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Historical Background

The Space Shuttle was NASA's attempt to provide economical, assured access to space.  Due to cost constraints of Congress and the President, the initial design could never be fully operational or reusable.  NASA's original proposal was to build a reusable shuttle, but Congress would not fund it.  The Space Shuttle design that finally emerged was based upon the budget that NASA received.  Furthermore, the operation of the Space Shuttle was dictated by Washington politicians in the White House and Congress who demanded that the Shuttle serve the needs of the Air Force as well as NASA.  In spite of these decisions, the original goals of assured access to space were still advertised.

After the first four developmental testing flights of the Orbiter Columbia, the Space Shuttle was declared operational.  What that meant is subject to debate.  To engineers who launched the Shuttle, it was not achievable.  The Shuttle had never been designed to be an operational vehicle like an airliner.  Every launch continued to be a new challenge because the Shuttle was still in reality a test vehicle.  However, those who didn't understand the engineering problems continued to think that the Shuttle would become fully operational.

The second Orbiter, the Challenger (OV-099), was delivered to Kennedy Space Center on July 5, 1982, Day 186.  That night was the awesome Eclipse of the Moon of July 6, 1982 in which the Moon turned blood red.  The blood red Moon was an omen.  It was a sign of intensive suffering.  As it turned out, the Challenger blew up on January 28, 1986, where 86 stands for the son of the bondwoman persecuting the son of the free, or the Arab persecution of the Jew.  One of Challenger's crew was Judy Resnik, who was a Jew.

The Challenger was delivered to Kennedy Space Center before it was finished.  For example, it didn't have its thermal protective tiles.  Putting on the tiles was a big job.  They had a tendency to fall off, like a snake shedding its skin.  The Challenger had other omens that haunted those who launched it.  It was first launched on April 4, 1983, Day 94.  By 1984, Orbiter Discovery (OV-103) was flying, and Atlantis (OV-104) was flying in 1985.

By 1984 NASA began preparations to take passengers other than astronauts into space.  The first was Senator Jake Garn, who flew on April 12, 1985.  Then US Representative Bill Nelson flew on January 12, 1986.  In 1984, NASA Administrator James Beggs sent a note to the White House suggesting that a private citizen, such as a school teacher, be allowed to fly on the Shuttle.  On August 27, 1984, President Reagan announced that he was directing NASA to take a teacher into space as its first citizen passenger.  In July 1985, New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe was chosen to be the first Teacher in Space and Idaho teacher Barbara Morgan was selected as her backup. President Reagan had been duped into a publicity stunt that originated with Satan himself.  It was the idea of the teaching serpent from the Garden of Eden all over again.  Reagan, like many in NASA at the time, had no idea that flying the Shuttle wasn't routine and safe.

James Beggs and the Washington War

James Beggs was appointed NASA administrator July 10, 1981 after Ronald Reagan became President.  He was formerly an Executive Vice President and director of General Dynamics in St. Louis, Missouri.  He was engaged in keeping NASA from the jaws of the Air Force while Johnson Space Center, as the lead center, managed the Shuttle Program.  He supported the proposed Centaur Upper Stage to be flown in the Shuttle Payload Bay, and with Congressional approval, General Dynamics was awarded a sole-source contract to build it for NASA.  Flying the liquid fueled Centaur in the Shuttle would be like carrying a bomb, and astronauts said they wouldn't fly it.

This was during the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and many of Reagan's staff at the White House were pro-military and anti-NASA.  They blindly supported the Air Force, which was and still is unable to compete with NASA in space.  The rigid military bureaucracy proved incapable of the thinking of free enterprise to accomplish space travel.  The Air Force was still using Titan rockets from the Gemini Program.  They requested bids for a proposal to build a space shuttle, and NASA won the contract.  Then the Air Force paid NASA not to build it.

Against this backdrop, James Beggs was able to secure President Reagan's backing for a Space Station.  This further antagonized the Air Force backers, who wanted both the Shuttle and the money for Space Station for the Air Force.  After his Deputy resigned in mid-1984, Beggs asked the White House for a replacement.  They sent him a list of candidates, which included the name of William R. Graham, a consultant who had worked for Reagan on nuclear disarmament, but who had no aerospace experience.  Although Beggs rejected him as unqualified, he was the favorite of White House Science Advisor, George Keyworth.

