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Timothy John Russert was born in Buffalo, New York on May 7, 1950, Day 127, where the numbers mean:  5th month - a giant, 7 - categorical punishment, 1950 - the church (50), and 127 - a horn (27).  New York is in the region of Aries and Issachar, the donkey.  His parents were Irish American Catholics, Timothy Joseph "Big Russ" Russert, a sanitation worker, and Elizabeth (Betty).

Russert graduated from Canisius High School, a Roman Catholic Jesuit private high school for young men in Buffalo.  He is a graduate of John Carroll University, where he was president of the Student Union, and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.  He is a member of the bar in New York State and the District of Columbia.  From 1977-1982, he was chief of staff to US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and he was counselor to New York Governor Mario M. Cuomo, 1983-1984.  He joined NBC News in 1984 and became managing editor and moderator of "Meet the Press" in December 1991.  He became senior vice president and Washington bureau chief of NBC News.  He was well-known for covering Presidential elections and moderating Presidential debates.

Russert was the star witness in the prosecution of Scooter Libby for perjury and obstruction of justice in the investigation of the leak of the identity of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative, Valerie Wilson, whose undercover name was Valerie Plame.  Libby, who was Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff, had testified that he learned of the identity of Valerie Wilson from Russert in a phone conversation on July 10 or 11, 2003.  Russert, however, told an FBI agent that the issue of Valerie Wilson never came up in the conversation.

Russert showed up to testify in the Libby trial on February 7-8, 2007 on crutches after breaking his right ankle playing with his dog on the stairs.  Libby had showed up on October 28, 2006 for his indictment on crutches after breaking his foot playing football.  On March 5, 2007, the day before Libby was found guilty, the Mediator Planet transited the Sun in Aquarius, and Vice President Dick Cheney was diagnosed with a blood clot in his left leg.  The Mediator Planet transiting the Sun is the sign of a hypocrite who accuses another of what he himself does.  The trial ended a 4 year investigation by a special prosecutor in which the source of the leak was never named, and the only charges were brought against Libby for lying and obstructing justice.


Russert was steeped in the Roman Catholic religion.  He openly professed faith in Jesus Christ and appears to have been a Christian.  However, Christianity is not a religion.  It is a love relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  The Christian life should be lived in Grace, not human good.  So, the morality, human good, and religious overtures of Russert were at best evidence of apostasy.  The Christian life cannot be lived in the energy of the flesh (Old Sin Nature).  It must be lived in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.


About 1:39 PM EDT on June 13, 2008, Russert collapsed in the office of NBC News in Washington, DC.  He was going downstairs to record voice-overs for his Meet the Press show when he turned the corner and greeted Candice Harrington, the editing supervisor, with, "What's happening?"  Those were his last words before he collapsed.  Although a coworker performed CPR, Russert never regained consciousness.  He had died of a heart attack at age 58.

Russert had just returned from vacation in Rome, Italy, where he had taken his family to celebrate his son's graduation from Boston College.  He returned early to prepare for his Sunday television show while his wife and son remained in Rome.

Birth Chart

Tim Russert Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Tim Russert contains a Kite, a Plow, and a Trumpet.  A Kite symbolizes the blessing, talent, and operational stability of a person who appears to soar over the problems of life with ease.  Russert was acclaimed as one of the top celebrity newscasters.

A Plow is a sign of intensive suffering, like a person being plowed under.  The Plow in Russert's Chart points to the Mediator Planet in Gemini, which symbolizes Russert's role in interviewing people for his newscasts, where he was the mediator between the person and the audience.  He also acted as a mediator between the Prosecution and the Jury in the trial of Scooter Libby.  While he may have appeared to be a great success, he died from a heart attack at age 58.

A Trumpet is the sign of a herald.  The Trumpet in Russert's Chart was like a megaphone as a symbol of a broadcaster.  The Trumpet stretched from Leo, corresponding to Russert's Washington, DC office, to Aquarius and Pisces, for a broadcaster and a choir director, as a herald one who gets the message out into the airwaves.

The Sun Sign was Aries, which symbolizes a leader.  Russert was a bureau chief for NBC News and leader of "Meet the Press."  The Moon Sign was Capricornus, for a Gentile audience.  Since the time of birth is not known, the Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be determined.


A Kite symbolizes the blessing and talent of a person who appears to fly over the problems of life with ease.  Russert earned the respect of presidents and presidential candidates as well as fellow newscasters.  The Kite turned on the Red Planet in Leo, which symbolizes a roaring lion.  Satan is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.  Russert was compared to a bulldog.  The point is that a person with great talent can become a spokesman for God or Satan.  Content determines which one.  Russert's profession of newscasting is generally under the control of the Prostitute of Babylon.

