The Four Generation Curse

Cursing in the Family
Cursing in the Nation
Children Under the Curse

Cursing in the Family

Enemies of Children
Evidence of the Four Generation Curse
Animal Types
Breakdown of Family in National Apostasy
Recovery from the Four Generation Curse


The family is a Divine Institution for bringing children into the world.  The family fosters, trains, nourishes, supervises, and protects children so that they can become productive members of society.  Good parents love their children and discipline them to instill good values, and children respond with respect.

However, the spiritual model is full of curses.

  1. The child is born with the sin of Adam and an Old Sin Nature.  The child desires to sin, and sin enslaves him to the Cosmic System.   His freedom only comes by orientation to parental authority.
  2. The child is born under the Four Generation Curse.  He will be one generation worse than both his parents.  The only way for him to break the curse is to use the Redemption solution (for Salvation and after), separate from the world, and advance to Spiritual Maturity.
  3. The child may also have other curses, such as the Curse of Ichabod or Jezebel.
Children are spiritual creatures not just psychological.  They are influenced by angels, demons, and other spiritual people.  Baal actively seeks to enslave children.  If the parents don't intercede, demons will enslave the child and cause all manner of problems - spiritual, psychological, and physical.  Parents must be diligent to intercede in prayer for children and protect them.

Children are born dependent upon their parents.  The mother takes care of the child.  Without the mother it would die.  The child needs the mother and trusts her.  The newborn is not even aware of a separate identity from the mother.  As the child matures and develops a separate identity, it will also learn to trust its father.

The child doesn't know about the world.  It trusts its parents for everything food, clothing, shelter, love, help.  The child doesn't know God, but it does know that parents provide for its needs.  The child loves and trusts its parents even if they are bad people.  They are all the child has.

The child's trust for its parents is psychological.  It is not surprising that the child will generally grow up with the same values as the parents.  The child thinks the parents are right, even when they are wrong.  The child's conscience will be molded by the parent so that the child is a chip off the old block.

So, in the family model, the child will be no better than the parent.  In fact, the child will be worse.  Psychology cannot correct the problem.  Even if it could, the Four Generation Curse guarantees that things will be worse.  The Four Generation Curse makes the child worse than the parents, and the child doesn't even know that the parents have sinned.

So, the child is doomed to repeat the sins of the parents and be content with them unless something changes.  To recover, the child must shift from the psychological to the spiritual paradigm.  He must accept the Redemption solution to be purified from his sins.  He must live in the Filling of the Holy Spirit and be sanctified in order to recognize sin and deal with it through Grace.  Otherwise, he is doomed to live in sin and never recover from the Four Generation Curse.

Enemies of Children

The enemies of children are the world, the flesh, and the devil.  The world refers to people, who have Old Sin Natures, spiritual power, and demons.  The flesh is the Old Sin Nature (OSN).  Arrogance in children rejects authority and results in slavery to the Cosmic System, loss of freedom, and cursing.  Humility accepts authority.  Submission to parental or establishment authority results in freedom and blessing.  Since children are unbelievers before reaching the age of accountability, they do not have the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Their spiritual freedom is achieved by orienting to authority.

Children have crude instincts, desires, and behavior that is irrational and rejects authority, e.g. pride, arrogance, showing out, jealousy, anger, bitterness, fear, terror, and anxiety.  They may sulk, lie, or hide their motives.

Children are indoctrinated in the devil's world by age 7.  Children in sin are in the Cosmic System under slavery to Satan and his demons namely Baal (1 Ki 16:31; 2 Ki 2:24; Jer 9:14; 19:5; Jn 8:44; Acts 13:10; Eph 2:1-3; 1 Cor 6:15; 1 Jn 3:10).  Parents must be vigilant to protect the child from Satan and his demons. However, the child is an unbeliever and a slave to the Cosmic System.  Demons acquired in childhood will go with the person through life until they are overcome (1 Jn 2:13-14).  The child will have the opportunity of Salvation and the New Life at the age of accountability.

Evidence of the Four Generation Curse

Evidence of the Four Generation Curse includes:

     a.  Family curse (Ex 20:5; 2 Sa 12:11-12).
     b.  Death of the first born (Ex 12:29) (Amnon (2 Sa 13:28-29), Absalom (2 Sa 18:14), Adonijah (1 Ki 2:24-25)).
     c.  Untimely or violent death (Psa 55:23); being cut off, death from acts of God, Sin Leading to Death; orphaned.
     d.  Sibling rivalry (Cain and Abel; Jacob and Esau; Joseph's brothers (Gen 37:4, 8)).
     e.  Unwanted, unloved children (Ps 27:10; 51:5) and partiality (Gen 37:4; 1 Sa 16:11, 19); child abuse; cursing children (1 Sa 20:30); bastards; barrenness (2 Sa 6:23), miscarriage (Hos 9:11, 14).
     f.  Apostasy, Reversionism, criminality, sexual immorality, adultery, rape (2 Sa 13:1-20; 16:15-22), scar tissue of the soul (Isa 6:10; Ezek 12:2), reprobates (homosexuality, incest, bestiality) (Rom 1:26-28).
     g.  Idolatry (Ex 20:4; 2 Ki 17:17; 1 Cor 10:14; Col 3:5; 1 Pet 4:3), prostitution (1 Cor 6:15-16).
     h.  Birth marks, defects, moles, retarded, cleft palate (also the sign of Ichabod (National Cursing)).
     i.  Other curses, e.g. judgment of Jezebel and her children (Rev 2:20-23).
     j.  Divorce, separation, cohabitation; marriage of wrong man wrong woman; unloved wife (Gen 29:31. 33; Deut 21:15-17; Prov 30:21, 23); contentious wife (Prov 21:9, 19; 27:15).
     h.  Rebellious children (Deut 21:18-21; Ezek 2:6); fools (Prov 19:13); rejection of Bible Doctrine (Isa 30:9)
     i.  Cruelty to animals (Num 22:23-28; Prov 26:17; Isa 66:3); unsanctified, perverted relationship with animals (Gen 3:1).

Animal Types

Four Generation CurseThe generations of the Four Generation Curse can be represented in terms of their animal counterparts: camels (Jer 2:23), donkeys (Jer 2:24), horses (Jer 5:8), and mules (Ps 32:9).
1 Spiritual Maturity

2 Camel (Jer 2:23) 
   Donkey (Jer 2:24) 
3 Horse (Jer 5:8) 
4 Mule (Ps 32:9) 

Spiritual Maturity Spiritual Blessing, Happiness, Prosperity  Abraham, Sarah, David
Camel, Donkey  Self Absorption, Unrestrained Excess Isaac, Ishmael, Solomon
Horse  Adulterers Jacob, Rehoboam
Mule Non-offensive, Lawless Joseph, Dinah

Spiritual Maturity is symbolized by a person with a normal build, like Ronald Reagan.  A camel is a big person, like Shaquille O'Neal.  A donkey is short and sexually hot, like George W. Bush or Tom Cruise.  A horse is tall, like George H. W. Bush or Tim Tebow.  A mule is slim, thin, and stubborn, like Abraham Lincoln.

