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Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff  (Doris Day) was born in the Cincinnati suburb of Evanston, Ohio April 3, 1922, Day 93, where the numbers mean:  4th month - weakness; 3 - Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering; 22 - cursing; and 93 - guilt.  The location of Ohio corresponds to Virgo, the Virgin, and Naphtali, which is symbolized by the doe, for peace.  Cincinnati is at 39 N., for the Sin Leading to Death, and 84 W., for the weakness of the Church.  Doris was named after Doris Kenyon, a silent screen actress, whom her mother admired.  Her parents were both children of German immigrants, who were racial Jews, but ascribed to the Roman Catholic religion.  They separated when Doris was 11 over her father's affair, which Doris knew about.  They divorced when Doris was 13, and Doris lived with her mother, who was active in steering her into the entertainment business.

Doris began performing in a dance duo in Cincinnati.  When she and her partner, Jerry, won a local contest and received $500, the pair set out in 1937 to study dancing in Hollywood, chaperoned by their mothers.  After spending the summer in Hollywood where Paramount took an interest in Doris, they returned home, and planned to permanently return to Hollywood.  However, after attending a farewell party on Friday, October 13th, 1937, the car in which Doris was a passenger was hit by a train.  Doris suffered a double compound fracture of her right leg.  When she returned home with a cast on her leg, she slipped on a rug and broke it again.  During the 14-month recuperation, she began to listen to singers on the radio.  With her hopes of ever being a professional dancer ended, she began to take voice lessons, and her talent emerged.

Doris began singing on the radio.  When bandleader, Barney Rapp heard her sing, he arranged for her to audition, and she won over 200 other singers.  She began singing with Rapp at age 16 in 1939 at his nightclub in Cincinnati.  He gave her the name Day.  She rode to the club each night with trombonist Al Jorden.  She soon found employment with more profitable bands.  She hired on with Bob Crosby, and then with Les Brown in New York in 1940.

Doris set aside her singing career with Les Brown to marry Al Jorden when she was 19 and return to Cincinnati with him.  They were married in New York in March 1941, against the advice of Les and her mother.  Al Jorden beat her up the next day for giving a fellow band member a kiss on the cheek as a thank you for a wedding present.   He cheated on her and physically abused her even when she was pregnant.  She had her only child, Terry Melcher, by him on February 8, 1942.  They were divorced in 1943.

After her divorce, Doris returned to work for Les Brown.  They played on the east coast and Chicago.  Doris had her first hit recording, "Sentimental Journey," which was released on November 20, 1944.  It became the theme song for the men returning from the war.  The song made Doris a star.

Doris fell for George Weidler, a saxophonist in Brown's band.  Brown, who refused to allow fraternization among band members, fired Weidler.  However, Doris married Weidler March 30, 1946.  Weidler went to California, while Doris stayed in New York and became a guest on Bob Hope's radio show.  He introduced her to her first agent, Al Levy, who saw a potential movie star.  Doris moved to California (with her son and mother) to work in Hollywood.  However, her marriage to Weidler was already in trouble, and after less than eight months of marriage, he demanded a divorce.  They were  divorced May 31, 1949 after various failed attempts at reconciliation.  However, several years later Weidler was instrumental in getting Doris involved in Christian Science.

Doris made her first Hollywood movie, "Romance on the High Seas," in 1948.   She became an active Hollywood socialite (dating other actors) during her separation from Weidler, who was working in New York.  After aggressive advances from Levy, he was replaced by Marty Melcher, who negotiated many movie deals for Doris as her agent.  When Marty divorced his wife, Doris married him on April 3, 1951.  He adopted Doris's son, Terry, but was later accused of physically abusing him.  Doris also introduced Melcher to Christian Science, which he adopted even though previously being an orthodox Jew.