Although Beggs remained adamant in rejecting Graham, in the end he acquiesced and Reagan nominated Graham for Deputy Administrator on September 12, 1985.  The Senate confirmed him on November 18, and he was sworn in on November 25, 1985.  On November 19, President Reagan held his first Summit with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva.  During the 1-hour meeting, Reagan brought up the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars Missile Defense System) and pledged a 50% reduction in nuclear arms.  On December 2, 1985, James Beggs was indicted by the Justice Department for fraud for General Dynamics overbilling the Defense Department on the Sgt. York anti-aircraft gun system.

The Sgt. York radar controlled gun system was ordered by the US after the Israeli Air Force lost approximately 40 of their 350 planes from a Soviet-made radar controlled gun installed on Egyptian tanks in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.  That was a major concern to Israel and to the US as supplier of their planes.  Of the two US contenders for the gun contract, General Dynamics appeared to have a much better gun than Ford's, which couldn't even hit the target.  However, after the success criteria were changed in midstream, General Dynamics somehow lost the contract to Ford.

Now, with his new Deputy in place for only a week, Beggs was forced to take a leave of absence to deal with his legal troubles and turn the agency over to a novice with no experience in space technology.  Graham attended the Flight Readiness Review of STS-61B, the 23rd Shuttle Mission.  The Mission ended on December 3, 1985 with a landing at Edwards Air Force Base Runway 22, and Graham became acting NASA Administrator on Dec. 4.  Graham's first flight as acting NASA Administrator was STS-61C, the 24th Shuttle Mission with US Representative Bill Nelson aboard.

The Flight numbers are important to gain some clue as to what was happening from the divine viewpoint.  The 22 to 23 transition indicates an historical uptrend.  Thus, the arrival of Graham for the 23rd flight was an uptrend.  His appointment as acting Administrator for the 24th flight symbolizes a strategic change, per the meaning of 24.  However, 24 also stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  This could be interpreted spiritually as:  Beggs was removed by Satan through the Justice Department, and Graham was installed by Satan (with God's permission).

William R. Graham

William R. Graham Birth ChartWilliam ("Bill") R. Graham, with a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, had worked on the Reagan transition committee and on nuclear disarmament.  He had an impressive resume and an even more impressive Birth Chart.  With an almost perfectly formed Star of David, he had the makings of a star in the spiritual realm.  He refused to back down from consideration as NASA Deputy Administrator even though he had no experience in the field.  After his approval, he walked in and tried to install more inexperienced members of his team.  However, Beggs prevented that, since he stayed in an office down the hall.

Graham came onboard during the busiest time in the Shuttle Program.  NASA was trying to prepare multiple Shuttle's in parallel and roll them out and launch them as rapidly as possible.  Although the work became increasingly difficult, many in management were naive enough to believe the original advertising brochure, which could never happen with the current design.

Graham's first flight as acting Administrator, STS-61C (Flight 24) could have killed Bill Nelson.  After the first Launch attempt was scrubbed for a false instrumentation indication on Dec. 19, 1985,  the next attempt on Jan. 6, 1986 was scrubbed due to an engine temperature problem caused by accidental draining of 4,000 pounds of liquid oxygen from the External Tank.  If Launch had occurred, the Shuttle would not have reached orbit.  In the process of preparing for a Launch on Jan. 9 a temperature sensor broke off and lodged in the screen of the Engine 2 prevalve.  This would have been a catastrophe if it had occurred during Launch.

The Spiritual War, a Personal Testimony

Against the backdrop of the temporal confusion and human viewpoint lay the Spiritual War of the Almighty and his servants.  I was working as a NASA engineer responsible for Ground Software, which is used to checkout, control, and launch the Shuttle.  I had taught a Sunday Bible Class offsite in 1983-84.  The class was attended by private citizens as well as NASA, contractor, and Air Force personnel.  We even shipped tapes of Bible Classes to Air Force personnel when they returned home to Vandenberg Air Force Base.  However, the class folded, and with it, the pivot of doctrinal believers in the Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center.

Every launch, beginning with STS-1, was a Spiritual battle.  The Lord controlled every Launch, and nothing left the ground without His approval.  The Holy Spirit taught me to recognize the signs, symbols, and numbers necessary for understanding the divine perspective.  The evening before a Launch I would watch the Sunset.  It would go down through cloud banks to represent T-20 min., T-9 min., T-31 sec., and then it would go into the Engine start box at T-10 sec.  If nothing interfered, such as a pointed cloud piercing the eye of the Sun, the Sun would go into the trees as it set to symbolize post Launch safing.  If the Sun ran into a power pole while setting, I knew there would be an electrical problem.