Even though Abraham in the first generation was in Spiritual Maturity, his son Isaac had to make his own decisions to advance to maturity.  Isaac liked to sit and talk to his mother.  He was like a camel.  Ishmael, who was born before Abraham reached maturity, was a wild ass (donkey) type.  He was a wild child from non-Right Man - Right Woman.  In the third generation Jacob was like a horse.  He worked hard and procreated a large family, but he didn't take the time to be a good father.  Joseph was probably both short and slim.  He was like a mule with stubborn tenacity, which was required to recover from the Four Generation Curse.  During the years of famine, he extracted all the wealth and land of Egypt for Pharaoh.

In the other example, David reached maturity, but passed the spiritual heritage to Solomon, who was a camel type, entered into self absorption and squandered his heritage.  David was a wild child who recovered from the Four Generation Curse. Solomon was also a wild child, since Bathsheba was not David's Right Woman. He was also born under the Four Generation Curse.

Breakdown of Family in National Apostasy

The Divine Institution of Family is necessary for the preservation of society.  The father's authority and mother's love protect, preserve, nurture, and train the children for society.  If the parents fail to do their job or if the children rebel, the family fails.  Reversionists don't do a good job, and in times of national apostasy, the family suffers and breaks down.  Reversionistic parents quarrel and fight and break up the family in separation or divorce.

Although the family is for believers and unbelievers, the blessing or cursing of a family depends upon the spiritual life.  Parents in Spiritual Maturity are associated with blessing, and parents in reversionism are associated with cursing in the family.  Under the Four Generation Curse the children of each generation have increased capacity for evil.  By the fourth generation the curse demands Divine punishment.  Because the family breaks down, the nation suffers.

Micah was written during a time of national cursing in the reign of Jotham, the 11th  King of Judah.

Micah 7:2 National Cursing
The gracious person has perished from the land,
And there is none righteous among mankind;
All of them lie in wait for blood;
A man hunts his brother with a net.
The gracious person is the believer with God's Gracious Love.  This one has Y-axis aligned with God.  The righteous person does not exist.  Righteousness would be X-axis alignment.  Those who lie in wait for blood are murderers, who do not have Z-axis alignment.
Micah 7:3 Bribery
Their hands are on evil to make it good.  The prince asks; the judge is for a bribe; and the great man speaks the craving of his own soul.  So, they weave it together.
The breakdown of society reaches those at the highest levels the prince, the judge, and the great man.
1.  Prince - Political Babylon (Y-axis) - asks for perversion of justice
2.  Judge - Cosmic Babylon (Z-axis) - takes a bribe.
3.  Great man - Ecumenical Babylon (X-axis) - speaks about his evil desires and spins the news.

Micah 7:6 Four Generation Curse
For son treats his father contemptuously;
Daughter rises up against her mother;
A daughter-in-law against her husband's mother;
The enemies of a man are the men (servants) of his house.

Under the Four Generation Curse, the Divine Institution of Family breaks down.

"Son treats his father contemptuously." The son does not respect the father's authority.

"Daughter rises up against her mother."  The daughter rebels against her mother.

"The enemies of a man are the men (servants) of his house."  "The men of his house" are servants living in the house, not relatives (Gen 17:23, 27; 39:14; 2 Sam 12:17, 18).  Even the family servants are enemies.

Matthew 10:21 Four Generation Curse
Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and put them to death.
Jesus also spoke of the breakup of the family.  Family members usually have similar values and are less likely to be hostile toward one another than others in society.  However, when Satan infiltrates the family, the ultimate sign of degeneracy is when members try to kill each other.

Recovery from the Four Generation Curse

Recovery from the Four Generation Curse on the Family requires the Spiritual solution.  The family is temporal, but the blessing or cursing of the family is determined by the Spiritual life of family members.
Matthew 10:34 Not Peace But a Sword
Do not assume that I came to bring peace on the Earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
Jesus did not come in the First Advent to bring peace on Earth.  That will happen in the Millennium.  A "sword" is a symbol of conflict and warfare.   The Spiritual life will bring spiritual warfare with the world.
Matthew 10:35 Four Generation Curse
For you see, I came to divide the man against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
Jesus Christ further explained that the spiritual warfare would occur in the family.  He said that He came to divide families.  He divides families under the Four Generation Curse.  Those who execute the New Spiritual life in Christ will be divided from relatives in the world.  This is how the family will be sanctified.

So there it is.  The child gets its values from the family, and those values are wrong.  The child is psychologically attuned with his family, which is in sin under the Four Generation Curse.  To recover the child must ignore family values and obey the Bible.  He must separate from family reversionists and antichrists, and live in fellowship with God.  When there is a question of offending the family or obeying God, he must choose to obey God.

Divine DynasphereThe Four Generation Curse is based on sin, which amounts to idolatry.  The only way to break away from sin is through sanctification.    That requires Salvation and Rebound after Salvation.  It requires residence and function in the Divine Dynasphere for protection from the Cosmic System.  Only by advancing to Spiritual Maturity will the Four Generation Curse be broken in an individual.  When any family member reaches Spiritual Maturity, the family will be blessed by association with that member.

Matthew 10:36 Enemies in the House
And a man's enemies will be those of his house.
"Those of his house" refer to servants in Micah 7:6, but here it refers to those living or serving in his house, where house can be immediate family or extended family (four generations).  Members of the family or house in the Cosmic System will be enemies of the believer in the Divine Dynasphere (Gen 27:41; Jn 15:18-19; 1 Jn 3:12-13).

The family is the battlefield for spiritual warfare.  The Four Generation Curse in the family must be overcome if there is to be success in the Spiritual life.  Otherwise the curse will result in Spiritual death and loss of rewards for the believer.


Micah taught about the breakdown of the family under the Four Generation Curse.  Jesus taught about recovery from the curse.  Recovery, however, comes through spiritual warfare.  Reversionism and apostasy in a family must be opposed by the Spiritual solution.  Only the New Spiritual life in Christ Jesus can break the curse of sin and death in the family.

Sin under the Four Generation Curse will lead to death in the family.  Only the Redemption solution can purify a person from sin and deliver from the wages of sin, which is death.  Sanctification from sin requires Rebound and the filling of the Holy Spirit.  Sanctification from the family under the Four Generation Curse requires separation from the world.  For children living at home this does not mean separating from parents but obeying parental authority.

The Christian is in a Spiritual family, which is the Body of Christ.  The Spiritual family must take precedence over the temporal family.  Neglect of the Spiritual family results in reversionism and the Four Generation Curse.  Executing the New Spiritual life in the Spiritual family results in blessing and recovery from the Four Generation Curse.


