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The great amphibious assault on the German empire in World War II began at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.  The first Allied soldiers reached the beach an hour after low tide.  Landing at low tide was essential to avoid the German sea defenses and mines that were in place to prevent any landing at high tide.  A storm prevented landing on June 5, but a temporary respite in the storm for one day was sufficient for a landing on June 6.  H-Hour for Omaha Beach was 0630.  Low tide was at 0525 and the first high water 1100. Sunrise was at 0558.1  Because the Germans had been lulled into a false sense of security, the invasion was a huge success, although it was plenty  bloody with an estimated 10,000 Allied casualties (dead, wounded, missing).  A beachhead was established that set the stage for liberation of Europe.

The Germans had been led to expect the invasion to the north at Calais, which is opposite Dover.  The British had captured German spies earlier and used them to feed counterintelligence to the Germans.  The spies convinced the Germans the main landing point would be Calais.  Consequently, the Germans structured their defensive positions accordingly.  In addition, two phantom armies were concocted complete with rubber tanks, large tent cities for the troops, fake landing craft, and deceptive radio traffic.  One army was to invade Norway and the other (the Fourteenth Army) Calais.  The spies fed the Germans all this deception.  As late as June 9th, the top spy sent a message to the Germans that was read by Hitler which stated that the invasion of Normandy was only a diversion for the real attack that would come at Calais.  This kept the German forces at Calais.

The German deception was enhanced when the British broke the code of the German enciphering machine, the Enigma.  The British were able to decode intercepts of German radio traffic.  Through listening to German radio traffic, code named Ultra, the British knew what the Germans were doing and could plant information through spies to deceive them.

When the allied attack finally began, German Field Marshal von Rundstedt ordered panzer divisions to prepare to counterattack.  However, when he reported this to higher ups about 4 AM, they ordered him to stop until Hitler gave his approval.  Since Hitler was asleep and no one dared wake him, it was 4 PM before Hitler finally gave his approval.  By then the invasion was successful.  Meanwhile, the main German forces remained at Calais, expecting the main attack there.  Because of the miserable weather on June 5, the other German defender, Field Marshal Rommel decided to go back to Germany and visit his wife in Stuttgart, since it was her birthday.  But early on the morning of the invasion, Rommel's staff ordered the 21st Panzer Division to counterattack at Caen.  However, Allied air attacks and counterintelligence planted through the spies hindered and confused the German counterattack.

The numbers in the date of D-Day, June 6, 1944, Day 158 mean:  6, a man stripped of his power standing before the footstool of the conquering king; 44, suffering, 158, a Levite (58).

Star Chart

D-DayThe Star Chart on D-Day over Omaha Beach contains a Skull, a sinister omen of death.  The battlefield was drenched in blood with an estimated 2,500 to 5,000 Allied killed. An estimated 19,000 civilians died in bombing before and after D-Day.  And 12,000 Allies were lost in April and May in operations in Normandy before D-Day.4  The Pivot on which the chart turns was the Savior Planet in Aries, a sign of the deliverer.  The purpose of the invasion was to deliver Europe.

The Ascendant sign was Gemini, the Twins.  The God of the Covenants Planet in Gemini symbolized a partnership.  The D-Day invasion was broadly divided as a partnership between US and UK Allied forces.  Gemini corresponds to the location of France and Israel on the Zodiac Map.  Of course modern Israel was not yet a nation, and the Jews were scattered all over the world.

The Sun Sign was Taurus, the Bull, which corresponds to the location of Great Britain on the Zodiac Map.  Great Britain was the staging area for the attack on Normandy.  The Sun in Taurus symbolizes the glory of the Millennial King.  The invasion of Normandy symbolized the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.  The Axis powers had set themselves up under the power of Satan to usurp the authority and the glory of the future Millennial King by attempting to conquer the world and usher in a false millennium.5

The Moon Sign was Scorpius, the Scorpion and symbol of the evil one.  The Moon in Scorpius symbolizes the Synagogue of Satan, or Jezebel.  This corresponded to the Nazi Party of Adolf Hitler, who used the Tribune at Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg for his Nazi rallies.  The Tribune was modeled after the Pergamon Altar of Satan.  The Führer's pulpit was in the center of the tribune.6  Scorpius also corresponds to Louisiana on the Zodiac Map.  The amphibious landing craft used for D-Day were built by Andrew Jackson Higgins from Louisiana.  According to Dwight Eisenhower, the landing craft made it possible for the Allies to win the war.2,3

Midheaven was in Aquarius, the Water Bearer.  This was a sign of the amphibious landing at Normandy.