During the first abort after Main Engine Start on STS-41D on June 26, 1984, I knew precisely what second the abort would occur the day of Launch without even being in the Firing Room.  In that case, after the Sun came out of the cloud bank for T-10 sec. to simulate GO for Main Engine Start, it entered a square open box surrounded by clouds to simulate the Engine start box.  The engines start at T-6.6 sec.  As the Sun proceeded through the box, a pointed cloud pierced it from the side to indicate a failure at T-6 sec.  That first abort was a frightening sound.  It sounded like a dying elephant from three miles away.

By 1985, I had advanced through Spiritual Warfare and was in suffering prior to the paradigm shift into Spiritual Maturity.  Even though I worked Ground Software and wasn't responsible for Launch decisions, the real battles were Spiritual, and the temporal production followed.  The best description of the situation in the pressure of trying to launch more and more vehicles, faster and faster is the line from Kipling's "IF":  "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you."  In retrospect, it is now obvious that the same thing was happening all over NASA.  People were making decisions that were insane.  During the investigation after the Challenger Disaster, the Director of Shuttle Engineering told me about reviewing the Problem Reports to determine if, in the first place, they passed the "sanity test."  Things were happening that were like a circus.

Even top management were oblivious to the ticking time bomb they were launching.  Senator Jake Garn and Representative Bill Nelson were flying on the Shuttle.  And President Reagan had selected a teacher to fly in space.  There are only three kinds of people who would ever ride the Shuttle:  (1) an insane person, (2) a fool, or (3) a daredevil who thinks it will never happen to him.  Then in November 1985, President Reagan, the staunch patriot, met with Gorbachev for an hour and told him about the Strategic Defense Initiative missile shield and agreed to cut half of our nuclear arsenal.

By the time of Launch processing for the STS-51L Mission, I was refusing to approve contractor software because it was substandard.  Almost nothing related to STS-51L had my signature.  Then I got trapped between lower management political pressure and NASA Program Directives and approved Policy.  I decided to stick with NASA policy and take the heat from lower management, which led to their decision to fire me.  However, NASA can't fire people without a laborious process.

STS-51L was scheduled to be launched on Jan. 22, 1986, but weather delays in Florida and at transatlantic abort sites led to a Launch attempt on Jan. 27.  That Launch was scrubbed, however, when technicians could not remove a hatch closing fixture (that resembled a milk stool).  This was a bad sign.  The Lord opens doors that no one can shut and closes doors that no one can open (Isa 22:22; Rev 3:7).  This was a dire omen that the Lord had sealed the doom of the astronauts.

The Launch was rescheduled for the next day, Jan. 28.  When I pulled my Cadillac Eldorado into the parking lot the next morning before daylight to support Launch, the odometer and mile in tank displays were 71338 and 332.5.  I deduced from the numbers and the other indicators that all this meant:  Dire straits (71), purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit (33) of dying in the wilderness (38), due to the right SRB and a conspiracy (32).  From the lines of 33's that I had encountered and other indicators, I knew there would be an emergency, but I didn't know people would die.  It was Day 28, for a cosmic stronghold.  The hexagonal shaped TDRS satellite in the Payload Bay symbolized a cosmic stronghold.

After checking in, I walked down the hall to the coffee pot in the Morton-Thiokol area, since I was a member of their coffee club.  I was on call with nothing to do unless there was a problem with Ground Software, which there never was.  So, I passed the time engaged in a conversation about the Spiritual situation with a person who was interested.  Although I had never heard of an SRB O-ring, I did communicate the gravity of the situation.  After long delays, the countdown finally resumed and I returned to my desk.  Then I watched the final count on NASA TV.  When the SRB's fired, I ran outside to watch the Launch.  As the Shuttle rose higher, I saw what appeared to be fire coming from the right SRB.  Then the whole vehicle exploded.  There were screams of horror, and I ran back to my desk and mechanically began retrieving telemetry as if by instinct to find out what happened.  The telemetry abruptly ended after about 73 seconds.  I glanced up and the person I had been talking to earlier was peering over my cubicle with eyes as big as saucers.  Others had gathered round in dead silence.

The Challenger Disaster, like the Apollo Fire, reset the clock.  There was an investigation and two years of hard work to re-certify everything.  There was collective guilt.  Even the sea gulls sat outside on the lamp posts and laughed at us and messed on our cars until the last body was finally recovered from the ocean.  The gulls are called laughing gulls.  However, death is God's call, and He had a purpose in it all.  Due to recommendations from the investigation, the Air Force went away and the NASA - Air Force rivalry ended.  There would be no Shuttle Launch from Vandenberg, and the Centaur Upper Stage was canceled.  And I wasn't fired because there was nothing left to fight about.