As Doris's business agent, Melcher had her make movie after movie.  By the time she made "Calamity Jane" in 1952-53,  she had made 15 movies in five years.  "Calamity Jane" was her most physically taxing movie, and by the time it was over she was having panic attacks with heart palpitations and loss of breath.  She couldn't handle the problems with Christian Science, and the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her.  So she turned to getting drunk with Judy Garland to forget her troubles.  Eventually, she broke down on the set of the filming of "Young at Heart" (1955).  She later admitted to having a nervous breakdown.

Later, Doris began to hemorrhage.  She didn't go to the doctor on the advice of her husband, who was practicing Christian Science.  When she eventually got medical help, she required surgery for a large intestinal tumor and an hysterectomy.  She went into depression afterward.  All this time, Melcher and his business partner, Rosenthal, were embezzling her money.  Melcher, driven by jealousy, ran Doris's life and made her decisions.  He told her who she could see and what movies she could make.

Melcher suddenly became ill and had a stroke in the hospital.  He died the next day of a heart attack on April 20, 1968 at age 52.  Doris was shocked to discover that she was in debt.  Rosenthal's bad investments had squandered her savings.  She filed a lawsuit against Rosenthal in 1969 and won in 1974 over $22 million in damages, which was the largest civil judgment at the time in California history.  However, Rosenthal continued to fight her in every conceivable way in the courts until he lost and the Supreme Court refused to hear the case.  Doris allegedly only received only $6 million of what was due her.

After making 39 movies, Doris made her last film in 1968 after her husband died.  In need of money, she began the Doris Day show September 24, 1968.  The show, which was very successful, ended in 1973.  Doris then left the entertainment business and became an animal rights activist and founder of the Doris Day Animal League.

Doris's son, Terry, had to go into hiding when Charles Manson was out to kill him.  Then Terry was involved in a bad motorcycle accident in the 1970's.  He almost lost his legs and spent 6 months in the hospital.  Doris stayed with him and prayed for him.  She then nursed him back to health.

Doris married Barry Comden, a restaurant maître d' on April 14, 1976.  The marriage lasted until 1981.  Comden said that Doris cared more for her "animal friends" than for him.  After the neighbors complained about her dogs, Doris moved to her 11 acre estate in Carmel, California.  Her son, Terry, died of melanoma November 19, 2004 at 62.

Birth Chart

Doris Day Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Doris Day contains a Castle, Plow, Mystic Rectangle, Catwalk, and a Yod.  The chart is very complex.  The Castle symbolizes the domain of a powerful ruler with loyal subjects.  Doris was a ruler in entertainment as a singer and movie star.  The Plow, which is always a sign of intense suffering, symbolized the suffering which plagued Doris's life.  A Catwalk signifies a bridge over a chasm of life.  When Doris hit the chasms of life, she demonstrated remarkable resilience to overcome the setbacks and move on.  The Mystic Rectangle, an inherent part of a Castle, symbolizes operational stability in balancing two sets of opposition.  And the Yod symbolizes a critical sense of timing to handle a crisis.  The pairs of planets in the Chart symbolize a flood, an extreme divine Judgment due to the breakdown of Marriage Culture through female promiscuity.

The Sun Sign was Pisces, which signifies a priest.  The Moon was in Gemini in conjunction with Midheaven in Taurus, which symbolizes a famous double blessing.  The Ascendant Sign was Leo, which symbolizes a ruler.  Doris certainly was one of the ruling stars of the entertainment industry.

Sun Sign

Doris's Sun Sign was Pisces, the sign of a priest.  This signifies the priesthood of the believer in the Church.  The Savior Planet, which was also in Pisces, can signify a singer.  The connection is that in the Bible, singers were divinely inspired, and their singing was called prophesy (1 Chron. 25:1-6).  One of the functions of the priesthood is singing as an expression of divine Happiness, praise, and thanksgiving.  Although there is no indication that Doris had much of a Spiritual life, she certainly had a gift for singing.  The Sun and the Savior Planet in Pisces translated into a talent for singing as an expression of the priesthood of the believer in the Church.  Although it could be argued that Doris squandered her gift on pop songs with no Spiritual value, there could be no doubt of her talent.