Dealing with family relationships spiritually requires right priorities.  The Spiritual life with the Spiritual family must have priority over the temporal family.
Matthew 10:37 Priorities
The one who loves personally father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and the one who loves personally son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.
Personal love for family in the world must be replaced by impersonal love and separation.  If a family member is in the Cosmic System, personal love for the person will be rejection of love for Christ.  Loving the world is contrary to loving the Lord.  Failure to separate from the world is failure to break the Four Generation Curse.   The result of failure to separate from reversionism and apostasy in the family will be personal Divine punishment.
Luke 14:26 Spiritual Priorities
If anyone comes face-to-face to Me (Jesus Christ) and does not hate his own father, mother, children, wife, brothers, and sisters, moreover, even his own soul-life also, he is not able to be My disciple.
Coming face-to-face to Me is fellowship with Christ.  The person in a Divine Love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is preoccupied with the Love for Christ and all else pales in comparison.

"And does not hate his own father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters."  These are family relationships.  "Hate" is hyperbole to explain the overriding love for Christ that leaves the family and all others behind.  Levi had this love for the Lord (Deut 33:9).  Furthermore, the one who loves Christ will hate anything associated with the Cosmic System.  The believer should hate evil (Rom 12:9).

"Moreover, even his own life also" - this is the old life retroactive positional truth.

"He is not able to be My disciple."  The disciple of Christ must leave the old life behind in order to live the New Spiritual life (Rom 8:2; 2 Cor 5:17).

Cursing in the Nation

Cursing in the Nation
United States
Cycles of National Cursing
Spiritual Warfare in the Nation

Cursing in the Nation

The nation is considered a family to which the Four Generation Curse applies.  After four generations of negative volition toward God, the nation will be destroyed.  The Divine punishment of each generation is progressively worse until the nation is destroyed in the fifth generation.   A generation is usually considered to be 20 years, based on the draft age in the book of Numbers (Nu 1:3).

The generations correspond to the cycles of national discipline (ref. National Cursing Colors1 ).  The Fifth Cycle of Discipline is the destruction of the nation.  There are seven cycles, for a complete category.  The sixth cycle is being cast out and enslaved in a foreign land, and the seventh cycle is categorical punishment of suffering and dying in the foreign land.

So, a person is under the Four Generation Curse in his family and his nation.  In addition the Four Generation Curse may be applicable to other groups that could be considered families, such as city government, business, or an institution.  The believer under the salt of the Earth principle determines the blessing or cursing of the family.  God determines how many mature believers are required to deliver the nation.

United States

The Four Generation Curse has been applied to the USA twice since it became independent.  After four generations (80 years) the nation was liable for the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  The first time was the War Between the States, which occurred 80 years after independence.2   The second time was World War II, which occurred 80 years later.  In both cases the USA was delivered from the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.

Major Wars of US History

Difference (Round)
Independence 1775-1783
War Between the States 1861-1865 80 years
World War II 1941-1945 80 years

In the list of US Presidents3 the Four Generation Curse was applied in the fourth group of four.  The first time was to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President, and the second time was to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President.  Lincoln was President during the War Between the States and Roosevelt was President during World War II.

Cycles of National Cursing

The Four Generation Curse of the Nation corresponds to four cycles of discipline in which each cycle is progressively worse.  If there is no recovery, the nation will be destroyed in the fifth cycle.  The cycles of national cursing correspond to the colors of the rainbow.1

Under the salt of the Earth principle, the nation will be blessed by association with mature believers.  Believers and unbelievers will accept the authority of the Divine Establishment of the Nation and have freedom.  They will be free from slavery to evil nations, and they will be free from unjust treatment when they obey the laws of the land.  They will have temporal freedom and the right to choose spiritual freedom based upon acceptance or rejection of the Gospel.  In the Church Age there is no such thing as a Christian nation or a theocracy.  People must be free to choose their faith without interference or coercion.

However, if the nation rejects God and chooses Satan through sin and idolatry, then God will punish the nation through the cycles of national cursing.  When the people reject God and fall into Satan's Cosmic System, every aspect of life will suffer, including marriage, family, business, health, security, and the environment.  Blessing or cursing come from God based upon the Spiritual life of the believer.

The believer receives Divine punishment due to the Four Generation Curse upon his family and his nation.  That punishment must be accepted and handled in Grace in order to profit from it.  The Problem Solving Devices must be used to ride out the suffering.  If the person rejects doctrine or reacts to the punishment, he will fail the test and be demoted.  If he passes the test, he will be promoted and advance toward recovery from family or national cursing.

Recovery requires advancing to Spiritual Maturity.  The immature believer is part of the problem rather than the solution.  The mature believer  has the power of God in his life and spiritual impact for the recovery of the nation from the power of evil.  He also qualifies for Divine Good production from the Grace of God.

The believer who advances to Spiritual Rapport will defeat Satan, who is the ruler of the world.  The believer who reaches Spiritual Rapport will take the nation back from Satan and provide the opportunity for God to bless the nation in Grace.  Believers in Spiritual Rapport have great impact to deliver the nation, like Moses and Joshua.

Rejection of God amounts to the sin of idolatry and the choice of Satan.  God, who is Holy, must separate from those who sin.  God will tolerate such people and nations for four generations before He destroys them.  Each generation will receive a cycle of discipline until the nation is destroyed in the fifth cycle.

The cycles of discipline of a nation begin with rejection of Bible Doctrine (Lev 26:14-15; Deut 28:15; Hos 4:1).

Hosea 4:1
Hear the word of the LORD, you citizens of Israel:  Because the LORD has a case against the inhabitants of the Client nation; because there is no doctrine, no grace, and no knowledge of God in the land.
Cycle 1:  Loss of Health and Prosperity (Lev 26:16-17; Deut 28:22)1

The First Cycle of Discipline includes loss of health and prosperity.  The people will suffer from deteriorating health, including consumption, fever, mental problems, and discouragement.  Problems with eyesight are also implied.  There will be harsh rulers and a general decline in leadership.  There will be terrorism, attacks from enemies, military losses, and fear.  There will be a decline in crop yield and in productivity.

Cycle 2:  Drought: Economic Recession (Lev 26:18-20; Jer 14:1-6)

The Second Cycle of Discipline is drought, corresponding to economic recession.  The sky will be like iron and the Earth like bronze (Deut 28:23-24; Jer 3:3; 14:3-6).  There will also be security breakdown:  Internal (criminal justice) and external (military) (Deut 28:19, 29; Isa 5:5).  And there will be hardening of the heart (Ex 7:3; 10:20, Isa 63:17).4

Cycle 3:  Death of Children: Population Decline (Lev 26:21-22)

In the Third Cycle of Discipline children will be killed, resulting in a population decline.  Children will be killed by wild animals, which are a symbol of Baal, meaning Satan will take the children.  The animals will also kill the cattle. And there will be debilitating illnesses (Deut 28:27, 35), mental illness (Deut 28:28), oppression and criminality (Deut 28:29; Hos 4:2), breakdown of Marriage Culture (Deut 28:30; Hos 4:2), injustice (Deut 28:31).

Hosea 4:2
Instead, there is lying, deception, murder, rape (they break in to commit adultery).  They erupt into violence so that bloodshed follows bloodshed (and blood touches blood).
"Lying and deception" include false swearing in court and breaking oaths, vows, contracts.  "Murder" is the work of Satan (Jn 8:44).  "Rape" is literally "they break in to commit adultery."  This is a criminal attack on Marriage Culture that is worse than adultery.