On February 19, I was called to the office of the Director of Shuttle Engineering, who decided to personally hear my case.  As I waited outside his office, the secretary politely interrupted a meeting he was having with Dr. Richard Feynman to tell him that I was waiting.  He came out and introduced me to Dr. Feynman.  I was speechless.  It was the first and last time I ever met a Nobel Prize winning physicist.  Dr. Feynman apologized to me for keeping me waiting, which left me even more dumbfounded.  I didn't know him at the time, but he was dying of cancer and was hot on the trail to discover how bad things were at NASA.

In my discussions with the Director, which followed, I learned that the investigation had turned up over 1,000 documents (such as Problem Reports) with discrepancies (flaws).  They were dispositioning these items as to whether they even passed the "sanity test."  After hearing my case, we had a gentleman's agreement that would keep me from being fired.  He said he would meet with my management and me in three weeks, but he was too busy at the time with the investigation.  Sure enough, he met with us on March 14, 1986 (Day 73) and I retained my job and my freedom.  There was a rainbow in the East at Sunset the evening before, which marked the end of Judgment.

Challenger STS-51L Launch

Christa McAuliffeIn order to achieve maximum launch rates, Launch Complex 39B (Pad B) was brought into service.  The Challenger was rolled out to Pad B on December 22, 1985 in the early morning fog.  It was to be the first Shuttle launched from Pad B.  Launch of STS-51L (Shuttle Flight 25) was scheduled for January 22, 1986.  Note, the number, 51 stands for arrogance.  Under the old numbering system, this would have been STS-33, where 33 is for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  The Launch was to carry teacher Christa McAuliffe into space.  Payloads included the Tracking Data Relay Satellite-2 (TDRS-2) and Halley's Comet Experiment Deployable to observe Halley's Comet.

STS-51L Mission PatchThe Mission Patch was white with a flag-draped coffin spotted with the image of Halley's Comet, the globe of Earth, an Orbiter with a tan vapor trail, and an apple.  Halley's Comet perihelion (closest point to the Sun) was Feb. 9, 1986.  A comet symbolizes a reversionist in the darkness of Satan's Cosmic System who is like a wandering star in the darkness of space.  The Orbiter was shown leaving the Earth and flying off into space on a tangent, never to return.  The white patch and Orbiter with the wide, tan vapor trail symbolized the gases released in the explosion of the Shuttle.  The apple symbolized eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden, which corresponded to Satan's attack with the teacher in space from Ecumenical Babylon.STS-51L Crew

Commander of STS-51L would be Francis R. Scobee, and Michael J. Smith would be the Pilot.  Mission Specialists included Judith A. Resnik, Ellison S. Onizuka, and Ronald E. McNair.  Gregory B. Jarvis would be Payload Specialist.

Launch was slipped to Jan. 24 due to delays from STS-61C, the Bill Nelson flight.  Then Launch slipped to Jan. 25 due to bad weather at the transatlantic abort landing (TAL) sites.  Launch time was switched to the morning to take advantage of the alternate TAL site in Casablanca.  But then Launch was postponed from Jan. 26 due to a forecast of bad weather.  The weather, however, turned out perfect.  Acting NASA Administrator Graham went back to Washington on Jan. 26.  The Launch attempt on Monday, Jan. 27 was scrubbed after problems closing the hatch.  First, a microswitch didn't give an indication of hatch closure.  After that problem was solved, technicians could not remove the closing fixture from the hatch door.  Then high winds at the Shuttle Landing Facility prevented Launch.  During the night, Thiokol engineers called NASA and advised against launching the next day until temperatures were at least 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

STS-51L IceFinally, day broke on January 28 clear and cold.  Water that had been left running to prevent lines from freezing left icicles all over the Pad structures (ref. pictures).  The start of tanking had been delayed two hours due to a problem with a Hardware Interface Module in the Ground Support Equipment that monitors the Fire Detection System for the ground liquid hydrogen tank.  Seas were so high they would impede recovery of the SRB casings.

STS-51L Launch BirdsChallenger ExplosioinAlthough Launch was scheduled for 9:38 AM EST, the program manager decided to allow additional time for ice to melt on the pad.  This turned into a two hour delay, and Launch was at 11:38/00.010 EST (16:38/00.010 GMT).  The temperature at Launch was 36 degrees Fahrenheit.  As the Shuttle engines ignited a myriad of coots and other birds took flight from the marshes surrounding the Pad.

