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Albert Einstein was born to non-religious Jewish parents in Ulm, in the Kingdom of Württemberg in the German Empire on March 14, 1879, Day 73, where the numbers mean:  3rd month - Justice of Holy Spirit; 14 - passover; 79 - Hardness of heart; and 73 - freedom.  The location of Germany corresponds to Libra, which is associated with measurement and mathematics.

Young Einstein had speech difficulties as a child but did well in elementary school.  His family moved to Italy in 1894, though Albert stayed behind in Munich to finish high school.  There at age 15 he wrote his first scientific paper, "The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields."  He moved to Aarau, Switzerland where he finished secondary school at age 17.  He renounced his German citizenship to avoid military service.  He enrolled at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerland (ETH) in 1896, where he met his future wife, Mileva Maric, who was the only female studying mathematics.  He graduated from ETH in 1900 with a degree in physics.   He became a Swiss citizen in 1901.

After graduation from ETH, Einstein couldn't find a teaching job and wound up working in the Patent Office in Berne, Switzerland.  He and Mileva had a daughter in 1902.  They got married in 1903.  In 1905, while still working at the Patent Office, Einstein published four papers on the following topics:

  1. Photoelectric Effect, Quantum Theory of Light
  2. Brownian Motion
  3. Introduction to the Special Theory of Relativity
  4. Mass-Energy Equivalence (E = mc2)
Einstein received his Ph.D. from the University of Zurich at age of 26.  From 1907-1915 he developed his General Theory of Relativity, a theory of gravitation that superseded Newton's law of universal gravitation.  Newton defined gravity as a force of attraction between masses.  However, gravity was not understood.  Although Newtonian mechanics were very accurate in describing planetary motion, astronomers had observed inaccuracies in the predicted orbit of the Savior Planet.  Newtonian physics could not explain the precession of the Savior Planet's orbit by 575 arc seconds per century.  LaGrange and Laplace were able to account for precession of 532 arc seconds per century due to contribution from other planets, but that still left 43 arc seconds per century.

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity redefined gravity as an attraction between masses resulting from the warping of space and time.  Einstein calculated the precession of the Savior Planet to be 42.92 arc seconds per century.  Modern astronomical measurements put the number at 43.1 arc seconds per century.  Einstein's General Theory of Relativity superseded Newton's law of universal gravitation, which had been the standard for over 200 years.  General relativity is still used in modern astrophysics.  It has been used to explain black holes and the Big Bang model.

Einstein became world famous in 1919 after the weight of starlight measured during a solar eclipse confirmed his calculation of the deflection of light by the Sun.  The Times of London reported the results, which were praised by leading scientists.  He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in Theoretical Physics and his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect (in 1905).  He invested most of his prize money in the US and lost most of that in the Great Depression.

Einstein traveled to the United States in December 1932 to escape the Nazi threat in Germany.  After Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 and Jews were not allowed to work in many jobs, including being university professors, Einstein decided to stay in the US.  He settled in Princeton, where his wife Elsa died in 1936.  He became a US citizen in 1940.

Einstein died April 18, 1955, Age 76, in Princeton, NJ.

Birth Chart

Albert EinsteinThe Birth Chart of Albert Einstein contains a Bucket and a Plow.  In a Bucket all the planets on one side of the chart focus on a single planet on the other side of the chart.  The Focus of the Bucket in Einstein's chart was the Mediator Planet in Leo, which symbolizes a ruler-integrator.  However, in Einstein's case, this was not a government ruler, but a ruler in physics.  The Plow resolves the opposition to two planets into a third.  This is like plowing under the planet at the tip of the Plow, which was the Last Adam in Taurus, a sign of hidden power.  Einstein's discovery of the equivalence of mass and energy, E=mc2, revealed hidden power.

Four planets, including the Sun, in Pisces gave great significance to that sign.  The Sun in Pisces symbolizes heavenly glory.  Einstein's physics revealed the glory of the heavens.  The Moon Sign was Scorpius, which symbolizes the Synagogue of Satan.  And the Ascendant Sign was Gemini, the sign of the double blessing of Israel.  Einstein was a racial Jew with the double blessing.  All of the planets except two were in the top half of Einstein's chart, the light half of the chart.  Thus, Einstein was a person in the light who came to be known all over the world and whose legacy continues.

Sun Sign

Einstein's Sun Sign was Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius.  The Sun in Pisces symbolizes heavenly glory (Psalm 19:1; 57:5; 97:6).

The heavens are recounting the glory of God,
And the work of His hands the firmament declares. (Psalm 19:1)
Einstein was created by God to unravel the mysteries of the heavens.  His General Theory Relativity established the physics for an accurate model of the Solar System and the Universe that is still in use today.  Although God used Einstein to reveal the mysteries of the heavens to mankind, Einstein himself apparently never came to know the Lord who created all things.

Moon Sign

The Moon Sign was Scorpius, the Scorpion.  The Moon in Scorpius symbolizes the Synagogue of Satan, a description of Jewish apostates under the power of Satan.  Christians in the churches at Smyrna and Philadelphia were said to be members of the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9; 3:9).  Satan sponsors religion and apostasy.  Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  The Synagogue of Satan implies relationships with Satan through the religion of the Prostitute of Babylon.


Einstein's Ascendant Sign was Gemini, the Twins and symbol of the double blessing of Israel.  Einstein was a racial Jew with the blessing of the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 18:18).  Einstein's discoveries blessed all the nations of the Earth.  Gemini corresponds to the locations of Israel and California.  Einstein supported Israel and was even offered the job of President, which he refused.  And he was in California in December of 1932 and wisely decided to stay in the US as Hitler rose to power in January 1933.