"They erupt into violence."  This is the eruption of lawlessness and criminality.  "So that bloodshed follows bloodshed" (literally "Blood touches blood") is  an idiom for every category of violence, including malice, torture, abuse, cruelty, brutality, inhumanity, and oppression.

Cycle 4:  Pestilence: Economic Depression (Lev 26:23-26)

The Fourth Cycle of Discipline includes invasion by a foreign army, pestilence, and economic depression.  There will be cursing in the city and in the country (Deut 28:16) and cursing of fruit basket and kneading bowl (food production) (Deut 28:17).  Pestilence will destroy green crops (Deut 28:21).  There will be invasion by a foreign army (Deut 28:25-26), taking children as slaves (Deut 28:32-34), and destruction of the environment (Hos 4:3).  The pastors will be apostate; national leaders will be stupid; and Marriage Culture will breakdown.

The destruction of the environment began with severe drought in Cycle 2.  Hosea described the Fourth Cycle of Discipline in the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

Hosea 4:3  Environmental Disaster
Therefore, the land mourns,
And every inhabitant in it wastes away,
Along with the animals of the country and the birds of the sky.
Even the fishes of the sea have perished.
"The land mourns."  The citizens are miserable because crime rules.  Man was to have dominion over all beasts and all the Earth.  Because of moral depravity of man nature suffers - plants and animals (Rom 8:22).  The land corresponds to the X-axis.

"And every inhabitant in it wastes away."  This refers to the animals - not people - because it is further qualified in the verse "Along with the animals of the country and the birds of the sky."  "The birds" refer to the Z-axis.

"Even the fishes of the sea have perished."  Even the fish of the sea die.  "The sea" corresponds to the Y-axis.

Hosea 4:4
Yet let no one find fault, and let no one offer criticism;
For your citizens are like those who contend (cause strife, vilify) with the priest.
The Levitical Priests taught Bible Doctrine, and the people rejected the teaching and vilified the teachers.
Hosea 4:5
Therefore, you will stumble by day,
And the prophet among you will moreover stumble by night;
And I will destroy your mother.
Stumbling by day is a metaphor for failure to handle the simple problems of life with Bible Doctrine.  It is also failure to learn Bible Doctrine when it is taught.

The prophet stumbles by night.  He is in the dark and falls into the Cosmic System.  For example, a liberal clergy is confused and unable to accurately teach Bible Doctrine.

"And I will destroy your mother."  The mother is the whole nation, which is about to be destroyed.

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected doctrine,
I will also reject you from being My Priest Nation.
Since you have forgotten the Law of your God,
I will also forget your children.
The reason for the coming destruction of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline is lack of knowledge of Bible Doctrine.  Since the people rejected Bible Doctrine, the Lord will reject them from being his Priest Nation (Client Nation).  They forgot the Law; therefore, God will forget their children and let them die under the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.
Hosea 4:7
The more they multiplied, the more they sinned against Me;
I will change their glory into shame.
The people of Israel continued in their sins without rebounding and breaking the family curse.  Therefore, their glory will be turned into shame.  They are headed down.

Their desire is their own iniquity.  They are preoccupied with their sins (Hos 4:8).  Therefore, God will punish them for their evil deeds (Hos 4:9).

Hosea 4:10 National Cursing
They will eat but not be satisfied;
They commit prostitution but do not increase
Because they have left off taking heed to the LORD.
They won't have enough to eat due to reduced rations under national cursing (Lev 26:16).  They commit prostitution in their idolatry.  They are fornicating with the Prostitute of Babylon a woman empowered by Baal.  Consequently the nation does not increase in population and prosperity.  They have ceased to obey the Lord.
Hosea 4:11 Drinking and Carousing
Prostitution, wine, and new wine take away the heart (right lobe).
Drinking and carousing in their lifestyle of debauchery dulls the sensitivity of the heart.  Prostitution results in hardness of the heart (scar tissue of the soul) just as wine dulls the senses.
Hosea 4:12 Divination and Demon Influence
My nation asks its wood, and its rod divines it
Because a demon spirit of prostitution has seduced,
And they commit prostitution out from under their God.
"My nation asks its wood."  This refers to wooden idols, teraphim, (Jer 10:3; Hab 2:19).  "And its rod divines it."  A rod, wand, or stick was used for Chaldean rhabdomancy, e.g. dowsing for water or hidden treasure.

"Because a demon spirit of prostitution has seduced."  The "spirit of prostitution" is the demon of the Prostitute of Babylon.  "And they commit prostitution out from under their God."  They have left the Divine Dynasphere and entered into prostitution with Satan in the Cosmic System.  They are the consort of Satan.

Hosea 4:13 Idolatry - Prostitution
They sacrifice upon the tops of the mountains, and upon the hills they burn incense, under oak, poplar, and terebinth, because their shade is good; therefore, your daughters practice prostitution, and your daughters-in-law commit adultery.
They practiced idolatry on the mountains and hills and under green trees.  They fornicated with women who were the Prostitute of Babylon.  The women were possessed by demons.  The term, "daughters," is used because the teenage girls entered into ritual prostitution in the worship of the Canaanite and Babylonian goddesses of nature.  "And your daughters-in-law commit adultery."  "Daughters-in-law" are brides.  They commit adultery when they engage in prostitution in the Cosmic System.  This was Satan's destruction of sanctification in Marriage Culture.
Hosea 4:14 Idolatry Leads to National Destruction
I will not punish your daughters when they practice prostitution, nor  your daughters-in-law (brides) when they commit adultery; for the men themselves go aside with prostitutes, and they sacrifice with temple prostitutes; so the nation without understanding of Bible Doctrine will be cast down into destruction.
Daughters practicing prostitution and daughters-in-law (brides) committing adultery refer to illicit sex with the Prostitute of Babylon in idolatry.  The Lord would not punish the women because the men were visiting temple prostitutes and offering sacrifices to Satan in idolatry.  Because the nation had no understanding of Bible Doctrine, it would be "cast down to destruction."  The nation would fail the Four Generation Curse and be destroyed in the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.

The Fourth Cycle of Discipline in the Southern Kingdom of Judah was described by Jeremiah (Jer 3:1-10; 15:1-3).

Jeremiah 15:3
"I will appoint over them four kinds of destroyers," declares the LORD: "the sword to slay, the dogs to tear, and the birds of the sky and the beasts of the Earth to devour and destroy."
Jeremiah prophesied four dooms that would occur in the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  And being scattered to the four winds represents those who are cast out under the Fifth Cycle of Discipline (Jer 49:36).

Cycle 5:  Conquered, Destroyed by a Foreign Army (Lev 26:27-32; Deut 28:49-63)

The Fifth Cycle of Discipline is military defeat by a foreign army.  The people will be killed (Hos 9:16).  There will be desolation of the cities and the land - the Holocaust.   There will be cursing of the offspring of body and produce of land, herds, and flocks (Deut 28:18).   Those who survive will be carried away into slavery, and all their possessions will become spoil for the conqueror.