Challenger ExplosionChallenger ExplosionThe Shuttle rose into the clear blue sky for one minute.  At T+65 sec. the callout from Houston was, "Challenger, GO at throttle up," and the Commander acknowledged, "Roger, GO at throttle up."  Then at T+73 seconds the Shuttle exploded.  The SRB's broke free and were destroyed by Range Safety.  The crew cabin was torn out of the Orbiter and subsequently fell into the ocean.  All the astronauts onboard perished.  Three of the four emergency air packs of the astronauts that were later recovered had been activated, indicating that some of them survived the crew cabin separation.  However, if the crew cabin lost pressure, which is the most likely case according to Bob Crippen, they would have rapidly lost consciousness even with the emergency air packs turned on, since they were at 48,000 feet and rising rapidly.  The crew cabin fell with the astronauts inside and hit the ocean at over 200 mph.

STS-51L SRB SmokeThe sequence of events determined from the investigation was:

Launch Chart

STS-51L Launch ChartThe Chart of the STS-51L Launch contains a Bowl.  A Bowl symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing.  It is like a person with all his eggs in one basket.  It points in one direction with a blind spot on the other side of the Chart.  It represents a person on a mission.  The Bowl in this Chart covered only 170 degrees, which means an even narrower focus.  Thus, the Bowl corresponds to NASA's drive to launch while being blind to the repercussions of the cold weather.  It also symbolizes the cursing of the Challenger disaster.

The Sun Sign was Capricornus, for Gentile glory.  The power of the Sun Sign was enhanced by two planets in conjunction with the Sun, plus another planet and Midheaven in Capricornus.  The resulting four planets and Midheaven in Capricornus were highly symbolic of the glory of the world.

The Moon Sign was Leo, for a politician.  Flying a teacher in space was a political decision of the President of the United States.  The Ascendant Sign was Aries, for a leader.  The teacher was to be the first private citizen in space and to lead the way for others.  The Descendant Sign was Libra with the Last Adam to symbolize cursing by the Law (Gen 12:3), which corresponds to the bondwoman cursing the free or the Arab cursing the Jew.  This is the meaning of the year 1986.  Judy Resnik, a Jew, was symbolically cursed by the Gentiles in the disaster.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Cancer, for a safety failure.  A failure of an O-ring destroyed the Challenger and its crew.

Sun Sign

The Sun was in Capricornus, for Gentile glory, along with Midheaven, for the glory of the world.  The President, NASA, and the whole world seemed to have the illusion that flying into space was glorious.  That was a bald faced lie of Satan.  Two planets in conjunction with the Sun, plus another planet and Midheaven in Capricornus added great power to the significance of the sign.  Capricornus also corresponds to Texas (Zodiac Map), the home of Shuttle Mission Control, which was in charge of the Challenger when it exploded.

The meaning of the planets in Capricornus was:

  1. Sun - Gentile glory.
  2. Midheaven - the glory of the world.
  3. Savior - rescuer.  Rescuers were needed but were helpless.
  4. Morning Star - Gentile king, corresponding to President Reagan.
  5. Almighty God - victory of the Cross.  Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world.
The Bowl

The Bowl is a symbol of blessing or cursing.  Here it symbolized the cursing of the Challenger disaster.  The Bowl in this Chart was only 170 degrees, which gave it properties like a Bow pointed in one direction.  The Bowl symbolized NASA's drive to launch, which is offense, apart from adequate consideration to the consequences (defense).  The Launch decision was like the President's decision to send a teacher as the nation's first private citizen in space.

The Bowl was centered in Scorpius and pointed to the God of the Covenants Planet, which symbolizes the final Judgment.  That is precisely what happened to the Challenger.  It met its final doom.  There were three planets in Scorpius, the sign of the evil one.  They were:

  1. Mediator -  Satan as the accuser, corresponding to Ecumenical Babylon.
  2. God of the Covenants - the final Judgment, corresponding to Political Babylon.
  3. Red Planet - bloody violence, corresponding to Cosmic Babylon.

The Redeemer Planet in Sagittarius symbolizes financing an army.  This points to the large budget required to finance the army of government and contractor workers in the space program.  It also brings to light economics as the single greatest impact to the Space Shuttle design, development, and operation.  The President and Congress sealed the Shuttle's doom with the budget.  The disaster added proof that the cheaper solution was not the safest.

Astronaut Dick Scobee

Francis R. (Dick) Scobee was born on May 19, 1939, Day 139 in Cle Elum, Washington and was raised in Auburn, Washington.  He joined the Air Force out of high school.  In 1965, he received a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona and his commission.  He received his wings in 1966 and was sent to Vietnam in 1967.  He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal.  He became an Air Force test pilot, and joined the astronaut corpse in 1978.  He married the former June Kent.  They had two children,   He was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame in May of 2004.