The planets at the points of the Kite were:

  1. Morning Star in Pisces - choir director.  Russert booked concerts in college and law school.  He booked Bruce Springsteen before he became famous.
  2. Savior in Taurus - a champion.  Russert was like a champion in his media contests.
  3. Red Planet in Leo - a roaring lion seeking someone to devour in an interview or news story.
  4. Moon in Capricornus - a Gentile audience.
The Plow

The Plow symbolizes intense suffering.  A Plow directs the opposition of two planets into a third.  The planets in opposition in Russert's Chart are the Red Planet in Leo, for a roaring lion, and the Morning Star in Pisces, for a choir director.  The opposition of the two was translated into the Mediator in Gemini,  which symbolizes Russert's role as a mediator between his audience and the person being interviewed.  The problem arises when the substance of the interview is human good rather than divine good.

It was the point of the Plow that sealed Russert's doom after his testimony that led to the conviction of Scooter Libby.  It made no difference whether Russert was telling the truth.  Libby was a Jew with the blessing of Abraham and cursing for enemies (Gen 12:3).  After Libby showed up at his indictment on crutches, Russert showed up at the trial on crutches.  A year after testifying against Libby, Russert was dead from a heart attack.


The Trumpet symbolized Russert's life as a broadcaster.  Two planets in Leo, which corresponds to Washington, DC, were connected to planets in Aquarius and Pisces.  The planets in Leo were the Red Planet, for a roaring lion, and the God of the Covenants, for government powers.  Russert was very active in government news from Washington, DC.  Across the chart were the Almighty God in Aquarius, for a broadcaster, and the Morning Star in Pisces, for a choir director or high priest.  Thus, the Trumpet symbolizes broadcasting the news to people and the gods.  The question is, "Were Russert's newscasts for God or Satan?"

Other Planets in Russert's Chart included the Last Adam in Cancer, for scourging, and the Redeemer in Virgo, for a Redeemer son.  Russert left a son behind when he died.  The son was with his mother, as symbolized by Virgo.

Death Chart

Tim Russert Death ChartTim Russert died of a heart attack about 1:39 PM EDT on June 13, 2008  in Washington, DC.  His death chart contains an overturned Castle and a Boomerang.  A Castle is a fortress and domain of a king who rules over his loyal subjects, or fans for Russert.  As a celebrity broadcaster, Russert had a large following.  A Boomerang symbolizes a crisis in timing, like a person who strikes when the iron is hot.  Russert was noted for covering the current issues and striking to the heart of the matter.

The Sun Sign was Taurus, for highest glory.  It was in conjunction with the Morning Star, for a champion or hero.  Russert was given the highest honors, like those of a dignitary of state, in his death.  The Savior Planet was nearby in Taurus, for the conqueror of an empire.  Russert's outreach as a newscaster was like an empire that he had conquered.

The Moon was in Libra, for a jury.  This was a reminder that Russert was the witness who swayed the jury in the conviction of Scooter Libby.  Libby had been sentenced to prison, which is a fortress corresponding to a castle.  However, God turned Russert's Castle upside down, and commuted the sentence of Libby.  This fulfilled the promise of Genesis 12:3, "I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you, I will curse."

The Ascendant Sign was Virgo, the Virgin.  Russert's last words were a greeting to Candice Harrington, where the name Candice is for an Ethiopian queen (Acts 8:27).  It means queen mother, which corresponds to Virgo, and it is in Leo on the Zodiac Map, which corresponds to the region of Washington, DC in the US, where Russert died.  The God of the Covenants Planet was also rising nearby in Leo, which symbolizes royal glory and corresponds to Washington, DC.  In his death Russert would be afforded royal glory.

The Descendant Sign was Pisces, which symbolizes a priest and a Levite.  A Levite is a Jewish priest.  Russert died at 58, for a Levite.  Also, Pisces in the Client Nation Model is responsible for criminal justice.  Russert died after descending stairs, which symbolized going down to the grave.

Midheaven was in Gemini, for a famous witness.  Russert was the government's star witness in the trial of Scooter Libby.

The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Sagittarius, for death in battle, which corresponds to Russert's death on the job.  IC was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  This points to the curse of Abraham as the cause of Russert's death.  Even though God administered the punishment of death, the reason was because Russert had become the enemy of Scooter Libby, who was a Jew.  And the enemy of a Jew becomes the enemy of God, per Genesis 12:3.