Spiritual Warfare in the Nation

The individual Christian is both a priest and an ambassador for Christ.  As a priest he represents himself and others before God.  As an ambassador he represents Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.  His priesthood functions in the spiritual realm, and his ambassadorship meets the world with the Gospel.

The Christian soldier engages in Spiritual warfare to deliver his nation from Satan's power.  Satan rules the world, but the Christian soldier has the power to defeat him by the power of God (Rom 8:37; 16:20).  The Christian has a dual citizenship in the nation and in Heaven (Eph 2:19; Phil 3:20; Heb 12:22-23).  Because he is a citizen of the nation, he has a right to be in it, and because he is a citizen of Heaven, he is protected by the power of God (1 Pet 1:5).

Satan can lie and cheat and deceive the rest of the world, but he has a real problem with the Christian who has the courage to resist him.  The Christian has a right to be in the devil's world, and he has a right to the inheritance that God has given him.  Backed by the power of God, the mature Christian can take back his inheritance from Satan just as Israel took the Promised Land from Satan and his Evil Kings.

The Christian soldier does his job every day as unto the Lord (Col 3:23-24).  He is not an activist.  The battle comes to him, and the battle is the Lord's.  He reconnoiters with Divine viewpoint, and acts in accordance with Bible Doctrine.  He advances through sanctification, honor, and Spiritual integrity.  He executes the Divine battle plan and conquers Satan's strongholds.  He defeats Satan and his evil hoards in the spiritual realm.

When Satan tries to destroy him personally, the Christian soldier trusts in the Lord with Spiritual Self-Esteem.  Like Moses at the Red Sea or Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego before the fiery furnace, or Daniel in the lion's den, the Christian soldier stands still and watches the deliverance of the Lord.  He does not live in a world of fear, worry, anxiety, and self-induced misery (Phil 4:6, 7; ref. 1 Jn 4:18).  Nor does he spend his time reacting to the injustices and problems of the devil's world.

In order to keep the nation from being destroyed, Christians must break the Four Generation Curse in the cycles of national cursing.  The Divine punishment in the cycles of discipline of the nation also affect the Christian.  In many cases it may be difficult to correlate national issues to the personal life, but some should be obvious.  For example when prices go up or wages go down or jobs disappear, these things are related to an economic downturn under the cycles of discipline.  Issues associated with criminality and the military also affect the Christian spiritually.  The Christian soldier must learn to fight these battles spiritually to protect the freedom of the nation.

The spiritual issues affecting the nation, community, and one's job must be understood and handled.  The spiritual determines the temporal.  As goes the Christian, so goes the nation.  A person's job will be a place of Spiritual warfare.  Job assignments must be executed according to the will of God in Grace.

Those who have become casualties due to personal suffering must recover and return to the battle.  Mental and physical infirmities from the cycles of discipline must be overcome.  Otherwise, the nation will continue to go down.  Personal suffering must not be an excuse for quitting, but an opportunity for succeeding.

1 Corinthians 10:13 Testing
Testing has not overtaken you except such as is common to mankind; moreover, God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tested beyond what you are able, but will with the testing also provide a way of escape that you may be able to endure it.
National cursing is one of the major sources of pressure and suffering in the Christian life.  There is no way to avoid it.  Therefore, it is imperative to advance to Spiritual Maturity and master Spiritual warfare.   Mature, Grace oriented believers will be victorious and be rewarded  with the opportunity to rule and reign with Christ in the Millennium (2 Tim 2:12; Rev 3:21).  Spiritual warfare on the national front is a proving ground for those who love the Lord and are willing to serve Him in Spiritual combat against Satan and his Cosmic System.


Suffering from the Four Generation Curse
Identifying the Four Generation Curse
Doing Battle with the Devil
Health Problems

Suffering from the Four Generation Curse

The cause of suffering under the Four Generation Curse is sin.  Sanctification solves he problem of sin for the individual.  The sanctified Christian who resides in the Divine Dynasphere has the potential for handling the Four Generation Curse and recovering from it.  However, the suffering will almost surely be very great.  That is because the Four Generation Curse is due to rejection of God through sin and idolatry in Satan's domain.  The suffering will be great because Satan is involved.

Because Satan holds the family captive, there will be conflict within it.  Family members will oppose each other.  Disagreements may escalate into quarrels, feuds, and bitter conflicts.  When a Christian takes a stand on doctrinal issues, Satan will mobilize family members against him.  Satan will be a much bigger problem than people.

Satan also runs the nation under the Four Generation Curse.  The nation will assent to the evil policy of Satan and shun Laws of Establishment thinking of Bible Doctrine.  The Christian who tries to obey authority and stick to the truth, will be in conflict with Satan's supporters.  The Christian will be in a war with Satan and his demons that will involve intense suffering.

Because the conflict is with Satan, suffering under the Four Generation Curse begins long before physical or mental illness and before open conflict with people arises.  Satan brings the fight to the believer.  The Christian who takes his stand for the Lord Jesus Christ can expect to be attacked by Satan (2 Tim 3:12; Lk 21:12).  It should also be noted that God allows this to happen to test the believer (Job 1:8, 12; 2:3, 6).

Satan is the active enemy to bring about the Four Generation Curse.  He attacks Marriage through fornication, adultery, and a host of other perversions.  He attacks Marriage through the Prostitute of Babylon.  In marriages that are not Right Man Right Woman, there will be a host of curses.  The children will be wild children and prone to evil.

Parents who are not Spiritually mature automatically curse their children by bringing them into the world under the Four Generation Curse.  The children will be attacked by demons, such as Baal.  They will grow up enslaved to Satan (Eph 2:1-2, 3).  With evil parents, an Old Sin Nature, and the influence of Satan, the child will be lucky to get to adulthood without major problems.

The Christian with doctrine finds himself in a nation of evil people enslaved to Satan.  The only hope is to engage in Spiritual warfare to fight Satan and his Cosmic System.  There will be victories.  "The battle is the Lord's" (1 Sa 17:47).  However, there will be great suffering.

Identifying the Four Generation Curse

There are many family curses that are not the result of the Four Generation Curse.  For example, the Judgment of Jezebel is a family curse but not the Four Generation Curse.  In the Judgment of Jezebel the children are sentenced to die early (Rev 2:20, 23).  The Curse of Ichabod occurs in a family, but it is actually a national curse.

There are also many types of suffering in a nation that are not necessarily due to the cycles of national cursing.  God can punish individuals, such as under the Law of Volitional Responsibility in which a person reaps what he sows.  Granted, the punishment may weaken the nation, but the punishment did not come because of national cursing.  When people choose to sin, they will fall into the Cosmic System and be punished for rebelling against God.  However, their sin was not necessarily due to a national curse.

The family under the Four Generation Curse is one in which no one is in Spiritual Maturity.  If no one in the family recovers for four generations, the whole family will be liable for the Four Generation Curse.  Any family member who sticks around and agrees with the family will go down with them.  That family will also contribute to the Four Generation Curse in the nation.  God does not necessarily have to wipe out the entire family (e.g. the Curse of Ahab) to execute the curse. Examples of people who recovered from the family Four Generation Curse include Joseph and David.

