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10-14-21  Added to Spiritual World Doctrinal Definitions, Spiritual Fatigue
11-4-21 Added Rom. 12:2 to Doctrinal Definition, Spiritual World
11-8-21 Revised Colors of Seven Days of Creation
11-11-21 Revised Colors of Seven Days of Creation
11-12-21 Revised The Ages
11-17-21 Revised The Ages, Genesis 1:2
12-31-21 Added meaning of 2022 to Numbers in Scripture
4-14-22  Revised Biblical AstrologyConfigurations, Bucket; Planets in Signs
5-14-22 Added soothsayer to Topic Index and Astrology Planets in Signs
5-15-22 Revised Hands in Scripture, soothsayer
5-21-22 Corrected name in Curse of Jacob's Hip in Doctrinal Definition of Curses
5-23-22 Revised Doctrinal Definition of Metabolization

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05-22-22 The Changing of the Guard in the Heavens
                Revised 5-23-22
05-12-22 Ukraine Crushes Russian Army in Donets River Valley
04-16-22  Salado Voices Crying in the Wilderness
04-14-22  Salado, Texas Tornado
                 Editorial changes 4-17-22
04-12-22  Gilbert's Mill, Florida Tornado
03-31-22  Angelic Ukraine Cursing of Florida Tornadoes
                Added NWS Damage Survey link 4-5-22
                Corrected Chart 4-12-22
03-02-22  Babi Yar Airstrike in Kiev
02-24-22  Russia Invades Ukraine
01-31-22  Ships Collide in Storm Off Dutch Coast
01-29-22  Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse
01-15-22  Tonga Undersea Volcano Eruption
                Added picture 1-17-22
                Added Tsunami Deaths 1-18-22
01-09-22  New York Bronx Fire
                Revised death toll 1-10-22
01-08-22  Philadelphia Row House Fire
01-01-22 The Meaning of the Year 2022 - Cursing
12-30-21 The Great World Pestilence of 2020
Revised US Cases Chart 1-1-22
12-15-21 Kentucky Tornadoes, Candles, and Miss Universe
                Revised death toll 12-18-21
12-10-21 Mayfield, Kentucky Tornado
10-30-21 Georgia Beelzebub Spider Invasion

01-01-18  Meaning of 2018 - A Pillar in the Temple
01-01-17  Meaning of 2017 - Lawlessness

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