Dick Scobee Birth ChartDick Scobee's Birth Chart contains a Castle and a Plow.  A Castle signifies great structural stability, like a fortress or castle.  It symbolizes the domain of an established king or noble, who has great power, with support from loyal subjects, citizens and armies.  As an astronaut, Scobee was served by an army of workers and supported by the masses of loyal citizens.  The Plow is a sign of intensive suffering.  It resolves the opposition of two planets into a third at the point of the Plow, which is like being plowed under.  The point of the Plow was the Morning Star in Capricornus, which symbolizes a Commander.  Scobee was Commander of STS-51L.

The Sun Sign was Taurus, which symbolizes highest glory.  The Moon was nearby in Taurus to symbolize a royal court.  Challenger's prestigious astronaut crew was like a royal court for the President of the US.

The Ascendant Sign was Cancer, which contained the Last Adam to symbolize scourging.  Cancer also corresponded to Washington, Scobee's birthplace.  The Descendant Sign was Capricornus, which contained the Red Planet for suffering in the flesh.  Capricornus corresponded to Texas (Zodiac Map), the home of Mission Control, which was in charge of the flight of STS-51L.

Midheaven was in Aries in conjunction with the Savior Planet, which symbolizes a the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Libra, for the judgment of death.  Scobee was born in 1939 on Day 139, where 39 stands for the sin leading to death.  The Challenger exploded at T+73 sec., which was at 11:39/13 EST.


A Castle symbolizes the domain of a king or noble with an army of loyal subjects.  This symbolized Scobee in the spiritual realm with an army space of workers and masses of loyal citizens.  A Castle also symbolizes a stronghold or fortress.  The Challenger 51L Mission with the six-sided TDRS in the Payload Bay symbolized the stronghold of NASA and the Air Force.  That stronghold had to be blown apart to free NASA, as symbolized by the end of the mission at 73 seconds, for freedom.

The Castle turns on the planet at the right base corner, which was the Red Planet in Capricornus, for suffering in the flesh, or human body.  The pinnacle of the Castle was the Sun in Taurus, for highest glory.  Scobee went out in a blaze of glory.  As President Reagan said of the astronauts, "They slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God."


The Plow resolved the opposition of the Last Adam in Cancer, for scourging, and the Red Planet in Capricornus, for suffering in the flesh, into a third planet, the Morning Star in Aries, for a Commander.  The Plow symbolically plowed Scobee, the Commander, under in the Challenger disaster.


Aries, with four planets and Midheaven, contained a de facto Stellium, which added great power to the influence of Aries in the Chart.  The planets in Aries were:

  1. God of the Covenants - policy of a leader.  Scobee was obeying the policy of President Reagan in taking the teacher into space.  However, that was the policy of Satan.
  2. Morning Star - Commander.  Scobee was Commander of STS-51L.
  3. Savior - good shepherd, who gives his life for the sheep.
  4. Midheaven - a glorious good shepherd.
  5. Mediator - a sponsor.  Scobee acted like a sponsor of Christa McAuliffe, the teacher in space.
The truly great leadership that occurred in the STS-51L mission, however, was not Scobee's, but that of the Lord Jesus Christ, who freed NASA from the Air Force with a single cataclysmic Judgment.


The Almighty God in Pisces can symbolize the monster whale, a symbol of Baal.  Baal is the enemy of Marriage, Israel, and children.  This was tied to the teacher in space, which was Satan's scheme.  Whales also swim in the ocean, which is where the Challenger debris and its crew fell.


The Redeemer in Leo symbolizes a government redeemer.  Scobee worked for the Air Force and NASA.

Christa McAuliffe

Sharon Christa McAuliffe was born September 2, 1948 in Boston and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts, where she graduated from Framingham State College in 1970.  On August 23, she married her high school sweetheart, Steven McAuliffe, and moved to Maryland, where she became a teacher.  In 1978, she received a Master's degree in Education from Bowie State College, an historically Black college in Maryland.  In 1978, the family moved to Concord, New Hampshire where her husband became an assistant district attorney for the State of New Hampshire.  After the birth of two children, she resumed teaching in 1980.  She was also active in the community and taught Christian doctrine at a Roman Catholic Church.  In 1982, she taught a course at Concord High School about "The American Women."