The cycles of national cursing can be identified by the list of curses previously enumerated for each cycle.  The Church Age Believer who fulfills his royal calling and advances to Spiritual Maturity will contribute to the recovery of the nation.  The believer will be shown his inheritance, which will include offices of government and institutions.  When he executes his Spiritual life and endures suffering, he will pass the test, be promoted, and the nation will be blessed by association.  In so doing he will have future reward that includes ruling and reigning with Christ (2 Tim 2:12; Rev 3:21).  If he fails the test, the nation will go down with him and he will forfeit his Eternal reward.

Doing Battle with the Devil

Recovery from the Four Generation Curse is a spiritual problem.  It is not psychological or physical.  Idolatry is Satanic, and believing the devil's lie about the Prostitute of Babylon amounts to idolatry (Col 3:5).  The breakdown of Marriage Culture due to relationship with the Prostitute of Babylon is idolatry.  Apostates in Ecumenical Babylon, such as Pentecostals, are under influence from demons of antichrists and the Prostitute of Babylon.  Those who marry the antichrist and Prostitute of Babylon are engaging in idolatry.

Idolatry is the basis for the Four Generation Curse.  Those people who are enslaved to Satan's demons as antichrists or the Prostitute of Babylon must be rejected and opposed.  Physical separation does not always solve the problem, since spirits are not bound to physical limits.  The breakdown of Marriage Culture through slavery to Satan will take the family and the nation down into the Four Generation Curse.  Matrimony is supposed to be holy and sanctified.  This is not the case when Satan enslaves the married couple.

Satan rules the world.  He runs the governments of the world, whether they are monarchies, republics, democracies, or dictatorships.  His candidates are usually the only ones on the ballot.  He is the one behind the immigration policies of Europe and the United States. These policies are patterned after the Tower of Babel, which Satan also sponsored.  The Tower of Babel was an attack on Nationalism.

Satan sponsors internationalism and globalism.  Satan extols diversity, confusion, lawlessness, racism, socialism, and equality.  He opposes Marriage, supports homosexuality and gender identity disorders, and he promotes women in government and positions of authority, especially if they are like Jezebel.   He incites riots, rebellion, and conspiracy.

Satan has a Cosmic System with a vast army of demons to rule the world.  Most worldly people support Satan's policies without coercion.  It is their natural inclination.  On the one hand he sponsors lawlessness, such as fornication, adultery, liberalism, and leniency.  On the other hand he sponsors legalism, such as religion, tyranny, self-righteousness, and self-vindication.

When the Cosmic System is judged by the Holy Spirit, it is divided into Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  These are often revealed as three evil things in parallel.  Satan seldom goes out of his way to reveal himself to mankind.  He is usually invisible.  Even his human  worshippers are usually left clueless.  However, Satan can be perceived through application of Bible Doctrine and cause and effect relationships.  He has power of persuasion that can get almost anyone to do anything.  He couldn't do it with the Lord Jesus Christ, but he can do it with almost anyone else.

Satan blinds, deceives, and distracts.  He alters time.  He attacks, confuses, confounds, overpowers, and opposes.  He can blackout the soul, drive it into depression, cause madness, and puff up with arrogance and ecstasy.  He can cause any illness and cure it.  He can shoot a gun and guide the bullet to its target.

Health Problems

Most health problems are due to Divine punishment that has nothing to do with the Four Generation Curse.  "Whom the Lord loves He punishes" (Heb 12:6a).  Health problems result from the Lord weakening the power in the Spirit of Human Life in the Lifeline.  When this happens, the person falls into the Cosmic System where Satan and his demons produce or exacerbate the infirmity.  The light in the spiritual body will be darkened along meridians associated with the infirmity.  For example hay fever will cause the sinuses to drain and the meridians along the nose to be darkened, or weakened.  Thus, even though demons may produce the infirmity, it will have a distinct footprint, which will correspond to God's intent.

People are also capable of producing their own self-induced misery through mental attitude sins.  Fears, anger, and guilt can produce psychological and psychosomatic problems if not handled.  Most psychological problems are related to sin and reversionism.  They are due to defense mechanisms in rejection of the Spiritual life.  It is the Spiritual life that is important not solving the psychological problem.  The soul will function much better with a completed Edification Complex.


There is one mental illness that is different from all others.  Unlike other mental illnesses, Schizophrenia does not appear to have a human origin.  Unlike the other psychological problems, it is not the result of a trauma, fear, anxiety, or other human reaction.  It baffles the psychiatrists because Schizophrenia is a spiritual problem caused by Satan.  It usually begins at age 17 to 24, earlier in women than men.  Thus, it occurs around age 20, corresponding to a generation.  It is thus due to one of the cycles of national cursing corresponding to the Four Generation Curse on the nation.

Schizophrenia is a vicious mental illness in which Satan seizes the mind.  He overpowers the soul, drives the mind into Blackout of the Soul and the heart into emotional revolt.  The person will feel like his head is exploding.  He will hallucinate and hear voices.  Both are caused by Satan and his demons.  As Satan gains more power and the individual submits, Satan may drive the person to murder.  The person will also have Satan induced paranoia, which is accompanied by a weakness in the knee.  Those with Simian lines in the palm are more prone to Schizophrenia because of their normal explosive (digital) thinking with combined heart and mind.

Schizophrenia is particularly problematic because it strikes before most believers have had a chance to get to Spiritual Maturity, let along Spiritual Rapport, which is where they need to be to deal with the problem.   When schizophrenic episodes occur, the Lord has turned Satan loose on the individual for testing.  The solution is to cling to God, and resist the devil (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:8, 9).

1 John 4:18 Love vs. Fear
Fear does not exist in association with this Love, but mature Love casts out fear, because fear has punishment, and the one who fears has not been brought to completion in the sphere of Reciprocal Love.
This verse is applicable to other anxiety disorders  and psychological problems, not just Schizophrenia.  "Fear does not exist in association with this Love."  Fear is a sin.  It includes Satanically induced paranoia.  "This Love" is Divine Love from the previous verse.  Divine Love is from God, and the fear/worry complex is from the Old Sin Nature (OSN).  "Not" is the Greek ou, which means absolutely not.  Fear is mutually exclusive with Divine Love.  No fear means no anxiety or worry.  Fear does not coexist with Divine Love.

"But mature Love casts out fear."  Mature Love comes from the completed ECS.  It is Reciprocal Love in fellowship with God (2 Cor 5:14; Eph 3:17; Rom 5:5; 1 Pet 1:8; 1 Jn 2:5).  Mature Love casts out fear, which comes from Satan, because mature Love and fear are mutually exclusive.   Love from the ECS has power over Satan.  It is a super weapon that stops him cold.  The Love is produced by the Holy Spirit, who is stronger than the devil (1 Jn 4:4).  Trusting the Lord in faith will give victory over the devil.