The overturned Castle not only symbolizes the toppled domain of Tim Russert, but it links Russert to the Libby trial.  Both Libby and the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald had Castles in their Birth Charts. There was also an overturned Castle in the Chart of Libby's Trial Verdict.  This is extremely rare.  The Castles undoubtedly took on a greater meaning and symbolized the nation of the United States of America.  The Castles symbolized the destruction of the United States because its foreign policy of the Road Map for peace between Israel and the Palestinians is a violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  This would put the US in the same category as all the other Gentile nations who will be the enemies of Israel at the Second Advent and be destroyed in the Armageddon War.


A Boomerang symbolizes a crisis in timing.  It symbolizes the heart attack that killed Russert.  The point of the Boomerang was the Red Planet in Cancer, which symbolizes sickness, corresponding to the heart attack.  The crisis window is symbolized by the planets on the other side of the Chart.  The window opened with the Almighty God Planet in Sagittarius, for a mighty warrior, which characterized Russert, who was a powerful broadcaster.  The center of the window was the Redeemer Planet in Capricornus, which means redeemed by blood.  Capricornus also corresponds to Italy, where Russert had been on vacation.  This symbolized the heart attack.  And the window closed with the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, for a representative, ambassador, traveler, or transition.  All apply to Russert, who was the representative or ambassador for NBC and a representative of the press in the Scooter Libby trial, who had just returned from a trip to Italy, who had just transitioned the stairs and was going to Heaven.


Tim Russert had a Kite, a Plow, and a Trumpet in his Birth Chart.  The Kite symbolized his blessing and talent as a celebrity newscaster.  The Plow symbolized intense suffering, which was not too apparent until he dropped dead of a heart attack at age 58.  And the Trumpet symbolized a broadcaster.  Russert's Sun Sign was Aries, for a leader.  He was senior vice president and Washington bureau chief of NBC News.  His Birth Chart was full of good signs, and he was full of human good from his Roman Catholic indoctrination.  His sudden death came as a shock to his cohorts, who honored him as royalty.

God intended for the death of Tim Russert to be a shock and a stern warning to the US government about the Jews and the Abrahamic Covenant.  US foreign policy was defying the Abrahamic Covenant, which deeded the Promised Land to Israel.  God's promise to Israel is unconditional, and He demonstrated in the sinister death of Tim Russert, who was struck down at the height of his glory, that He will defend His promise to Abraham.  God promised Abraham that He would bless him and those who blessed him and curse those who cursed him (Gen 12:3).

It may not have appeared that Tim Russert was cursing a Jew.  No one would have called him anti-Semitic.  However, sending Scooter Libby, who was a Jew, to prison was not an act of kindness.  Russert was the witness who swayed the jury to convict Libby.  Regardless of how it appeared that Russert was acting properly, God did not see it that way.  Libby was born on August 22, 1950, Day 234, where the 22 is for cursing and 234 is for the division of the land (34).  That means cursing associated with dividing the Promised Land.  US foreign policy called for dividing the Promised Land to give a portion to the Palestinians.

God singled out Libby, a Jew, and Russert, a Roman Catholic Christian, to demonstrate the consequences of violating the Abrahamic Covenant.  Libby was cursed in a show trial, and Russert was the witness against him.  Libby showed up at his indictment on crutches with a broken foot, and Russert showed up for the trial on crutches with a broken ankle.  That was warning discipline.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed.  However, Russert proceeded to testify in court, and Libby was convicted.  On March 5, 2007, the day before Libby was found guilty, the Mediator Planet transited the Sun in Aquarius, which is the sign of a mote in the eye and a hypocrite who accuses another of what he himself does. The warning is judge not that you be not judged.  Some will argue that Libby was guilty and deserved what he got.  Even so, God had the last word, and God sentenced Russert to death and carried it out.  In addition, Robert Novak, who published the original story that revealed Valerie Plame's identity, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in July 2008 and died August 18, 2009 at age 78.

Russert's Death Chart contained an even sterner warning.  Not only was the Red Planet at the point of a Boomerang in Cancer, for sickness corresponding to the heart attack, but a Castle was overturned.  That Castle symbolized Russert's Castle, but it also symbolized Client Nation USA.  The stern warning from God was that if you destroy Israel with this peace process, I will destroy you, the USA.  Both Russert and Libby were born in 1950, where 50 is for the Church.  This is the Church Age, and the strength of the US comes from the Church.  Tim Russert was a member of the Church.  However, he fell for the devil's lie and became apostate in the Roman Catholic religion, just as Judas Iscariot became apostate and betrayed Jesus Christ.

Tim Russert Birth Chart Planets

Sun Aries Leader
Moon Capricornus Gentile audience
Savior Taurus Champion
Morning Star Pisces High priest
Red Planet Leo Roaring lion
Almighty God Aquarius Broadcaster
Ring Planet Leo Government powers
Mediator Gemini Mediator
Redeemer Virgo Redeemer son
Last Adam Cancer Scourging



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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