After hearing about the Teacher in Space Program in 1984, she filed her application by February 1, 1985.  A seven-member NASA evaluation committee unanimously chose Christa McAuliffe for teacher in space. The formal announcement ceremony was held on July 19, 1985 at Johnson Space Center.  When McAuliffe returned to Concord on August 6, 1985, the city observed Christa McAuliffe Day.  She was assigned to STS-51-L, and began training for the mission on September 9, 1985 at JSC along with her backup, Barbara Morgan.  The two are shown in the picture.

Christa McAuliffe Birth ChartChrista McAuliffe's Birth Chart contains a Bowl.  A Bowl symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing.  It points in one direction with a blind back and symbolizes a person going in one direction on a mission.  This, of course, portrayed Christa on the 51L Mission to be the first teacher in space.

Next to the Bowl, the most significant feature in Christa's Chart is that all of the planets except one are on the dark side of the Chart.  Even the one on the light side is setting in the Descendant.  Further, eight planets are on the Temporal (right) side and only two are on the Spiritual (left) side.  Thus, Christa was preoccupied with temporal darkness, which explains her strong interest in the heavens.  She said she was very excited when the first satellites were launched and was caught up with wonder.  The heavens bear witness of the Creator, but Christa would tend to see the creation and not the Creator, and even worse, she would tend to be caught up in NASA publicity stunts in lieu of either the heavens or the Creator.

The Sun Sign was Leo, which symbolizes a ruler.  When Christa answered the call of the President and Satan to step out of the classroom and into space, she was on her way to becoming the ruling teacher of the heavens and Earth.  She was going to teach children of all nations as an international teacher of Satan.  Children would flock to her like coots in the marshes around the Florida launch pad.

The Moon Sign was nearby in Leo to symbolize a politician.  As the poster child for NASA and the Reagan Administration, Christa was nothing less than a politician.  Also in Leo was the God of the Covenants, for the powers of a ruler.  As history has proven, Reagan was duped by Satan and out of his mind in sponsoring the teacher in space program.  He had overstepped the legitimate bounds of his authority to participated in a publicity stunt for NASA and Satan.

Midheaven was in Capricornus, for worldly glory.  The Ascendant Sign was Taurus, for a royal greeting.  Christa, as a famous teacher in space, would be greeted as royalty by the President, who corresponds to the King and royalty.  The Descendant Sign was Scorpius, which contained the Almighty God Planet to symbolize Satan as the ruler of the world.  Satan had sold the world on the teacher in space mission.  And bottom of heaven, IC, was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Cancer to symbolize scourging and Sheol, the grave.  This corresponds to suffering death.

The Morning Star was also in Cancer on the cusp of Gemini.  In Cancer, it could symbolize a reaper, which corresponded to Christa's loss of life in the Challenger disaster.  In Gemini, it could symbolize a body like a star, which could symbolize Christa's heavenly, or Resurrection, body.


The Bowl symbolizes a bowl of cursing or blessing and a person headed in one direction on a mission.  This was Christa who rushed headlong into the 51L Mission.  The center of the Bowl pointed to the cusp of Virgo and Leo.  Virgo symbolizes the woman and the civilian component, while Leo symbolizes the king and the governing or military establishment.  Pointing to the cusp symbolizes the division between the two, which is the precise meaning of the outcome of the Challenger disaster, which was to divide NASA (civilians) from the Air Force (military).

The nearest planet to the center of the Bowl was the Savior in Virgo, which can symbolize Rachel's children.  Rachel's children were the children of the promise.  They were the Jews, as symbolized by Judy Resnik.  But they were also the cause for weeping when they were killed in war or by Herod (Jer 31:15; Matt 2:18).  Something similar happened when school children watched in horror as their teacher was killed during the Challenger disaster.

Also in Virgo was the Redeemer Planet, which symbolizes the husband redeemer.  This corresponded to Christa's husband, who was left to care for the family after Christa was lost.


The Red Planet in Libra symbolizes mass execution, which corresponds to the loss of the Challenger crew on 51L.


The Chart turns on the planet on the left edge of the Bowl, which was the Mediator in Gemini, for a witness in heaven.  Christa was supposed to teach, or give testimony, from space.  As it turned out, she never reached space and only became a witness in the sky, from where she was last remembered.  She trained with her backup, Barbara Morgan.  The two were the sign of a witness.


The Challenger (OV-099) was delivered to Kennedy Space Center on July 5, 1982, Day 186.  That night was the awesome Eclipse of the Moon of July 6, 1982 in which the Moon turned blood red.  That was an omen of intensive suffering.  The Challenger blew up on January 28, 1986, where 86 stands for the son of the bondwoman persecuting the son of the free, or the Arab persecution of the Jew.  One of Challenger's crew was Judy Resnik, who was a Jew.  Persecution was occurring between the Arabs and Israel, between the Air Force and NASA, and between various groups of space workers, like management and employees.