Moon Sign

The Moon Sign was Gemini, which signifies the double blessing.  The emphasis is even greater since the Moon was in conjunction with Midheaven.  Since Gemini corresponds to California on the Zodiac Map, this reveals Doris's double blessing as a singer and movie star in Hollywood, California.


Doris's Ascendant Sign was Leo, but Leo was on the cusp of Virgo, and there was obviously influence from it.  Leo symbolizes a ruler.  Doris was indeed a ruling star in the entertainment industry.  Nearby Virgo indicates the influence of woman.  The sign is further strengthened by two planets in Virgo.  The Almighty God Planet in Virgo symbolizes a woman ruler.  Doris's mother had a powerful influence over her life, and Doris became a ruler in the entertainment industry.  The God of the Covenants in Virgo symbolizes a caretaker.  Although her mother cared for her son when he was young, later in life when he had a motorcycle accident, Doris cared for him.  She also cared for pets.

The Ascendant Sign signifies how a person is perceived by the world and how the person perceives himself in relation to the world.  Leo signified Doris as a ruler in entertainment.  However, Virgo with two powerful planets, had a strong influence on her.  The God of the Covenants Planet in Virgo indicates that Doris saw herself as a homemaker, while her fans saw her as the girl next door.  She said of herself, "All I ever wanted was to get married, have a nice husband, and have maybe two or three children, and keep house and cook, and live happily ever after."  The region of Virgo also corresponds to Ohio, which Doris considered home.
Doris Day Birth Chart
The Castle

The Castle symbolizes the palace of a ruler, who has loyal subjects.  Doris was a ruler in entertainment, and her fans were loyal followers.  The Castle, which is composed of two Kites with a common base, is a sign of great stability to weather the storms of life.  With the sign of the flood in her chart along with a Plow for intense suffering, the Castle symbolizes Doris's ability to withstand her trials and tribulations.  For instance, at age 15 her dancing career was ended when she was hit by a train.  She recovered and became a singer instead.  The Castle also symbolizes Doris's estate in Carmel.

The planets in the Castle were:

  1. Sun in Pisces - a priest.  This was the most important planet in the Castle.
  2. Moon in Gemini - double blessing.
  3. Redeemer in Cancer - spoils of victory.  This was the pinnacle of the Castle and included success and prosperity.
  4. Almighty God in Virgo - woman ruler.
  5. Red Planet in Scorpius - violence and suffering caused by Satan.  Doris suffered violent abuse from her first husband.  She hemorrhaged and suffered medical and mental problems with Melcher.  And her fortune was embezzled from her.

The Plow resolves the opposition of two planets into a third at the point of the Plow.  The result is intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The planets in opposition were the Red Planet in Scorpius, for violence, and the Moon in Gemini for the double blessing.  The point of the Plow was the Savior Planet in Pisces, for a singer.  The violence threatened Doris's blessing and fame and threatened her singing career.

The Plow symbolized the intense suffering in Doris's life.  This suffering included:

  1. The separation and divorce of her parents.  The loss of her father had lasting consequences in Doris's mental health.
  2. The train-car wreck that ended her dancing career.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  Doris was forced to change her career goal to become a singer.
  3. Suffering from bad marriages.
  4. Panic attacks and other health problems.

The Catwalk symbolizes a bridge across the chasms of life.  The Catwalk in Doris's chart connected the Almighty God and God of the Covenants in Virgo to the Sun and Savior in Pisces.  This was the bridge between the opposing careers in Doris's life.  On the one side, she was the wife and girl next door, but on the other side she was a star singer and movie actress.  Doris lived with extreme contradictions from these two opposing roles in life.

In the Catwalk the opposition of the Almighty God in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces was significant.  This was the opposition of the woman ruler to the priest.  The priest has a Spiritual relationship with God that can include singing as a prophetic expression of divine Happiness, praise, and thanksgiving.  Her prayer for her son when he was injured in the motorcycle wreck is another expression of the priest.  The involvement in Christian Science is a Satanic attack on the believer-priest.  The hit songs of Doris were worldly and not Spiritual.  The woman ruler could apply to the ruler of pop songs or the rule of a housewife in marriage.  In either case, Doris was born to be a believer-priest, but that was opposed by the woman ruler.  God will have to judge her success in fulfilling her calling.