"Because fear has punishment."  Fear brings God's punishment.  It is a sign of immaturity and carnality.  The punishment may be associated with the cycles of discipline (Deut 28:28, 34, 65; Lev 26:16, 17, 36).   Fear builds up garbage in the subconscious and contradicts the function of the ECS.  Fear produces self-induced misery.  There are many kinds of paranoia.

"And the one who fears has not been brought to completion in the sphere of Reciprocal Love."  The one who fears is immature.  He is in carnality, failure to Rebound.  He does not have a completed ECS, from which comes Reciprocal Love. Fear, anxiety, whining and complaining are characteristic of immature believers and apostates.  Reciprocal Love is characteristic of fellowship with God.  Satan induces paranoia in Schizophrenia.  The Reciprocal Love for God and the Lord Jesus Christ must be stronger than the fear of Satan.

Schizophrenics are like point men in a life or death struggle for the nation.  They have a choice between the Love for Jesus Christ or the fear of the devil.  They can choose to Love Christ or serve the devil.  To resist the devil they need a completed ECS, which comes only through the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine.  The Fire Testing they receive under maximum pressure accelerates Spiritual growth and provides the opportunity for maximum Happiness.  The greatest Happiness comes from the greatest suffering (Heb 12:2).

Those who reject the Divine solution in Grace and bow to the devil will become Satan's slaves and serve him.  Satan will drive them out of their minds until they lose awareness of reality, give up on life, and choose death.

Progression of Mental Illness

~Age 17
Age 29

The pictures illustrate the progression of a mental illness like Schizophrenia from the darkness in the mind of a teen to the lesions in his forehead at age 29 when he was used by Satan to allegedly murder two strangers.  This happened in the course of about 12 years.


The weather is directly tied to the cycles of national blessing and cursing.  God sends rain to grow crops, and weather angels (Rev 7:1) produce the rain.  When people obey Bible Doctrine, the rains come in their season and produce bumper crops (Lev 26:3, 4, 5; Deut 11:13, 14).  However, when people reject God's commandments, the weather is also cursed.  There may be droughts (Lev 26:18-19; Jer 3:3), corresponding to legalism, or floods (Gen 6:17; Prov 5:15, 16), corresponding to promiscuity.

Storms are curses because of evil people (Isa 28:1, 2).  Hail was one of the Plagues of Egypt (Ex 9:18-25).  A tornado symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male (Prov 10:25).  A hurricane symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor by the congregation like the Right Woman who rejects the authority of her Right Man (Jonah 1:4, 12; Jer 23:18, 19).  A hurricane making landfall symbolizes a military invasion like the Second Advent (Isa 66:15; Ezek 38:9; Amos 1:14; Zech 9:14).

Children Under the Curse

Spirituality of Children
Limits of Parental Authority
Enforced and Genuine Humility
Protection from the World
Demon Influence

Spirituality of Children

For the purpose of this discussion, children are those under the age of accountability.  The age of accountability is the age at which a person knows right from wrong.  It is the age at which a person takes responsibility for his decisions.  Since becoming accountable is a growth process, the age of accountability here refers to the age of knowing Good from evil and thus being able to choose one's eternal destiny.  This is the age at which a person is capable of choosing his eternal future to accept or reject the gift of Eternal Life.

In this discussion children are assumed to be under age 13.  The age of accountability could be more or less.  That doesn't matter for this discussion. In fact, it doesn't really matter for our discussion if the child is a believer or not.  The Four Generation Curse applies to both.

The spiritual model of children is different from the psychological,  moral, or behavioral model.  In the spiritual model children are born spiritually dead with the sin of Adam.  They have an Old Sin Nature.  They are natural born sinners.

The spiritually dead child has no awareness of God.  He has no human spirit and therefore cannot know God, who is Spiritual.  Those who teach that children can know a higher power are right, but that higher power is Satan.  Children are in the Cosmic System under the power of Satan.  However, God does protect children.  Children have guardian angels assigned to them to protect them from Satan and his demons.

Parents have authority over children.  This is necessary to teach and train the child.  If the child orients to parental authority, he will have temporal freedom.  That will help keep him out of trouble and enable him to reach the age of accountability with faculties for rational thought.  However, the parent cannot solve the child's spiritual problems.  The child needs Salvation, and the child must be free to make that decision for himself.

Limits of Parental Authority

The authority of parents over children is granted under the Divine Institution of the Family (Prov 6:20; Eph 6:1; Col 3:20).  Parents have authority to train and discipline children (Prov 22:6; 23:13-14).  They have authority to direct the behavior of the child, establish acceptable standards, and set limits on behavior.  Parents can decide what is morally acceptable and unacceptable for the child.

If the child respects parental authority, he will have temporal freedom.  However, parental authority cannot provide spiritual freedom.  The parent cannot set aside the Four Generation Curse in the child.  The curse was a Divine decision and only God can remove it.  Those who pray to remove generational curses are idiots.  Furthermore, the parent has no authority over the spiritual life of the child.  The child must be free to live his own life before the Lord without interference.  The spiritual life of the child is his relationship with God.  The parent has no right to interfere.

If the parent is a Christian, the parent may evangelize the child at the proper time.  But the child who is an unbeliever cannot learn Spiritual things from God.  For example, to force a child to pray or say Grace before a meal is absurd.  The child has no Spiritual relationship with God.  The parent does, however, have a right to demand that the child sit quietly while someone else prays.

Enforced and Genuine Humility

Parents must enforce authority in children.  The child must be forced to obey that authority.  When the parent enforces authority in the child, the child will sometimes develop genuine humility.  When the parent isn't around, the child may act with humility.  Often when parents lord it over children, the children do not respond with genuine humility.  They simply do what they have to do to get by, and when the parents are away, the children will run wild.

Good parents do not always produce good children.  Children may disrespect parental authority and go into reversionism.  The child has a right to make that decision and suffer the consequences.  Jehoiada was as good a parent as existed in Judah, but Joash did not have genuine humility.  He went along with what Jehoiada told him to do, but when Jehoiada died, Joash had no integrity or strength of character.  He immediately caved to peer pressure, tolerated idolatry, and obeyed the devil.

Protection from the World

The child as an unbeliever is at the mercy of the devil's world.  The world here refers to the people and things in the world.  People in the world can be evil reversionists.  They can have demons.  They can have bad values.  They can have a bad influence on children.  The Christian parent is obligated to protect the child from evil influence where possible.  Limitations must be placed on the child's activities.

Of course, too little freedom for the child can also be counterproductive.  Children who are too closely restricted may become wild and rebellious at the first opportunity.  However, the child who loves the world will learn bad habits and go into reversionism.

1 John 2:15 Loving the World
Stop loving the world and the things in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the Love for the Father is not in him.
Granted, the child who is an unbeliever won't understand this verse, but the Christian parent will.
1 John 2:16
Because all that is in the Cosmic System (world), the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the arrogant pattern of life, is not from the Father but is from the Cosmic System.
The world includes Satan's Cosmic System and the people in it.  Children may be motivated by the lust of the flesh (Old Sin Nature).  They seek to gratify bodily, emotional, and sinful lusts.  Children who choose this path go into various types of self-gratification and reversionism.  The Christian parent must recognize this sinful activity and intercede for the child.

