over the filly Eight Bells, who broke both front ankles after the race and was euthanized.  Big Brown was the first horse to win the Derby from post position 20 since 1929.  Big Brown won the 133 Preakness on May 17, 2008 by 5 1/4 lengths in his fifth race.  He had won all of his races.  After the Preakness, Big Brown injured himself by striking his front hoof with his back foot and opened a 3 inch crack in his left front hoof.

Big Brown ran the 140 Belmont Stakes with a sutured hoof.  Prior to the race, his trainer decided not to give him his usual shot of the anabolic steroid, Winstrol.  When the horse seemed to have lost his power, jockey, Kent Desormeaux, eased him up in the homestretch, and Big Brown finished in ninth and last place.  Thus, he became the first Triple Crown contender to finish last in the Belmont.


October 13, 2008, while working out for Breeders' Cup Classic, Big Brown tore a gash in his right front heel bulb when it was struck by his right rear foot.  Since there was no way to repair the damage, Big Brown was retired with seven victories in eight starts and earnings of over $3.6 million, and he became a stud at Three Chimneys Farm.

Big Brown Birth Chart

Big Brown Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Big Brown (time unknown) contains a Star (Pentagram),  The five-pointed star is a pentagram, which is the sign of a giant, such as Baal, who is worshipped as the god of war and love and is the same as Satan.  The Star is a sign of exceptional powers and relationships, especially in the spiritual realm.  It is also an unstable configuration, like riding on a wheel with spokes and no rim, which makes for a bumpy ride.  The individual concentrates on jumping to the next spoke and forgets the past.  This explains Big Brown's great strength and his clumsiness of stepping on his own heels.  Heel injuries in horses symbolize Satanic attacks, since snakes symbolically strike the heel (Gen. 3:15) and cause the horse to rear up and dump the rider (Gen 49:17).

Big Brown's Sun Sign was Pisces, which symbolizes divine glory and corresponds to Kentucky, where he was born.  God raised up Big Brown and gave him glory to make him a star.  Two other planets in Pisces added power to the sign in the Chart.  The Morning Star, which was in conjunction with the Sun, symbolized the leader of the herd.  Big Brown won all of his races except the Belmont Stakes.  And the Savior Planet in Pisces symbolizes a promoter of team spirit.  Big Brown was a star performer, who pleased his racing team as well as the fans.

The Moon Sign was Aries, for a female leader.  This symbolized Big Brown's victory over the filly Eight Bells in the Kentucky Derby.  This also corresponded to the point of the Star of the Almighty God Planet in Virgo, which symbolizes a powerful woman.  The news media was full of hype before the race about the filly's chances of winning.

The God of the Covenants was n Gemini, for a partnership.  Big Brown was owned by a partnership.  The Last Adam was in Scorpius, for the victim of Satan.  This was symbolized by the heel injury that ended Big Brown's racing career.  The conjunction of the Red Planet and Redeemer in Capricornus symbolizes a bloody redeemer.  Big Brown's hoofs were bloody from his racing to make money.


Big Brown's Birth Chart contained a Star (Pentagram), which symbolizes the brilliance and exceptional power of a giant empowered by Baal.  Big Brown was picked to win the Triple Crown, but, instead, he became the first horse to win the first two legs of the Crown and come in last in the Belmont Stakes.  Big Brown was the symbol of the first being last (Matt 19:30).  As the Star is an unstable configuration, Big Brown had a habit of stepping on his on heels.  That type injury eventually forced his retirement.

Big Brown's heel injury was associated with the NASA STS-126 Mission in which the Mission Patch symbolized a horned snake in the path that corresponded to the scales of justice of Dan (Gen 49:17), or Libra.  Big Brown's heel injury symbolized the attack of Satan (Gen 3:15).  And the scales of Libra corresponded to the current world-wide financial crisis in which the first and most prosperous fell to last.

Big Brown Landfall Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Divine glory
Moon Aries Female leader
Savior Pisces Promoter of team spirit
Morning Star Pisces Leader of the herd
Red Planet Capricornus Suffering in the flesh
Almighty God Virgo Powerful woman
Ring Planet Gemini Partnership
Mediator Aquarius A mount
Redeemer Capricornus Gentile wealth
Last Adam Scorpius Victim of Satan



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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