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Don Spirit
Florida Mass Shooting
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Florida Mass Shooting

Don Charles Spirit, 51, fatally shot his daughter Loraine, 28, and 6 of his grandchildren at his home at 2550 NW 29TH Terrace, Bell, Florida in Gilchrist County west of Gainesville.  He called 911, and then committed suicide after speaking with a sheriff's deputy who arrived.  The children were age 10 weeks to 11 years.  The shooting occurred on September 18, 2014 shortly before 4 PM EDT (2000 GMT).

On November 14, 2001 Don Spirit killed his 8 year old son on a hunting trip near Kenansville, Florida in Osceola County.  In a plea deal he pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon from a previous drugs charge in order to receive a minimum three year sentence.  Before the trial he was treated for mental problems.  He was sentenced on March 3, 2003.  He was released February 19, 2006.   He has been arrested for battery, hit and run, and drugs.

The mass murder was the work of Satan.  It occurred in Bell because it is a homonym of Bel, the god of ancient Babylon who is the same as Baal.  Baal is the enemy of children.  The deaths of the children correspond to the Judgment of Jezebel (Rev 2:20-23), and to the Four Generation Curse.  A Horse's Hoof was in the Birth Chart of Don Spirit, and it was overhead at the time of the shooting.  A Horse's Hoof configuration corresponds to being trampled by a horse as happened to Jezebel (2 Ki 9:33).

Gilchrist County is Florida County number 55 for grace blessing in suffering.  The name Gilchrist is Scottish Gaelic for servant of Christ.  The shooting occurred during the vote for independence in Scotland.  Don Spirit was born on December 11, 1962, Day 355, where the numbers mean:  11 witness, 62 the end, 355 judgment (300) of grace blessing in suffering (55).  He was 51, for arrogance.  The shooting was on September 18, 2014, Day 261, where the numbers mean:  18 pillar for historical impact, 14 passover, 261 income tax (61).

Florida Shooting Chart

Florida Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting contains a Horse's Hoof, a Grand Trine, a Coffin, and a Plow.  The Horse's Hoof symbolizes being trampled by horses as was the case in the death of Jezebel.  A Grand Trine is for stability.  A coffin is for burying the dead.  And a Plow is for intense suffering like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  This was also the Ascendant Sign.

The Sun had just entered Vigo for a bridegroom.  And the Moon was in Cancer for family security.  Family security begins with Spiritual security.  The children of Jezebel are in the Cosmic System.

Midheaven was in Libra for notorious Fire Testing.  The mass shooting was a type of Fire Testing.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Aries for death of a leader (or husband), corresponding to the suicide of Don Spirit.  Aries corresponds to the region of New Jersey.  Don Spirit moved to Florida from New Jersey.

Don Spirit Chart

Don Spirit Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Don Spirit contains a Horse's Hoof, a Podium, and two oppositions.  The Horse's Hoof symbolizes being trampled by horses.  The Podium corresponds to a tribunal and the judge's bench.  Don Spirit went before judges after his previous arrests.  This also corresponds to the Last Adam, which was in Leo for standing before a footstool.

The Sun was in Scorpius for Satan who appears as an angel of light.  The Moon was full in Taurus on the cusp of Gemini for a tribe or prosperity of a group.  This corresponds to Don Spirit's large group of children and grandchildren.

The Almighty God Planet was in Aquarius, for a broadcaster, corresponding to the news about the mass murder that was broadcast around the world.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida where the shooting occurred.

The God of the Covenants was in Capricornus for an antichrist.  Don Spirit was under the power of Satan, the murderer, and his demons as an antichrist.

The Redeemer Planet and Morning Star were in conjunction in Libra.

  1. Redeemer Fire Testing
  2. Morning Star Cataclysmic judgment, corresponding to the mass shooting in Bell.
Leo contained the Mediator and Last Adam.
  1. Mediator ruler-integrator
  2. Last Adam standing before a footstool, corresponding to Don Spirit's appearances before judges.


The mass murder in Bell, Florida was the work of Satan, the murderer, who appeared as Baal.  It was the Judgment of Jezebel in which the Lord executes the children of Jezebel.  It was also the Four Generation Curse.  Don Spirit had a Horse's Hoof in his Birth Chart, and there was a Horse's Hoof in the Chart of the Shooting.  A Horse's Hoof symbolizes being trampled by horses as was Jezebel in her death.

Don Spirit killed his son on November 14, 2001, two months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York.  He killed his grandchildren in Bell in 2014.  The number, 14, is for the Passover, which included the deaths of the firstborn in Egypt.  The deaths of the children in Bell, Florida is a reminder of the horror of the death of children associated with the first Passover.

Florida Shooting Chart Planets

Sun Virgo Bridegroom
Moon Cancer Family security
Savior Virgo Rachel's children
Morning Star Leo Herald of the king
Red Planet Scorpiuus Bloody crimes
Almighty God Cancer Captives of the mighty
Ring Planet Libra Law
Mediator Pisces Pastor, priest
Redeemer Aquarius Redeemed from Sheol
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released September 19, 2014

Author: Larry Wood
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