The Bucket

Einstein's chart contained a Bucket with Focus of the Mediator Planet in Leo.  The Mediator Planet in Leo symbolizes a ruler, who integrates all the departments of government from the interior ministry to the military (1 Chron 18:14-17; ch. 23-27).  However, Einstein was not a government integrator, but an integrator of the various disciplines of physics, including Quantum Mechanics, optics, photo-electricity, atoms, orbital mechanics, time and space, and mass-energy equivalence.  Einstein's physics integrated the diverse disciplines of physics into one neat package.

A person with a Bucket pursues goals associated with the Focus of the Bucket.  Einstein demonstrated a solitary focus in the relentless pursuit of his goals.  Although he called himself stubborn in this quest, that was not accurate.  The backs of Einstein's hands were smooth, and his knuckles were not knotted as those from stubborn perseverance.  He sought harmony rather than overpowering obstacles.  His math had to be right, and he overlooked no detail to insure its accuracy.  He was preoccupied with getting it right, even from childhood when he used to create complete sentences in his mind and go over them before speaking them aloud.

The Focus of the Bucket was Einstein in his own world, isolated from social expediency and authoritarian pressure.  The Mediator Planet was in Leo, and Leo corresponds to the area under the ball of the thumb on the Masculine Mount where a person expresses his volition to the world around him.  Einstein's world was the disciplines of physics as described by mathematics.

The Plow

A Plow resolves the opposition of two planets into a third at the point of the Plow.  In Einstein's chart, the Mediator Planet in Leo was in opposition to the Almighty God Planet in Aquarius.  This would symbolize the opposition of the ruler-integrator to world wide communication.  The opposition was expressed in the Last Adam in Taurus, the sign of hidden power, like E = mc2.  Einstein discovered in the equivalence of mass and energy tremendous power.  This was the power released in the Atomic Bomb.

The point of the Plow is a place of suffering.  Taurus corresponds to the mount under the Middle Finger, which symbolizes the integration of a person's thoughts as well as his social life.  Einstein faced suffering in his social life because he was a Jew during the time of Hitler.  He also faced ridicule of fellow physicists who could not believe his theories until Eddington proved the weight of a beam of light as predicted by Einstein.  Eddington was from England, the home of Sir Isaac Newton, whose theories were superseded by Einstein's physics.  England corresponds to the location of Taurus on the Zodiac Map.  Einstein was relatively obscure until Eddington gave Einstein's theories empirical credence.  So, Einstein himself was like hidden power.


The four planets, including the Sun, in Pisces reveal a powerful part of Einstein's life.  The planets mean:

  1. Sun - Heavenly glory
  2. Savior - Profession, referring to one who professes the essence of something.
  3. God of the Covenants - Mystery doctrine (laws of physics)
  4. Morning Star - High Priest, corresponding to the one who holds the highest and true beliefs of physics.
Einstein was like the high priest of the profession of theoretical physics.  He was the greatest physicist in history.  He unlocked the temporal mysteries of the glory of the heavens, although he never believed the Spiritual evidence of the Creator.

In the hand, the region of Pisces corresponds to the base of the palm next to the wrist.  This region, called the Mount of Evangelism, represents the conduit for the transfer of information back and forth between the left and right lobes of the soul.  The great power of the four planets in Pisces corresponds to Einstein's long hand and short fingers.  Compared to his hand, Einstein's fingers are very short.  Consequently, he developed mental models rather than relying upon empirical data.  This corresponds to a hand with power in the region of Pisces and weakness in the fingers.


The Red Planet was in Capricornus, which symbolizes suffering in the flesh from sin, evil, and adultery.  Einstein was the consummate adulterer, who engaged in illicit relationships with the women in his periphery.  The Red Planet in Capricornus symbolizes the suffering from bad decisions in the Cosmic System.  Einstein had an illegitimate daughter, was divorced, and courted a Russian female spy.

The region of Capricornus in the hand is the Mount of Wisdom.  In Einstein's hand, the Line of Success had its origin in the Mount of Wisdom, which is a sign of creativity as well as ability to dredge out the base instincts of the flesh.  In addition, a Line of Lasciviousness marked off the Mount of Wisdom.  These markings indicate the potential for becoming victim of the lust of the flesh with its corresponding suffering.

Capricornus corresponds to Italy on the Zodiac Map.  Einstein left high school in Munich, Germany at age 16 to join his parents in Italy. He was sent to Aarau, Switzerland to finish high school.  There he boarded with the family of Professor Jost Winteler, and fell in love with their daughter, Marie.  Then, after graduation, Einstein went to ETH, where he fell for Mileva Maric, who was the only female studying mathematics.  Going for the nearest woman in the periphery is a characteristic of Reverse Process Reversionism, which is turning away from Right Man or Right Woman to go for a paramour.


The Redeemer Planet was in Aries, the Ram.  The Redeemer Planet in Aries symbolizes a redeemer leader (Ex 15:13; Deut 9:26).  After becoming world famous, Einstein was given a position at Princeton University in New Jersey, which corresponds to the region of Aries on the Zodiac Map.

Albert Einstein Birth Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Heavenly glory
Moon Scorpius Synagogue of Satan
Savior Pisces Profession
Morning Star Pisces High Priest
Red Planet Capricornus Suffering in sin
Almighty God Aquarius World-wide communication
Ring Planet Pisces Mystery doctrine (laws of physics)
Mediator Leo Ruler-integrator
Redeemer Aries Redeemer leader
Last Adam Taurus Hidden power (E = mc2 )



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Author: Larry Wood
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