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The Great Willie Mays

Willie Howard Mays, Jr. was a professional baseball player, who has been called the best all-around baseball player ever.  He was a great power hitter, base runner, fielder, and he had great insight into the game.  He was born on May 6, 1931, Day 126 in Westfield, Alabama.  The number 31 is for an evil king, and 6 is for a man stripped of his power standing before the footstool of the throne of the conquering king.  An evil king, Adolf Hitler, ran for President of Germany in 1931 but lost.  He was appointed Chancellor in 1933.

All the planets in the Birth Chart of Willie Mays are grouped two by two, which is the sign of a flood.  The great China floods from July to November of 1931 were reported to be the worst disaster in China's history.  Estimates of human casualties reached 4 million.  The Flood in the time of Noah was the worst disaster in human history.  The Flood was ordered after the women became promiscuous.  They cohabited with demons and produced a race of giants, the mighty men of renown of mythology (Genesis 6:4).  Willie Mays played for the Giants (New York and San Francisco) all of his professional career, except for his last two years, which he played with the New York Mets.

Therefore, the sign of the Flood and the giants come together in Willie Mays.  Though it may sound far-fetched, on the baseball diamond Willie Mays was like one of the mighty men of renown, a giant.  He led the Giants to victory.  Although he was not bellicose, baseball was Willie's war.  He played to win and led his team (his army) to victory with his hitting and fielding.  He was a power hitter who used his war club (his bat) to knock the ball out of the park.  And on defense, he plugged the gap in center field with grandstand plays.

God created Willie Mays to symbolize the giants of old, who were destroyed in the Flood and will burn in the Lake of Fire forever.  That sounds so harsh because Willie appeared to be one of the best in baseball, one of the good guys.  Now, baseball is just a game, but it still symbolizes the good and evil of the Angelic Conflict.  Willie Mays grew up during World War II, and his baseball career was interrupted by the Korean War.  The game of baseball with its nine players and nine innings symbolizes the Plagues of Egypt and the destruction of the world at the Second Advent.  The bat symbolizes the war club of Babylon.  And the heroics of Willie Mays on the baseball field were signs to Christians to defeat the demon giants of Baal in Spiritual Warfare and to stand in the gap to protect the Client Nation.  Only five years after World War II ended, the Korean War began.  The number, 5, stands for a giant.  Mays wore jersey number 24, which stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  That strategic attack led to the Holocaust of World War II and will lead to the Armageddon War.

Willie Mays began his baseball career in 1947 with the Chattanooga Choo-Choos.  He soon returned to Alabama to play with the Birmingham Black Barons.  Both locations, Tennessee and Alabama, are in the region of Pisces on the Zodiac Map.  A pair of planets are located in Willie's Birth Chart in Pisces.  In 1950 Willie signed with the New York Giants and was sent to play in Trenton, New Jersey, which is in the region of Aries on the Zodiac Map.  The next pair of planets on his Birth Chart is in Aries.  In 1951 Willie was sent up to the AAA Minneapolis Millers in the Twin Cities (another symbol of a pair).  After hitting .477, he was called up to the New York Giants.  New York is in the region of Aries.  The Giants moved to San Francisco in 1958.  San Francisco is in the region of Gemini on the Zodiac Map and corresponds to the pair of planets in the next sign of Gemini in Willie's Birth Chart.  In 1972 Mays was traded to the New York Mets, which is back in the region of Aries.  So the first three pairs of planets in the first three signs in the base of the Sling correspond to the geographical locations of the teams for whom Willie played during his baseball career.

Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of Willie Mays contains a Sling and a Plow.  In the Bible the Sling was used for slaying giants (1 Samuel 17:50).  And swinging the Sling corresponds to swinging the bat in baseball.  The Plow is a sign of suffering.  It symbolizes defense in baseball.  Willie's chart could also be viewed as a Locomotive with the Pivot as the Moon.  Whether a Locomotive or a Sling, the chart still turns on the Moon in Sagittarius.  The Ascendant sign is Sagittarius, which means that Mays appeared as a warrior with his army in battle.  In baseball, that translates into a player with his team.  But, lest we forget, God created Mays to symbolize war (Spiritual and temporal), but in baseball that translated into the contest between two teams.