The Yod symbolizes a critical timing window along with the ability to recognize the crisis and handle it by acting at the right time.  The timing window of the Yod in Doris's chart begins with the Redeemer Planet in Cancer, for spoils, and ends with the Almighty God in Virgo, for a woman ruler.  The point of the Yod is the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, for an ambassador or activist.  This points to Doris becoming an animal rights activist.  And it points to her move to Carmel when her neighbor complained about her dogs.  Her love for animals may be indicated by a Ring of John the Baptist under her forefinger.


The Morning Star in Aries symbolizes a winner, like one who receives the reward of the Order of the Morning Star.  Doris was a winner of many awards for her singing and movies.  Aries corresponds to the location of New York, where Doris became a star singer.


Gemini contained the Moon, which has already been discussed regarding the double blessing.  It also contained the Last Adam, which symbolizes a trial, as in court.  Doris went through a long litigation process to recover her savings.  Gemini corresponds to California where Doris worked in Hollywood.

Gemini also symbolizes marriage.  Doris had four bad marriages.  She chose her partners against the advice of others.  She was gullible to the point of being stupid about men.  This corresponds to the tip of Doris's thumb, which was bowed backward.  This is both the sign of a quick learner and gullibility.


The Birth Chart of Doris Day with the outstanding configurations of a Castle and a Plow indicates the great power and stability of a woman who was a gifted singer, actress, and dancer in the face of intense suffering.  Her dancing career ended when the car in which she was a passenger was hit by a train at age 15.  She came back as a professional singer at age 16.  She suffered violent abuse in her first marriage associated with the Red Planet in Scorpius.  After her divorce, she had her first hit, "Sentimental Journey," at age 22.

Her sign of Virgo filled with the God of the Covenants and Almighty God indicated how she perceived herself as a housewife and mother and how others perceived her as the girl next door.  This role, however, paled in comparison to the talented singer, dancer, and movie star as symbolized by the Ascendant Sign of Leo, for a ruler, and by the Sun Sign of Pisces, for the priesthood.  Doris's priesthood was not revealed in the Spiritual life, however, but on the world stage with its dreams and fantasies.

Midheaven was in Taurus in conjunction with the Moon in Gemini, for a famous double blessing.  Doris was highly acclaimed as a singer and movie star.  She worked in Hollywood, California, which corresponds to the region of Gemini.  However, the Moon in Gemini was an opposition of a Plow, and Doris lost her fortune.  She trusted her husband (related to Gemini and marriage), who used her and lost her money with the help of his business partner, Rosenthal.

The Yod in Doris's Chart pointed to the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, the sign of an ambassador or activist.  She became an animal rights activist like the woman in the Garden under the influence of Satan, the god of this world.

The Birth Chart of Doris Day is quite complex and very powerful.  Her gifts were provided at birth in God's design.  However, she made her own decisions and chose to use her gifts to sing popular music and become a movie star.  With her great gifts was the built in punishment of a Plow in her Birth Chart.  She suffered greatly from bad decisions and bad marriages.  She became quite successful with her God-given talents, although she lost most of her fortune and had to go to court try to recover it.  All this corresponds to planets in Gemini and the Plow in her Birth Chart.  The world saw her and loved her, but in the end only God will decide the eternal value of her accomplishments.

Doris Day Birth Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Priest
Moon Gemini Double blessing
Savior Pisces Singer
Morning Star Aries Winner, Order of Morning Star
Red Planet Scorpius Violence, suffering from Satan
Almighty God Virgo Woman ruler
Ring Planet Virgo Caretaker
Mediator Aquarius Ambassador, activist
Redeemer Cancer Spoils of victory
Last Adam Gemini Trial



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Released February 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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