Taurus contained three planets, the Sun along with the Mediator and Morning Star in conjunction.  The combination of two planets in conjunction beside a third corresponds to a man and woman in Marriage plus a child.  This configuration occurred three times at the time of the Tripartite Pact.  The Sun in Taurus, as already explained, symbolizes the glory of the Millennial King, which was symbolically being usurped by the Axis powers.

The Mediator in Taurus symbolizes success through a mediator.  This was a major contributor to the success of the D-Day invasion.  It corresponded to the spies who diverted the Germans' attention from Normandy.  It included British cryptologists like Alan Turing, who broke the Enigma code.  It included the fake armies in England.  And it included the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mediator, who sent the weather angels to bring a storm over Normandy on June 5 to lull the Germans, like Rommel, into a false sense of security.  And it included keeping Adolf Hitler asleep during the invasion and keeping him from being awakened so that Germans like von Rundstedt were prevented from counterattacking.  Even the Higgins' boats, amphibious landing craft, could be considered mediators between the ships and the land.

The Morning Star in Taurus symbolizes a world conqueror.  Hitler, who was trying to be the world conqueror would be conquered by Allied forces from Great Britain, which corresponds to the location of Taurus on the Zodiac Map.  Hitler's attempt to conquer the world was inspired by Satan.  The invasion of Normandy in may ways symbolized the Second Advent in the Armageddon War.  Hitler corresponded to the Evil King of the Revived Roman Empire.  The USSR corresponded to the King of the North, and Japan corresponded to the King of the East.  The war even included North Africa.  Although World War II was not the Armageddon War, it was certainly meant to symbolize it.  Fortunately, the USA, which was the Client Nation, finally woke up and led the Allies to deliver the world from the hand of Hitler, the Evil King.

Now, the conjunction of the Morning Star and Mediator in Taurus was in opposition to the Moon in Scorpius.  The battle on D-Day in many ways hinged on the Moon.  The battle needed to be on the Full Moon to support night operations, and the invasion had to be at low tide to avoid the sea defenses.  Furthermore, the Lord thwarted a June 5 attack with a storm.  Thus, the invasion occurred when the Moon was precisely in the center of Scorpius.  The Mediator in opposition to the Moon symbolizes the success of Allied forces through a mediator in opposition to the stronghold of the Nazi Party.  Nazi propaganda came from the Prostitute of Babylon.


The Redeemer Planet in Virgo symbolizes virgin Israel.

She has fallen!
She will not rise again,
The virgin Israel.
She lies forsaken on her land;
There is none to raise her up. (Amos 5:2)
Satan had empowered Nazi Germany in an attempt to exterminate the Jews, who were scattered across Europe.  Virgo corresponds to Poland on the Zodiac Map.  War II began with the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, and Heinrich Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel (SS), was in charge of exterminating the Jews in Poland.


There were three planets in Cancer, the Crab.  Two of the planets were in conjunction along with a third, which is, again, the symbol of a man and woman in marriage along with a child.  The Last Adam in Cancer symbolized scourging, which was intensified punishment of the Jews and other victims of the Axis powers.  The Red Planet in Cancer symbolized bloody injuries, which corresponded to the bloodshed on the battlefield.  Omaha Beach was red with blood.  And the Almighty God Planet in Cancer symbolized a fortress.  The beaches of Normandy were heavily fortified by the Germans.  Cancer corresponded to Northern Ireland on the Zodiac Map.  Northern Ireland supported the Allies while the Republic of Ireland remained neutral.

D-Day Star Chart Planets

Sun Taurus Glory of the Millennial King
Moon Scorpius Synagogue of Satan, Jezebel, Nazi Party
Savior Aries Deliverer
Morning Star Taurus World conqueror
Red Planet Cancer Bloody injuries
Almighty God Cancer Fortress
Ring Planet Gemini Partnership, Allies, US/UK
Mediator Taurus Success through a mediator
Redeemer Virgo Redeemer of virgin Israel (Amos 5:2)
Last Adam Cancer Scourging



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