"The lust of the eyes" refers to desires to see or perceive something hidden in the Cosmic System.  Satan has mystery doctrine.  The child may seek some new worldly experience.  There might be hang-ups about nudity in early childhood or the desire to experience some worldly entertainment.  For example, Disney World is full of Baal, lies, and evil.  No Christian parent would expose his child to Baal.

"The arrogant pattern of life" includes Satan's original sin of arrogant ambition.  This is the pride of life, including all manner of worldly activities.  Satan and his demons can empower people to excel in sports, business, entertainment, and the various activities of life.  Arrogant people may become leaders and get attention, but they are fueled by sin and evil.

These three types of activities are from the Cosmic System of Satan, who is a bad influence on children.  When children fall for these activities, parents must intercede for them.


Baal was the fertility goddess of the Canaanites and Moabites.  Baal means lord, but Baal was simply Satan's way of revealing himself to people as the Prostitute of Babylon.  The spirit of Satan would come upon a woman and maker her into the Prostitute of Babylon.  Baal had a male counterpart as well and could be worshipped as the Sun god or various idols, such as Molech.  All the pantheons had male and female gods that corresponded to Baal.  So, the name Baal is simply how Satan reveals himself to man to be worshiped.

Baal is the enemy of children, marriage, and Israel.  Children were sacrificed to Baal.  Adultery was committed in the worship of Baal to destroy the Divine Institution of Marriage.  The worship of Baal was idolatry and a rejection of the True God of Israel.  The worship of Baal resulted in the destruction of Israel under the Four Generation Curse.

Baal was worshiped on every high hill and under every green tree in Israel (Deut 12:2; 2 Ki 17:10; Jer 2:20).  This is more than a descriptive phrase.  It is a rejection of the God of Creation.  "God created the heavens and the Earth" (Gen 1:1).  The mountains and high hills symbolized reaching up to Heaven, and the green trees were in the valleys, or low places of the Earth.  So worshiping  idols on the high hills and under the trees in the valleys amounted to the worship of Satan and a rejection of the God of Creation.  Satan was making himself like the Most High (Isa 14:14).

Now God loves children (Matt 19:14), and sends his angels to protect them (Matt 18:10).  However, Satan and his demons also have access to children and even possess them (Matt 15:22).  God has a plan for the child to lead it to Salvation, but Satan also has a plan to take it to Hades.

The child is an issue in the Angelic Conflict.  The Elect Angels protect the child so it can reach accountability, but Satan and his demons attack the child as Baal.  The attacks of Baal may take every imaginable form from appealing to pride and arrogance to lust and lasciviousness, from temptation to bitter hatred.

Only a mature believer with spiritual discernment will be able to recognize the subtle influence of Satan in the life of the child.  If the parent has been through Spiritual Warfare, he will be able to interpret the signs on the Stage of Life.  For example, a small lizard is a sign of Baal, as well as an owl, crow, or opossum.  A baby snake is a sign of Satan.   A spider (or a pregnant spider) is a sign of Baalzebub.  The signs will be part of a story that explains the problem.  There's always a story.

If a Christian is in Spiritual Rapport, then the Christian will be able to sense the demon first hand.  If the demon is tormenting the child, the Christian can pray for the child, and it will be delivered from evil temporarily.  However, if the child is reacting to a demon in someone else, such as a Prostitute of Babylon, then the Christian must pray for that person.  That person could be a parent.  In this case praying for the child won't work, but praying for the parent will alleviate the problem.  In yet a third scenario, if Satan is attacking the Christian (third party) and the child is reacting, the Christian must resist the devil and he will flee.

Children may be frightened or terrorized by demons at night.  The Christian parent should be prepared for these attacks beginning with the baby in the crib.  The fears of the child should not be dismissed out of hand.  The parent should get the facts and deal with the problem.  Psychologists and psychiatrists should not be consulted because they reject the spiritual realm.  There is also the problem of demon attacks through bad dreams.  For dealing with these issues see Dealing with Demons in Grace.

Demon Influence

Angels and demons are in our lives all the time.  They put thoughts in our minds and influence us to fulfill the Plan of God.  Demons try to thwart the Plan of God.  Most people have never seen an angel or demon.  The Christian who advances spiritually will see them, but that will not be of much help.  It's best not even to look at the demons.  They thrive on attention, and they are masters of deceit.  What's important is to have Divine viewpoint and be able to recognize what is happening through application of Bible Doctrine to experience.  Fellowship with God is more important than being distracted by demons.

The angels have a job to do, and that is not to socialize with bored Christians.  If an angel makes a cloud in the sky, it doesn't matter that we don't see the angel.  What's important is to understand the message or meaning of the angelic symbolism.  When a demon overpowers us and puts our lights out, what's important is to break free from his clutches.

Sanity should prevail in analyzing a problem, but in most cases Christians are so confused they can't make heads or tails of the situation.  Demon influence over a child is recognizable because it is different from the normal behavior of the child.  Granted children are capricious, but impulsive behavior is often motivated.

If a child suddenly bursts forth in arrogant presumption and talks bombastically or with different harmonics, that is a sign of demon influence.  When a child is at peace, or pacified, there is a smooth flow of thoughts, words, actions.  However, when the timing is interrupted, the breath stops, the pitch rises, and connections are missed, it is a sign that a spirit has interfered.  When the light of the mind goes out and the music of the heart stops, it is a sign of a dark spirit.  When a person becomes clumsy, drops things, gets confused, is distracted, or forgets, these are signs of a spiritual interruption.  It could be that the Holy Spirit allowed it to get the person's attention, or it could simply be a demon attack.

People under demon influence may exhibit a different persona.  They are not their normal self.  Their appearance may be different.  The glow of the face will be different.  The gaze will change. The wrinkles in the face will change.  The posture will shift.  Poise will be lost to restlessness or lethargy.  A host of other changes may follow, such as  changes in breathing rate, eyesight, hearing, and body temperature.  Symptoms of stronger demon attack include:  loss of breath, choking, coughing, sneezing, cramps, loss of balance and muscle coordination, aches and pains.

The inevitable reaction to demon attacks will be stress.  Stress that is not alleviated leads to all manner of psychological and physical infirmities.  Infirmities may be caused directly by God or demons or indirectly by human reaction to stress.  By the time health problems occur, a host of spiritual symptoms have usually been ignored.  Those who are living in fellowship with God can nip the problems in the bud, but those who are out of fellowship will suffer the consequences.

Children who have not reached the age of accountability have another characteristic to further confuse the issue.  They can go from reality to unreality and back.  Unreality includes fantasy, but that realm might also be under the influence of demons.  Fantasy may be fiction or lies.  Satan actively preaches the lie (Jn 8:44).  Insane people cannot return from unreality.  However, children can bounce back.  Rather than belabor the point, sorting out childish fantasy and unreality from lies can be difficult.  Lying must not be tolerated because it is a sign of Satan, but imagination is quite acceptable.



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Author:  Larry Wood,   Released March 12, 2019

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