Center of the Sling

There are two planets at the center of the Sling.  The two planets about which the sling rotates are the central focus.  The two planets are the Moon and the Ringed Planet in Sagittarius.  The Moon symbolizes an army, or in the case of baseball, a team.  The Ringed Planet corresponds to the game plan.  Willie Mays understood baseball.  He understood the game plan for each game.  And he knew where the next play would be.  He was always on top of the game.  His whole life was centered on the time he could hit the ball or make the next play in the baseball game.  Furthermore, if the chart were viewed as a Locomotive, the Moon as the Pivot would symbolize his ability to look ahead tactically to the next move.  When he caught the ball, he would whirl and throw a runner out.

Point of the Plow

The Plow vents the conflict of the Moon in Sagittarius against the Last Adam in Gemini into the Mediator in Pisces.  The Moon corresponds to a team, either Willie's or the opposing team.  The Last Adam symbolizes Willie as a team member, which is like being a member of the family.  The Plow pointed at the Mediator corresponds to being on the spot between two teams or between the team and the fans.  Examples would be when Willie was at bat, fielding a ball, or running the bases.  He was the symbolic intercessor for his team and the fans.  He must handle the conflict for them to win.  In this he excelled.  When the big plays were needed, he made them.

The Mediator Planet was in Pisces along with the Morning Star.  Pisces symbolizes the priest, who intercedes Spiritually for others.  Willie was not Spiritual on God's side.  There is no apparent evidence that he ever became a Christian.  The spirituality of Pisces was symbolic.  In Willie's case, it symbolized a person keenly aware of the game and the stakes.  The Morning Star in Pisces symbolizes a High Priest, which corresponded to Willie being the captain of the team.

Sun Sign

Willie's Sun sign was Aries, the Ram, and symbol of a leader.  Now, this isn't the spiritual leader of Pisces, but the temporal leader.  Those who knew Willie understood that he acted very much like the leader of the team and even like a manager at times.  Willie played in New York for the Giants, where New York is in the region that corresponds to Aries on the Zodiac Map.  Also in Aries, was the Savior Planet, which symbolizes a deliverer.


The two planets in Gemini were the Almighty God and the Last Adam.  Gemini normally corresponds to Marriage.  However, Willie was symbolically married to baseball.  The Almighty God in Gemini symbolizes the Marriage Feast of Christ in the Millennium.  In Willie's chart the Almighty God symbolizes a giant, however, and the feasting or celebration of success.  And the Last Adam symbolizes not a child as a member of the family, but Willie as a member of the team.

Red Planet and Redeemer

The Red Planet was in Cancer.  This was a sign of suffering from a breach in defense.  Here is the symbolism of Willie's life.  He symbolized the giant who stood in the gap in the wall to plug up the breach.  This represented the Christian who must defeat the giant and stand in the gap to defend the Client Nation.  Willie was known for his great defensive ability.

The Redeemer Planet was in Leo, the Lion.  This symbolized Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of Israel at the Second Advent and the ruler from the Throne of David.  For Willie, this symbolized his Hall of Fame status as a redeemer of his team and ruler over all others.  This was Willie's status as one of the all-time greats in baseball.  This also corresponds to the China floods at the time of Willie's birth, since China is in the region of Leo on the Zodiac Map.  And it corresponds to Korea and the war there.

The Redeemer Planet in Leo also corresponds to Leo Durocher, the manager who brought Willie up to the New York Giants and was a mentor to him.  Leo stood by Willie in the hard times and helped him along the way.  Willie needed a helper and Leo helped him.  Even though the Red Planet and Redeemer are in separate signs, they are still a pair.  A pair symbolizes a partnership or a relationship with a mentor.

Willie Mays Birth Chart Planets

Sun Aries Leader
Moon Sagittarius Team
Savior Aries Deliverer
Morning Star Pisces High Priest
Red Planet Cancer Suffering from defensive breach
Almighty God Gemini Giant (Feasting)
Ring Planet Sagittarius Game Plan
Mediator Pisces Intercessor
Redeemer Leo Redeemer-ruler
Last Adam Gemini Family (team)



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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