The Challenger (OV-099) was appropriately named because 99 stands for a Challenger.  The woman in the Garden was a challenger, who defied her husband's and God's authority.  That challenge was inspired by Satan, the teaching serpent and master deceiver.  That same Serpent of Old inspired NASA and then President Reagan to sponsor a teacher in space.  She would follow in the footsteps of Jezebel to become one of the most famous and powerful teachers of heaven and Earth.  Congressmen had bought the devil's lie to experience the glory of spaceflight, and NASA needed another celebrity for their Disneyland fantasy.

STS-51L, where 51 is for arrogance, was actually STS-33 according to the original numbering system before Satan intervened and changed the numbers as he will do in the Tribulation (Dan 7:25).  It was Flight 25, which stands for the Sovereignty of God.  God alone determines the time, manner, and place of death.  What made the Challenger Launch different from all others is that the Lord personally controlled it.  Even though man and the devil had a part, nothing happened without the Lord's permission.  He intervened and blew up the Shuttle.  In the Apollo 1 Fire, He closed a hatch that no one could open, and before the Challenger launched, He prevented the hatch from being sealed until He was ready to seal the doom on January 28, 1986.  Both Apollo 1 and STS-51L were Fire Testing.

STS-51L was launched at 11:38 EST, where 38 is for dying in the wilderness.  It exploded at 11:39/13, where 39 is for the sin leading to death.  In one explosion of one Shuttle, the Lord brought freedom into an agency and a government duped by Satan's delusion.  The Challenger disaster ended after 73 seconds to symbolize freedom, per the meaning of the number, 73.  The number was tied to the 1973 Yom Kippur War in Israel in which a Soviet radar controlled gun decimated Israeli airplanes.  When NASA's Administrator was at General Dynamics, he was a manager over a contract to build a prototype, the Sgt. York, for such a gun.  He was indicted in December, 1985 before the Challenger disaster, which provided the link to tie 1973 to 73 seconds.  The charges against him were later dropped after he resigned from NASA.

When God destroyed the Challenger, the result was that NASA was freed from the Air Force.  God did this in one stroke to overcome the bickering and confusion of a Presidential Administration and Congress that were clueless about the separation of powers.  It also put the brakes on NASA's Disneyland fantasy of space travel as an emotional high for select individuals who would become celebrities by reaching heaven.  The idea to put astronauts into space for fame was trampled.  And the consequences were that bungling bureaucrat's heads rolled all over NASA and its contractors.  A layer of dead wood was removed, and the paradigm of an entire organization shifted from the pettiness of immaturity to the freedom of maturity.  When one person in an organization cracks the maturity barrier, it is like a mountain moving.

The Challenger disaster destroyed the rivalry of the war between NASA and the Air Force that was symbolized by the STS-1 Launch on April 12, 1981, the anniversary of the beginning of the War Between the States.  The marriage of NASA and the Air Force broke up with the end of the Challenger almost five years later on January 28, 1986.  And five years after that, the Soviet Union collapsed due to the same Spiritual power that brought down the Challenger.

The Challenger disaster also symbolized Millstone Punishment, which is harsh punishment for false teachers who lead astray young believers or children and deprive them of their Spiritual life.

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him that a millstone turned by a donkey be hung around his neck and that he be drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:6)
The crash of the Challenger debris and crew cabin into the ocean symbolized the awful punishment for false teachers of children.  The teacher in space program was inspired by Satan.  It was the same as Satan's attack on the woman in the Garden through the teaching serpent.  It symbolized an attack of the Prostitute of Babylon from Ecumenical Babylon.  Christa McAuliffe was born in Boston at 42 N., for Baal (who empowers the Prostitute of Babylon), and 71 W., for a strait.  There is nothing glorious about riding the Space Shuttle into orbit.  Man was created for the Earth.  There is nowhere for him to go in space.  Those who go to the Moon are luny, and those who would go to the Red Planet are morbid degenerates.

STS-51L Launch Chart Planets

Sun Capricornus Gentile glory
Moon Leo Politician
Savior Capricornus Rescuer
Morning Star Capricornus Gentile king
Red Planet Scorpius Bloody violence
Almighty God Capricornus Victory of the Cross
Ring Planet Scorpius Final judgment
Mediator Scorpius Accuser
Redeemer Sagittarius Financing an army
Last Adam Libra Cursed by the Law



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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